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Karl F. Eid papers


Guide to the Karl F. Eid papers


Collection number: HMC-0423.
Creator: Eid, Karl F.
Title: Karl F. Eid papers.
Dates: 1937-2003.
Volume of collection: 1 cubic foot.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers and photographs of a master chef and ski jumping coach.

Biographical note: Karl F. Eid was born in Germany in 1909. He was certified as a Master Pastry Chef in Munich, Germany in 1937. During World War II, Eid was a member of the Mountain Ski Troop in the German Army and a ski instructor for German Army officers. He served on the Russian front and was wounded. After the war he ran his own pastry shop in Garmisch, Germany and acted as a coach for the German ski team. Eid came to Alaska in 1959, establishing the Bakery and Pastry Kitchen at Carr’s Quality Centers in Anchorage, where he worked as their master pastry chef until 1970. From 1971 to 1983, he was an instructor at Anchorage Community College (ACC) in the food service technology program. Eid founded the Chefs de Cuisine Chapter of Anchorage and was active in the Alaska Culinary Association. An Olympic class ski jumper in Germany before World War II, Eid was also active in teaching ski jumping and developing new ski jump facilities in Anchorage. The Karl Eid Ski Jumping Complex at Hilltop Ski Area was named in his honor. Karl Eid retired in 1984 and died in 2008.

Collection description: The collection largely consists of papers documenting Eid’s professional culinary career and skiing and ski jumping in the Anchorage area. The collection also contains personal papers and photographs. Subjects of the photographs include skiing, ski jumping, and Eid’s culinary career.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the following series:

Series 1: Personal papers; 1945-2002
Series 2: Employment records; 1961-2001
Series 3: Skiing and Ski Jumping papers; 1937-2003
Series 4: Photographs; 1937-1990

Digitized copies: Select photographs have been digitized and are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives holds copyright to material created by Karl F. Eid. Copyright to collection materials not created by Eid may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Karl F. Eid papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some added to Rare Books. Please contact an archivist for further information.

Acquisition note: The collection was presented to the Archives by Karl F. Eid in 1995 and 1996 and a deed of gift was signed. Additions have been made since.

Processing information: This collection was described and rearranged by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2004. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard and series combined by Veronica Denison in 2015.

Location of originals: The collection includes some copied materials. The location of originals is unknown.

Container list:

Series 1: Personal papers; 1945-2002. 0.1 cubic feet.

This series contains Eid’s resumes, Alaska Legislature honorary certificates, and a short autobiography written by Eid.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Resumes undated, 2002
1/2 Alaska Legislature honorary certificate (copies, 3 different) 1983-1985
1/3 Certificate of appreciation, Alaska Culinary Assoc., dedication of Junior Chapter Scholarship as the Karl Eid Scholarship Fund undated
1/4 “My Most Fascinating Relative” undated
1/5 Kameradendreis Der Gebirgstruppe E.V. letter (Mountain Ski Troop reunion) undated
1/6 Stationery from Karl Eid’s pastry shop 1946-1956
1/7 “An Evening to Honor Karl Eid, Dining, Dancing & Entertainment, Alyeska Main Lodge, January 26, 1985” (ticket attached to speech notes) 1985
1/8 “Memories From My Early Years” (9 pp.) 2002

Series 2: Employment records; 1961-2001. 0.2 cubic feet.
This series contains records pertaining to Eid’s employment, including correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other materials related to his culinary career.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/9 Correspondence 1966-1986
1/10 Anchorage Community College and University of Alaska, Anchorage Records; Faculty evaluations, transcripts, Diploma (copy): Associate of Applied Science, Food Service Technology; Commencement program, UAA Distinguished Service Award Applications 1973-1975
1/11 Alaska Culinary Association, Chapter Handbook undated
1/12 Articles: White Alice Newsletter; RCA Service Co., Culinary Review; American Culinary Federation, Inc., Carr’s Food Centers 20 years in Anchorage; Anchorage Community College Food Service Program brochure undated, 1962-1972
1/13 News clippings (copies) undated, 1961-1975
1/14 American Culinary Association scrapbook concerning Karl Eid and the Alaska Culinary Association of the American Culinary Federation, contains copies of photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, resumes, and other documents 1996-2001

Series 3: Skiing and Ski Jumping papers; 1937-2003. 0.6 cubic feet.
This series contains papers relating to skiing and ski jumping. The series includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, planning documents, Alaska Ski Jumping Club papers, photographs, and other materials documenting the history of ski jumping in Alaska. The papers primarily relate to Eid’s involvement in coaching ski jumping and developing ski jumping facilities in the Anchorage area.

Box/Folder Descriptions Dates
1/15 Correspondence (planning, construction, maintenance) 1967, 1977-1991
1/16 Ski Jumping reports 1978-1988
1/17 Ski Jumping Results (Alaska Ski Jumping Club): Alyeska Gelandesprung Competition; 1990 USSA National Nordic Junior Olympics; 1992 Junior Olympics; 1993 Jr. National Olympics in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined; Lake Placid Junior National Final Results; Alaska Ski Jumping Club Results; 1994 USSA Junior National Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Championships 1979-1994
1/18 UAA Ski jump Acquisition, SKI-79cad (ski jump project planning documents) 1979-1982
1/19 Proposals, invoices, and receipts for construction of ski jump facilities for Hilltop Ski Area 1983
1/20, 50 Meter Ski Jump, Karl Eid Ski Jumping Complex planning, budget, and groundbreaking documents: Hillside Ski Jump proposal, ski jump plans, budget summary, Parks and Recreation Commission meetings, proposal from Adept Construction, Inc., program for groundbreaking ceremony, reviews 1983-1988
OS Folder 1 Plans: Karl Eid Ski Jumps, 50 Meter Inrun Structure, Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage, Inc.; Tobben Spurkland P.E., Anchorage (set of 10 drawings) 1988 May 30
1/21 Jim Landes 50 Meter Ski Jump Tower: Journal entries concerning the funding, construction, and dedication of the in-run tower at the Karl Eid Ski Jump Complex, invitation and program to the dedication, plan for bronze dedication tablet 1988
1/22 Ski jumping promotional materials: Poster designs for ski jumping training classes at AMU/APU Jumping Hill and Hilltop Jumping Hill, Prospectus, A Winter Sport for a Winter Town; Ski Jumping in Anchorage undated, 1974
1/23 Information on ski jumping facilities and training: “Technique and Training for Ski Jumping”, “Imitation Training for Ski Jumping,” scoring instructions, Year-Round Ski-Jump System, made in Finland undated, 1983
1/24 Alaska Ski Jumping Club: Meeting minutes 1988-1993
1/25 Alaska Ski Jumping Club: Correspondence, competition schedules, budget projections, applications, membership lists, and blank certificate of appreciation and membership cards undated, 1974-1994
1/26 Minutes, Winter Recreation Committee Meeting; Agenda, Municipality of Anchorage, Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting; Hilltop Ski Area brochure; Invitation, Anchorage Organizing Committee reception for International Olympic Committee President, Juan Antonio Samaranch; Membership application, Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage, Inc.; Bylaws, Nordic Skiing Assoc. of Anchorage, Inc.; Members list, Ski Jumping Committee, Anchorage Organizing Committee; Membership list, Nordic Competition Council 1982-1994
1/27 Ski jumping/skiing clippings (copies) 1961-1995
1/28 Arctic Valley Ski Club patch; Alaska Jumping patches, pin, and medal undated
OS Folder 1 Poster: ’94-’95 Alaska Ski Jumping Club, Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined Competition, Karl Eid Jump Complex – Hilltop Ski Area – Anchorage, AK 1994-1995
1/29 History of ski jumping in Anchorage and Alaska, US Ski Association Alaska Division conference information, undated, 1969-1994
1/30-31 Anchorage Ski Club meeting minutes (copies of original) 1937-1979
1/32 Videotape: Ski jumping competition at Hilltop Ski Resort, Anchorage Fur Rendezvous (TV 11 Production, Northern Television, Inc.) 1985
1/33-34 Album: Alaska Jumping Club: prepared by Karl Eid, contains text, photographs, newspaper clippings, and assorted reports and other materials concerning ski jumping in Anchorage and the Alaska Ski Jumping Club 1970-1995
1/35 Alan Alborn file: Copied correspondence, articles, and other papers related to Alan Alborn’s ski jumping career leading up to and including the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan 1997-1998
1/36 The Golden Amateur Sportsbook of Anchorage file: Eid’s public letter and newspaper article 2000, 2003

Series 4: Photographs; 1937-1990. 0.1 cubic feet.
This series consists of black and white and color prints and negatives of images. The images relate to early and recent skiing and ski jumping in the Anchorage area and Eid’s culinary career, including decorative cakes and displays.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/37 Skiing and Ski Jumping photographs: Looking south from Kjosen Hill toward Richmond Hill. George Rengard taking off ski jump; Looking north from Richmond Hill at the beginning of slalom course; Anchorage Ski Jump Contest on Kjosen Hill. George Rengard landing above and below. The jump tower and judges stand were constructed of Aspen poles cut at the site by volunteers, and designed by Edvart Kjosen; Tom Olson, 12 years old from Fairbanks, landing from above and below; Ski Jump Tower on Watertank Hill, constructed in 1939 by Civilian Conservation Corps; Looking west from the top on Watertank Hill, Chugach Ski Meet; Chugach Ski Meet at City Watertank Hill, one rope tow. Fur Rendezvous, Anchorage; George Rengard, winner in ski jump events and cross country races; Ski Jump Tower at Watertank Hill, constructed in 1939 by Civilian Conservation Corps, Chugach Ski Meet; Entrance to Arctic Valley Ski Bowl, Fort Richardson, Alaska; Ski jumping tower looking north toward rail yards, Anchorage; Skiers next to warming house; Ski jumping tower looking north toward Ship Creek and rail yard; Bottom of ski jumping tower looking toward rail yard; Franklin Landstrom taking off ski jump; Looking downhill at skiers at bottom of rope tow; Woman on skis riding rope tow next to ski jump; Skiers riding rope tow next to ski jump; Looking downhill toward bottom of rope tow; Looking downhill toward Ship Creek at skiers on hill; Ski jumpers having a snack next to base of ski jump, Karl Eid Ski Jumping Complex; Karl Eid Ski Jumping Complex; Ski jumpers at base of hill looking toward ski jumps, Karl Eid Ski Jumping Complex; Lighted ski jumping facility at twilight, Karl Eid Ski Jumping Complex; Ski jumper preparing to land, Karl Eid Ski Jumping Complex; 10 black and white negatives undated, 1937-1990
OS Folder 1 “Karl Eid Ski Jump Complex—Far-North Park—Anchorage, Alaska” (lighted complex) undated
1/38 Culinary photographs: Alaska Wedding Cake with igloo, sleds, and polar bears; Alaska Wedding Cake—Tiered cake with igloo and flags on top; Christmas display, Anchorage Community College; Karl Eid and Senator E.L. Bartlett and wife with tiered cake; Gingerbread house and candies undated, 1965, 1990
1/39 Culinary color slides: Easter decorations, Tacoma, Washington;  Karl Eid and cakes, Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Washington; Carr’s 9th anniversary cake; Gingerbread houses, Carr’s; Karl Eid and gingerbread house, Carr’s; Alaska flag cake and carved candy polar bear and Eskimo scene, Miami gold medal winner, Carr’s; Karl Eid with cake for U.S. Senator Mike Gravel, Carr’s; Karl Eid and Sears first anniversary cake: igloo and Eskimos; Sears Mall first anniversary cake: clown and animals; Gingerbread house, ACC); Christmas display and pastries, ACC; Christmas pastries, ACC; Gingerbread houses, ACC; Hawaiian theme display and pastries, ACC; Valentine cakes, ACC; Cactus sculptures, ACC; Easter pastries, ACC; Cactus sculptures, ACC; Plate of candies, ACC;  Plates of candies, ACC; Chess board cake, ACC; Pig candies, ACC; Mexican theme display and pastries, ACC; Easter bunny figures and cake, ACC; Gingerbread house, ACC; Plates of cookies and pastries, ACC; Flower basket cake, ACC; Eskimo faces pastries, ACC; Easter display: rabbit with basket and spatula undated, 1958-1980




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