Appraising legislator’s papers

Periodically I’ll receive a call from a legislator’s office to begin the conversation of what of their legislative records might be appropriate for an archives to take in. I often try to dodge providing lists, because any list I might …

Our thanks, 2011.

Alaska Defense Command, Alaska District shoulder patch, circa 1942.


Anchorage Fur Rendezvous parade, 1958.


Fred Fickett, Signal Corps. 1882, Virginia.


Helicopter landing at US Army Arctic Test Board, 1962.


Private Billy B. Johnson, US First Infantry …

Some of Our Favorite Things, Installment 4

The Loupe, by Megan Friedel

The loupe is a thing of simple, beautiful functionality.  Want to see what the street sign says in that photo of the 1964 Alaska earthquake in Anchorage? Use a loupe.  Need to see the detail …