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Not in the archives

I (Mariecris) love movies and am especially excited when archives make it into the movies.  In Fool’s Gold, the two main characters utilize the archives to find hidden treasure.  Robert Langdon, in Angels and Demons, navigates temperature and relative humidity controlled encapsulated rooms whose oxygen levels are kept low to…

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Adventure in archiving

[Mariecris:] When working the reference desk you never know what type of reference requests will come along.  Some of them are pretty consistent: people doing research for a book/dissertation, requesting images for a documentary or exhibit, compiling family history etc.  But every so often we get a request that completely throws…

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When it all comes together

A&SC has been working on a number of department-wide tasks lately, but two have come together in an interesting way.  Task one is to write a report on our activities over the past year and our goals for the next.  That’s due at a library meeting the first week of…

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