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What a week!

Since we’ve been a little quiet on the blog of late, just a quick update.  Here’s been the week at A&SC.

Monday: Megan Friedel, our new archivist, started work. We did a tour of the building, requested a university email account, she obtained her University ID card, and we got her started on some other basics.

Tuesday:  A&SC departmental breakfast meeting.  More Megan training. MC started training her on reference duties and we did the A&SC supplies and locations tour. MC & Megan spent a good portion of the afternoon in the Library Faculty meeting.

Wednesday: Fire drill!  Or possible problem with the alarm system, we’re not quite sure.  But we–and everybody else in the Library–spent some time outside the building in the morning.  We got Megan up and running on A&SC’s collection management database and MC continued with reference training.

Thursday: Realized that Megan still hadn’t been issued a university email address–which affects log-in ability to a lot of university systems.  One of the University Help Desk guys came to visit us on his lunch break and was drafted into fixing the problem.  (We’ll see if he ever comes back.)  Reference training continues.

Friday remains to be seen.  But all in all, not a bad first week for Megan.  One of my previous supervisors always said that it’s good enough the first week to learn where the bathrooms and fire exits are.  Megan has not only learned where the fire exits are, she’s learned the whole drill!  Including grabbing a coat on your way out.  And it looks like she’s retaining a bunch of the other information too, so that’s just wonderful.


  1. And I’m happy to be here! Many thanks to Arlene, MC, Nicole, and all the other Consortium Library staff for the warm welcome.

  2. You’re welcome! Glad that you’re here 🙂

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