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4th Avenue Theatre plans

Guide to the 4th Avenue Theatre plans

Collection number: HMC-1422.
Porreca, Augustine A.
Priteca, B. Marcus (Bernard Marcus).
Trumbull Electric Manufacturing Co.
Title: 4th Avenue Theatre plans.
Dates: 1941-1946.
Volume of collection: 3.0 cubic feet +1.36 GB.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: A partial set of the blueprints used in the construction of the 4th Avenue Theatre in Anchorage, Alaska.

Organizational history:
The Fourth Avenue Theatre, also known as the Lathrop Building, was a movie theater in Anchorage, Alaska that was built between 1941 and 1947. It was designed by B. Marcus Priteca in association with Seattle architect A.A. Porreca for Cap Lathrop. The theatre was demolished in 2022.

Collection description:
The plans consist primarily of blueprints of various elements of the theatre. Most relate to electrical or heating and ventilation schematics.

Arrangement: The plans are in no particular order.

Alternative formats: Scans have been made of the plans.

Digital materials: The digital contents of this collection are not available online. Access may only be provided on-site in the Archives research room. For more information about potential distance access to digital records, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: Due to the fragility of the originals, access is currently limited to the electronic files only.

Technical requirements: The digital files are in PDF format.

Rights note: Copyright status of the materials in unknown. Please consult with the archivists for additional detail.

Preferred citation: Fourth Avenue Theatre plans, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
“Fourth Avenue Theatre (Anchorage, Alaska),” Wikipedia. Last accessed June 13, 2023: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Avenue_Theatre_(Anchorage,_Alaska)

Related materials: The Anchorage Museum holds a set of blueprints that may be more comprehensive.

Custodial history: Nvision (formerly Porath Tatom Architects) acquired most of these drawings in the early 1990s when Bill Tatom received them from the owner of the Theatre. Some historic drawings also came to Nvision from Livingston Slone around 2021 when both firms merged under the Nvision name.

Acquisition note: The collection was given to the Archives by Nvision Architecture in 2023.

Processing information: This collection was described by Arlene Schmuland in 2023. Item descriptions were taken from the plans where possible. Descriptions in brackets indicate the file name of the electronic copy.

Container list:

Roll/Item Description Dates
1/1 F. S. mezzanine millwork. Detail #26. Section A-A-B-B (Historic Plans – Details; AA, BB, 26) ? February
1/2 Basement plan (1 Electrical–Basement Plan) Undated
1/3 Basement plan (1 Heating and Vent Basement Plan) ? July
1/4 First floor plan (2 Heating and Vent–First Floor Plan) Undated
1/5 (3 Heating and Vent) Undated
1/6 (4 Electric–Attic) Undated
1/7 (4 Heating and Vent) Undated
1/8 Projection room layout, D. C. arc circuits, transformer room details, sound wiring, switch room (5 Electrical) Undated
1/9 Ducts in attic through roof truss, section AA sheet metal under balcony (5 Heating and Vent–Duct in Attic–Truss) Undated
1/10 Lobby and foyer (A24—Lobby and Foyer Elevations) 1945 December 17, 1946 January 12
2/1 First floor plan, sheet 2, revised (Auditorium—First Floor Plan—Sheet 2) 1941 April 11
2/2 Basement floor plan, heating and plumbing (Basement Floor Plan—Heating & Plumbing—HVAC M-1) 1945 May 31
2/3 Third floor plan, attic plan, electrical wiring (Electric Wiring Attic—Third Floor) Undated
2/4 Basement floor plan (Electrical—Basement Floor Plan) Undated
2/5 Main switchboard diagram (Electrical—Main Switch Board Diagram) Undated
2/6 (Floor Plan—Electric 3) Undated
2/7 (Foyer and Vestibule—Electrical) Undated
2/8 F. S. mezzanine millwork, details 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, section AA, PP, QQ, drawing number R-A-59 (Historic Plans—Details 13-18—Drawing # R-A-59) 1946 February 19
2/9 F. S. mezzanine millwork, details 1, 1A, 1B, 2, 3, sections AA and BB, drawing R-A-56 (Historic Plans—Details 1-3—Drawing # R-A-56) 1946 February 11,

1946 March 15

2/10 F. S. auditorium millwork, details numbers 1 and 2, drawing number R-A-37 (Historic Plans—Details 1 & 2—Drawing # R-A-37) 1945 December 22
3/1 F. S. auditorium millwork detail number 3, drawing number R-A038 (Historic Plans–Details 3—Drawing #R-A-38) 1945 December 22
3/2 Details number 8-11 and 12, F. S. exterior marble details, drawing R-A-29 (Historic Plans—Details 8-11, 12 Damage) 1945 December 11
3/3 Details number 8-11 and 12, F. S. exterior marble details (Historic Plans—Details 8-11, 12) ? December
3/4 Details F. S. exterior (Historic Plans—Details 9, 10—Drawing # R-A-30 Damage) ? March
3/5 Details number 9 and 10, F. S. exterior marble details, Drawing number R-A-30 (Historic Plans—Details 9, 10—Drawing # R-A-30) 1945 December 11
3/6 F. S. auditorium millwork, details numbers 12-26 and 27 and 31, drawing number R-A-40 (Historic Plans—Details 12-26, 27, 31—Drawing # R-A-40) 1945 December 26
3/7 F. S. auditorium millwork, details numbers 22 and 30, drawing number R-A-41 (Historic Plans—Details 22, 30—Drawing # R-A-41 Full Page) 1945 December 27
3/8 F. S. auditorium millwork, details numbers 22 and 30, drawing number R-A-41 (Historic Plans—Details 22, 30—Drawing #R-A-41 Partial) 1945 December 27
3/9  F. S. mezzanine millwork, details 22, 23, 24, sections AA and CC, drawing number R-A-61 (Historic Plans—Details 22-24—Drawing #R-A-61) 1946 February 26
3/10 F. S. auditorium millwork details numbers 28 and 29, drawing number R-A-42 (Historic Plans—28 & 29—Drawing #R-A-42 Damage) 1945 December 29
4/1 F. S. mezzanine millwork details 29 and 31, section A-A, drawing number R-A-63 (Historic Plans—Details 29, 31—Drawing #R-A-63) 1946 March 4
4/2 Mezzanine plaster work, F. S. details of main stairy plaster panel and plaster valance at centerline of columns 17 and 18, detail number 41, sections JJ and DD, decorating colours added (Historic Plans—Details 41) ? March, 1946 October 2
4/3 F. S. powder room millwork, details numbers 50, 51, and 52 etc., sections EE, FF, GG, HH, drawing number R-A-64 (Historic Plans—Details 50-52—Drawings # R-A-64) 1946 March 6, 1946 March 16, 1946 April 12
4/4 (Historic Plans—Details X) Undated
4/5 Scale elevations, plans and sections of exterior and theatre vestibule marble, R-A-25 (Historic Plans—Elevations, Plans & Sections—Drawing #R-A-25) 1945 December 7
4/6 F. S. mural setting detail for main stairway wall panel, drawing R-A-77 (Historic Plans—Plan and Vertical Section—Drawing R-A-77) 1946 July 1
4/7 Small ripped sections of larger plans (Historic Plans—Tattered Sheets) Undated
4/8 Attic plan, heating—plumbing—ventilating, R-M-4 (HVAC—Attic M-4 2) 1945 May 31
4/9  Attic plan, heating—plumbing—ventilating, R-M-4 (HVAC—Attic M-4) 1945 May 31
4/10 Mezzanine floor plan electrical wiring (Mezzanine Electrical Floor Plan) Undated
5/1 Mezzanine plan, heating plumbing and ventilating, R-M-3 (Mezzanine—HVAC M-3) 1945 May 31
5/2 Electrical panel specifications, drawing 13287A (Panel Schedules) 1945 June 30
5/3 Plans and details, heating—plumbing—ventilating (Plans & Details—HVAC—Section A-A) 1945 May 31
5/4 Fourth floor and projection room plans, T. B. details, panel schedule, riser and wiring diagram (Riser, Diagrams & Details) Undated
5/5 (Section X-X front only) Undated
5/6 Auditorium plaster F. S. details, numbers 8 and 9, proscenium arch (Historic Plans—Details and Base Boards—A B C 8 & 9—Drawing # R-A-59) 1945 September 28

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