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New in the Archives, July 2019

July was a busy month for us, with a bunch of new special collections, university records, and ephemera being processed and described. We added our first batch of digitized audio and video from Veronica’s Atwood Foundation grant to Alaska’s Digital Archives. If you would like to learn more about our grant projects, we have a blog post and podcast about our project to create multi-institution topic guides, as well as a podcast episode about the two grants Veronica got to digitize audiovisual materials in our holdings. The blog post and podcasts are linked below. Thanks for reading!

Newly described collections

Special collections:

HMC-0029: Alaska State AFL-CIO records; 1943-1989. 0.2 cubic foot addition. Records of a union organization in Alaska.

HMC-0028: Alaska Repertory Theatre records; 1969-1989. 6.25 cubic foot addition. Photographs and set designs of a theatre company in Anchorage, Alaska.

HMC-0221: Lorena Showers papers; 1922-1997. 3.8 cubic feet. Anchorage labor activist and senior citizens advocate. 3 cubic foot addition to original collection, additionally separated out 2 other collections from this collection (HMC-1335, HMC-1336).

HMC-0470: Juneau resident slides; undated, 1942-1986. 0.2 cubic feet. Images of Alaska, primarily in the vicinity of Juneau, including outdoor activities and parades.

Walking on Mendenhall Glacier

Walking on Mendenhall Glacier. Juneau resident photographs, HMC-0740.

HMC-0547: John R. “Jack” Roderick papers: 1900-2016. 0.6 cubic foot addition. Materials relating to Roderick’s book about the oil industry in Alaska, Crude Dreams.

HMC-0643: Unidentified soldier photographs; undated. 0.01 cubic feet. Photos from a soldier stationed on Attu during World War II.

HMC-0737: Unidentified soldier photographs; 1944-1946. 0.01 cubic feet. Photos from a soldier stationed on Attu during World War II.

HMC-1044-AHS: Jellybean radio show fan mail; 1954-1955. 0.02 cubic feet.  Letters to a host of an Alaskan children’s radio show.

Letter to Jellybean.

Letter to Jellybean, from Jellybean radio show letters, HMC-1044-AHS

HMC-1150: Cyrano’s Theatre Company records; 1987-2013. 40.9 GB addition. Records of a community theater in Anchorage. Digital files were removed from unstable and difficult to access storage media, such as zip disks, floppy disks, and CDs and moved to our digital storage system. Additional description was provided for the files.

HMC-1253: Alaska World Affairs Council records; 1965-2017. 14.6 cubic feet and 2.53 MB. Records of an Alaska non-profit organization focused on education to improve the public’s understanding of world affairs and U.S. foreign policy. Most description done by Keith Thompson and Lauren Caraghar, UAA History Department student interns.

HMC-1314-AHS: Thomas and Virginia Milligan papers; 1946-1948. Primarily photographs from Anchorage residents.

HMC-1315-AHS: Charles Parson journal; 1899. 0.1 cubic feet. Diary of a gold rush miner in Alaska.

HMC-1316-AHS: Lena Smith letters; 1964. 0.01 cubic feet. Letters written about the 1964 Alaska earthquake.

HMC-1330: Matthew Meyer photographs; 2019. 535 MB. Photographs taken at peaceful protest rallies in Anchorage.

Save Our State Rally

View from the entrance of the Save Our State Rally, July 2019. From Matthew Meyer photographs, HMC-1330.

HMC-1334-AHS: Rose Kerfoot photographs; 1959-1964. 0.01 cubic feet. Photographs of Anchorage and 1964 earthquake damage.

HMC-1335: Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union. Local 878 records; 1942-1997. 1.0 cubic feet. Records of a local Anchorage labor union.

HMC-1336: Anchorage Senior Citizens Drop-In Center records; 1975-1995. 1.0 cubic feet.  Records related to a weekly Anchorage gathering for senior citizens.

HMC-1337-AHS: Will F. Speers papers; 1943-1944. Letters from a doctor working at Funter Bay internment camp and at St. Paul, Pribilof Islands.

UAA records:

UAA. Chancellor’s Office. Child Care Review Committee records, 1974-1985. UAA-0142 0.4 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office. Executive Council minutes, 1981-1987. UAA-0143. 2.0 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office special event files, 1983-1993. UAA-0144. 2.4 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office. Title IX Review Committee files, 1978-1988. UAA-0145. 2.6 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office. Academic Development Plan Committee records, 1980-1982. UAA-0146. 0.4 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office academic development plans, 1978-1983. UAA-0147. 0.2 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office program and school proposals, 1970-1972, 1983. UAA-0148. 0.2 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office area plans and maps, 1973-1984. UAA-0149. 3.4 cubic feet.

UAA. Chancellor’s Office. Academic Council records, 1967-1977. UAA-0150. 0.6 cubic feet.

Southcentral Regional Center administrators manual, 1974-1975. UAA-0151. 0.1 cubic feet.

Ephemera collections:

EPH-0087: Postcard collection; undated. Addition.

EPH-0175: Alaskan political memorabilia; 1970-2019.

EPH-0427: Alaskan music recordings; 1977, 1991.

EPH-0428: Chugiak-Eagle River Bicentennial Commission pamphlet; 1976.

EPH-0429-AHS: Farthest north roller rink sticker; undated.

Farthest North Roller Rink sticker

Farthest north roller rink sticker, EPH-0429

EPH-0430-AHS: U.S. Commissioner’s office forms; 1901-1908.

EPH-0431-AHS: Simeon Oliver biography; undated.

EPH-0432: Exxon Valdez Operations Team Alaska ’89 patch

EPH-0433-AHS: Alaska Historical Society map collection; undated.

EPH-0434: A birthday tribute to Robert B. Atwood program; 1967.

EPH-0435: National Bank of Alaska News Cache special edition; 1991.

EPH-0436: Alaska Outdoor Council News; 2000.

EPH-0437: Anchorage Lodge No. 1351; 1979.

EPH-0438: Alaska Labor Log newsletters; 1970-1971.

EPH-0439: Local 878 Review newsletter; 1964-1983.

EPH-0440: Views and News, Up to Date with 878 newsletter; 1977, 1979.

EPH-0441: Alaska Labor News; 1956-1961.

EPH-0442: Alaska “Cope” Reporter; 1963-1969.

EPH-0443: Alaska Federationist; 1947-1948, 1953-1954.

EPH-0444: David G. Jackson, Jr. World War II memorabilia; 1941-1945.

EPH-0445: Alaska Historical Society tourist pamphlets; 1984-1997.

EPH-0446: Princess Cruises, Inc. cruise memorabilia; 1985.

EPH-0447: Iditarod Fourth of July celebration prize list; undated.

Alaska’s Digital Archives

8 films and videos from UAA-0079: UAA. Athletics moving images. These include hockey highlights, and volleyball practices and games.

12 audio recordings and videos from HMC-0049: Anchorage Civic Opera Association records. The audio recordings and videos include rehearsals, performances, and advertisements for shows.

5 films from HMC-1058: Donald T. Griffith family films. Films depicting various seasons in Alaska, fishing, hunting, and Anchorage.

29 audio recordings from HMC-0084: Genie Chance papers. Radio broadcasts relating to the 1964 Earthquake.


Introducing multi-institution topic guides on SLED. This post highlights our recently completed, grant funded project to create a series of guides to finding collections on selected topics held by libraries, archives, and museums across the state.


This month we have two episodes of our podcast, Archiving AK:

Archiving AK Episode 17a: Gwen and Grants. In this episode of Archiving AK, Arlene and Gwen have a conversation about a recent grant project Gwen has managed for the Archives. This grant project was about creating a series of guides to popular Alaskan research topics and where primary sources about those topics can be found.

Archiving AK Episode 17b: Veronica and Grants. In this episode of Archiving AK, Arlene and Veronica discuss Veronica’s recent grant projects. Her projects involve digitizing obsolete audiovisual media in our holdings.

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