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Friday lite

It’s been kind of a busy week for us here in A&SC, so it’s time for a Friday break.  We’re going to share with you a favorite photo from our collections.

Edwin F. Glenn papers.

Edwin F. Glenn papers.

This one was taken somewhere along Cook Inlet (we presume) during 1898.  We don’t know who this woman and girl are, but look closely at the little girl’s hands: she’s making sure that kitten is not going to get away!

Last year we decided to do a fun exhibit and since we were planning to have the exhibit go up about the same time as the Iditarod race occurred, we thought we’d put up some of our historical photographs of dogs in Alaska.  (Hang with me here, I’ll get back to this photo in a sec.)  We had more volunteers to help us put this exhibit together than we’ve ever had before.  However, one of the odder outcomes of the exhibit was that the cat people (and one snake person) demanded equal time.  Well, we’ve not yet managed to put together a “Cats in Alaska” historical photographs exhibit, but maybe one of these days.  And when that exhibit gets done, this will be one of the photographs in it.  If you’d like to see a larger version of the photo, click on it and you’ll be taken to the copy of the image on the Alaska’s Digital Archives.  You can search for more cat photographs (and dog ones too) while you’re there.

The snakes exhibit will have to wait for a while, mostly for lack of appropriate photographs.  Well, that and A&SC staff is pretty evenly divided regarding snakes, so there’s not a lot of volunteering happening.

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