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Zines collection

Guide to the Zines collection

Collection number: EPH-0047.
Title: Zines collection.
Dates: 1998-2010.
Volume of collection: 2.8 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Zines, primarily Alaskan, given to the Archives.

Arrangement: The zines are sorted by title in the order in which they arrived at the Archives.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: The Archives does not hold copyright to the materials in this collection.

Preferred citation: Zines collection, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The Zines collection at the University of Alaska Anchorage was initiated by Mary Lochner, UAA student, features editor for the student newspaper The Northern Light, and regular Archives and Special Collections user. A large addition to the collection was made in 2010 by Kayla Spaan. Other additions have been made by a variety of individuals.

Processing information: This collection was described by Arlene Schmuland in 2016.

Container list:
Zine-1. PaxZine; undated. Issues: Issue #4.
Zine-2. Carry Go, Bring Come; undated. Issues: Issue #4.
Zine-3. AK Verve; 1998-2000. Issues: Vols 17, 20, 23, 25.
Zine-4. Anti-Common; 1995-1996. Issues: Issues 1-5.
Zine-5. absent cause; 2009. Issues: #2.
Zine-6. all is pain; undated.
Zine-7. All my best work I do at a slanted angle; 2009. Issues: #1.
Zine-8. anchorage anarchy; 2008-2009. Issues: #13-14.
Zine-9. and i will always be the one to swim with you; 2008-2009. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-10. Armed joy; 1998.
Zine-11. art impulse; 2003.
Zine-12. aubade; 2008. Issues: #4.
Zine-13. awake today?; 2008. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-14. Barista ink; 2008.
Zine-15. Beyond quotidian; 2003. Issues: #1.
Zine-16. Big pinch world; undated. Issues: #1.
Zine-17. Blah, blah, blah; 2009. Issues: Vol 4. # 3.
Zine-18. Bothy zine; 2009.
Zine-19. Brain food; 2002. Issues: #8.
Zine-20. Brainscan circa; 2002-2007. Issues: #18-21, 23.
Zine-21. Bust a move; undated.
Zine-22. Call and response; 2004-2006. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-23. Captain Heather comics; 2003. Issues: #1.
Zine-24. Carrots and condoms; 2008-2009. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-25. Cluttered mind; undated. Issues: #1.
Zine-26. Coffee shop crushes; 2008.
Zine-27. Cognitive chaos; undated.
Zine-28. Cold rabbit pie and candied violets; 2008.
Zine-29. Coming insurrection circa; 2009.
Zine-30. Community bike cart design; 2005.
Zine-31. Cracks in the concrete; 2009. Issues: #11.
Zine-32. Cryptic slaughter; 2003. Issues: #22.
Zine-33. Cultor sore; 2003. Issues: #15.
Zine-34. Culture slut/Telegram ma’am; 2007-2009. Issues: #11-13, 16-17.
Zine-35. Curmudgeon corner; 2007.
Zine-36. Design #816; 2002. Issues: #7.
Zine-37. Dimanche; undated. Issues: #5-6.
Zine-38. Disorientation manual; 2009-2010.
Zine-39. DIY AK; undated.
Zine-40. DIY guide II; undated.
Zine-41. Doris; 2003-2009. Issues: #22, 26-27.
Zine-42. Dreams of donuts; undated. Issues: #1-5.
Zine-43. east village inky; 2009. Issues: #41.
Zine-44. Eat your children; 2004. Issues: #2.
Zine-45. 86. pounds of punk; 2000. Issues: #8.
Zine-46. Emerge and see unity; 2006. Issues: #2-3.
Zine-47. Entry point; undated.
Zine-48. Erik and Laura-Marie magazine; undated. Issues: #43.
Zine-49. Everybody moon jump; 2009. Issues: #2-3.
Zine-50. Exploding boy; 2009. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-51. Exploding the myth circa; 2008-2009. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-52. Feedback; undated. Issues: #5.
Zine-53. festooned; undated.
Zine-54. Fight boredom; 2007-2008. Issues: #1, 2.5, 3.
Zine-55. fighting for our lives; undated.
Zine-56. Fish with legs; undated. Issues: #12.
Zine-57. four horsemen; undated. Issues: #1-3.
Zine-58. Fortune collector; 2003. Issues: #1.
Zine-59. Frazzle; 2006. Issues: #1.
Zine-60. greatest of heights; 2009. Issues: #1.
Zine-61. Guide to some native Aussie animals; undated.
Zine-62. Gutwrench; 2008. Issues: #1.
Zine-63. hoax; 2009. Issues: #1.
Zine-64. Honey tunnel; undated. Issues: #1-2, 4.
Zine-65. How to make radio; 2009.
Zine-66. I knew a motherfucker like you and she said; undated.
Zine-67. If you read this the physical structure of your brain will change; undated. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-68. Insignificant proportions; undated. Issues: Zine and accompanying coloring book.
Zine-69. Introduction to civil war; 2009.
Zine-70. introvert; 2005. Issues: #4.
Zine-71. Izzy; 2005-2009. Issues: #1-5.
Zine-72. Junie in Georgia; 2008. Issues: #16.
Zine-73. Late night cuddle date; 2008-2009. Issues: #1-6.
Zine-74. Lavishly illustrated ideas; undated.
Zine-75. Leeking ink; 2005-2008. Issues: #22-26, 28-31.
Zine-76. Legend of the boink twins; undated.
Zine-77. Let’s make a zine; 2008.
Zine-78. Licking stars off ceilings; undated. Issues: #1-10.
Zine-79. Loverution; undated.
Zine-80. Ladypajama’s journal; 2009.
Zine-81. Letters to Vassily; 2009.
Zine-82. Menagerie musings; undated.
Zine-83. Militancy beyond black blocs; 2001.
Zine-84. Missives; undated.
Zine-85. Mr. Overachiever; undated.
Zine-86. Mock zine and art book; 2009.
Zine-87. Monsters with a conscience; undated.
Zine-88. Motor city kitty; undated. Issues: #11-12.
Zine-89. Mutual corruption; 2004-2005. Issues: #4-5.
Zine-90. My strange malady; undated. Issues: #1.
Zine-91. Narcolepsy press review; 2009. Issues: #4.
Zine-92. Natural geographic; undated. Issues: #1-4.5.
Zine-93. Never fall asleep; undated. Issues: #1.
Zine-94. neverie; 2007.
Zine-95. Noodle; 2005-2006. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-96. Not so incredible life of a college drop-out; 2009. Issues: #2.
Zine-97. Nothing but crazy; undated.
Zine-98. Nothing rhymes; undated. Issues: #4.
Zine-99. Nowhere to park; 2002.
Zine-100. Off the map; 2000.
Zine-101. Orga{ni}sm; 2005. Issues: #2.
Zine-102. Out Orb tribute to Carl Sagan; undated.
Zine-103. paingiver; 2008.
Zine-104. Peace you’d die for; 2008.
Zine-105. People I love best; 2009. Issues: #3.
Zine-106. Poncho girl; 2005.
Zine-107. Pop ate my bleeding heart; 2009.
Zine-108. Ptbh!; undated. Issues: #7-10.
Zine-109. Pteradactyl; 2009. Issues: #1.
Zine-110. Quest of the moon box; 2003.
Zine-111. Rad dad; undated. Issues: #11.
Zine-112. Rag time: songs in the key of ennui; 2005.
Zine-113. Reproduction of daily life; 2004.
Zine-114. Resist; undated. Issues: #46.
Zine-115. Revenge of the steam punk crazies; undated.
Zine-116. Rigor mortis; 2009. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-117. roam; undated.
Zine-118. Rogue reader; 2007.
Zine-119. Ross Winn: digging up a Tennessee anarchist; undated.
Zine-120. Sad and beautiful world; undated. Issues: #11.
Zine-121. scatterheart; 2005.
Zine-122. Scrabble girl; 2004?. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-123. Show me the money; 2007-2009. Issues: #26, 30.
Zine-124. Simple history series; 2007-2009. Issues: #2-3, 5.
Zine-125. Skills; undated.
Zine-126. Snailboat saga; 2009.
Zine-127. Some of the loves; 1998.
Zine-128. Spokes of hazard; undated. Issues: #2.
Zine-129. Something sacred; undated.
Zine-130. Squid sights; undated. Issues: #1.
Zine-131. Squidling is dancer; 2009. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-132. Story; 2000.
Zine-133. Superuseless; 2008. Issues: #1.
Zine-134. Tale of the hare and the brick; undated. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-135. Teaching nutrition; 2006.
Zine-136. Tell-um; undated. Issues: #8.
Zine-137. Theory on the mystery and brilliance of Paghat the ratgirl; undated.
Zine-138. Thought nog; 2007-2009. Issues: #1-6.
Zine-139. Three good reasons not to join the military; 2006.
Zine-140. Timelike report sheet 1996; 2002. Issues: Volume 1. #7, Volume 2. #1.
Zine-141. University occupations; 2009.
zine-142. untitled; 2005.
Zine-143. Urban hermitt; 2002. Holdings description:; 2002 compilation.
Zine-144. Urban hermitt; undated. Issues: #18.
Zine-145. Vexed; undated. Issues: #1-3.
Zine-146. Vincent; undated. Issues: #1.
Zine-147. Walls are alive; 2002.
Zine-148. Watusi; 2004. Issues: #14.
Zine-149. Xerography debt; 2009. Issues: #25.
Zine-150. Your square life 1999-2000. Issues: #1, 5.
Zine-151. Z zine; 2009. Issues: Volume 1. #1.
Zine-152. Zap!!mania; 2009. Issues: #2, 4.
Zine-153. Zine inside; 2007. Issues: #1.
Zine-154. Zine love letters; undated. Issues: #1-2.
Zine-155. Zineworld; 2007-2009. Issues: #25-27.
Zine-156. Alternative free ads; 2009.
Zine-157. Make a zine 1997.
Zine-158. Microcosm publishing catalog; 2009.
Zine-159. Stolen sharpie revolution; 2009.
Zine-160. Sunday morning zine distro; undated.
Zine-161. Zinecore radio audiorecordings; 2008-2009. Issues: CD recordings of the following shows: #1-4, 11-14, 16-17.
Zine-162. Common Esperanto expressions; undated.
Zine-163. Preamble and constitution of the Industrial Workers of the World; 2002.
Zine-164. arguments for a four-hour day; 2000.
Zine-165. One big union; 2001.
Zine-166. Alaska’s Wild Voices; 2000. Issues: Spring; 2000.
Zine-167. Noise, Noise, Noise; 1995-1996. Issues: vol. 4-11.
Zine-168. Bad Poetry Digest; 2000.
Zine-169. Alaska by P. Timer; 1992-1996, 2016.

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