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Eye of the Beholder 2009 exhibit part 5

We have a few  more entries to show you. The first one below is by Deborah Tharp, an associate professor of photography at UAA. Sorry about the not-great photo. One of these days, maybe you can come visit the very large original! If you click on it, you’ll bring up a larger image that will make the caption easier to read.







Then there’s an entry by Mariecris Gatlabayan, an assistant professor here in the Archives, who talked about the image from her perspective as a professional archivist. You’ll want to click on that one, too, to read the captions.

As an archivist the concepts of original order and context are an important part of my work.  Original order is the concept of retaining the arrangement a person or organization applied to their papers/records. Preserving their arrangement provides a context for how they interacted with their materials and what they wanted to say.  To put this into perspective think of how picture slideshows or scrapbooks are created.  Placement, order, and captions all work together to create an overarching story and tone. Looking at this image prompted me to look at the photographs preceding and succeeding the image.  What does the order tell you?

And the next entry is the last of the bunch! Coming soon.


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