• Due to renovations to our vault, access to our collections is limited until further notice. Please contact us for more information.

Getting to the Archives this summer

The good news is, parking is free on campus from now through May 20.

In additional good news, the Consortium Library has a major renovation project going on this summer that will replace some very elderly heating and cooling equipment. The slightly less good news is that this project will close several of the entrances to the building (starting May 14) and take out some of the closest parking spots. The only available entrance to the building will be the North Entrance as shown on this map. If you’ll be coming by car, please remember that the best lot to park in will be the big Library lot between Mosquito Lake and the curvy glass wall of the Library. Most of the North Entrance parking lot will be closed for construction equipment with the except of the handicapped spots closest to the North Entrance and a few other spots in that lot. If the Library lots are full, the next nearest parking area is at the parking garage behind the Integrated Science Building (the building in the upper right hand corner of the map with the P on it.) Between May 21 and August 2, on Mondays through Thursdays, a parking permit will be required to park on campus: the Library lot and the East Garage both have pay and park machines, also the campus has a pay by phone option. Parking is $2.00 per hour or if you’re planning to spend a lot of time here on campus, you may want to think about getting a parking pass: the summer parking pass is $55.00 and you can talk to Parking Services about how to get one.

If you’re coming by bus to the bus stop in front of the Library, the plaza entrance (facing Providence Drive) will be closed so you’ll need to walk around the B-shaped side of the building to the North Entrance.

If you want to bring in a collection: please call us first! 907-786-1849. With the closure of the loading dock and the limited access through the North Entrance this summer, it may be simpler for us to meet you elsewhere to pick up the collection and that way we can deal with the loading/offloading during quieter parking times of the day.

As always, the Archives hours are 10 am -4 pm, Monday through Friday. Be sure to check our Archives main page for any closures: we’ll always post them there. We will have some limited appointment hours but since summer is our favorite time to travel too, please call us at least a week in advance of your visit to see if we have staffing to accommodate an appointment outside the 10-4 hours. As usual, you don’t need to call us in advance of your visit if you’re planning to come in our normal hours. You can let us know of your visit in advance, of course, but you don’t have to.

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