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Kerry Feldman papers

Guide to the Kerry Feldman papers

Collection number: HMC-1112.
Creator: Feldman, Kerry Dean, 1940-.
Title: Kerry Feldman papers.
Dates: 1968-2010.
Volume of collection: 3.8 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in the collection are in English.
Collection summary: The professional papers of a University of Alaska Anchorage faculty member in the Anthropology Department.

Biographical note:
Kerry Dean Feldman received a Master of Arts and Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of Colorado. His dissertation research centered on squatter settlements is Davao City, Philippines. In 1973, he was hired as a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alaska Anchorage, a position he held until his retirement in 2009. In addition to being a professor, Feldman also held several administrative positions, including head of the Division of Behavioral Science, College of Arts & Sciences Research Unit Coordinator, Chair of the Department of Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences Associate Dean of Student and Curriculum Affairs, and Interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. In 2010, he was awarded Emeritus status by the Department of Anthropology. Dr. Feldman’s main areas of research include urban anthropology, theory, applied anthropology, Alaska, and Southeast Asia. He has worked on research projects in these areas, many in conjunction with tribal organizations and agencies that provide health and social services.

Collection description:
This collection consists of the professional papers of University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) anthropology professor, Kerry Feldman, including correspondence, research for his dissertation, material relating to his employment at UAA, project files, and writings. The correspondence includes letters between Feldman and academics at UAA and other universities, as well as journal and book publishers. The dissertation research files include field notes, surveys, reading lists, and other materials relating to Feldman’s Ph.D. dissertation on squatter settlements in Davao City, Philippines. The files relating to Feldman’s employment at UAA include departmental correspondence, departmental budget information, materials relating to Dr. Feldman’s work on committees, materials relating to Feldman’s professional activities while at UAA, and materials relating to Feldman’s teaching activities. The project files consist of materials related to research projects that Dr. Feldman worked on, including correspondence, notes, surveys, grant applications, and reports. The writings and presentations consist of articles and papers written by Feldman, as well as notes for presentations that he gave.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the following series:

Series 1: Correspondence; 1973-1996
Series 2: Dissertation research files; 1968-1972
Series 3: Employment at University of Alaska Anchorage; 1973-2010
Series 4: Project files; 1975-2000
Series 5: Writings and presentations; 1970-1996

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: A portion of the collection is closed to access due to the presence of medical data. Because the collection contains potentially culturally and personally sensitive information, all researchers must sign a form agreeing to abide by the American Anthropological Association’s Code of Ethics before using this collection. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for further information.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections holds copyright to materials created by Kerry Feldman. Some collection materials may be subject to copyright not held by the Archives.

Preferred citation: Kerry Feldman papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:

“Kerry Feldman.” Department of Anthropology University of Alaska Anchorage. Accessed February 11, 2020. https://www.uaa.alaska.edu/academics/college-of-arts-and-sciences/departments/anthropology/faculty/emeriti/feldman.cshtml

Separated materials: Published materials were removed from the collection, and selected materials transferred to the Library’s Alaskana collection. Some materials related to Feldman’s employment with the University of Alaska Anchorage were transferred to University Records.

Acquisition note: The collection was given to the Archives, and a deed of gift was signed, by Kerry Feldman in 2012.

Processing information: This collection was arranged and described by Kerry Feldman in 2012. Arlene Schmuland adapted the description to the finding aid format. In 2020, Gwen Higgins consolidated like materials into series, removed publications from the collections, and provided folder-level description.

Container list:

Series 1: Correspondence; 1973-1996. 0.45 cubic feet.
This series consists of incoming and outgoing professional correspondence, arranged in roughly chronological order. Additional correspondence specifically related to the UAA Department of Anthropology can be found in Series 3.

Description Date
1/1 Outgoing correspondence 1973-1974
1/2 Correspondence received 1973-1976
1/3 Correspondence 1974,1980
1/4 Correspondence 1974, 1980
1/5 Outgoing correspondence 1976-1980
1/6 Letters to President Carter about Eskimo hunting bowhead whale 1977
1/7 Bowhead whale letters 1977
1/8 Correspondence received 1977-1979
1/9 Correspondence received 1978, 1989
1/10 Thank you letters from Airport Heights Elementary School students 1979
1/11 Correspondence 1980-1981
1/12 Correspondence 1984-1995
1/13-14 Correspondence received and sent 1991-1994
1/15 Journal correspondence 1991-1996
1/16 Tiger Burch correspondence 1993-1996

Series 2: Dissertation research files; 1968-1972. 0.3 cubic feet.
This series consists of Dr. Feldman’s research files related to his dissertation on urban squatter settlements in Davao City Philippines.

Description Date
1/17 Davao City, Philippines research 1968-1986
1/18 Bajada Medical Co-op study [Restricted] 1972
1/19-21 Field notes 1971-1972
1/22 Feldman Ph.D. reading list 1971
1/23 Mindanao Times notes 1972
1/24 Chapter 2 of dissertation circa 1972-1973

Series 3: Employment at University of Alaska Anchorage; 1973-2010. 0.6 cubic feet.
This series consists of materials relating to Dr. Feldman’s employment at the University of Alaska Anchorage, including departmental correspondence, departmental budget information, materials relating to Dr. Feldman’s work on committees, materials relating to Feldman’s professional activities while at UAA, and materials relating to Feldman’s teaching activities.



Description Date
1/25 Division of Behavioral Sciences and Anchorage Senior College budgets and notes 1974-1976
1/26 Native Student Survey 1983-1984
1/27 CAS General Education Committee notes 1989-1990
1/28 Division of Behavioral Science correspondence 1974-1975
1/29 Kerry Feldman professional activities at UAA 1973-1974
1/30 Kerry Feldman activities and thank-you notes 1975
2/1 3rd BSIN Conference 1975
2/2 Seattle University personal statement 1984
2/3 UAA Alaska Native Student Advisory Committee 1985
2/4 College of Arts and Sciences chairmen’s meetings notes 1983-1984
2/5 Kerry Feldman professional activities at UAA 1984-2010
2/6 Kerry Feldman professional Activities at UAA 1990-1995
2/7 Anthropology through lit 1980
2/8 Four-year university proposal 1975
2/9 Research committee 1979-1980
2/10 Anth 371: Visual Anthropology 1988
2/11 “Symbol and Context” Art 261 guest lecture 1988
2/12 “The Anthropologist as Filmmaker” psychology colloquium guest lecture 1988
2/13 The Pleistocene and cultural evolution class handout undated
2/14 Teaching materials undated
2/15 Application for Emeritus status 2010

Series 4: Project files; 1975-2000. 1.75 cubic feet.
This series consists of files related to research projects that Dr. Feldman worked on, often as a contractor with an organization or agency. The files are arranged alphabetically.



Description Date
2/16 Alaska Children’s Services projects 1979-1981
2/17 Alaska Children’s Services Cultural Awareness project 1981-1983
2/18 Alaska Children’s Services Jesse Lee Home project 1979-1980
2/19 Alaska Children’s Services Mae Stanley Residence project 1988
2/20-21 Alaska Children’s Services Native Advisory Board 1983-1985
2/22-24 “Alaska Native Rehabilitation Project,” Providence Hospital 1991-1993
2/25-27 Alaska Native Youth Away from Home project 1979-1981
2/28-31 “Elderly Alaska Natives in Anchorage: Needs Assessment for Social Services Program Planning,” National Science Foundation grant funded project 1977-1979
2/32 Ethnography and a Needle Exchange Clinical Trial,” project files 1999
3/1-5 Human Rights Commission research project 1976
3/6 “Indian Child Welfare Act of 1977” survey 1979
3/7 Ipiutak project 1994
3/8-15 “Ethnohistorical Research, King Salmon Traditional Native Council & Bristol Bay Native Corporation” research documenting the application for tribal status 1998-2000
Oversize folder King Salmon area maps
3/16-17 Mat-Su Community Counseling Center report and notes 1989
3/18 Naknek Red Salmon Cannery case 1978-1979
3/19 Native Use of Seagull Lake 1979
3/20 Outer Continental Shelf oil exploration socio-cultural impact research 1975
3/21 Paug Vik Village Corporation Seagull Lake water rights lawsuit 1978-1979
3/22-23 Status of Vietnamese in Alaska project 1976

Series 5: Writings and presentations; 1970-1996. 0.7 cubic feet.
This series consists of articles, papers, and book drafts written by Feldman, as well as notes for presentations he gave.



Description Date
3/1 Alaska Native Deaf Statewide Conference speech 1988
3/2 Alaska Native Culture talk at Hiland Correctional Center notes 1988
3/3 “Anthropology and Gender: Is There a Female Culture” paper presented at the Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meeting 1989
3/4 Applied anthropology papers and notes 1970-1989
3/5 Applied anthropology talk at UAF 1996 October 11
3/6 Applied anthropology talk at California State University Long Beach 1989 February 2
3/7 “The Beluga Hunt: Realities in Conflict Among Alaskan Eskimo” manuscript undated
3/8 “References & Select Readings on Beluga Whales” undated
3/9 “Conflicting Solutions to Squatter Settlements in Developing Nations” unpublished essay undated
3/10 “Cross-Cultural Awareness Seminar: Correctional Academy” lesson plan 1972
3/11 “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Aging” workshop at Alaska Conference on Aging 1991
3/12 “Contract Anthropology” 1980
3/13 Cultural Differences Workshop, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 1976
3/14 “Demographic and Adaptational Characteristics of Elderly Alaskan Natives in Anchorage” 1979
3/15 “Economics and Ethnic Mate Selection Practices in Developing Nations” 1981
3/16 Health in the Philippines reports and papers 1972
3/17 “Institutional Polymorphism and Culture Change: A Behavioralist Alternative to the Normative Approach to Institutional Analysis” undated
3/18 “Inupiat Classification of Animals: Northwest Alaska” 1986-1987
3/19 Kinship terms list undated
3/20 “Linguistic Evidence of a Cultural World-View: Bella Bella Weather Terms” 1970
3/21 “The Metaphysics of Generalization: Will the Real Papago Please Stand Up” 1971
3/22 “Native Alaskan Feminism, Western Patriarchy and Institutional Anthropological Applied Work: The Fate of a National Demonstration Project” undated
3/23 “Piercing Through to ‘Culture’: Animal and Plant Classification Among Inupiat Eskimo of Northwest Alaska” 1990
3/24 “Squatter Settlements in Developing Nations: A Comparative Analysis of Their Origins” book proposal 1984-1991
3/25 “Social Science and Public Policy in Alaska” symposium presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Edinburgh, Scotland 1981
3/26 “Types of Causal Arguments in Anthropology” 1977 May
3/27 Urbanization article for Alaska Native News 1982
3/28 World wide culture notes 1988 May 15
3/29 Published articles and chapters undated, 1981

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