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Who can I talk to?

As we are rapidly coming up on the end of May, it’s time to set up the A&SC reference desk schedule for the next few months.  So MC, Nicole, & Arlene sat down this morning to figure out who is in when.  And it’s pretty sketchy.  MC will be out for a chunk of days in early June, Arlene for most of the remainder.  Then there are all the long weekends we all want to celebrate the gorgeous summer we so often get in Alaska, and a few professional trips too.  So we’re going to be rotating desk duty quite a bit.  And probably make a lot of last minute changes.

Which brings us to an important point: how do you know who to call/email in A&SC when you don’t necessarily know (we don’t necessarily know) who is on duty? Or who might know the answer to your question?  So we’re going to make it easy.  We’re providing a single point of contact for everybody.  907-786-1849 if you’d like to call us, archives@uaa.alaska.edu if you’d like to email us, or you can just hit any of the “contact us” links on our webpage to be taken to a request form you can fill out.  That way, no matter who has stepped in to cover reference, you’ll be sure of reaching one of us quickly.  And if you happen to get somebody who doesn’t know the answer to your question, she’ll help point you in the right direction.  And your email won’t get stuck in the limbo of all the other individualized emails we each get every day: it goes directly into a separate account for the department so all of us can see it.

Can’t beat that for efficiency.  And it also helps us make good on our customer service promise to respond to your request in a timely manner.  Good for you, good for us.

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