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Eating from the Archives: Military Food

It’s May, which means it was time for our Fourth Annual “Eating from the Archives”. This year we decided to feature military menus from our collections. Most of the menus, however, were from Thanksgiving or Christmas, with two being from …

Color our collections!

Have you been enjoying following all the “color our collections” posts from archives this week on Twitter? #ColorOurCollections is the hashtag to search and lots of great coloring opportunities have been going by.

We thought it would be fun to …

Archival pet peeves

Did you know it’s Pet Peeve Week? (We didn’t, but we do now). So in that spirit:

Okay, we admit, most of these are pretty low on the annoyance scale. But we were commiserating over a few collections recently and …

Alaska Lunch

Our current exhibit in the great room of the Library is all about food in Alaska, with items from the Rare Books collection including cookbooks from the state. After the success (or at least entertainment value) of last year’s Convalescent’s