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Rabbit Creek Community Council records; 1990-2015. 0.5 cubic feet and 12.3 MB. hmc-1275. Records of a civic group representing residents of the Rabbit Creek area of Anchorage.

Rage City Rollergirls records; 2009-2015. 1.0 cubic foot and 45.3 GB. hmc-1193. Records of a roller derby league in Anchorage.

Julius Rahmstorf papers; 1904-1919. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0835. Correspondence to a fur trapper/trader in Rampart, Alaska.

Raising the SS Princess Kathleen papers; 1952-1974. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1187. Correspondence and news clippings regarding the raising of the SS Princess Kathleen.

David Ramseur papers; 1989. 1.0 cubic feet. hmc-1358. Records related to the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Allen D. Raney letters; 1944. 0.01cubic feet. hmc-0646. Letters written by a 364th Infantry Regiment lieutenant stationed at Adak Army Airfield in 1944.

Frances and William C. Ray slides; 1955-1956. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0205.

Grace Carr Raymenton photographs; circa 1901-1902. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1059. Photographs of the Yukon and Alaska collected and taken by a woman who lived in Dawson City during the Klondike gold rush.

Claude Reagan Jr. papers; circa 1942-1945. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1238. A Yellow Cab Company card and photographs of Kodiak and the Aleutians.

Frank Reed papers; 1905-2009. 4.15 cubic feet. hmc-0206. Anchorage businessman and civic leader.

Maxine Reed papers; 1900-1994. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0443. Papers primarily related to the Greater Anchorage Area Borough Consumers Commission.

Philip and Retta Reed papers; 1907-1981. 1.0 cubic feet. hmc-0401. Papers of a Alaska Communications System operator and his wife, who worked as a nurse with the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Marguerite Reiss papers; 1943-2004. 1 cubic foot. hmc-0207. Papers of an Alaskan author and librarian.

Reminiscence of a 1918 Trip to Alaska; 1972. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1003-AHS.

Robert Reynolds photographs; circa 1970. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1128. Photographs taken for a pictorial book about Alaska.

Otto P. Rice letters; 1942. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0942. Letters from a soldier of the 420th Coat Artillery who served at Fort Raymond and Fort Richardson.

William W. Richards papers; circa 1966-1995. 5 cubic feet. hmc-0693. Papers of U.S. Public Health Service psychiatrist relating to studies on social transitions in the North.

Zenas Richards photograph album; 1941-1945. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0548. U.S. Army soldier stationed near Fairbanks.

George F. Rickey papers; 1943-1945. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0505. Papers and photographs of a navigator with the 77th Bombardier Squadron of the 11th Air Force stationed at Adak.

Jack Rieur photographs; 1945-2006. 23.0 cubic feet. hmc-1138. Photographs from a Army serviceman stationed in the Aleutians during World War II and his later worldwide travels.

Matthew M. Rigley, Jr. photograph album; 1942-1969. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0863. Photo album of a U.S. Army Reserve Corps field artillery soldier stationed at Fort Greely on Kodiak Island.

William Vance Rinehart Jr. journal; 1886-1900. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0987-APU. Journal of a Seattle attorney.

Earnest Dwight Ringland papers; undated, 1943-1945. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1219. Primarily photographs of a member of the Detachment Engineers who was stationed in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.

Richard Rissman photographs; 1942-1944. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-0534. Images from a Chemical Warfare Service soldier and amateur photographer stationed at Fort Richardson during World War II.

Victor Rivers family papers; 1915-1976. 1.3 cubic feet and 673 MB. hmc-0209. Papers of a civil engineer and politician and papers of the members of his family.

Richard C. Rivett papers; 1943-1945. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0580. Papers of a communications officer with the U.S. Army Air Corps stationed in the Aleutians during Would War II.

Billy Roberts papers; 1946-1947. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1368. Memorabilia from a serviceman stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

Dion Roberts papers; 1990-1994. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-1423. Alaska Emergency Medical Services for Children Committee records.

Duncan B. Robinson film; 1964. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1261. Moving image materials related to the 1964 earthquake.

Howard Rock interview; 1976. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0210. Interview with the first editor and publisher of the Tundra Times.

John R. “Jack” Roderick papers; 1900-2002. 17.4 cubic feet. hmc-0547. Papers of former Anchorage mayor, primarily concerning the history of oil resource development in Alaska.

Helen F. Rogers photograph album; 1947. 0.15 cubic feet. hmc-0872. A scrapbook from a tourist to Alaska.

Norman Rokeberg papers; 1995-2006. 10.0 cubic feet. hmc-0945. The legislative papers of a member of the Alaska State House of Representatives from Anchorage.

Dave Rose papers; 1960-2006. 63.25 cubic feet. hmc-0977. Papers of an Anchorage assemblyman and first director of the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Charles Henry Rosenthal papers; 1969-1972, 2002-2003. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0808. Papers of a man who worked on the icebreaker Manhattan.

Eugene G. Rountree papers; 1910. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0964. Copper mining-related documents.

Irene Rowan papers; 1975-1984. 4.0 cubic feet. hmc-1272. Records related to the village corporation for Klukwan, Alaska.

Peter Trimble Rowe letters and portraits; undated, 1898-1920. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0796. Autographed letters and portraits of the Episcopal Bishop of Alaska from 1895 to 1931.

Joseph Rudd papers; 1950-1978. 4.61 cubic feet. hmc-1293. Personal and business papers of Joseph Rudd.

Lisa Rudd papers; 1933-1985. 24.8 cubic feet. hmc-0212. Personal and political papers of Lisa Rudd.

Susan Ruddy papers; 1911-1988. 0.7 cubic feet. hmc-0710. Mostly papers and photographs pertaining to the Iditarod.

RurAL CAP records; 1965-1985. 123 cubic feet. hmc-0213. Records of an Alaskan community action program.

Will (W. L.) Rusho photographs and memoir; 1947-1948, 2004. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0639.

John Rustgard (b. 1863) telegram; 1912. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0955. Telegram regarding species of brown bears.

Ruth Arcand Park Project records; 1958-1985. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0217. Papers regarding the establishment and naming of a park in Anchorage.

Edgar Ryder receipts and correspondence; 1925-1927. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0838.

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