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Documenting the underdocumented

Every once in a while, somebody in A&SC gets a wild hair to document us.  We spend a lot of our time working with documentation of other people and groups and such and encouraging people to document, but we’re not always good at doing the same for ourselves.  If you go back and look at any photo attached to postings here, you’ll notice that Nicole & MC both have their backs to the camera (they insisted) and there’s no photo of Arlene at all (one of the benefits to being the person carrying the camera and writing the blog, most of the time.)

This morning was MC’s turn to pull out a camera.  It’s still not clear what prompted this other than some sort of inadvertent color coordination thing going on between MC, Nicole, and Arlene.  Frank Grubbs, our ever-patient student worker, agreed to take a photo of the three of us.

Brace yourselves…

Mariecris, Nicole & Arlene

Mariecris, Nicole & Arlene

Now MC insists there’s a color match here.  Nicole & Arlene tend to think that only if you define purple & pink in their broadest possible definitions.  Upon reviewing the photo, MC decided we look like some sort of 50s-era girl band.   Greg Schmitz from AMIPA, who chose that rather unfortunate moment to wander through the reading room, immediately quipped “Cranberry Sherbert.”

At any rate, if we decide to go for a big hair look and release a self-titled album, you’ll read it here first.  But I think we’ll stick with our strengths as archivists and continue to document others.  Maybe sometimes the underdocumented is underdocumented for a reason.


  1. With the way we three love to sing, we might as well be a Bouffant hair group. We should unveil our act at SAA!

  2. The Pink-ish/Purpley Ladies. Do it.

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