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UAA Records

University of Alaska Anchorage records

The UAA History Wall, covering 1950-2004, is located on the third floor of the Consortium Library. The timeline displayed on that wall is also available here.

Portraits of ACC and UAA Administrators are also located on the third floor of the Consortium Library next to the Pendulum Staircase. A list of those administrators is also available here.

Arranged alphabetically by UAA Anchorage campus office of record (where known) or by title (if office of record is unknown). Please follow the links to more information regarding each series. More extensive inventories of the series are linked where available. Some of the links below do not include series numbers as the description of university records in Archives holdings is an ongoing process and these records series and groups will be converted to our current standards: they will receive series numbers when the conversion is completed.

Also included below the UAA Anchorage office listings are records from from other campuses and predecessor organizations to UAA.

For all UAA/ACC student transcripts, please contact the Office of the Registrar. You can also find most of the university Catalogs online on their website.

Academic Affairs

Academic Policy and Curriculum Board records, UAA/ACC. 1988. UAA-0070
Accreditation self-studies. 1979-2001. UAA.0019
Adjunct faculty handbooks. 1987-1996. UAA.0061
Adult Learning Center records. 1954?-2004. UAA.0127
UAA. African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, International and Native American (AHAINA) Student Services records. 1995-2017. UAA.0167
Alaska Native Health Career Program records. 1971-1985. UAA.0094
American Russian Center records. 1990-2008. UAA.0046

Anchorage Senior College


Bookstore special events records; 1999-2019. UAA.0152
Campus calendars; 1979-1987. UAA-0195
Campus Diversity Core team records; 1992-1994. UAA-0170
Campus maps; 1978-1985. UAA-0199
Canada Week posters; undated, 1993-1997. UAA-0213
Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) event videos. 1990-2007. UAA.0074

Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies

Center for Information Technology records. 1985-1992. UAA-0131

Chancellor’s Office

Citizens’ Advisory Council records. 1970-1993. UAA-0171
Classified Council Classifieds newsletter. 1982-1986. UAA-0217
Classified Employees Council records. 1979-1986.

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Community and Continuing Education photographs. 1993-1995. UAA-0106.

College of Education

College of Health

Community and Technical College. Dean’s Office marketing materials. 1992-2016. UAA-0123
Community and Technical College. Dean’s Office program review files. 1983-1999. UAA.0092
Community and Technical College. Dean’s Office records. 1972-2001. UAA-0110.
Community campus commencement invitations. 1990-1993. UAA-0169

Consortium Library

Diversity & Compliance event posters. 2008-2010. UAA.0087
Enrollment Management class schedule. 1971-2009. UAA.0003
Enrollment Management slides. Undated, 1977-1997. UAA.0076
Event posters. 1995-2003. UAA-0216
Facilities and Campus Services art inventory records. 1999, 2017. UAA.0159
Fact finder student handbook. 1975-2008. UAA.0007
Faculty handbook. 1981-present. UAA.0014
Faculty profiles. 1991-1992. UAA.0011
Financial Aid Office financial aid guide. 1979. UAA-0204
Financial Services. Wolfcard Office wolfcards. undated (2002). UAA.0124
FY budget requests. 1989-1990. UAA.0057

Governance Office

Graduate School publications. 2006-present. UAA.0013
Graduate studies bulletin. 1984-1988. UAA.0012

Human Resource Services

Information Technology Services telephone directories. 1973-present. UAA.0005
Institute of Social and Economic Research Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act research files. 1953-1989. UAA.0100
Institute of Social and Economic Research Fiscal Policy Papers. 1989 August-1999 October. UAA-0133.

Institutional Research

Intercollegiate Athletics Board records. 1978-1986. UAA-0083
KRUA records. 1990-1996. UAA-0107.
KRUA. Dominant Egg audio recordings. undated, 1994-1995. UAA-0154
Learning Resource Center records. 1983-1990. UAA-0097
Native Student Services records. 1979-2017. UAA-0132
Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. Commission on Colleges University of Alaska Anchorage evaluation committee reports. 1974, 1979. UAA.0062
Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Engagement, and Academic Support records. 1994-2004. UAA-0108.
Recreation/intramural handbooks. 1983-1987. UAA.0063

School of Business and Public Administration

SRC/ASC/ACC joint division head meeting minutes. 1971. UAA-0176
Staff meeting minutes. 1971. UAA-0175
Student Activities calendars. 1983-2007. UAA.0055
Student Showcase flyers. 1987-1989. UAA.0016
Student Showcase journal. 1986-2002. UAA.0015
Student Showcase programs. 1987-2000. UAA.0017
Student Showcase records. 1985-1990. UAA.0031

Union of Students at UAA (USUAA)

University Advancement and predecessor offices (including UAA News Service, Office of Publications and Information, Office of Public Affairs, and University Relations)

UAA/ACC Academic Policy and Curriculum Board records. 1988. UAA.0070
University Year of Action records. 1975-1978. UAA.0084
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs records. 1972-2006.
Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies Research News newsletter. 2003-present. UAA.0021
Women’s History Month posters. 1997-2003. UAA-0215

Matanuska-Susitna College

Southcentral Regional Center

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