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Chez Bland

To celebrate Public Health Week (April 7-13) we in the Archives decided to do a medical exhibit in the great room of the Library entitled “What Medicine Used to be” using rare books. One of the books was quite captivating: …

King Crab casserole?

Some of you might have spotted this image that we put on our Facebook feed on Thursday 2/27/14. (To see a larger, readable version, you can click on the image.)

Now, I don’t like crab so this isn’t a recipe …


Those of you who have been following us for some time either here or on Facebook (or both) may have noticed that occasionally we do what archivists are normally very bad at doing: we document ourselves.

This all started back …

Playing with memes

Alaskans in winter meme

Click on it to see it bigger!

And since we’d be bad archivists if we didn’t cite our own stuff… Clockwise from the upper left:

1. Captains Glenn & Culp, near Portage Bay, 1898. Photographer: Walter C. Mendenhall. Edwin F. …