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Anne D. Pasch papers

Guide to the Anne D. Pasch papers

Collection number: HMC-1342.
Creator: Pasch, Anne D.
Title: Anne D. Pasch papers.
Dates: 1952-2014.
Volume of collection: 3.0 cubic feet and 2.5 GB.
Language of materials: Materials in the collection are in English.
Collection summary: Primarily slides of an Alaskan geologist and paleontologist.

Biographical note:
Anne D. Pasch received a Bachelor’s of Science in geology from the University of Wisconsin and later studied at universities in Vienna, Colorado, and California. Her initial area of research was the deposits and landforms left by glaciers, and she followed this interest to Alaska, where she taught geology at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Pasch became involved in vertebrate paleontology in 1990, when she was tasked with documenting the site in the Talkeetna Mountains where hunting guides had found fossils of an Ankylosaur, a type of dinosaur. On that trip, she was also involved in the discovery of one of the oldest hadrosaur fossil specimens in North America, which the group named “Lizzie.” Pasch is also the co-founder of the Alaska Museum of Natural History in Anchorage. She is now a Professor Emerita of Geology at UAA.

Collection description:
The collection consists primarily of slides relating to geology and paleontology in Alaska and elsewhere that were taken and collected by Anne Pasch, as well as digital photographs, some of which may be duplicative of the slides. The collection includes descriptions of slides organized by year. The collection also contains a program for the 1998 Alaska Geological Society Science and Technology Conference, as well as audiocassettes and VHS tapes of interviews with Pasch.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged by type of material. Slides are arranged alphabetically by topic, according to the titles provided by the creator.

Digitized copies: Selected images from the collection have been digitized and can be viewed on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining copies please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Digital materials: The digital contents of this collection are not available online. Access may only be provided on-site in the Archives research room. For more information about potential distance access to digital records, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Anne Pasch retains copyright to materials created by her and authorizes the Archives to grant permission for use of those materials.

Preferred citation: Anne D. Pasch papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
“PaleoProfiles: Anne Pasch,” Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, accessed October 14, 2019. http://vertpaleo.org/Society-News/Paleoprofiles/Past-PaleoProfiles/Anne-Pasch.aspx.

Separated materials: Published materials were removed from the collection and added to the Library’s Rare Books collection.

Related materials: For other collections pertaining to geology in Alaska, please visit our Geology related collections topic guide.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to the Archives by Anne Pasch, who signed a deed of gift, in 2019.

Processing information: This collection was described by Gwen Higgins in 2019.

Container list:

Box/folder Description Date
1/1-2 Alaska energy resources: Exxon oil spill; AK Pipeline; Oil; Sand Lake Gravel Pit; Beluga Coal near Tyonek; Beluga area; Whitehorse Cu [copper] Mine; Gold Dredge #8; Hope, AK; Usibelli Coal Mine; Healy area; Phillips pet. well 1977-1996
1/3-4 Alaska geography: Mt. Susitna; Chisek Island; Fossil Point; S-Central AK; Beluga R. fossil site; Matanuska Valley; Plant succession west Hi Slide; Changes in Anc talk; Anc EQ slides; Kennicott trip; Chena Hot Springs; Chugach/Kenai Mts; Anchorage; Alaska Mts joints-weathering contact till & landslide; Brooks Range; Alaska Range; St. Elias Range; Interior; Cook-Inlet Susitna Lowland-Including Mat. Valley; Tooksook Bay; AK Range; Prince W.S. Beaufort Sea; Tustamena Lake Flight; Becharof area; Talkeetnas ammonites; Tanana-Kus Lowland & Yukon Flats; Northern Foothills; N. Slope; SE; Kodiak 1964-2004
1/5-7 Alaska glaciers: Portage area; Kenai Peninsula; Grewingk Glacier; Prince William Sound; Kenai Fiords; Exit Glacier; Matanuska Glacier; Strandline Lake 1977, 1984 breakout; Triumvirate Glacier; Mendenhall Glacier; Black Rapids Glacier; Denali Highway Area; Alaska Range/Mt. Redoubt; Alaska Range/Coal Creek near Beluga Lake; Capps Glacier area, Chichantna River muck bank; Anchorage glacial features; Cook Inlet/Turnagain Arm; Hunter Glacier/Chugach Mts.; Chugach Mts.; Hubbard Glacier USGS photos; Malaspina Glacier; Glacier Bay; Knik Valley; Matanuska Valley; Hubbard Glacier 1952-2002
1/8-9 BLM research Bering Glacier arranged by year 1983-2005
1/10-11 Dinosaur track trips to Colville River 1985-2000
1/12-15 Dinosaurs: Humor; Early archosaurs; Triassic ornithischians herbivores; Triassic prosauropods herbivorous saurischian; Triassic iguanodontids herbivorous ornithischians; Triassic theropods carnivorous saurischian; Jurassic stegosaurs herbivorous ornithischians; Jurassic theropods carnivorous saurischian; Jurassic sauropods herbivorous saurischians; Cretaceous hysilophodontids herbivorous ornithischians; Cretaceous sauropods; Alaska nodosaur; Cretaceous nodosaurs herbivorous ornithischians; Cretaceous ankylosaurs herbivorous ornithischians; Cretaceous pachycephalosaurs; Cretaceous ceratopsians; Chicago Field Museum; Dry Mesa Quarry, CO; Ghost Ranch; Fruita/Grand Junction; Royal Terrell Museum Canada; Museum of the Rockies Montana; Vernal, UT; Judith River Formation Kennedy Coulee, MT cretaceous; Dinosaur ridge, CO; Cretaceous hadrosaurs herbivorous ornithischians; Hadrosaur centra Field Museum in Chicago; Cretaceous theropods carnivorous saurischians; Cretaceous theropods; Cretaceous tyrannosaurus rex carnivorous saurischian; “Sue” Field Museum cretaceous T. rex carnivorous saurischians; Dinosaur eggs and nests jurassic/cretaceous; Egg Mountain cretaceous Jack Horner’s site, MT; Dinosaurus of Darkness an Australian exhibit of important vertebrates 1960-2001


Excavation of the Talkeetna Mt. Hadrosaur (TMH) known as “Lizzie:” Quarry site; Excavation of the quarry; Screening at the quarry; Bones recovered from the TMH; Preparation by Kevin May; Evidence of predation (gnaw marks), excavation and removal of large concretion (thought to contain pelvis), Big concretion (pelvis?); Barren concretions; Marine vertebrate teeth; Pollen (identified by Sabra Reid) and other plant fossils; Invertebrates associated by TMH; Figures for posters an publications; The crew 1994-2001
1/17-18 Fossil invertebrates: Protists; Stromatolites; Trace fossils; Algae; Poriferans (sponges); Cnidarians (jellyfish); Anthozoans; Graptolites; “Worms;” Florida Key reef fauna; Edicaran fauna; Burgess Shale fauna 1960-2001
1/20-2/4 Historical geology: Environments of deposition; A formation; Facies; Geologic time; Sedimentary structures; Hutton’s principles; Precambrian; Cambrian; Ordovician; Silurian; Devonian; Miss/Pennsylvanian; Permian; Jurassic; Darwin and evolution; Cypress swamp; Endothermy; Extinction; Cope & Marsh; Triassic; Cretaceous; Cretaceous plants; Tertiary; Paleocene; Eocene; Oligocene; Miocene; Pliocene; What fossils tell us; Pleistocene; Panthera; Archaeology; Walk Thru Time; 1965-2002
2/5-6 Mammals: Archaic mammals; Uintatheres; Condylarths (primitive ungulates); Marsupials; Bats; Amphicyons; Rabbits; Ursids; Notoungulates; Oreodonts; Rodents; Primates; Edentates; Insectivores; Carnivores; Hyaenids; Creodonts; Cats; Titanotheres; Marine mammals; Desmostylids; Artiodactyls; Suids; Bovids; Chalicotheres; Tapirs; Cervids; Camels; Proboscidians; Horses; Rhinos; Giraffes 1958-2001
2/7-11 Non-mammalian fossil vertebrates: Tunicates; Agnatha; Acanthodii; Prim fish; Placodermi; Osteichthyes (fish); Fish Valdez FM; Reef fish; Sarcopterygii lobe fins; Amphibia; Reptiles; Anapsida (reptiles); Marine reptiles; Urochordates; Whales; Pinnipeds; Synapsida; Sharks/skates (Chondrichthyes); Pterosaurs, Diapsida; Bird skeletons; Birds 1966-2001
2/12-13 Paleontology-fossil invertebrates: Brachiopods; Bryozoans; Molluscans; Bivalves; Pelecypods; Gastropods; Cephalopods; Echinoderms; Sea cucumbers; Brittlestars; Starfish; Sea urchins; Crinoids; Arthropods; Trilobites; Insects; Types of fossilization; Luster marten 1962-2001
2/14 Physical geology: glaciation, permafrost. Includes Pleistocene features of Alaska; Class field trips; Ruth Schmidt AK glacial photos before 2000; Permafrost 1966-1997
2/15-17 Physical geology: 1964 earthquake, space, mass wasting. Includes Alaska earthquake 1964; Landslides in Anchorage; Turnagain slide, L St. slide; 4th Ave. slide; West High slide; Government Hill slide; Native hospital slide; Mass wasting; Damage due to seismic shaking; Elevation changes; Subsidence; Tsunami damage; Earthquakes; Faults & folding; Graphics; Pillar Mt. Kodiak; Avalanches 1958-2002
2/18-20 Physical geology: shorelines. Includes Mississippi Delta & Gulf Coast; Shoreline erosion; Shoreline features; San Francisco Bay; Pt. Reyes N. Seashore; Tides; Shorelines-ENRMTL; Kasilof Beach; Turnagain Arm 1966-2002
3/1-3 Physical geology: volcanism, sea floor plate tectonics. Includes: Igneous geology, Extrusion; Cedar Flats; Igneous geology, intrusive; Aleutians; GSA-Reno; Mt. Redoubt; Mt. Spurr; Hawaii; Volcanic features; Ocean/sea floor; AK/plate tectonics 1952-1996
3/4-6 Physical geology: wind, water, air. Includes Wind/deserts; Kincaid Park dunes; Anc. wind storm; Nebraska dunes; Soils; Flooding/channelization; Honolulu CK; Running water; Lakes; Hydrology; Ground water; Air quality atmosphere; Rocks; Weathering; Metamorphism; Subdivisions & development land use 1957-2002
3/7-11 Physiographic provinces of Alaska: Anchorage area large erratic mistaken for a meterorite: Wrangell; Fairbanks area GSA field trip; Matanuska River raft trip; RT Flight Anchorage to Kobuk; Kobuk area; Alaska physiographic provinces; Wrangells & Cu. River Basin; St. Elias & Lowland; Aleutian Range; S.E. Alaska; Susitna Lowland, Mat. Valley; Alaska interior & northern physiographic provinces; Alaska Maps physiographic provinces; Misc. Alaska maps; Geology of South-Central Alaska; Non-Alaska maps; Anchorage/Valdez/Prince William Sound/Columbia Glacier Road/Ferry field trip; AGS Seldovia field trip; Resurrection Bay/Aialak Bay field trip; RT flight Anchorage to Fairbanks with Ruth Jefford; RT flight Anchorage to Barrow with Ruth Jefford 1964-2002
Digital storage Digital photographs. May be partially duplicative of slides. 2013-2014
3/12-16 Slide descriptions 1976-2005
3/17 “Geologic Features of Southcentral Alaska” slideshow text 1986
3/18 The Alaska Geological Society 1998 Science and Technology Conference “Cutting Edge in Alaska” program 1998
3/19 Articles 1980-2012
2/20 Talkeetna Mountain Hadrosaur press 1994-1998
3/21 Audiocassettes: Dino Interviews KSKA, KFQD, KENI; PBS “Lizzie”/Ann Pasch Alaskan Dinos; Anne’s KLEF Interview undated, 1994, 1998
3/tape 1 “May Family Discovers Dinosaurs” news segments VHS tape. 1994 November 4
3/tape 2 “Ann Posh [sic] Dino Dig” VHS tape 1995 July 24
3/tape 3 “Lizzie Feature Channel 2 News” VHS tape 1995 July 25
3/tape 4 Alaska Museum of Natural History “Dinosaurs of Darkness” VHS tape 2005 April 4

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