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Where in the World is Jack? Drum roll please…

Watson Lake signpost forest, Yukon Territory

Watson Lake signpost forest, Yukon Territory

For those of you who have been watching our recent Facebook contest, identifying photographs of various sites (and sights) all around the world from the Jack Rieur photographs, it’s time to announce a winner.

But first, a note about methodology. Since a lot of the people who participated in the contest are personal friends or family of ours, we want you to know that we had the archives equivalent of a foreign election monitor select the winning name from our popcorn can (in this case, a Canadian graduate student who is doing some research with us right now. She was a little puzzled, but game.)

And the winner is???

Kevin Tripp

Over the course of the contest, Kevin identified 10 locations in the many, many images we posted. (Note to Kevin: we’ll have your gift card for you on Friday.)

We’d like to thank all of you who made guesses (some correct, some not), shared information about the photos, or just looked through them with us!

A quick prop to some of our other high scorers: the most images were identified by Christie Ericson (a whopping 17), Kevin McClear (11) and Ashley Deitrick (8).

If you’re looking for the answers to last week’s massive influx of photographs, they can be found here: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.




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