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Re-evaluating our outreach

First, we want to thank those of you who have been fans of our Facebook page. We’re not quite ready to give that up–we’re having too much fun with it!View of radomes and antenna dish at White Alice Communications site on Resolution Island, Nunavut.

But it’s time to re-evaluate Facebook as our primary social media broadcast method. Due to some Facebook changes over the past few years, we’ve seen our postings reach fewer and fewer of you. The most recent change a few months ago really did a number on the reach of our page. On average now, our Facebook postings are only pushing out to 3-8% of the people who have liked our page. Since paying Facebook to increase our reach isn’t within the budget anytime soon, we’ve been talking about what other tools we might be able to use to reach you better.

We’re looking at rolling out a Twitter account in the next few weeks, and after that, well, why don’t you tell us? Do you have a favorite social media network you really want us to join and use as a broadcast and interaction tool? Tell us! We’ll evaluate to see if it’s something we can do.

In the meantime, if you still want to keep track of us–and other pages to which you’ve subscribed–on Facebook, I know of at least one step you can do on your own feed.  If you go to your main news feed, head on down the left column to Interests, click on the more, and click on the Add Interests. Click on create list, select from the pages you’ve liked or the people with whom you are friends, and go on from there. It’s one way to bypass the selection mechanism being used on your main Facebook feed, whether it be for us or for keeping up with all your friends. I haven’t yet found a way to make that my default page view when I log into Facebook, but it is allowing me to see all of my friends’ and pages’ postings (the ones I’m allowed to see, anyway!) instead of the much reduced number of items I typically see in my newsfeed. Even if I do have to take another step to get there.

Thanks for participating with us as we figure out what the next steps might be!


  1. I definitely support you dialing back your Facebook efforts. Twitter seems to make sense, especially if you can get connected to Alaska history buffs online. Hope you get a lot of feedback to this question.

  2. Thanks for the input Daniel! I hope we get some more feedback, too!

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