Ephemera collections

Ephemera collections are those materials that are often not unique, may be published or copies of materials, and may be found through other sources. Following is a list of collections or items held by Archives and Special Collections that are not typically archival materials. Materials may be gathered by topic or type, such as postcards. The list below is arranged alphabetically by creator or by topic.

In the case of newspapers or some publications, interested researchers may be asked to use microfilm or other copies held in the Consortium Library’s general collections. For our users not in the Anchorage area, many of the published materials found below can be located at many libraries and may be available through inter-library loan.

The 15% flyers; undated, 1989-1992. EPH-0256 [use restrictions apply]
1959 Tide Book: Anchorage and Seldovia Tides; 1959. EPH-0197
1967 Centennial Celebration event papers; 1967. EPH-0313
49 Star Flag; 1959. EPH-0212
ACS News Bulletin; 1942-1949 (incomplete). EPH-0222
The Adak Daily Sun; 1951 July-August. EPH-0214
Adult and Community Education at Northern Institute informational brochure; undated. EPH-0085
George Ahgupuk art reproductions; 1953. EPH-0001
Action-study Satellite Project curriculum materials; circa 1970s. EPH-0036
Al Aska Shrine Temple yearbook and program; 1979-1980. EPH-0328
Al Aska Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. The Fez newsletters; 1975. EPH-0485
Alaska Airlines Pre-Inaugural Flight newsletter and photographs; 1966. EPh-0333
Alaska Airlines, Talking Totem newsletter; 1967. EPH-0486
Alaska Agricultural Industrial Fair publications; 1917. EPH-0042
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum brochure; undated. EPH-0353
Alaska Bankers Association convention programs; 1976, 1983. EPH-0335
Alaska calendars; 1919-2019. EPH-0059
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts programs; 1989-1994. EPH-0163
Alaska Chamber Singers programs; 1987-2009. EPH-0118
Alaska Childrens Choir programs; 1997-2000. EPH-0134
Alaska Chinese Association event programs; 2000. EPH-0125
Alaska Coast Fisheries Inc. check; 1939. EPH-0453-AHS
Alaska Conservation Society newsletter; 1960-1961, 1968. EPH-0199
Alaska Contemporary Dance Company programs; undated. EPH-0157
Alaska “Cope” Reporter; 1963-1969. EPH-0442
Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics newsletters; 1977-1983. EPH-0084
Alaska Dance Theatre programs; 1992-2006. EPH-0114
Alaska Day Festival programs; 1955-1956, 1960. EPH-0285
Alaska Department of Fish and Game publication invoices; 1959. EPH-0419-AHS
Alaska Eagle: The First American Challenge news releases; undated. EPH-0282
Alaska earthquake materials; 1964. EPH-0002
Alaska Education Association Focus newsletters; 1980-1991. EPH-0086
Alaska 84 publications; 1984. EPH-0032
Alaska Federation of Natives convention posters and program; 1977. EPH-0463
Alaska Federation of Natives, Washington Chapter; 1972-1980. EPH-0251
Alaska Federationist; 1947-1948, 1953-1954. EPH-0443
Alaska Festival of Music sound recordings; 1956. EPH-0095
Alaska Festival Theatre programs; undated. EPH-0132
Alaska Fine Arts Camp recital program; 1981. EPH-0164
Alaska Game Commission beaver trap instructions; 1931. EPH-0425
Alaska Governor’s Inaugural Ceremony memorabilia; 1963-2015. EPH-0213
Alaska Historical Commission Recorded History science series; 1986 (2 audiocassettes). EPH-0101
Alaska Historical Society collected clippings; 1958-1969. EPH-0074-AHS
Alaska Historical Society collected copied photographs; undated, 1898. EPH-0073-AHS
Alaska Historical Society collected photographs; undated. EPH-0072-AHS
Alaska Historical Society collected tourist pamphlets; 1984-1997. EPH-0445-AHS
Alaska Historical Society map collection; undated. EPH-0433-AHS
Alaska Historical Society postcard collection; undated. EPH-0108-AHS
Alaska Iron Company circulars; 1908. EPH-0092
Alaska Junior Theater programs; 1983-2002. EPH-0158
Alaska Labor Log newsletters; 1970-1971. EPH-0438
Alaska Labor News; 1956-1961. EPH-0441
Alaska. Lieutenant Governor election returns and pamphlets; 1958-1992. EPH-0093
Alaska Loggers Association publications; undated, 1968, 1984. EPH-0252
Alaska marches on musical score; 1948. EPH-0083-AHS
Alaska Marine Highways passenger, vehicle costs, and schedules; 1973, 2003. EPH-0320
Alaska Master Gardener’s newsletters; 1998-2012. EPH-0186
Alaska matchbooks; undated. EPH-0398
Alaska Moving Pictures Corporation stock certificate; circa 1922-1923. EPH-0184
Alaska Native Arts and Crafts silver hand logo documents; circa 1972. EPH-0464
Alaska Native News; 1973-1975. EPH-0346
Alaska Native Plant Society newsletters; 1982-2016. EPH-0188
Alaska Network for Kaypro Owner Resources ANKOR Output newsletter; 1988 (incomplete). EPH-0224
Alaska newsletter; 1945. EPH-0160
Alaska Orchid Society newsletters; 2000-2012. EPH-0187
Alaska Outdoor Council News; 2000. EPH-0436
Alaska Pacific Bancorporation reports; 1976-1985. EPH-0349
Alaska Packers Association Report on 1919 Influenza epidemic Naknek Station, Nushagak Station, Kvichak Station, Bristol Bay, Alaska; 1919. EPH-0468
Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers newsletters; 2000-2006. EPH-0194
Alaska presidential election voter certificate; 1960. EPH-0003
Alaska Press Club The Polar Bear newsletter; 1963-1988 (incomplete). EPH-0228
Alaska Press Club publications; 1952-1970. EPH-0231
Alaska Pride Conference materials; 1995-2001. EPH-0255 [use restrictions apply]
Alaska Pride Speaker Series flyers and newsletters; undated, 1997. EPH-0257 [use restrictions apply]
Alaska Psychiatric Institute Northlander newsletter; 1964, 1970. EPH-0338
Alaska Railroad timetables; 1937, 1943. EPH-0324
Alaska Rock Garden Society records; 1997-2004. EPH-0190
Alaska Rose Society newsletters; 1995-2007. EPH-0189
Alaska Science Conference programs and event invitations; 1950-1955. EPH-0361
Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs pamphlets; 1984, 1988. EPH-0372
Alaska State American Legion Baseball Tournament program; 1978. EPH-0352
Alaska Stage Company programs; 1992. EPH-0159
Alaska State Celebration: Wasilla, Alaska A Bicentennial City souvenir program; 1987. EPH-0291
Alaska State Fair publications; 1959-1975. EPH-0056
Alaska State Federation of Garden Clubs newsletters; 1999-2002. EPH-0191
Alaska Statehood Day program; 1984. EPH-0111-AHS
Alaska Steamship Company menus and publicity materials; undated, 1936-1942, 1952. EPH-0037
Alaska Transportation and Trading Company bulletins; 1908. EPH-0021
Alaska tourism guide; 2001. EPH-0386
Alaska tourism maps; 1928-1968. EPH-0314
Alaska tourism pamphlets; undated, 1957, 1958. EPH-0402
“Alaska Wild Plants and Berries” botanical specimens; circa 1963. EPH-0340
Alaska Wildlife Museum guestbook; 1953-1963. EPH-0350
Alaska Women’s Bookstore Board of Directors notes, flyers, and newsletters; 1986-1995. EPH-0261 [use restrictions apply]
Alaska World Affairs Council luncheon recording; 1994 October 28. EPH-0387
Alaskan Concert Tour Boston University Glee Club program; 1958. EPH-0404
Alaskan Conservation Foundation publications; 1980. EPH-0006
The Alaskan Department Special Service Bulletin; 1944 October. EPH-0318
Alaskan menus; undated, 1954-2016. EPH-0336. Selected menus online.
Alaskan music recordings; 1977, 1991. EPH-0427
Alaskan political memorabilia; 1970-2021. EPH-0175
Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association flyers; 1992-1995. EPH-0260 [use restrictions apply]
Alaskana newspaper; 1972-1973. EPH-0041
Aleutian Island Veterans Friendship Reunion Information and Correspondence Exchange newsletters; 1993-2000. EPH-0243
All Saints Episcopal Church (Anchorage, Alaska) “Alaska Fishermen’s Hymn;” 1983. EPH-0482.
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company press releases; undated, 1974-1978, 1989. EPH-0267
Amateur radio commemorative materials; 1964. EPH-0232
Amchitka Daily News; circa 1942-1945. EPH-0165
American Can Company “Alaska’s Silver Millions” motion picture film VHS copy; 1936. EPH-0288
American Guild of Organists. Alaska Chapter programs; 1967, 2007. EPH-0139
Anchor newspaper; 1927-1928 (incomplete)
Anchorage All-America City Award Ceremony pamphlet; 1957. EPH-0322
Anchorage area maps; circa 1953-1977. EPH-0315
Anchorage Arts newsletters; 1978-1980. EPH-0142
Anchorage arts programs; 1982-1995. EPH-0043
Anchorage Athletic Association winter sports tournament program; 1917. EPH-0051
Anchorage Ballet programs; 2004, 2006. EPH-0115
Anchorage Celtic community posters and signs; 2004-2019. EPH-0417
Anchorage Civic Ballet programs; 1976-1981. EPH-0135
Anchorage Civic Orchestra programs; 2004. EPH-0138
Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy programs; 2004. EPH-0136
Anchorage Community Chorus sound recording; 1956. EPH-0095
Anchorage Concert Chorus programs; 1993-2006. EPH-0119
Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau Official Anchroage Restaurant and Entertainment guides; 2008, 2011. EPH-0460
Anchorage Drama Lab programs; 1955-1960. EPH-0455
Anchorage Fourth of July protest signs; 2017 July 4. EPH-0383
Anchorage Flute Choir programs; 1998. EPH-0128
Anchorage Grade School collection; 1944. EPH-0245
Anchorage Guide to the “city scene” program; 1975 November-December. EPH-0393
Anchorage High School commencement programs; 1952-1954, 1957. EPH-0318
Anchorage High School Dictionary of Dates 1915-1959; 1959. EPH-0304
Anchorage High School student handbook and subject selection sheet; 1950, 1955. EPH-0301
Anchorage High School. Thespian Troupe 700 “The Little Dog Laughed” program; 1958 February 14-15. EPH-0408
Anchorage hotel memorabilia; undated, 1977. EPH-0053
Anchorage Lodge No. 1351 The Northern Elk newsletter; 1979 January. EPH-0437
Anchorage Kiwanis Club “A Project With a Dual Purpose” pamphlet; undated. EPH-0405
Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Study Recommended Transportation Plan; 1971 May. EPH-0376
Anchorage Motor Mushers Club Monthly News; 1971 April. EPH-0339
Anchorage Musicians Association jazz concert program; undated. EPH-0423
Anchorage Opera Il barbiere di Siviglia performance recording; 2000 April 13. EPH-0470
Anchorage Opera programs; 1978-2009. EPH-0120
Anchorage political activism signs; 2017. EPH-0384
Anchorage Prep Reporting sports clippings; 1981-2000. EPH-0290
Anchorage Senior Activity Center Senior Borealis newsletter and brochure; 2016. EPH-0391
Anchorage Shrine Club circus program; 1957. EPH-0038
Anchorage Sport News newsletter; 1939. EPH-0060
Anchorage Symphony Orchestra progams; 1959-2009. EPH-0121
Anchorage Women’s Community Chorus papers; undated, 1991-1992. eph-0263
Arctic Gusher newspaper; 1944-1945. EPH-0029
Asian Alaskan Cultural Center programs; 1997. EPH-0141
Atlantic Richfield Company press releases; undated, 1969-1979. EPH-0268
AVA Alaska Visitors Association newsletter; 1994. EPH-0487
Augustine’s Artists programs; 1990-1995. EPH-0146
Ballet Alaska programs; 1984-1990. EPH-0147
Leon Frank Barnard Federal Union dues receipt; 1904. EPH-0067-AHS
BP Alaska Inc. press releases; undated, 1970-1977. EPH-0269
Bartlett High School German Club program; undated. EPH-0148
Basically Bach Festival programs; 1982-1986. EPH-0149
Bering Straits Agluktuk newspaper; 1982-1986. EPH-0040
Bird description articles by Dr. Laurence Irving; undated. EPH-0239
A Birthday Tribute to Robert B. Atwood program; 1967 March 31. EPH-0434
The Bob Hope Show information pamphlet; 1956 December. EPH-0457
Bristol Bay Anchor Line; 1973 (incomplete). EPH-0225
Brother Francis Shelter Shelter stories newsletter; 1983-1984 (incomplete). EPH-0226
Bulletin of the Alaska Ornithological Society; 1961-1966. EPH-0241
Bureau of Indian Affairs Native News and B.I.A. Bulletin; 1973 November-December. EPH-0390
buzzOplex programs; 2006. EPH-0140
Carnival Civic Theatre “The Roar of the Greasepaint the Smell of the Crowd” program; 1973. EPH-0456
Caterpillar Service Reporter; 1962-1964 (incomplete). EPH-0332
Catholic church newsletters; 1960-1986. EPH-0233
Celebration of Change programs; 1986-2000. EPH-0170 [use restrictions apply]
Chalkyitsik newspaper; 1967. EPH-0278
Chugach Current (newsletter of Chugach Electric Association, Inc.); 1957-1960 (incomplete). EPH. 0343
Chugach Electric Association annual meeting records; 1957. EPH-0329
Chugach Natives Inc. newsletter; March-April, June-July 1975. EPH-0230
Chugiak-Eagle River Bicentennial Commission pamphlet; 1976. EPH-0428
Cold Bay Elementary School Honker newsletter; 1965-1966. EPH-0330
Congregation Beth Sholom newsletters; 1974-1983. EPH-0033
Cook Inlet Pioneer; 1916. EPH-0063
Cook Inlet Region, Inc. newsletters; 1974-1985. EPH-0249
Copied photographs; 1960-2015. EPH-0385
Irving F. Copp 180th Meridian certificate; 1944. EPH-0022
Copper Valley School Corona Borealis yearbooks; 1962, 1964, 1970. EPH-0031
Copper Valley School newsletters; 1963-1968 (incomplete). EPH-0227
Cordova tourist pamphlets, undated, 1930. EPH-0426
Jennie M. Cornell memorabilia; 1894-1985. EPH-0104
COVID-19 vaccination materials; 2021. EPH-0452
Dennis Cowals McKinley hang gliding exhibit panels; 1976. EPH-0248
CRASH (Concerned Residents Against Safety Hazards) newsletter; 1976. EPH-0461
Crosswalk 5039th Communications Squadron newsletters; 1956 (incomplete); EPH-0306
Cyrano’s Off Center Playhouse/Eccentric Theatre Company programs; 1973-2009. EPH-0133
Dance Spectrum Alaska programs; 2003. EPH-0137
Dawson City Gold Rush Festival posters; 1962 July-August. EPH-0316
Dean K. Jackson United States Army promotion certificates; 1941-1942. EPH-0200
Democratic state convention program; 1968. EPH-0396
Derby News in Review from Juneau; 1966. EPH-0488
Dowell’s Yukon Rambler; 1943 September 11. EPH-0356.
Doyon Limited Newsletter; 1976. EPH-0345
Neil L. Drobny and David L. Morrison Land Resource Planning Act testimony; 1975. EPH-0023
John W. Dunn campaign circular; 1922. EPH-0014
The Eagle’s Cry newsletter; 1952, 1954. EPH-0302
Eagle River Elementary School yearbook and newsletter; 1972-1973. EPH-0395
East Anchorage High School commencement program; 1973. EPH-0307
Eastside Pulse; 2001-2001 (incomplete). EPH-0354.
Eccentric Theatre Company/Cyrano’s Off Center Playhouse programs; 1973-2009. EPH-0133
Election Observer newsletter; 1972, 1976. EPH-0465
Anton Eide report to the Alaska Road Commission; 1910. EPH-0088-AHS
Elks (Fraternal Order). Anchorage Lodge No. 1351 bylaws and rules; undated, 1973. EPH-0327
Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson Armed Forces Day program; 1958 May 12. EPH-0411
Elmendorf Theatre Guild programs; 1955-1963. EPH-0454.
Engineering Geology Evaluation Group preliminary report draft, 1964 April EPH-0451
Equal newsletters and flyers; 1993. EPH-0258 [use restrictions apply]
W.A. Erickson mining equipment plans and address stencil.; undated, 1953. EPH-0363
Exxon Company U.S.A. press releases; 1989-1990. EPH-0275
Exxon Valdez Operations Team Alaska ’89 patch; 1989. EPH-0432
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Foundation of Alaska, Inc. pamphlets. EPH-0406.
Fairbanks Bird Notes; 1968. EPH-0240
Farthest north roller rink sticker; undated. EPH-0429-AHS
Filipino Community of Anchorage programs; 1985. EPH-0150
Finnish-American Historical Society of the West Alaska publications; 1995-1996. EPH-0201-AHS
First Annual Alaska AFL-CIO “Spirit of Life” Award Celebration Dinner Honoring Lorena Showers program; 1991 September 28. EPH-0294
The Fletcher Library Bulletin; 1951 August. EPH-0215
Flying Time, HQ. & HQ. Squadron, XI Fighter Command weekly newsletter; 1941, 1949. EPH-0341
Fort Richardson Chapel Center church service programs; 1958, 1959. EPH-0399.
Fort Richardson Memorial Day program; 1953 May. EPH-0308
Fort Richardson Officers Club memorabilia; 1958, 1959. EPH-0403
Fort Richardson Officers Wives Club booklet and calendar; 1957-1958. EPH-0410
Fort Richardson Protestant Parish The Chapel Chimes newsletters; 1958. EPH-0412
Fort Yukon High School Han-Gwandak newspaper; 1972 October. EPH-0450.
Fort Yukon School North Star yearbook; 1971. EPH-0064-AHS
The Funstonier: USS Frederick Funston newsletter; 1951 August 9. EPH-0216
Gastineau Genealogical Society Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Company personnel index; 2004. EPH-0068-AHS
Gay Alaska newsletters; 1978, 1980. (incomplete) EPH-0110
Gay Lesbian Student Association newsletter; 1992. EPH-0264 [use restrictions apply]
Grand Opera program for “The Bohemian Girl”; undated. EPH-0369
Greater Anchorage, Inc. Alaskan Heritage Exhibit proposal; undated. EPH-0309
Greater Anchorage, Inc. Fur Rendezvous schedule of events; 1962. EPH-0415
Greater Anchorage Area Borough newsletters; 1973-1974. EPH-0323
Greater Anchorage Area Borough pamphlets; undated. EPH-0358
Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce, Inc. “Welcome to Palmer: The Heart of the Matanuska Valley” booklet; 1977. EPH-0351
Greenpeace Alaska. Alaska Field Office newsletters and reports; 1980. EPH-0009
Smith Haley’s Missionary Aviation of Alaska research files; 2000-2001. EPH-0286
Haynes and Reddig Once a Year Theatre Company program; 1996. EPH-0151
The History of the First Presbyterian Church Anchorage Alaska; 1941 November 23. EPH-0413
Homer Fair premium lists; 1952-1958. EPH-0039
Homer Garden Club newsletters; 2000. EPH-0195
House Democratic Minority Caucus Legislative Review newsletter; 1973. EPH-0466
Hunting guide flyers; undated. EPH-0424
The Husky Central Junior High School newspaper; 1950-1952 (incomplete). EPH-0305
Iditarod Fourth of July celebration prize list; undated. EPH-0447
Iditarod Trail Centennial Sled Dog Race programs; 1967. EPH-0280
Igiugig School Christmas on the Kvichak script; 1969. EPH-0229
Inlet View Community School newsletter; 1977 June. EPH-0310
David Garrett Jackson, Jr. World War II memorabilia; 1941-1945. EPH-0444
Jay Hammond for Your Governor bumper sticker; undated. EPH-0145
JESUS Video Project Alaska materials; 1995. EPH-0379
KAKM program guides; 1976-1977 (incomplete). EPH-0312
Ketchikan Pulp Company reports; 1963. EPH-0337
The Key Campaign pamphlets and programs; 1993-1997. EPH:0364
Kiwanis International. Anchorage Club 4-H fair program; 1956. EPH-0052
Klondike gold rush transparencies; 1898. EPH-0050
The Knik Courier; 1958-1965 (incomplete). EPH-0289
Knik FM program guides; 1962-1969 (incomplete). EPH-0311
Knik Knak Fort Richard Officer Wives Club newsletter; 1961 May. EPH-0414
Kodiak Baranof Productions, INC programs; 1983. EPH-0180
Kodiak Garden Club newsletters; 2000. EPH-0193
Kokopelli Theatre programs; 1996-2001. EPH-0113
KTVF television program schedule and advertisement rates; 1978 May-June. EPH-0342
Kuspuk School District yearbook; 1978-1979. EPH-0467
LGBTQ community related event flyers and pamphlets; undated, 1986-1999. EPH-0266 [use restrictions apply]
Lamb of God Metroplitan Community Church newsletters; 1995-1998. HMC-0253 [use restrictions apply]
Laundry and dry cleaning union documents; 1958-1969. EPH-0091
League of Alaskan Writers annual conference programs; 1959-1964. EPH-0237
Lear Khęhkwaii [Gwich’in adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear] program; 2013. EPH-0449
Let’s See newsletter; 1945. EPH-0162
Life in the BeeHive; 1956?. EPH-0185
Segundo Llorente essays; undated. EPH-0196
Local 878 Review newsletter; 1964-1983. EPH-0439
Lomen and Hanford photograph album; undated. EPH-0075-AHS
Lomen and Hanford photograph album; circa 1910-1920. EPH-0144
Lost River Mining Corporation Limited annual report; 1972. EPH-0360
Mailboat Monitor newspaper; 1956 December. EPH-0284
David S. Manzer Alaska Native Lands essay; 1995. EPH-0024
Matanuska Valley Fair Association programs; 1936-1958. EPH-0054. Selected programs available online.
Matanuska Valley 4th of July Committee program; 1936. EPH-0055
McMac Shoppe sign; 1977-2004. EPH-0418
Meekin’s Lodge brochure; undated. EPH-0058
Men’s and Women’s Glee Clubs of Anchorage program; 1937. EPH-0169
Metlakatla Public School honor roll certificates; 1913-1914. EPH-0183
Midnight Mass programs; 1984, 1988. EPH-0153
Mining company stock certificates; 1931-1940. EPH-0018
Mining equipment flyers; circa 1960. EPH-0331
Miss Chugiak-Eagle River Scholarship Pageant program; 1978. EPH-0334
Mount Marathon race memorabilia; 1956-1976. EPH-0234
Mount McKinley National Park brochure; 1939. EPH-0112.
Mountain View Community News; 1958. EPH-0161
Mukluk newsletter; 1978 April 1. EPH-0394
Municipality of Anchorage UAA Green and Gold Day proclamation; 2001. EPH-0388
Music Machine programs; 1984-2000. EPH-0123
Music with Mary Martin program; undated. EPH-400.
Nakoya Health Care Center The Polar Bear News newsletter; 1983 June-July. EPH-0377
National Association of Counties “North to Alaska” Western Region Conference program; 1973. EPH-0359
National Bank of Alaska News Cache special edition; 1991.
National Ski Patrol support sticker; 1953. EPH-0198
Neva shipwreck account translations; 1979. EPH-0469-AHS.
New Seattle Chamber of Commerce. Alaska Bureau “Develop Alaska Dinner” program; 1911. EPH-0326
New Horizon newsletter; 1978. EPH-0178
No Constitutional Convention records; 1992. EPH-0177
Nome Fourth of July Celebration program; 1909 July. EPH-0371
Nome Static newsletters (Alaska Radio Mission, St. Joseph’s Church); 1968-1979. EPH-0281
North American Transportation and Trading Company report; 1901. EPH-0016
North Pole Dramatic Club of Teller program; 1901 January. EPH-0370
North Slope Borough Commission on Inupiat History, Language and Culture Marvin Sagvan Peter calendar; 1992. EPH-0389
Northern Commercial Company calendars; 1959, 1961, 1968. EPH-0317
Northern Consolidated airlines flyers; undated. EPH-0057
The Northern Limelighter; 1967. EPH-0296
Northern Sights (Municipality of Anchorage Human Support Services) newsletters; 1977-1978 (incomplete). EPH-0300
Northwest Newscast; 1944 September-October. EPH-0357
The Observer: Area news and events, Mountain View, Alaska vol. III, No. 18; 1972 June. EPH-0295
Scandinavian Airlines, “Timetable Anchorage to Europe (and all around the world)”; 1966-1967. EPH-0484Simeon Oliver biography; undated. EPH-0431-AHS
Oceanview Homeowners Association newsletter; 1977. EPH-0462
OPAL newsletters and event flyers; 1989-2001. EPH-0262 [use restrictions apply]
Order of the Walrus certificate and pin; circa 1960-1969. EPH-0416
Orpheum Theatre programs; 1998. EPH-0124
Otstar programs; undated. EPH-0127
Outside Region for Alaska Natives newsletter; 1975-1976. EPH-0250
Pacific Northern Airlines stickers; undated. EPH-0070-AHS
Patwing Four Airdales newsletter; 1993-1996. EPH-0246
Frances Lackey Paul memoir; 1970. EPH-0011
Christian and Ted Pedersen videos; 1914-1983. EPH-0378
Perseverance Theatre programs; 2001. EPH-0130
The Petticoat Gazette; 1964 August-September. EPH-0381.
PFLAG Anchorage posters; undated, 1997, 2002. EPH-421.
Photographs collection; undated, 1899-1980. EPH-0106. [Note: Selected items are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives.]
Pick and Hammer recordings and programs; 1929-1978. (Incomplete). EPH-0420 [Note: This collection has been digitized]
Pierce County. Civil Defense Office Alaska earthquake civil defense report; 1964. EPH-0004
The Pink Elephant 21st, 36th, 404th Bomb Squadron Newsletter; 1991. EPH-0247
Pluck and Luck: The Frozen Frigate comic book; 1915 January 13. EPH-0172
Walter Poppe family and gold rush account; undated. EPH-0203-AHS
Postcard collection; undated. EPH-0087
Poster collection; 1996, 2000. EPH-0179
Princess Cruises Inc. cruise memorabilia; 1985. EPH-0446-AHS.
Providence Hospital Newborn Special Care Nursery statistical reports; 1967-1984. EPH-0459.
Providence News Cache newsletter; 1973, 1976. EPH-0292.
QUA ACS newsletter; 1949-1950 (incomplete). EPH-0223
Rainy Pass Lodge annual hunting and fishing reports; 1958-1959. EPH-0236
RCA Alaska Communications employee newsletter; 1971-1972 (incomplete). EPH-0221
Real Alaskan Magazine; 2011-2012, 2014. EPH-0392
Red Dog Saloon menu and song lyrics; undated. EPH-0483
Republican Party campaign manuals; 1963-1992. EPH-0102
Brigitte Ressel arts events reviews; 1980-2009. EPH-0143
Virginia A. Robinson faces and places file; undated. EPH-0044
The Roving Reporter newsletters; 1953 June-July. EPH-0458
Russian Alaskan Academy event programs; 1995, 2000, 2008. EPH-0126
Russian American Colony Singers programs; undated. EPH-0116
Will Rogers-Wiley Post memorial expedition postal cover and letter; 1938. EPH-0027
S.S. Prince Rupert Cruise News; 1936 August. EPH-0367-AHS
S.S. Tutshi menu postcard; 1940. EPH-0077-AHS
Salmon derby memorabilia; 1956-1980. EPH-0235
Salvation Army Alaskan Division Frontlines newsletter; 1993-1994. EPH-0375
Save Our Constitution, Vote No radio spots; 1982. EPH-0175
Steve Schafer political memorabilia; 1980-1995. EPH-0076-AHS
Sears store (Anchorage, Alaska) opening documents; 1966. EPH-0035
Seward Peninsula brochure maps; 1904. EPH-0109-AHS
Sheldon Jackson High School and Junior College leaflet; undated. EPH-0401
Shemya WWII Veterans Association The Shemya Mailbag newsletter; 1987-1994. EPH-0242.
John T. Shively Alaska Native Lands essay; 1978. EPH-0015
Eugene Short aerial campus photograph; 1970. EPH-0097
Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, Grade 6, Room 9A, Junior Red Cross Journal Volume II; 1962-1963. EPH-0279
Sitka Summer Music Festival programs; 1982-2008. EPH-0122
Sitnasuak Native Corporations Venture newsletter and subsistence calendar; 1997. EPH-0374
Captain John T. Smith papers; 1906. EPH-0202-AHS
Society of Wireless Pioneers, Inc. publications; 1981, 1991. EPH-0071-AHS
Sons of Norway programs; 1993. EPH-0154
Southeast Alaska Gay and Lesbian Alliance’s Perspective newsletter. 1992 May. EPH-0422
Standing Against Racism protest signs; 2017 August 13. EPH-0382
State Bar of Alaska convention program; 1964. EPH-0397
State Winter Carnival program; 1969. EPH-0283.
Stephen F. Sorenson Alaska Native Lands essay; 1994. EPH-0025
Stereoview collection; circa 1895-1905. EPH-0100. [Selected stereoviews are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives.]
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Center directory; 1979-1981. EPH-0030
Tanana Chiefs Conference Inc. The Council newsletter; 1979-1981, 1990-1991. EPH-0448.
Nobuo Tatsuguchi diary transcript; 1943 May. EPH-0182
Ted Stevens holiday greeting; 1969. EPH-0061
Territorial mining license; 1929. EPH-0368
Terry Martin campaign mockup; undated. EPH-0174
Theatre Guild programs; 1980-1989. EPH-0129
Thermal Injury Seminar program; 1978 September 21-23. EPH-0373.
Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska. Washington Chapter newsletter; 1975. EPH-0344
Toast Theatre programs; 1995. EPH-0155
Totem Telegraph newsletter; 1954-1962 (incomplete). EPH-0220
Travelers Inn of Fairbanks, Inc. mortgage bonds and interest coupons; 1955, 1958. EPH-0292
Treasures of Sight and Sound (TOSS) program; 1971 May. EPH-0299
Tundra Tribune; 1945. EPH-0146
Union photograph reprints; 1907-1911. EPH-0347
U.S. Army. Fort Richardson history; 1944. EPH-0206
U.S. Army “Information about Fort Richardson” booklet. EPH-0407
U.S. Army. Fort Richardson telephone directories; undated, 1948-1949. EPH-0380
U.S. Army. 177th Engineer General Service Regiment. Second Battalion. Company B Roster; 1945. EPH-0012
U.S. Army. 183rd Station Hospital annual report; 1944. EPH-0366 [Use restrictions apply]
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Alaska District press releases; 1968-1976, 1989. EPH-0270
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Alaska District public notices; 1974-1977, 1989. EPH-0271
U.S. Coast Guard public notices; 1974-1977. EPH-0273
U.S. Commissioner’s office forms; 1901-1908. EPH-0430-AHS
U.S. Department of Interior press releases; 1969-1976. EPH-0274
U.S. Department of Interior. Alaska Pipeline Office information bulletins; 1974-1980. EPH-0272
U.S. Dept of the Interior. National Park Service. Alaska Region Kennecott recording project; 1985, 1987. EPH-0010
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Region 7 press releases; 1989-1990. EPH-0277
U.S. Forest Service. Alaska Region press releases; 1989. EPH-0276
U.S. Mercantile Co. price list; circa 1910. EPH-0105
U.S. Navy. Adak Naval Operating Base plan of the day; 1945. EPH-0026
Valdez Breeze newsletters; 1958, 1964 EPH-0409
Valley Garden Club newsletters; 2000-2001. EPH-0192
Views and News, Up to Date with 878 newsletter; 1977, 1979. EPH-0440
Wakefield Seafoods, Inc. shareholder mailings; 1963-1968. EPH-0325
The Wave event flyers; undated, 1995. EPH-0254 [use restrictions apply]
West Anchorage High School commencement program; 1983. EPH-0156
West Side City Town Crier television guide; 1973 October 12. EPH-0298
Western Alaska Fair Association publications; 1924-1930. EPH-0046
Western Alaska Music Festival program; 1957 August. EPH-0297
Westside Pulse; 1994-2004 [incomplete]. EPH-0355
When the Moon Shines Down in Old Alaska Then I’ll Ask Her to be Mine sheet music; 1916. EPH-0173 [digitized]
James T. White diaries and logbooks; 1989-1904. EPH-0207
White Pass Container Route News; undated. EPH-0238
Williwaws: Kodiak Naval Air Station newsletters; 1940-1943. EPH-0218
The Williwaws: Kodiak Naval Operating Base newsletter; 1943 March-May. EPH-0219
Will-i-waw Whisper: Drake Puget Sound newsletter; 1949 March 19. EPH-0217
Wings Over Alaska: Alaskan Aviation History News; 1995, 1997. EPH-0244
Women’s Coffeehouse event flyers; undated, 1996-1999. EPH-0265 [use restrictions apply]
Women’s Music Festival flyers; 1990, 1999. EPH-0259 [use restrictions apply]
World War II documents; 1942-1945. EPH-0205
Zines collection; circa 1998-2010. EPH-0047

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