Alaska Historical Society records

Guide to the Alaska Historical Society records

Collection number: HMC-0014.
Creator: Alaska Historical Society.
Title: Alaska Historical Society records.
Dates: 1964-2018.
Volume of collection: 19.4 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Records of a historical society that promotes research and sharing of Alaska history.

Historical note:
The Alaska Historical Society was reconstituted in 1967 as a result of a renewed interest in Alaskan history resulting from the Alaska Purchase Centennial. The society is governed by a board of directors, and has a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The society holds annual meetings and also sponsors seminars. It publishes a newsletter Alaska History News (first issued in 1968), and a journal Alaska History (first issued in 1984).

Collection description:
The collection consists of records relating to the administration and activities of the Alaska Historical Society (AHS). Included are the AHS’ Articles of incorporation and bylaws; board of directors meeting minutes and working files; annual meeting records; copies of the society’s newsletter (Alaska History News); correspondence; conference records; grant and proposal files; financial records; audio and video tapes; records of the editor of the society’s journal (Alaska History), concerning the publication’s founding, administration, and articles (arranged by issue); committee records; photographs and slides; and historical publications.

Arrangement: The collection is divided into 13 series by type. Within these series, records are further divided by type and arranged chronologically therein.
Series 1: Articles of incorporation and bylaws; 1967, 1988
Series 2: Board of directors meetings, minutes, and working files; 1969-2014
Series 3: Meetings and events records; 1965-2015
Series 4: Alaska History News newsletter records; 1968-2016 
Series 5: Correspondence; 1966-2018
Series 6: Conference records; 1977-1990
Series 7: Grant, project and proposal files; 1964-2016
Series 8. Financial records; 1968- 2014
Series 9: Audio and video cassettes; 1984-2004
Series 10: Alaska History editor records; 1981-2015
Subseries 10a: Alaska History editor’s founding records; 1981-1985
Subseries 10b: Alaska History editor’s administrative records; 1982-1994
Subseries 10c: Alaska History editor’s drafts and correspondence regarding journal articles; 1983-1999
Series 11: Committee records; 1970-2018
Series 12: Photographs and slides; 1969-1987

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: The Archives does not own copyright to this collection.

Preferred citation: Alaska Historical Society records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

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Acquisition note: The collection was deposited in the archives by the Alaska Historical Society in 1989. Additions are made periodically.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2006. Collection description revised and addition processed by Mariecris Gatlabayan in 2012.

Container list:
Series 1: Articles of incorporation and bylaws; 1967-1988. 0.25 cubic feet. Records are arranged by type.

1/1Articles of Incorporation early documents.1973, undated
1/2Articles of Incorporation.1967-1982
1/4Manual of Procedures.1982

Series 2: Board of directors meetings, minutes, and working files; 1969-2014. 1.6 cubic feet. Records are in chronological order.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
1/5Board of Directors meeting.1969
1/6Board of Directors meeting.1979
1/7Board of Directors meeting.1980
1/8Board of Directors meeting.1981
1/9Board of Directors meeting.1982
1/10Board of Directors meeting.1982 June 24
1/11Board of Directors meeting.1983
1/12Board meetings.1984
1/13Board meeting.1985 February 22
1/14Board meeting.1985 October 24
1/15-1/22Board of Directors (includes correspondence).1986-1994
1/37-1/44Minutes and agenda.1994-2000
2/1-2/5Minutes and agenda.2001-2005
2/6-2/7Board elections.1982-1999
16/10Board elections.2000-2010
16/11Annual board meeting minutes and agendas.2006-2010
17/1Annual board meeting minutes2011-2014
17/2Board candidate and member lists1983-1989
17/3Executive Director contracts2005-2014
18/1-7Board President files1986-1987
18/8Executive Director files1983-1987

Series 3: Meetings and events records; 1965-2015. 2.0 cubic feet. A majority of the records relate to the Alaska Historical Society’s annual meeting. Records are in order by type of meeting and chronologically therein.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
2/8Founding meetings.1965-1967
2/9Annual meetings, Executive Committee meeting, and Director’s 1st meeting.1967-1968
2/10Annual meeting:  Anchorage.1968
2/11-2/13Annual meeting.1969-1971
2/15Annual meeting: Cordova.1973
2/16Annual meeting.1974
2/17Annual meeting:  Juneau.1975
2/18Annual meeting:  Kodiak.1976
2/19Annual meeting:  Anchorage.1977
2/20Annual meeting: Anchorage. Includes a draft of a speech by George Hall.1978
2/21Annual meeting: Anchorage.1979
2/22Annual meeting: Juneau; 1980.1980
2/23Annual meeting. Includes Historical Society reports.1980
2/24-2/25Annual meeting: Anchorage.1981
2/26-2/27Annual meeting correspondence.1981-1982
2/28Annual meeting: Valdez:  Education  in Alaska’s Past; October 1982.1982 October
3/1Annual meeting: Sitka.1983
3/2Annual meeting: Anchorage.1984
3/3Annual meeting: Wrangell. 2 audio cassettes.1985
18/9Annual meeting schedules1985
3/4Annual meeting: Homer.1986
18/10Homer meeting files1986
3/5Annual meeting: Fairbanks.1987
18/11AHS 1987 Annual Meeting1987
3/6Annual meeting: Cordova.1988
3/7Annual meeting: Sitka.1989
3/8Annual meeting: Anchorage.1990
3/9Annual meeting: Haines.1991
3/10Annual meeting: Anchorage.1992
3/11Annual meeting:  Fairbanks.1993
3/12Annual meeting: Kodiak.1994
3/13Annual meeting: Juneau.1995
3/14Annual meeting: Anchorage.1996
3/15Annual meeting: Sitka.1997
3/16Annual meeting: Palmer.1998
3/17Annual meeting: Anchorage.1999
3/18Annual meeting: Ketchikan.2000
3/19Annual meeting: Valdez.2001
3/20Annual meeting: Fairbanks.2002
3/21Annual meeting: Haines.2003
3/22Annual meeting: Anchorage.2004
17/4Annual meeting: Kodiak2005
17/5Annual meeting: Juneau2006
17/6Annual meeting: Homer2007
17/7Annual meeting: Anchorage2008
17/8Annual meeting: Unalaska2009
17/9Annual meeting: Fairbanks2010
17/10Annual meeting: Valdez2011
17/11Annual meeting: Sitka2012
17/12Annual meeting: Haines2013
17/13Annual meeting: Seward2014
17/14Annual meeting: Cordova2015
3/23Original items from presentation board promoting an autograph party for the Alaska Historical Society publication Lady Franklin Visits Sitka, Alaska 1870:  the Journal of Sophia Cracroft, Sir John Franklin’s Niece, edited by R.N. DeArmond. Includes newspaper clipping, 2 original letters, party invitation, and captions.1981 July

Series 4: Alaska History News newsletter records; 1968-2016.  0.3 cubic feet. Newsletters are in numerical order by volume and number. The Archives does not have a complete run of Alaska Historical Society’s newsletters. The Alaska Historical Society has digital copies of the Alaska History News on their website dating back to 2004.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
3/24Alaska Historical Society Newsletter.undated, 1968-1970
3/25Alaska History News: vol. 2 no. 5.1971 October
3/25Alaska History News: vol. 3 no. 1, 3, and 4.1972
3/25Alaska History News: vol. 4 no. 1, 3 (June), 4, and 3 (December).1973
3/25Alaska History News: vol. 5 no. 2, 4, and 61974
3/26Alaska History News: vol. 7 no. 1, 2, 3 and 6.1975
3/26Alaska History News: vol. 6 no 6.1975
3/26Alaska History News: vol. 7, 1-61976
3/26Alaska History News: vol. 6 no. 4, 5, and 6.1976
3/26Alaska History News: vol. 8 no. 3, 4, 5, 6.1977
3/26Alaska History News: vol. 9 no. 1-6.1978
3/27Alaska History News: vol. 10 no. 1-6.1979
3/27Alaska History News: vol. 11 no. 1-6.1980
3/27Alaska History News: vol.12 no.1-6.1981
3/27Alaska History News: vol. 13. no. 1-6.1982
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 14 no. 1, 3-6.1983
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 15 no. 1-6.1984
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 16 no. 1-2, 4-5.1985
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 17 no. 1-5.1986
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 18 no. 1-4.1987
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 19 no. 1-4.1988
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 20 no. 1-4.1989
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 21 no. 1-2.1990
18/12Newsletter photographs
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 32 no. 1-4.2004
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 33 no. 1-4.2005
3/28Alaska History News: vol. 34 no. 1-42006
17/15Alaska History News: vol. 35-vol. 44 no. 12007-2016

Series 5: Correspondence; 1966-2018.  3.2 cubic feet. Correspondence in chronological order unless otherwise noted.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
4/1“Misplaced correspondence.”undated
4/10Communications: President to Board Member.1969
4/17-4/18Correspondence: general.1973
4/19-4/20Correspondence: general.1974
5/1Correspondence: mailing list.1975
5/2Correspondence: meetings and committees.1975
5/20Correspondence: by subject area; 1983.1983
5/21Correspondence.1983, undated
18/14-15Renee Blahuta correspondence1986-1987
18/18Barbara Smith correspondence1987

Series 6: Conference records; 1977-1990. 0.25 cubic feet.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
7/1Conference: Kenai Program Paper. Presentation and photos of oil, fishing, mining, agriculture industries.1977
7/2Conference on Russian America:The Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies.1979
7/3Conference: Association for Historic Preservation.1981
7/4Conference: Pacific Northwest.1982 June 24
7/5Conference: Borderlands Conference. Includes records related to conference on 1989 June 2-4.1988-1989
7/611th Air Force Reunion 1990 WWII History Project, 1990 August 4-11.1990

Series 7: Grant, program proposal, and project files; 1964-2016. 3.7 cubic feet.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
7/7Grant: Archaeology of Cook Inlet.1975-1976
7/8Grant: Functional Relationships Study 1975.1974-1976
7/9Smith/AHS Study 1975.1968-1982
7/10American Revolution Bicentennial 1976.1972-1976
7/11G4 Grant: Preservation Seminar; 1976.1976
7/12G5 Grant: Historic Preservation Workshop, Kenai;1977.1977-1978
7/13G6 Grant: Workshop on History Interpretation;1977.1977
7/14G7 Grant: AHS Publications; 1978.1977-1979
7/15G8 Grant: Governor’s Conference; 1978.1978
7/16G9 Grant: Alaska Coordinated Project.1978-1979
7/17G11 Contract: Publication of Independence Mine Study.1978-1982
7/18-7/20G12 Grant: Kennecott Study NEA.1974-1984
7/21G14 Grant: Alaska History News; 1979.1979-1980
7/22G15 Grant: The Church in Alaska’s Past ADP; 1979.1978-1979
7/23G16 Grant: Community History Preservation;1979.1978-1979
7/24G17 Grant: Haines Museum Workshop;1979.1979-1981
7/25G18 Grant: Renner Publication (Father Bellermine); 1979.1979-1980
7/26G19 Grant: The Sea in Alaska’s Past ADP; 1979.1978-1984
7/27G20 Grant: Women in Oral History AHF; 1980.1980-1984
7/28G21 Grant: Publication of History News.1980-1981
7/29G22 Grant: Joint Pub. Dist. Project AHC; 1981 April.1981-1982
7/30-7/32Cracroft Diary AHC Publication Grant; 1981.1968-1981
7/33G24 Grant: Oral History AHF 1981.1972-1984
8/1G25 Grant: Mining Alaska’s Post AHC.1979-1984
8/2G26 Grant: Publication of History News; April 1981‑July 1982.1981-1982
8/3G27 Grant: Transportation in Alaska’s Past.1981-1984
8/4G29 Grant: Athapusan History Simeone 1982.1982-1985
8/5G30 Grant: Cooper River Heslom 19th Century AHC.1982
8/6G31 Grant: Joint Publication Agreement AHC; 1982.1981-1986
8/7G32 Grant: Salmon Hatcheries Publication AHC; 1982.1982-1983
8/8G33 Contract: Wickersham House appraisal, Bill Jorgensen; 1982.1982
8/9G34 Grant: Alaska History Textbook AHC; 1983.1982-1986
8/10G35 Grant: Sullivan 1983 Allen Expedition; 1983.1983
8/11Grant: Education in Alaska’s Past; 1983.1982-1986
8/12G36 Grant: Women in Alaska’s History Symposium; 1983.1982-1985
8/13G37 Grant: Women in Alaska History.1983-1984
8/14G28 Grant: Kennecott.1981-1984
8/15-8/16G2 Grant: Russian Translation NEH.1978-1984
8/17G1 Grant: Alaska Women’s History.1935-1985
8/18Grant: Recollections of the Yukon; 1985.1984-1987
8/19-8/22Grant: World War II in Alaska ‑ 1985 Alaska Humanities Commission; 1983‑April 1985.1983-1986
8/23History Conference Grant Alaska Humanities Forum..1985
8/24Project proposal: AHS Organization‑Study Grant.1980
8/25G39 project proposal: Alaska Aircraft Historical Society Grant.1978-1981
8/26Project proposal: Bibliography of Russian Language Materials.1984
8/27Project proposal: Challenge Grant Applications.1977-1978
8/28Project proposal: Denali Historical Resources.1977
8/29Project proposal: Halivel Project Proposal 1980.1980-1981
8/30Project proposal: Iditarod in Time.1979
8/31Project proposal: Port Nellie Juan.1972-1973
8/32Project proposal: Search for the Neva.1978-1980
8/33Project proposal: Grant: Alaska Womens History Project.1983, 1985
8/34Project proposal: Alaska History II: 2 1985 AHC.1985-1987
8/35Project proposal: Circle of Gold.1986
9/1Grant: Alaska Native Biographies.1986
9/2Grant: Alaska at War documentary.1986-1987
9/3Grant: Strategic Planning Seminar, Alaska Humanities Forum.1987
9/4Grant: Yupik Warfare and Interpersonal Violence Project.1989
9/5Grant: The Reindeer Queen Project.1980-1991
9/6Grant: 250th Bering Expedition Anniversary.1989-1991
9/7Grant: Alaska’s Japanese Pioneers (Alaska Humanities Forum).1990-1994
9/8Grant: History Day Competition.1990-1991
9/9Grant: Bering/Chirikov International Conference.1990-1992
9/10Grant: Bering/Chirikov Voyage, Office of International Trade.1991-1992
9/11Grant: History Day Competition.1991-1992
9/12Grant: Kommandorskii Camp of the Bering Expedition.1991-1992
9/13Grant: Bering and Chirikov: The American Voyages.1992-1993
9/14Grant: Annual Meeting, Donald A. Ritchie: Oral History Workshop.1992
9/15Grant: History Day Competition.1992
9/16Grant: Alaska’s Japanese Pioneers (Japan Foundation).1992-1993
9/17-9/18Grant: History Day Competition.1993-1994
9/19Grant: de Laguna Project.1994-1995
16/1Partnership statement and email.2007
16/2Letter of support for Sealaska grant proposal to National Endowment to the Humanities.2004
16/3AHS Digital Encyclopedia project records.2007-2008
16/4North to the Future: The Alaska Story book correspondence.2008
16/5Tongass Timber book correspondence.2006-2010
16/6Grants project status report: January 1, 20001976-2000
16/7Alaska 50 Historical Documentary on the Alaska Statehood Celebration project records. The end product is the documentary, Statehood! that was produced by Laurence A. Goldin of Aurora Films. Includes correspondence, draft scripts, and grant records.2006-2012
16/8Duty Station Northwest records. The book was written by Lyman Woodman.1993-1999
16/9The Alaska 67: A Guide to Alaska’s Best History Books project records.2002-2006
17/17AHS organization history project1989
17/18Novarupta-Katmai Eruption 100th Anniversary Project2012
17/19ROSSIA Inc.2002-2003
18/21Alaska Centennial Commission Centennial Press1964-1966
18/24Alaska Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan Workshop files1987
18/25-19/2Alaska 67 files1993-2006
19/3Discovering the Gold Rush Era, Lael Morgan, AHF, $1,2061994
19/4Alaska History Day, AHS-AHF, $1000. Closed1995
19/5Blacks in Alaska History, George Harper, AHF. Completed1995
19/6“Running Before the Gale: Michael Healy,” AHF, Maria Brooks, $10,630. Completed1995
19/7Alaska History Day, AHF, $10001996 March 27-November 30
19/8History Day in Alaska, AHS-AHF, $1000. Closed1997
19/9Odyssey of Captain Healy, AHF, Maria Brooks $11,1001998 January1-October1
19/10Alaskans Millennium Project Rasmuson Foundation. Canceled2000-2002
19/11NPS-Wrangell St. Elais N.H. Park Kennecott Records. Project Canceled2002
19/12Alaska Governor’s Mansion Foundation. Completed2004
19/13“Stages: A History of Theatre in Anchorage, Alaska” by Catherine J. Stadem2006
19/14Statehood Film & Convention Tape Project legislative grant2006-2012
19/15Statehood Documentary Education Distribution Project legislative grant2011
19/16Letters of Support: The Circle and the Triangle2011-2012
19/17-20Alaska Historic Canneries Project files2013-2016

Series 8: Financial records; 1968-2014. 1.3 cubic feet

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
9/20Legal liability insurance.1984-1987
9/21-9/22Check registers.1977-1985
9/23-9/24IRS DETERM, ART/INC.1968-1984
9/25CDBI Cash P.P., dues, and books.1972-1982
9/26-9/28Financial : miscellaneous receipts1971-1984
9/30Expenses ‑ Bills.1985‑1986
9/31Personnel.1986-1994, undated
9/32Office lease – 524 West 4th.1981-1995
9/33Financial reports and budgets.1981-1994
10/1Annual reports to the State.1968-1992
10/2Federal income tax records.1974-1994
10/3Book sales.1987-1993
10/4Alaska Pacific University Press: book distribution.1982-1992
10/5Rainforest Publishing: Book Distribution.1986-1991
10/7Pacific Northwest Quarterly: discount subscriptions.1987-1991
10/8Historic Preservation Publications Program and Seminars: financial and compliance audits.1979
10/9Budgets and financial reports.1988-2004
10/10Publication royalty reports.1988-2005
10/11Wizard Works (Alaska Small Press Catalog).1995-2005
10/12-10/13Income Tax Returns.1983-1999
10/14 Alaska History: Reports to the Board.1995-2005
10/15Assistant to the President: contracts.1994-2004
17/20-21Tax returns2000-2012
19/21Hall, George fundraising notesundated
19/22Financial documents 1982-1984

Series 9: Audio and video cassettes; 1984-2004. 0.25 cubic feet. Materials are arranged by type and chronologically therein.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
10/16“Recorded History” draft by Jack Ferguson/Einer Pedersen. Not for distribution. 1 audiocassettes, 60 minutes.Undated
10/16Alaska Historical Society Meeting, Alaska Statehood Session. 2 audiocassettes, 60 minutes each.1984 November 4
10/16Governor Hickel and Awards at Banquet. 1 audiocassette, 90 minutes.1991 October 30
10/16Public Service Spot for Alaska Historical Society: Cut #1 is the “Aleutian Odyssey,” 60 seconds. Cut #2 is  “Tent School,” 60 seconds.  2 videocassettes, 0.75.  One master copy for KTUU-TV and another copy for Learn Alaska. Date produced January 1985; Kill Date March 31, 19851985 January
10/16“Lt. Governor Fran Ulmer, Remarks to Alaska Historical Society 1999 Annual Meeting, Time 4:40.”1 videocassette, 0.5 inch.1999
19/23Alaska Historical Society Conference Constitutional Convention session2004

Series 10: Alaska History editor records; 1981-2015. 5.1 cubic feet. This series contains founding records created and collected by James Cocker, former editor of the journal; Will Jacobs’ and James Ducker’s administrative records; and editor’s drafts and correspondence regarding journal articles. The Alaska Historical Society has  a list of Alaska History volumes and articles available on their website. Note the AHS website does not include a list of the reviews in each issue.

Series 10: Alaska History editor records. Subseries 10a: editor’s founding records; 1981-1985. 0.15 cubic feet. This series consists of records relating to the founding of Alaska History. The series includes correspondence, handwritten notes, minutes of meetings, an official proposal, and items which may have been presented or discussed in meetings.  These papers came from the journal’s second editor, James Ducker, who was involved in the journal’s creation in the capacity of Co-Chairman of the Subcommittee (or Task Force) formed by the Publications Committee of the Alaska Historical Society.  Mr. Ducker also served as assistant editor prior to becoming the editor on 1985 October 15.

Box/Folder Description Dates
10/17-10/19Founding records. 1981-1985

Series 10: Alaska History editor records. Subseries 10b: editor’s administrative records; 1982-2015. 0.15 cubic feet. This series consists of financial records and editor’s correspondence not directly related to a specific article.  The financial records include printer’s estimates and budget material primarily related to the first issue of the journal, records relating to fundraising attempts, and invoices and receipts.  Theres correspondence (1982-1985) from Will Jacobs’ tenure as editor.  Renee Blahuta and Marvin Falk are major correspondents. There is also correspondence from James Ducker in his position as editor.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
10/20Budget/printer’s estimates.1982-1985
10/21Correspondence between Will Jacobs and Renee Blahuta.1983-1984
10/22Correspondence between Will Jacobs and Marvin Falk.1982-1983
11/1Correspondence, primarily addressed to or written by Will Jacobs.1982-1986, 1992
11/3Fundraising: Alaska Humanities Forum.1987-1988
11/4Greatland graphics.1986-1989
11/6Reports to the Board of Directors.1985-1994
17/23Correspondence between James Ducker and authors of articles for the AHS website.1998-2002
17/24Correspondence and forms regarding image requests2013-2014
17/25Publication agreements1985-2015
19/24Correspondence and reports1985-2015

Series 10: Alaska History editor records. Subseries 10c: editor’s drafts and correspondence regarding journal articles; 1983-1999. 3.9 cubic feet. This series contains original drafts of papers, correspondence between the editor and the authors, revisions of the manuscripts, copies of the manuscripts prepared for the typesetters, and publication agreements with the authors. The series only includes material relating to those submissions which were selected for publication.

Box/Folder Description Dates
11/7-11/20Volume 11984-1986
11/21-11/29Volume 21986-1987
12/1-12/10Volume 31988
12/11-12/21Volume 41989
12/22-13/3Volume 51990
Volume 61991 Spring
13/10-13/18Volume 71992
13/19-13/26Volume 81993
13/27-13/34Volume 91994
13/35-14/5Volume 101995
14/6-14/13Volume 111996
14/14-14/22Volume 121997
14/23-14/25Volume 131998
14/26-14/30Volume 141999

Series 11: Committee records; 1970-2018. 2.25 cubic feet.

Box/ Folder DescriptionDates
15/1-15/2Alaska History Day records and National History Day publications and articles.1988-1994
15/5Awards: Alaska Historical Commission.1972, 1973, 1981-1992
15/6-15/8Membership. Includes membership lists.1984-1994
15/9-30/10Legislative files.1986-1994
15/11Local history: Local Historical Societies files.1987-1994
15/12Local history: Formation of Local Societies files.1970-1989
15/13-15/14Local history: American Association for State and Local History files.1981-1989
15/15-15/17Membership files.1995-2005
16/13Membership files.2010
15/18-15/20Advocacy files.1994-2005
16/14-16/22Advocacy files1995-2012
17/26-27Advocacy files1977-2013
15/21AHS Awards records.1991-2005
16/12AHS Awards records:  Scripts for award presentations.2006-2010
17/28AHS Awards1988, 2000
15/23Alaska Historical Commission.1985-1997
17/29Alaska Historical Commission1996-2014
15/24Auction catalogs.2001-2005
15/25Read Alaska Book Fair files.1996-1997
15/26Local Historical Society survey.2001
15/27Minority issues.1993-1994
19/28-38Awards: American Association for State and Local History Award1986-
19/39Membership balance sheets1983
Box 20Alaska Historical Commission1983-1990

Series 12: Photographs and slides; 1969-1987. 0.2 cubic feet. The photographs in this series are primarily of annual meetings. The slides are primarily from presentations.

Box/Folder DescriptionDates
15/28Photo prints and negatives. 82 b&w and color prints; 26 negatives.1981, undated
15/29Photo negatives and proof sheets. 310 b&w, 35mm negatives; 13 contact print sheetsUndated
15/30Slides. 106 b&w & color, 35mm.1969, 1987, undated

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