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ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records

 Guide to the ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records

Collection number: HMC-1222.
Creator: Alaska Culinary Association.
Title: ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records.
Dates: 1965-2015.
Volume of collection: 4 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Records of a non-profit professional organization of culinary professionals, restaurant managers and owners, culinary educators, and food purveyors.

Organizational history:
The Alaska Culinary Association (ACA), formerly known as the Alaska Chef Association and Chefs de Cuisine Society of Alaska, was founded in 1969 as a chapter of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). It is a non-profit organization of cooks, chefs, bakers, restaurant managers and owners, caterers, culinary educators, and food purveyors. The founding members were Karl F. Eid, Michel Villon, Edy Feldmeir, Hans Kirchner, Hans Lenz, Hans Kruger, Jens Haggen Hansen, Leo Gagne, Paul Miller, and Bert Kleinenberg. The purpose of the organization is to promote culinary arts by providing and promoting educational opportunities for members of the organization and the public. The ACA sponsors informational programs, publications, and events. Events sponsored by the ACA include the Great Alaska Cook-off, Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) Recipe Contest, Seafood Challenge, culinary arts competition, the Fur Rendezvous Food Show, and various fundraising events. They also provide scholarships for their members, and students in the community.

Collection description:
The collection contains the administrative records, such as financial information and meeting minutes, as well as various event information of the ACA. Included in the collection are: photographs; event correspondence, menus, invitations, programs, and fliers; membership lists; correspondence; American Academy of Chefs financial information; rules of order for meetings; ACA Board of Directors meeting minutes; ACF convention information; and the ACA newsletter, Frontline. The collection also includes ACA membership applications, as well as applications for American Culinary Education Institute (ACFEI) certifications of ACA members. The meeting minutes and agendas, as well as the newsletter, Frontline, are not complete and full months or years may be missing.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the order in which it arrived at Archives.

Digitized copies: Select photographs have been digitized can be viewed on Alaska’s Digital Archives . For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: The collection contains material in electronic format. Please consult archivists for access.

Use restrictions: Some materials in this collection contain personally identifiable information. Photography of these materials is forbidden, and copies made of restricted material will be redacted.

Rights note: Copyright to materials created by the Alaska Culinary Association is held by the Alaska Culinary Association, with the Archives authorized to permit use on their behalf. Materials in the collection authored by other individuals or organizations may be subject to copyright not held by the Alaska Culinary Association or the Archives.

Preferred citation: ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
“About Us.” Alaskachefs. http://alaskachefs.com/About_Us.html.
ACF. Alaska Culinary Association records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Newspaper articles were removed from the collection. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for further information.

Related materials: Archives also holds the Karl F. Eid papers, HMC-0423; and the Michel Villon papers, HMC-1255.

Acquisition note: This collection was deposited in the Archives by the Alaska Culinary Association in 2015. A formal deposit agreement was signed by Alaska Culinary Association president Michel Villon, and secretary Kellie Puff, in 2016. Additions were made to the collection by Villon in 2017 and 2018.

Processing information: This collection was described by Veronica Denison in 2016, and 2017  and 2018 when additions were added. Wherever possible, original folder titles were retained. Some of the folders may contain Michel Villon’s personal correspondence and papers regarding the Alaska Culinary Association.

Location of originals: Originals of photographs are with various members of the Alaska Culinary Association.  

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1-2 Meeting minutes, correspondence, event information and menus 1968-1970
1/3 Chefs Dinner: Correspondence, event and financial information 1969-1971
1/4 Meeting minutes, ACF Convention 1970
1/5-6 Meeting minutes, correspondence, event information 1971-1972
1/7 Chapter correspondence 1970-1972
1/8-10 Meeting minutes, correspondence, event information 1973-1974, 1977, 1979
1/11 Meeting minutes and correspondence; 1982 papers related to Michel Villon story [see box 2, folders 32 and 33] 1980, 1982
1/12-14 Meeting minutes and correspondence 1982-1985
1/15 Meeting minutes and correspondence; Meeting past 1986 1986
1/16 Chapter notes, Fur Rendezvous Food Show information, meeting minutes 1987
1/17 Chapter minutes and events 1988
1/18 Chapter minutes and correspondence 1989
1/19 Chapter minutes; 1990-1992 membership receipt books 1990-1992
1/20 Scholarships 1992, 1994
1/21 Chef of the Year 1993
1/22 Minutes 1991
1/23 Correspondence regarding Claude Mongeau buffet class presentation; Budget, meeting minutes, Frontline newsletter 1992-1993
1/24 Meeting minutes, correspondence; Frontline; Photographs: Alaska Vocational Institute, Seward, Alaska 1994
1/25 Correspondence regarding scholarship and events; Photographs: Pastry Art Seminar at UAA; Scholarship prize winner 1995
1/26 Correspondence circa 1984-1988
1/27 Correspondence 1986-1987
1/28-29 Correspondence 1990-1991
1/30 Chefs de Cuisine-Alaska Chapter, Convention-Miami 1973 July
1/31-32 Convention 1983-1984
1/33 National Convention 1987
1/34 Correspondence 1989
1/35 American Academy, Chef’s Info. [form] undated
1/36 Food Show 1988: Correspondence, application form 1987
1/37 Fur Rendezvous; 1988 Fur Rendezvous program 1987-1988
1/38 Fur Rendezvous Food Show entry applications 1985
1/39 Fur Rondy Food Show 1986
1/40 Fur Rendezvous Food Show [Use Restrictions] 1986
1/41 Food Show 1984 applications 1984
1/42 Chef Assoc. Fundraiser 1986
1/43 Food Fair 1984: Cost sheets, poster orders, etc. 1984
1/44 1984 Food Fair 1984
1/45 Fundraiser 1987
1/46 Past applications paid 1983-1996
1/47 ACF Certifications Rules and Regulations; Nutrition; ACF Bylaws, Chapter handbooks, correspondence 1965-1990
1/48 ACF food competitions 1988-1992
1/49 Convention bidding materials 1989-1990
1/50 Correspondence general (Thank Yous, etc.) 1987-1990
1/51 Blank application form; Application forms paid [Use Restrictions] circa 1988-1995
1/52 Dues, receipts 1983-1992
1/53 Legal documents 1993-1994
2/1 1984 membership due invoices undated, 1984
2/2 Roster 1981-1988
2/3 Chapter rosters 86/87 members: Includes correspondence and due information 1986-1987
2/4 Membership rosters 1981-1986
2/5 Membership roster, ACF International undated
2/6 Meeting minutes 1992
2/7 1992 scholarships 1992
2/8 Scholarship fund [Use restrictions] 1990-1991
2/9 Seafood challenge 1990
2/10 Seafood challenge 1987
2/11 AK Chefs stationary undated
2/12 ’95 Chef of the Year nominations 1995
2/13 Events: One Pot Stage Cookery; Recipe Contest; Great Alaskan Cook-off and Chefs Auctions; Board meetings undated, 1996-1999
2/14 April meeting ‘98 1998
2/15 ASYMCA Recipe Contest score sheets circa 1998
2/16 Ice [Carving] 1993
2/17 The ACF Alaska Culinary Association chapter handbook undated
2/18 Savoir Faire 1993
2/19 MS [Multiple Sclerosis] Fundraiser 1992
2/20 Golf Tournament 1991
2/21 May ’98 meeting 1998
2/22 November ’97 meeting 1997
2/23 October 1996 [meeting] 1996
2/24 ASYMCA 1997 1997
2/25 Cookie Scramble Golf Tournament undated, 1991-1993
2/26 News release/publicity undated, 1993
2/27 Great Alaska Cook-off score sheets; ASYMCA Recipe Contest 1999 undated, 1999
2/28 Alaska Chefs One Pot Cooking Contest: Recipes undated
2/29 Score sheets undated
2/30 Officers elections results 1998
2/31 Claude “Frenchy” Mongeau ACA papers 1991-1998
2/32-33 “Chef’s de Cuisine Alaska Chapter, ACF Alaska Culinary Association” by Michel Villon and Claude D. “Frenchy” Mongeau 2000
2/34 Photographs: Event at the Captain Cook circa 1980-1989
2/36 Photographs: Includes event at Captain Cook and food competitions undated
2/36-41 ACFEI Certification applications [Use Restrictions] 1984-1995
Scribe 2 ASYMCA recipes, rules, applications, photographs, judging results, correspondence with winners, sponsors, and judges 1998
3/1 Correspondence, event information, and menus 1969
3/2-3 Correspondence, event information and menus, meeting minutes 1970-1972
3/4-5 Correspondence, event information and menus, meeting minutes 1973-1974, 1976-1982
3/6 Meeting minutes and news articles, includes Michel Villon leaving Alaska to travel 1983
3/7 Meeting minutes, correspondence, and news articles 1984
3/8 Meeting minutes, correspondence, event information and news articles 1985
3/9 Notes: Board meetings and events 1985
3/10 Chefs Information Packages 1986
3/11 Chefs Forms/Renewals/Membership undated
3/12 Meeting minutes, correspondence, event information, internship program, scholarship, and news articles 1986
3/13 Notebook: Board meetings and events 1987
3/14 Meeting minutes, notes, correspondence, event information 1987
3/15 Event information: ACF National Junior Membership Achievement Award, Anchorage Hillside Rotary Club, culinary competition and show 1986-1989
3/16 Stationary and logo undated
3/17 Chefs fundraising, scholarship, general format. Food Festival 1986-1987
3/18 ACF Verification of Competencies packet undated
3/19 Meeting notes 1987-1988
3/20 Correspondence, meeting notes, food show information 1988
3/21 Correspondence, American Culinary Federation conference information 1987-1988
3/22 Fur Rondy Food Show 1986-1987
3/23 Chefs Membership Mailing List 1987 and Older National Mailing Lists undated, 1987-1988
3/24 Chefs Fundraising 1987 Australian Theme Hilton 1987
3/25 Chefs Fundraising 1987 Correspondence, Thank You Letters, Addresses 1987
3/25 Correspondence, membership and event information, Constitution and Bylaws 1987
3/26-27 Correspondence, meeting minutes, event information 1987-1988
3/28 ACF Western Culinary Team packet and information 1988
3/29 Fur Rondy Food Show 1987
3/30 1987 National Convention information 1987
3/31 Chef’s Fundraising 1987, Tickets & Financial Statement, Invoices 1987
3/32 Chef’s Bingo permit application 1987
3/33 Fifth Annual 6th Infantry Division (Light) and US Army Garrison, Alaska Culinary Arts Competition 26 November 1987 1987
3/34 Meeting minutes, includes food show information 1983-1990
3/35 ACF conference and food shows, fundraising food shows 1987-1988
3/36 1988 Seafood Challenge 1988
3/37 ACF certification renewal 1988
3/38 Taxes 1985-1987
4/1 Alaska Hotel and Motel Association: Correspondence regarding food show 1989
4/2 Correspondence, event and membership information, notes 1988
4/3 ACF National Board meeting minutes, chapter certification information, National Convention packet 1988
OS Folder Poster for “Around the World in 80 Tastes” with Soroptomists event and raffle 1988
4/4 Photographs taken during Fur Rondy food show, event and membership information, meeting minutes, correspondence, ice carving information 1989
4/5 Correspondence, meeting minutes, and event information 1990
4/6 Meeting minutes, Frontline (newsletter), ACF Briefing 1991
4/7 Frontline, correspondence, event information 1992
4/8 Frontline, correspondence, event information, board meeting minutes 1993
4/9 Correspondence, Frontline, membership packet 1994
4/10 Frontline, correspondence regarding membership dues 1995
4/11 Frontline 1996
4/12 Frontline, Great Alaska Cook-off & Chef’s Auction information 1997
4/13 Constitution and Bylaws, Frontline, event information, ACF news release and membership information 1998
4/14 Frontline; Photographs taken at event 1999
4/15 News articles regarding Karl Eid, Frontline, correspondence 2000
4/16 Frontline, correspondence, event information 2001-2003
4/17 Windows of Hope (removed from binder): Photographs and information regarding Windows of Hope Family Relief Fund fundraiser 2001
4/18 Windows of Hope; ACF Chefs Forum 2001
4/19 Meeting agendas 2002-2003
4/20 Proposed revisions to Alaska Food Code 2005
4/21 Frontline 2007
4/22 Frontline; Meeting agenda 2008
4/23 Frontline; Meeting agenda; Event information; Frank Underwood Davis, Jr. memorial service and program 2009
4/24 Frontline; ACF National Convention 2010
4/25 Agenda; Proposed budget 2011
OS Folder “Nourish Their Dreams” benefit for children with the Children’s Lunchbox poster and program circa 2013
4/26 American Academy of Chefs 43rd Annual Induction Dinner program 2014
4/27 ACA Cutting Edge Award at Hotel Alyeska: Correspondence, information, menus, 2015
4/28 ACA member certificates 1984-1986
4/29 Chef’s de Cuisine scholarship information 1983-1987
4/30 Chef’s de Cuisine Alaska Chapter History, 1968-1988, A.C.F. Alaska Culinary Association (incomplete copy) 2000
4/31-36 Chef’s de Cuisine Alaska chapter history research, photographs of founders, correspondence, drafts, notes 1969-2015
4/37 Correspondence, event and fundraising information 2013-2015
4/38 Budget, event, and fundraising information 2008-2009

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