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UAA. Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies photographs

University of Alaska Anchorage Records
Guide to the Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies photographs

Collection number: UAA-0141.
Creating office: University of Alaska Anchorage. Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies.
Series title: UAA. Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies photographs.
Dates: 1985-1995.
Volume of series: 2.9 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Series summary: Photographs related to a health research institute.

Administrative history:
The Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS) was created by the Alaska State Legislature in 1998. ICSH works collaboratively with government agencies, Alaska Native health organizations, and Alaskan communities and also provides professional development and training in health-related issues. The Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies is also housed at ICHS.

Agency functions:
The mission of ICHS is to “to improve the health of peoples of Alaska and other circumpolar areas through instruction, information services, and basic and applied research in health and medicine.” ICSH works collaboratively with government agencies, Alaska Native health organizations, and Alaskan communities and also provides professional development and training in health-related issues.

Series description:
This collection consists of photographs related to events and individuals associated with ICHS.

Arrangement: The photographs are grouped into prints (with affiliated negatives) and slides. The prints are generally arranged by size, the slides by date.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Preferred citation: UAA. Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies administrative records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Current records: More current records can be accessed at the Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies.

Custodial history: These materials were transferred to the Archives in 1996 and 1998 by Dr. Ted Mala.

Processing information: This series was initially arranged and described by Jeffrey Sinnott. The series was rehoused and the finding aid was updated to meet current standard by Arlene Schmuland in 2019.

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Preview of ‘Breaking the Ice’ (File 1, Box 1) 10 prints 1985 May
1/2 University of Alaska Anchorage visit to the Soviet Union 50 prints 1986
1/3-4 Moscow, USSR (Files 2 and 5, Box 1) 62 prints 1987 May
1/5 SAMI Conference, Karasjok, Norway (File 6, Box 1) 16 prints 1987 Jne
1/6 Buckland, Alaska (File 7, Box 1) 25 prints 1987 November
1/7 Signing of the Alaska-Siberian Medical Exchange Agreement (File 10, Box 1) 30 prints 1987 November
1/8 Signing of the Alaska-Siberian Medical Exchange Agreement, Anchorage (File 12, Box 1) 20 prints 1987 November
1/9 Kotzebue and Siberian Medical Delegation, first visit (File 13, Box 1) 25 prints 1987 November
1/10 Umea, Sweden (File 14, Box 1) 5 prints 1987
1/11 Soviet and Canadian visit to Juneau 38 prints 1988 February
1/12-19 Kharbarovsk/Irkutsk/Novosibirsk Trip via Japan (File 16, Box 1), 308 prints 1988 May
1/20 Novosibirsk (File 4, Box 2) 29 prints 1988 May
1/21 Chevak-Bethel, Alaska (File 5, Box 2) 36 prints 1988 May
1/22 Chevak, Alaska Graduation and UAA Graduation (File 6, Box 2) 28 prints 1988 May
1/23 IPPNW, Washington, D.C. (File 7, Box 2) 19 prints 1988 May
1/24 Washington, D.C. and Juneau, Alaska (File 8, Box 2) 16 prints 1988 May
1/25 Irkutsk, Novosibirsk (File 9, Box 2) 27 prints 1988 May
1/26 Governor’s Reception/Little Diomede, USA (File 10 Box 2) 18 prints 1988 May
1/27 Kharbarovsk Region, USSR (File 12, Box 2) 22 prints 1988 October
1/28 IBPN Construction Site, Magadan, USSR (File 13, Box 2) 22 prints 1988 October
1/29 Bilibino, Magadan Region, USSR (File 14, Box 2) 18 prints 1988 October
1/30 Bilibino District/Ostronoyo Village, Magadan Region, USSR (File 15, Box 2) 15 prints 1988 November
1/31 Reindeer Herders, Bilibino District/Ostronoyo Village, Magadan Region, USSR (File 16, Box 2) 18 prints 1988 November
1/32 Magadan Delegation, Anchorage International Airport; Novosibirsk Delegation, 2 week visit to Alaska; Bering Bridge Expedition, Anchorage’s Josephine’s Restaurant; Trade Fair, Magadan Delegation, Egan Convention Center, Anchorage, Alaska; Magadan Delegation Farewell, Hilton Hotel, Anchorage (File 17, Box 2) 27 prints 1989 Feburary
1/33 Provideniya 6 prints 1989 March
1/34 JCOC, Department of Defense (File 18, Box 2) 28 prints 1989 May
1/35-37 JCOC 54 (File 19, Box 2), 79 prints 1989 May
1/38 Magadan, USSR: developed from slides (File 22, Box 2) 24 prints 1989 July-August
1/39 Nome, Alaska (File 23, Box 2) 20 prints 1989 July
1/40 Magadan medical delegation visits Alaska 17 prints 1989 August
1/41 Soviet Consul General-Ambassador Dubinin, Anchorage, Alaska (File 24, Box 2) 50 prints 1989 October
1/42 Magadan Nursing School: Magadan/Anadyr (File 25, Box 2) 31 prints 1989 November
1/43 Magadan Medical School 25 prints 1989 November
1/44 Nome, Alaska: Customs and Iditarod 17 prints 1990 March
1/45 1990 Univ. Of Alaska Anchorage, Magadan-Chukotka Medical Expedition: Anchorage to Anadyr 9 prints 1990 July
1/46 Dennis Robbins photos from 1990 Alaska-Siberian Medical Expedition 50 prints, 119 negatives 1990 July-August
1/47 1990 Univ. Of Alaska Anchorage, Magadan-Chukotka Medical Expedition: Reception at the Hickels’ residence 3 prints, 4 negatives 1990 August
1/48 1990 Univ. Of Alaska Anchorage, Magadan-Chukotka Medical Expedition: Group photos 5 prints, 4 negatives 1990 August
1/49 1990 Alaska-Siberian Medical Expedition: Matanuska Valley 18 prints 1990 August
1/50 Meeting (in Anchorage?) 3 prints 1990 August
1/51 Northern Regions Conference 3 prints 1990 September
1/52 Bering EMS Committee Meetings in Anchorage 11 prints 1990 August
1/53 Providence plane, navigator, Sanchat 7 prints 1990 September-October
1/54 Staff meeting and Lebedev’s plaque 2 prints 1990 November
1/55 Anton Adveenko at Providence (burn patient) 84 prints 1990 November
1/56 Ted Mala’s Farewell Ceremony, Arts Building Lobby; Bering EMS Meeting, Univ. Lake Building Conference Room; Lisenko & Shukan, ICHS Office 12 prints 1990 December, 1991 February
1/57 Meeting with Lisenko and Shukan at Hickel’s Office, Frontier Building 4 prints 1991 March
1/58 Nursing School reception for Kosenko, Allied Health Sciences Building 9 prints 1991 April
1/59 Kamchatka Trip 24 prints 1991 April
1/60 Nursing School exchanges 30 prints 1991 Spring
1/61 Alaska-Siberian Medical Exchange Expedition: group photos, Alaska Native Medical Center tour, etc. 29 prints 1991 June-August
1/62 Rescue Service: U.S. humanitarian effort across Russian-U.S. dateline to aid burned Russian boys (Annotated photos from various sources for M. Reiss article) 82 prints 1991 April
1/63 Medical Equipment Flight to Magadan (Roll #1): Beds at OLC and airport loading 43 prints 1992 July
1/64 Signing of Second Magadan Agreement 15 prints 1993 February
1/65 Trip to Magadan (hospital photos from Laura Robinson) 12 prints 1993 August
1/66 Naval Arctic Research Station, Barrow 24 prints Undated
1/67 Undescribed and duplicate photos 25 prints, 8 negatives Undated, 1989-1995
1/68 University of Alaska Anchorage visit to Siberia 2 prints: Individuals include: Dr. William Townsend, Dr. Yuri Nikitin, Natasha Alexseeva, Dr. David Outcalt, Vladimir Panchinkhin, Dr. Theodore Mala, Mrs. Marcia Outcalt 1985
1/69 Drafting and signing of the memorandum of understanding between the University of Alaska at Anchorage and the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences 5 prints: Individuals include Steven Rhinesmith, Dr. Theodore Mala, Senator Frank Murkowski, Ivan K. Nikitin, Vyachesliv Kaydash, Senator Ted Stevens. 1986 August
1/70 University of Alaska Anchorage-Soviet Academy of Medical Sciences Agreement; Rob Stapleton, photographer 3 prints 1987 November
1/71 Bering Bridge Expedition (expedition members on skis and two holding American and Soviet flags) 1 print 1989 April
1/72 Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dobinin’s visit to Juneau 3 prints: Individuals include Ambassador Yuri Dobinin, Dr. Theodore Mala, U.S. Secretary of State James Baker 1989 October
1/73, 4/1-6 Univ. of Alaska Anchorage, Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies, Magadan-Chukotka Medical Expeditions (group photos) 1 print, 13 prints, 1 negative. Includes 1989-1991 expeditions to Magadan and Chukotka and the 1991 Magadan Region Ministry of Health expedition to Alaska. Individuals include: P. P. Shookan, E. A. Esmakayev, S. A. Yelisyekin, M. W. Core, A. N. Lebedev, Theodore Mala, Y. V. Bulgakov, V. E. Pisankin, M. E. Etirintina, A. A. Vernie, L. E. Abryutina, Y. E. Yerilov, V. Allen, M. A. Hunstiger, Professor Aidaraliyev, A. Tambortzev, V. Petrov, Z. Beliaeva, V. Sergeev, B. Riasentev, A. Belkin, Y. Kyan, V. Sokolov, V. Fiodorova, P. Cochran, S. Kruchinina, A. Goncharenko, V. Kapralova 1989-1991
1/74 ASMA Journal photos 3 prints, 4 negatives: Includes reindeer herding camp, girl with ankle in brace in preparation for surgey. Individuals include Dr. Ted Mala and Larissa Abnutivna. 1990-1991
4/10 Miscellaneous photos in 3 X 12 X 18 inch album (most unidentified) 57 prints 1988-1989
3 Photo Display: “Around the Soviet Union” (Including copy of exhibit text with photo captions of 25 photos in English and Russian). Note: 7 prints are mounted on foam core and puckered. Prints are somewhat faded 1987
4/7-9 Three: Includes “Its a Girl”; photo by Theodore Mala; young native girl watching baby in swing; 1979, Russian doctor and nurse examine native man in chair inside airplane; undated, flower garden in Russian square, location unknown; undated color print, severely faded 1979
1/75-77 Slides from Box 1 (490 slides total): Finland, Madrid, Sweden, Bordeaux, Paris, Irkutsk, Irkutsk-Baikal, Baikal Village, Lake Baikal (commercial travel slides), Moscow, Yakutia (commercial slides of artifacts), Zagorsk (Smolsky Institute), Kharbarsk, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Novosibirsk, Diomede (Island), Buckland, Alaska, Kotzebue, Alaska, Nome, Alaska, commercial slides (Alaska), St. Nicholas Cathedral, Leningrad, Bekhterev Institute, Leningrad, Medical High School, Leningrad, Moscow sites, Institute of Occupational Health, Moscow, Alaskans for Peace, Novosibirsk, Japan sites 1985-1986
1/78-80 Slides from Box 2 (450 slides total).Kharbarovsk: Medical Institute, October Day parade, city, regional hospital, regional museum, sports complex, Sanatorium Usuri, television station, schools; Novosibirsk: Institute of Physiology, Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry, biochemistry lab, Instititute of Internal Medicine, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Institute of CE Medicine, medical school, Praesidium, SBAMS, traditional house, health resort, Nikitin family and dinner at Nikitin home, hotel room, branch berries, distance map, collective farm, cathedral, Academy of Agriculture, Institute of Genetics, Library of Sciences, Institute of History, Academygorodok and English Club, folk festival, Ob River outing, boat on Lena River 1986 October-November
2/1-3 Slides from Box 3 (451 slides total): Prudhoe Bay, Cambridge, England, Dr. Nikitin, Kotzebue, reindeer herders, Chukotka, IBPN, Zagorsk, Kharbarovsk, Bilibino, tuberculosis ward, Magadan. Magadan Nursing School, Alaska Airlines Friendship Flight, Seriniki, seals, Bering Bridge Expedition Medical Component, Anadyr, Providenya: beer bottling plant, port, bay, main street, snow machine; X-rays 1987-1989
2/4-5 Slides from Box 4 (Alaska-Siberia Medical Expedition) (382 total slides): Dry goods store?, Provideniya, Magadan, Bilibino, Pevek, Anadyr, Nome, Alaska-Siberian title slides, legal medicine-forensic slides, commercial USSR travel slides, University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Siberian Medical Expedition team, Alaska Highway. 1989 July
2/6-7 Slides from Box 5 (Alaska-Siberia Medical Expedition) (409 total slides): Group meeting in Magadan, L.T. scanner, tour of Magadan Regional Hospital, Lebedev’s office, Town Square, and Hotel Magadan, shopping, hotel, restaurant, and meeting with Kobets and others, Magadan Nursing School, Afanaseva child examination, and Lebedev’s and Khokhorina’s offices, ceremony in Lebedev’s office, flight to Pevek and city of Pevek, Pevek pharmacy, bus, and heliport, helicopter flight to Komsomolski, approach to Komsomolski, polyclinic, and wedding party, Komsomolski machine shop and greenhouse, approach to Vostoachny Camp, Vostoachny Camp, granite colums, departure from Vastoachny by helicopter, bird sanctuary and helicopter, picnic near Pevek, flight from Pevek to Bilibino and Bilibino pharmacy, departure, flight and approach to reindeer camp 1990 July
2/8 Slides from Box 6 (206 total slides): Reindeer camp and medical team tent, reindeer camp residents, display of crafts, medical team equipment, and ground squirrel and horses at reindeer camp, reindeer camp, departure flight, and Bilibino graveyard, Bilibino and nuclear reactor area, and Bilibino greenhouse, flights to Anadyr and then to Provideniya, and Provideniya customs, reindeer slaughter, reindeer camp, assorted medical expedition slides, BEMS Meeting 1990 July-August
2/9 Slides from IUCH trip to Magadan/Chukotka, I 1991
2/10 Slides from IUCH trip to Magadan/Chukotka, II 1991


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