What we did this year, part 3

Long overdue, sorry. I took a long overdue vacation.

The third in our blog posts on our annual report for the academic year ending in August 2015 [ed note: fixed from 2014]. This one is probably the nearest and dearest …

Finding Alaskan photographers

We haven’t calculated the statistics, but anecdotally, we can tell you that of all the document media types we hold photographs are probably one of the most popular types of documents used by researchers here at ASC.

Following along with …

Down to the sea in ships

Every so often we get a phone call, email, visit, from somebody looking for information about a specific ship that might have sailed in Alaska waters. While we may or may not have archival materials related to that ship, my …

aka Palmer Colony

**Please note: this blog entry–though correct in details, is wrong in one very important respect. In August 2014, the National Archives gave the ARRC records to us. So while the history in this entry is true, we have an update