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Michel Villon papers

Guide to the Michel Villon papers

Collection number: HMC-1255.
Creator: Villon, Michel.
Title: Michel Villon papers.
Dates: 1966-2017.
Volume of collection: 6.2 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers of an Alaskan chef and food service instructor.

Biographical note:
Michel Villon was born in France and moved to Alaska in 1968. He has used his culinary training as a chef, manager, or food service instructor for a number of  restaurants, hotels, and other institutions in Alaska, as well a for oil companies on the North Slope. Villon has taught food service courses at APU, UAA, UAF, the Alaska Skills Center in Seward, and in various other Alaskan communities. He was one of 12 founding members of the Alaska Chefs Association, later renamed the Alaska Culinary Association, a chapter of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), serving as both president and vice president.  He also served as a member of the State of Alaska Food Safety Advisory Board.

Collection description:
The collection contains the papers of Michel Villon that relate to his career as a chef. The collection includes menus work schedules and correspondence, thank you cards from classes he taught and events he volunteered for, photographs taken of the Crow’s Nest and Prudhoe Bay, financial information and food costs, and Mt. Marathon planning, as well as materials used in courses he taught.

Arrangement: The first box of the collection is arranged somewhat chronologically. The rest of the collection is arranged in the order in which it arrived at the archives.

Digitized copies: Selected images have been digitized and can be found on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives holds copyright to materials created by Michel Villon. The collection contains materials not created by Villon which may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Michel Villon papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
Michel Villon papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.
ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some added to Consortium Library’s Rare Books. Please ask an archivist for further information.

Related materials: Archives also holds the papers of ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records, HMC-1222.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to Archives and Special Collections by Michel Villon in 2017. A deed of gift was signed by Villon at that time. Additional materials were donated in 2018 and 2023.

Processing information: This collection was arranged and described by Veronica Denison in 2017, with additional materials described in 2018. Gwen Higgins described a subsequent addition to the collection in 2023. Some of the folders in this collection may contain ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records. When possible, original folder and binder titles have been retained and are used in the description below.

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Alaska Skill Center [removed from binder]: Memorandums, event information and menus 1972-1974
1/2 1973 Jaycees: Villon’s meeting notes, Constitution, pamphlets 1973
1/3 Alaska Jaycees [removed from binder]: Planning information for 1973 Mt. Marathon race, Jaycees meeting minutes and other events, alcoholism, and Seward Jaycees newsletter 1973
1/4 Alaska Jaycees—Seward Jaycees: Mt. Marathon planning, agenda, narcotics use information 1973
1/5 Alaska Jaycees Local Chapter Administrative Guide (formerly the President’s Manual) 1973
1/6 ARCO Prudhoe Bay: 1977 Michel Villon Head Chef: Correspondence regarding kitchen improvement, safety, and sanitation, food menus and evaluations; personnel lists and directory, employee handbook 1976-1977
1/7 B.P. ACC Prudhoe Bay: Prudhoe Bay training quiz, correspondence regarding the kitchen, meals, and employees, kitchen schedules 1976-1977
1/8 Health Inspection: Rowan #35, ARCO Base Camp 1977-1978
1/9 ARCO: Kitchen schedules 1977
1/10 Alaska Sausage Company: Includes fliers, receipts, and cost of meals undated, 1977-1979
1/11 Prudhoe Bay photographs circa 1978-1981
1/12 Vocational Industrial Commercial Food Course outline [removed from binder] 1981
1/13 APU Scrapbook [removed from binder]: Scrapbook from Villon’s time as professor at APU teaching a culinary course. Includes memorabilia, photographs from classes and Easter brunch at Crow’s Nest, correspondence, course outline, teaching materials, and recipes 1981
1/14-15 Gourmet Cooking II: Includes recipes, teaching materials, and lesson plans circa 1981-1985
1/16 ACF membership certificates and cards 1982-2009
1/17-18 Suite 201/Aesop’s Lounge: Menus, meal planning, scheduling and work tasks; Financials 1984
1/19 Boatal: Pines/Yellow Rose Restaurant Evaluation: Summarization and recommendations of the Pine Yellow Rose Food Service Operations 1984
1/20 Conoco Milne Point Camp: Correspondence 1985
1/21 National Certification Program for Chefs and Cooks circa 1985
1/22 Project Management Seminar file 1985
1/23 Food service course at Purdue University: Pamphlets and certification information undated, 1985
1/24 ACF certification, includes Alaska Culinary Association newsletter, Frontline, from November 2007 1985-2007
1/25 Department of Health and Human Services, Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee, and Food Service Advisory Committee: Meeting minutes, notes, and correspondence, food regulations and food handling standards 1987-2007
1/26 Culinary course requirements and guides undated, 1988
1/27 The Stockpot 1988 August
1/28 Thank you cards and certificates of participation for various events, includes photograph cards of assembling bicycles for needy children 1988, 2005-2017
1/29 American Culinary Federation Education Institute Accrediting Commission information circa 1994-1997
1/30 Food service sanitation class: Notes and correspondence 1995
1/31 Food safety file circa 1995, 2011
1/32 Cooking is for Kids [removed from binder]; Drawing of kitchen by a child given to Villon 1996, 1999
1/33-37 Food safety certification test, on-site checklist, dress code, forms, food heating guidelines circa 2000-2001
1/38 Anchorage School District catering: Notes and ideas for food, and meal prices 2000-2001
1/39 Northern Lights ABC Student Nutrition Program: Correspondence, to-do lists, lunch menus 2000-2006
1/40 Sympathy letters Villon wrote to Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy (parents of Alford Kennedy), and Annelise Hansen (wife of Jens Hansen) 2000, 2012
1/41 Food Service Sanitation course 2002-2004
1/42 Bristol Bay Food Safety Class: Culinary Arts/Hospitality Camp certificate, thank you card, schedule 2004, 2007
2/1 2006 Master Copies Food Safety Course 2006
2/2 Alaska Farmers and Stockgrowers, Inc.: Certificate and receipt for cheese 2008
2/3 American Academy of Chefs, induction ceremony program and information 2010
2/4 2016 Sysco Alaska ProStart Invitational: Photographs, programs, DVD of 2011 Invitational, Thank you letter 2010-2016
2/5 Refugee Hope Project (Rehope): Information and correspondence 2012-2014
2/6 39th Annual Military Culinary Arts: Information and event program 2014
2/7 Rowan #35 manual for employment and cooks [removed from binder] undated, 1976
2/8 Michel Villon master file 86/97: Alaskan Samovar Inn [removed from binder] undated, 1986-1987
2/9 ACF – Villon’s recertification 1987-1988
2/10-11 Kitchen MGMT [Management] Manual: O’Malley’s on the Green [removed from binder] 1987-1989
2/12 Loussac Library cake photographs and construction notes 1986
2/13 Recipes and event notes, probably for O’Malley’s on the Green [removed from binder] undated, 1988


2/14 Restaurant planning and food preparation file undated
2/15 Michel’s buffet, show pieces, portfolio, Hartford, B.P. Prudhoe Bay, Anchorage 1966-1978
2/16 Food Safety information, OSHA training, Northern Lights ABC correspondence 1995-2007
2/17 Food Safety Class Transparencies for Overhead undated
2/18 Healthy Cuisine for Kids Workshop file [removed from binder] undated
2/19-20 Food Safety and Child Nutrition file, includes course information [removed from binder] undated, 1996-1999
2/21 Jaycees Management [removed from binder] 1971-1975
2/22 Culinary Institute of America file [removed from binder] 1974-1975
2/23 Hotel and Restaurant employees union membership cards and stamp books, union and employee cards  [USE RESTRICTION] 1966-1986
2/24-25 Photographs taken during George Wagner’s pastry classes in Anchorage undated, 1994
3/1-8 Materials used for course at APU undated, 1975
3/9-11 Menus [possibly for cafeterias on the North Slope] 1977 January-June
3/12 U.S.I. (Universal Services Inc.) reading file [related to Villon’s employment on the North Slope] 1975-1976
3/13 Prudhoe Bay Safety Manual [removed from binder] 1976
3/14 Curriculum Development Materials, Northwest AMIDS (Area Manpower Institute for the Development Staff) 1972
3/15 Menus and recipes from Wenzel’s Menu Maker undated
3/16 Recipes, menus, closing, and cleaning of kitchen and food set-up instructions for an unidentified restaurant undated

OS Folder

Cooking/Baking Instruction Manual [Note: Analysis of Cooking Trade hand-drawn chart compiled and drawn by J. Hemstalk is in oversize folder] undated
3/18 Recipes [removed from binder] 1980
3/19 Free Bar Food Program 1981-1982
3/20 Crow’s Nest Alaska King Crab article, photo session, culinary technical assistance undated, 1982
3/21 Vegetables—Starch: Lists of food and menu items for Suite 201 undated, 1984
3/22 Management Meeting Fresh Fish 9/84 1984
3/23 Notes, speech, and recipe plans for a wedding 1993
3/24 Teaching About Nutrition: Alaska Department of Education materials undated, 1991-1994
3/25 Notebook for class taught by Villon: Includes lessons, food preparation instructions, menus, and recipes 1996
3/26 The American Academy of Chefs: Honor Society of the American Culinary Federation, includes a toque blanche (chef’s hat) 2010
3/27 Thank you and congratulatory letters to Villon regarding work, personal matters, volunteerism, and citizenry; Photographs of an unidentified event, Villon, and awards [removed from binder] 1970-2014
3/28 Resolution: Annual Crab Cooking Olympics, San Francisco; Photograph of Villon 1982
3/29 ACF information; Chefs de Cuisine undated, 1986
3/30 Continuing education certificates 1992-1995
3/31 ACF certification 1997-2012
3/32 Photographs; Filet of Pork Michel’s Style notes; Alaska Public Media Thank you card undated, 2017
3/33 Autobiography, resumes undated, 1988
4/1 Buffet show pieces photos cookbook circa 1981
4/2-3 Photographs from Crow’s Nest [removed from binder] undated, 1980-1981
4/4 Photographs taken of facilities and rigs at Prudhoe Bay circa 1978-1981
4/5 Information, notes, and photographs for 1,000,000 safe work hours at Prudhoe Bay event 1985
4/6-7 Simon and Seafort’s daily menu notices and recipes for meals 1984-1986
4/8 Instruction manual: O’Malley’s on the Green Instruction Manual (kitchen) [removed from binder] undated
4/9 Healthy Cuisine For Kids Class undated, 1998
4/10 Alaska’s Child Nutrition Program—Serving Alaska’s Children informational folder 1998-1999
4/11 Cooking for children and promoting a good diet undated, 2001
4/12 Cook for Kids: Notes, information packets undated, 1996
4/13 Cooking is for Kids undated, 2001
4/14 MYC (McLaughlin Youth Center): Training notebook circa 1994-1996
4/15 MYC 1995 Food Service Manual undated, 1995
4/16 MYC: Notes and correspondence 1995-1996
4/17 MYC: Standard of performance 1995-1996
4/18 MOA (Municipality of Anchorage)-Food-Beverage worker’s exam, master answers list, correspondence with Cheryl Anderson, booklet to study, safe food handler circa 1994-1995
4/19 Anchorage School District food safety service guidelines and signs undated, 1993
4/20 Anchorage School District food safety procedures 1998
4/21 Alaska School Food Service Association 2001 Annual Conference agenda and Villon’s presentation 2001
4/22 Anchorage School District-No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School Award 2004
4/23 Anchorage School District food service 2006-2011
4/24-25 Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee 2002
4/26 Food Safety protocol 2003
4/27 Notes: Food safety classes, Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee meeting 2006-2007
4/28 Food safety pamphlets undated, 2000-2003
4/29 Training procedure: Restaurant supervisors and servers [Kitchen Management Manual] undated
4/30 Food chemistry, and signs undated
4/31 Holland America Westours teaching new menus, train service [material related to teaching a course for Holland America Westours] 2001
4/32 Notes: History and evolution of wine, food service final, food safety and sanitation undated
4/33 Menu plan undated
4/34 Fire prevention in the kitchen pamphlets and notes undated, 1997
4/35 “Chefs’ Request: Problem Solving in the Kitchen Classroom” by Sharon Hartnett; “Team Building in the Culinary Classroom” ACF Symposium 2001 undated, 2001
4/36 ACF Certification Program, Westmark Hotel Food and Beverage Apprenticeship Program 2002
4/37 A taste of things to come by the ACF Chefs of Louisiana, menus, and recipes undated, 1988
4/38 Villon’s ACF notes, includes webinar information and events 2009-2014
4/39 ACF 2016 Chef’s Gala Dinner program 2016
4/40 ACF notes, events—Hawaii 2016
4/41 Classes-development: The Professional Host undated
4/42 King Career Center Culinary Arts Program: Advisory Committee meeting minutes, correspondence, competency checklist, program overview undated, 2012
5/1 AVTEC and culinary arts programs notes, information, classroom projects circa 1995-2002
5/2 Notebook: Maître Amphitryon Gourmet Cooking Class, includes notes, receipts, menus, pamphlets 1999-2007
5/3 French Gourmet Class notepad, includes receipts, menus, and other notes 2002
5/4 UAF Gourmet Cooking Class 2002-2003
5/5 Villon’s notebook: Alaska Center for Interdimensional Studies: Bristol Bay courses, includes Villon’s notes, fliers, pamphlets, menus circa 2003
5/6 Alaska Center for Interdimensional Studies: Mother’s Day Dillingham gourmet class 11th May 2003, syllabus, menu 2003
5/7 Notebook: UAF King Salmon Gourmet Cooking Class 2003
5/8 Bristol Bay Cooking Class: Notes, receipts, correspondence, recipe and food information undated, 2003
5/9 Gourmet Cooking Class—Dillingham 2003
5/10 UAF food courses: King Salmon and Dillingham: Notes, menus, photographs, correspondence 2003-2004
5/11 Seaside Style Gourmet Cooking UAF Class: Curriculum, speaking notes—Dillingham cooking camp [removed from binder] 2003, 2006
5/12 UAF Bristol Bay Cooking Class 2005
5/13 Classical French Cuisine course, includes receipts and a menu 2005
5/14 Classic French Cuisine course: Bristol Bay undated
5/15 Cooking class Oct. 29, 2005—Big Lake, includes shopping list and menu 2005
5/16 Union: Alaska Hotel and Restaurant Employees [Note: Items with personally identifiable information (PII) have been copied and redacted. The original documents have been removed and replaced with the redacted document.] 1976-2008
5/17 RESTRICTED: Union Hotel and Restaurant Employees [Note: This folder contains the original documents with PII from folder 5/16.] 1983
5/18 Local #878 Union, Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union AFL-CIO: Union card and book [Note: Most of the original documents in this folder have been removed as they contain PII. This folder contains the redacted copies of those items.] 1995
5/19 RESTRICTED: Local #878 Union, Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union AFL-CIO: Union card and book [Note: This folder contains the original documents which were removed from 5/18] 1995
5/20 Union Local #879 Fairbanks undated, 1977
5/21 Photographs of Seward and Resurrection Bay from the top of Mt. Marathon; Business card for Garden of Eatin’ (an Anchorage restaurant); Postcard with photograph of Bear Trail Lodge in King Salmon undated, 1970-1973
5/22 Pamphlets: Class Schedule for the Cooking School at Allen and Petersen Kitchen and Appliance Center 2003
5/23 Folder with advertisements of local Anchorage businesses undated
5/24 Project HOPE certificate of appreciation; ProStart Invitational Program; Thank you card for judging 2015 SkillsUSA commercial baking competition, includes photograph; Photograph of Villon winning service and accomplishments award from the Alaska Culinary Association, with Chefs Kellie Puff and Patrick Hoogerhyde 2011-2012, 2015, 2017
5/25 Blood Bank of Alaska Certificates of Appreciation for blood donations (4 gallons of blood donated, and 5 gallons of blood donated) undated
Box 5 O’Malley’s on the Green files, holiday menus, Legislative Ball binder contents, International Food Fair binder contents 1973-1989
Box 6 Button: Friends of Walt [Walt Munnigan] undated
Box 6 Crow’s Nest scrapbook: Includes the history of the Crow’s Nest and its symbol, interior and exterior photographs and photographs of events and employees [The pages of the scrapbook were made from Crow’s Nest menus] circa 1982
Box 6 American Academy of Chefs 35th Annual Induction Ceremony commemorative plate 2010
Box 6 Uncle Ben’s Rice apron undated
Box 7 Food safety teaching materials undated
OSF American Culinary Federation certificates 2002, 2007

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