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Wind blown and in print

We’re used to seeing items from our collections show up in footnotes in scholarly articles, that sort of thing. But this weekend we had the pleasant experience of seeing a thank you to us (Nicole, Mariecris, & Arlene) show up in a program from a play!  A local theatre, Cyrano’s,…

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What a week!

Since we’ve been a little quiet on the blog of late, just a quick update.  Here’s been the week at A&SC. Monday: Megan Friedel, our new archivist, started work. We did a tour of the building, requested a university email account, she obtained her University ID card, and we got…

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The company you keep

We’re currently in the middle of a Rare Books shift.  In library lingo, that means we’re shifting the books from one place to another.  Or in this case, to another section of the same shelving. This is not glamorous work.  Some of these books are shedding dust, paper bits, and…

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