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What happens to all that stuff anyhow?

One of our occasional joys is when we get to see the finished product of researcher work.  Sometimes that’s a student paper, sometimes a National History Day presentation, sometimes a documentary, sometimes a webpage, sometimes a book.  Or any other of the various uses to which people put archival materials.

This last week we had a drop-in visitor, Laurel Downing Bill.  She was here to bring us a copy of her latest anthology, Aunt Phil’s Trunk volume 4, a collection of Alaska history stories written by both Laurel and her aunt Phil: Phyllis Downing Carlson.  This volume is full of photographs Laurel chose from many of the archives in Alaska and a few Outside, too.

The copy Laurel brought us will go into the Consortium Library book collections so it’s available for use.  If you want to see more about it or other of the volumes in the set, check out http://www.auntphilstrunk.com/.  Thanks Laurel, and we appreciate all the kind words you had for us.

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