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New in the Archives: May-June 2023

We need to start with two huge announcements. First up, Becky Butler has joined us for a two year term archivist position as an Assistant Professor. We’re very excited to have her here and she’s definitely hitting the ground running. Not the least because of the second important announcement (sorry about that, Becky) which is:

We’re getting compact shelving! Our vault currently has capacity for about 9,000 cubic feet. We have space currently for about 750 more boxes. So we definitely need more space because our collections are growing. But that means a lot of changes in our normal workflow around here for the next 6-9 months and some of that will definitely affect those of you who research in the Archives or who are planning to research in the Archives. Though this is subject to change, we’ll probably lose access to our collections starting the end of August. Not entirely! We will be able to set some things aside if we know researchers are planning on visiting us between September and January. Basically almost all of our archival collection will be taken out of our vault and warehoused until the shelving gets installed. So if you’re planning to do research with us this fall into the winter, please get in contact with us by Friday, August 18 so we can work with you to identify exactly which boxes you’ll need and get those moved to another storage area in the library so we’ll have them to hand when you come to research.

Now available:

James H. Whitney, Sr. slides; 1963-1964. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1421. Slides of a soldier who was stationed in Alaska during the 1964 earthquake.

Dion Roberts papers, 1990-1994. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-1423. Alaska Emergency Medical Services for Children Committee records.

Southern Alaska Karate Championship programs; 1973-1974. 0.01 cubic feet. eph-0503.

Annual Festival of Native Arts programs; 1972-1973. 0.01 cubic feet. eph-0504

Millard Preston papers; 1940-1945. 0.1 cubic foot addition. hmc-1297. Photographs of a man who worked on construction of the Alaska Highway.

Nick Begich memorial tribute program; 1973. 0.01 cubic feet. eph-0505

Robin Kissinger recital program; 1970. 0.01 cubic feet. eph-0506

Theatre 1 programs; 1970-1976. eph-0507

Arctic Sun Productions programs; 1977. eph-0508

Fritz Kreisler gala program; 1975. eph-0509

4th Avenue Theatre plans; 1941-1946. hmc-1422. A partial set of the blueprints used in the construction of the 4th Avenue Theatre.

P. Gordon Gould papers; circa 1890-1993. hmc-1328. An addition of an unpublished memoir.

Employees and Alumni Association of the National Park Service. Alaska Region Employees Association records; 1982-1994. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1425. Records of an organization for National Park Service employees in Alaska.

Walter E. Heinrichs Jr. reports; 1944-1945, 1963. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1426. Reports relating to the geology of the Chandler River region.

Nerland family papers; 1898-1977. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1427. Materials collected about Alaska and the Nerland family.

Michel Villon papers; 1966-2017. 1 cubic foot addition. hmc-1255. Papers of an Alaskan chef and food service instructor.

New online:

A court subpoena issued in 1928, in response to a researcher request.

51 images from the Bill Bacon photographs.

A guide to collections with content about the Jesse Lee Home.

Updated university records description:

With the massive move we have ahead of us, we’re conducting an inventory of undescribed or legacy described university records so we can get them in as good a shape as possible. This may mean disposing of some non-permanent university records that never should have come to us, but mostly it’s about rehousing them into the most efficient space possible and getting call numbers assigned to them so when they come back, we’ll know exactly where they should go! And updating the finding aids to meet current standard while we’re at it, if we can.

UAA-0138: Anchorage Senior College faculty association records; 1972-1975. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0168: Chancellor’s Office commencement files; 1982-1993. 1.4 cubic feet. (reduction of 0.6 cubic feet.)

UAA-0169: UAA community campus commencement invitations; 1990-1993. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0023: Office of Public Affairs University Reporter; 1984-1986. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0129: Anchorage Senior College graduate student manuals; 1972-1973. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0171: Citizens’ Advisory Council records; 1970-1993. 1.0 cubic feet. (reduction of 1.0 cubic feet.)

UAA-0172: Chancellor’s Office community college agreements; 1968-1974. 0.01 cubic feet (reduction of 0.19 cubic feet.)

UAA-0173: Chancellor’s Office UAA-AMU consortium records; 1970-1976. 0.8 cubic feet.

UAA-0174: Chancellor’s Office Anchorage Community College facility planning records; 1964-1972. 0.2 cubic feet.

UAA-0175: Staff meeting minutes; 1971. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0176: SRC/ASC/ACC joint division head meeting minutes; 1971. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0177: ACC. Citizens Advisory Group minutes; 1965. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0178: Chancellor’s Office organizational charts; 1973-1975. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0179: Athletics clippings scrapbook; 1974-1975. 0.1 cubic feet.

UAA-0180: ACC performing arts events programs; 1967-1975. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0181: ACC Arts Affiliates awards dinner programs; 1972-1973. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0182: Chancellor’s Office. Budget and Planning Council meeting records; 1981-1987. 0.6 cubic feet.

UAA-0183: Chancellor’s Office. Budget and Planning Council planning records; 1981-1984. 0.4 cubic feet. (reduction of 0.75 cubic feet between UAA-0182 and UAA-0183 which had originally been boxed together.)

UAA-0184: Anchorage Senior College faculty meeting minutes; 1971. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0185: Anchorage Senior College Division heads meeting minutes; 1973-1975. 0.01 cubic feet.

UAA-0186: Chancellor’s Office university restructuring files; 1975-1976. 0.2 cubic feet. (reduction of 0.2 cubic feet).

UAA-0187: Chancellor’s Office university reorganization files; 1986-1988. 3.0 cubic feet. (reduction of 0.4 cubic feet).

Non-permanent record reductions or reductions from consolidation of boxes separate from those noted above: 4.8 cubic feet.

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