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William C. Fackler photographs; 1959-1960. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0745. Photographs of oil drilling operation near Nulato, Alaska.

Fairview Community Council records; 2008-2014. 3.0 cubic feet. hmc-1198. Records of a community council serving the Fairview Neighborhood of Anchorage.

Tom Faraday scrapbook; 1939-1940. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0611. Photographs, clippings, and memorabilia of junior ambassador to Alaska.

Raymond F. Farwell, Jr. papers; 1941-1959. 0.45 cubic feet. hmc-0906. Papers of U.S. Navy officer who served in Alaska during World War II.

Herbert L. Faulkner telegram; 1912. 0.01 cubic. feet hmc-0956. Telegram from a U. S. Marshal in Juneau.

Federation of Community Councils of Anchorage records; 1973-2004. 5 cubic feet. hmc-0728.

Marie “Sue” Feinler scrapbook; 1931 July. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0508. Scrapbook documenting a cruise to Alaska aboard the S. S. Northwestern.

Kerry Feldman papers; 1968-2010. 3.8 cubic feet. hmc-1112. The professional papers of a University of Alaska Anchorage faculty member in the Anthropology Department.

James H. Ferguson photograph negatives; undated, 1948-1950. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1007-AHS. Photographic negatives taken by a journalist who traveled to Alaska.

Peter L. Ferry family photographs; 1929. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1021-AHS. Family that visited Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

Thelma Fetters scrapbook; 1942-1943. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0485. Clippings and photographs related to Alaska during World War II.

Fred Wildon Fickett (1857-1928) papers; 1858-1989. 5.1 cubic feet. hmc-0108. Soldier and member of the army exploratory expedition to the Alaskan interior in 1885.

Howard L. and Willoughby Filer papers; 1937-1985. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0476. Letters and photographs from a U.S. Army construction worker and his wife stationed in Alaska

Edwin F. Finch scrapbook; 1964. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0653. Scrapbook containing photos and papers documenting the Alaska earthquake of 1964.

First Congregational Church of Anchorage records; 1964. 0.02 cubic feet. Records of a church in Anchorage, primarily consisting of photographs of the 1964 earthquake.

First Interstate Corporation of Alaska records; 1961-1989. 6.5 cubic feet. hmc-0473. Records of an Alaskan banking organization.

Victor Fischer papers; 1950-2007. 81.0 cubic feet. hmc-0109. Papers of an individual active in Alaska state and local politics.

Mildred Fisher photograph album; 1939. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0661. Trip album of an Oklahoma schoolteacher who toured the Western U.S. and Alaska.

528th Engineers Heavy Shop Company soldier photographs; 1948. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0561. Photographs from an Army soldier stationed at Adak.

Walter J. Fitzgerald photographs; 1940. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0849. Photographs of a Catholic bishop’s confirmation trip to the Lower Yukon and the Bering Sea coast.

Lanie Fleischer papers; 1970-2012. 4 cubic feet. hmc-1326. Papers of a woman who was involved in the creation of the Anchorage trail system, as well as other civic and environmental issues.

Elizabeth Fleming photographs; circa 1948-1950. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1262-ahs. Photographs taken of Southeast Alaska by a doctor aboard the M/S Hygiene.

Rawn “Stubby” Fletcher album; 1934-1952. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-1428. Photographs related to Valdez and Fairbanks.

Gerald Flynn photographs; undated, 1942-1945. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0594. Photographs collected by a member of the United States Army, Eleventh Air Force, 54th Fighter Squadron stationed on Attu Island during World War II.

Follo family postcards; 1908-1937. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-1347-ahs. Postcards and photos from men living near Fish Lake, Alaska.

Harold G. Forster photograph album; 1942-1945. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0864. Photograph album of an Eleventh Air Force soldier who served in the Ordinance Department at Elmendorf Field.

Robert Fortuine papers; 1934-2008.  16.0 cubic feet. hmc-0455. U. S. Public Health Service physician and medical historian.

Andy Fossum papers; 1941-1945. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0521. Letters and photos of U. S. Army Corps of Engineers soldier stationed at Fort Raymond in Seward.

4th Avenue Theatre plans; 1941-1946. 3.0 cubic feet. hmc-1422. A partial set of the blueprints used in the construction of the 4th Avenue Theatre in Anchorage, Alaska.

Frank C. Fox photographs; 1946-1993. 0.5 cubic feet. hmc-0708. Photographs of a pilot with the U.S. Air Force who served at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage.

William H. Francis photograph album; undated, 1941-1942. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0943. Photograph album of a U. S. Army Air Corps officer who served in the Aleutians with 343rd Fighter Group.

Jo Frankfourth papers; 1973-1984. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1045-ahs. Papers of an Anchorage Community College teacher involved in wilderness education advocacy and urban planning.

Anne Freitag photographs; 1977. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1249. Photographs of the Dr. Schultz and the Last Frontier Band taken during photo shoots in Anchorage.

Henry K. “Hank” Frese papers; 1942-2003. 2.3 cubic feet. hmc-0862. Papers and photographs of a photographic technician and aerial photographer who served at Shemya Air Base.

Betsy and Milo Fritz papers; circa 1930-2009. 135 cubic feet. hmc-1072. Personal and professional papers of a long-time Alaskan doctor and legislator and his wife,a nurse.

Cliff Fuglestad papers; 1926-1998. 0.5 cubic feet. hmc-1360. Papers of an Alaska Railroad engineer and consultant.

James E. Fullerton General Merchandise records; 1921-1924. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0834. Records of a general store in Flat, Alaska.

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