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Eye of the Beholder 2009 exhibit part 6

Last, but not least…

I saved this one for posting last mostly because it’s a little more complicated to post than the others. Well, almost impossible in fact. This entry was brought in by Anne Freitag, a long-time Archives supporter and local librarian. In library lingo, what she created was a piece of realia. A physical object. Or, in this case, a multitude of physical objects. The only way I could think of to share it with you online was to take a few pictures of it and the elements of it.

But I’m burying the lead: by now you’re probably waiting for me to tell you what it is. I’d call it a treasure box. You might have a different phrase for it. But let me let Anne tell you what prompted her creation.  (click on it to make it bigger!) I could have copies and pasted the text, but I think that the font she chose and the way she wrote the letter all add to the experience of her creation, so I want you to see that in her own work.

And here’s a variety of views of her treasure box. Remember to click on them to see larger versions. None of the photos can truly do it justice, of course, but perhaps sometime you can come visit and take a look at it. Just watch out for a few sharp edges!

A view of the top of the box.


A view of the contents of the box.

Anne's catalog record from the bottom of the box.

Some pages from the journal placed atop the box.

The contents of the box spread out a little.

Hopefully next up I’ll post EOTB III from 2010. In the meantime, if you want to look at the image we chose for that one, you can find it online on our call for entries.

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