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Pacific Architects and Engineers Inc. Lost River comprehensive feasibility study records; 1973. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0400. Community housing study for Lost River Mining Company.

Pacific Coast Steamship Company tourist diary; 1908. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0721. Souvenir diary of a tourist who visited Southeast Alaska and British Columbia on the S.S. Spokane.

Charles H. Palda papers; undated, 1942-1944. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-1040-ahs. Papers and photographs of a senior partner of Okes Construction Company, a managing contractor for work done on part of the Alaska Highway.

Charles Gilbert Palmer papers; 1897-1900. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1441. Photographs of a miner from Nome and Dawson.

Beulah Marrs Parisi papers; 1938-1995. 0.75 cubic feet. hmc-0445. Papers, scrapbooks, and photographs of a USO worker in Anchorage during World War II.

Edwin B. Parker telecommunications papers; 1969-1980. 1.0 cubic feet. hmc-1432. Papers of a telecommunications consultant who supported providing telephone services to rural Alaska.

Walter Parker papers; circa 1940-2014. 37 cubic feet and 87.8 GB. hmc-1180. Papers of an Alaskan resources and transportation adviser who held various positions in governmental and public interest organizations.

George A. Parks photographs; 1925-1931. .02 cubic feet. hmc-0892. Press photographs of a Governor of Territorial Alaska.

Charles Parson journal; 1899. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-1315-AHS. Diary of a gold miner in Alaska.

Anne D. Pasch papers; 1952-2014. 3.0 cubic feet. hmc-1342. Primarily slides of an Alaskan geologist and paleontologist.

Miriam E. Patty World War II scrapbook; 1943-1944. 0.2 cubic feet. HMC-0759.Civilian war worker stationed with the Army Air Corps in Alaska.

Fred Paul papers; 1966-1986. 8.0 cubic feet. hmc-0372. Papers relating to various legal cases involving oil, the North Slope Borough, etc.

Frank Pauls papers; 1909-1998. 4.0 cubic feet. hmc-0489. Papers of a public health microbiologist and administrator in Alaska.

Larry Pearson papers; 1977-1993. 2.3 cubic feet. hmc-0479. Research files from a telecommunications researcher.

Christian Theodore Pedersen papers; 1920-1966. 9.0 cubic feet. hmc-0197. Records of Pedersen’s fur trading and fur farming businesses in Alaska and Canada, with a small amount of personal papers.

Robert Peduzzi photographs; 1958-1960. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1130. Photographs from a U.S. Army serviceman stationed at Elmendorf Air Force base.

Leo Pegloski album; 1944-1945. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0952. Photos of a 1416th Army Air Force Base Unit soldier who served at Nome Air Base.

Bob Pendleton slides; 1964. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1162. Photographs of 1964 earthquake damage.

People’s Vote Must Count Committee records; 1959-1981, bulk 1981. 0.91 cubic feet. Records of a committee that supported the creation of a park on block 42 of Downtown Anchorage, instead of a convention center.

Perkins family scrapbook; 1946-1948. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0953. Mostly photographs and travel information of siblings who travelled to Nome and Marks Field.

Lyle and Dalene Perrigo papers; 1957-2003. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-0601. Oral histories and professional papers of an Alaskan corrosion engineer and genealogist.

Peterson family photograph album; 1952-1956. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0587. Family photographs of a couple living in Ketchikan.

Almer J. Peterson papers and photographs; 1935-1937, 1946, 1948. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0413. Primarily photographs from this attorney’s time in the Matanuska Colony.

W. Jack Peterson papers; circa 1970-1996. 7.0 cubic feet. hmc-0462. Professional papers of a UAA sociology professor specializing in gerontology and faculty representative to the NCAA.

Pete’s City Gym records; 1981-2011. 1.0 cubic feet and 301 mb electronic material. hmc-1114. Records of a long-time membership-based Anchorage gym.

F.S. Pettyjohn stories; circa 1985. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1149.  Fiction and non-fiction stories about Alaska history.

Michael Philip papers; 1932-1933. 0.7 cubic feet. hmc-0430. Papers and photographs relating to the production of the movie Eskimo.

Randy Phillips papers; 1977-2003. 13.4 cubic feet. hmc-0603. Papers of an Alaska legislator.

Ben F. Pinks papers; 1936-1953. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0554. Trap line and farm supply records of an Alaska Road Commission employee.

Pipeline employee photograph album; circa 1970-1975. 0.5 cubic feet. hmc-1202-ahs. Photographs taken by an employee who worked for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and travelled throughout Alaska.

Pioneer Public Library checkout register; 1918-1922. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1173. A book loan register from a library, possibly in Wiseman, Alaska

Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo No. 15 records; 1916-1988. 9.6 cubic feet. hmc-0202. Records of the local Anchorage branch of a fraternal organization for pioneers in Alaska.

Elroy Pitt papers; undated, 1952-1969. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1153-ahs. Driver’s licenses and base identification card of an Alaska Railroad employee.

“Mill” Plum photograph album; 1942-1944. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0629. Photograph album of a technical sergeant stationed in the Aleutians.

Earl Plumb family papers; 1927-1964. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1124. Papers documenting Alaskan residents’ life in McKinley Park, Nenana and Anchorage. Earl Plumb worked for the railroad, rivers steamers on the Tanana, and as a radio operator.

Harold and Roxolana Pomeroy papers; 1893-2008. 16.60 cubic feet. hmc-0564. Papers of a husband and wife who homesteaded at Bear Cove on Katchemak Bay.

Thomas Jenks Porter papers; 1971-2019. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1418. Professional papers of an Anchorage doctor involved with care of newborns.

Donald Arthur Post slides; 1955-1959. 0.45 cubic feet. hmc-0917. CAA and FAA employee in Alaska.

Charles Pospisil papers; undated, 1944-1946. 0.75 cubic feet. hmc-1156. Papers and photographs of a New Jersey policeman stationed in Amchitka, AK during WWII.

John Potter papers; 1942-1943. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0203. Papers of an Air Force photographer, who served in Alaska in World War II.

Potter Section House report and plans; 1980-1986. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0204. Report and plans regarding the preservation and site development of a former Alaska Railroad section house.

Frank and Verna Pratt papers; 1967-2010. 3.8 cubic feet. hmc-1276. Slides and papers relating to native plants of Alaska.

Isaac M. Preston journal; 1904. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0477. Account of a trip to evaluate mining claims at Elliott Creek northeast of Chitina.

Millard Preston papers; 1940-1945. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-1297. Photographs of a man who worked on construction of the Alaska Highway.

Edna and Martha Preuss photograph album; 1940. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0746. Tourist photograph album of two women who traveled to Alaska.

Arthur and Rosa Purcell papers; 1956-1977, bulk 1957-1960. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1152-ahs. Photographs and papers of an Alaska registered nurse and Alaska store manager.

Donald E. Luke and Anne Purdy correspondence; 1948-1949. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1159. Correspondence between an Alaskan journalist and an Alaskan writer.

Anne Purdy papers; undated, 1977. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0414. Correspondence concerning a land allotment and publication rights.

Norma M. Purdy papers; 1951-1962. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1028-AHS. Correspondence, color slides and memorabilia of nurse stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

George R. Putnam papers; circa 1896-1898. 3.68 gb. hmc-1126. Materials from a man who visited and worked in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta and the Pribilof Islands.

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