• Due to renovations to our vault, access to our collections is limited until further notice. Please contact us for more information.

Research rules

Prior to being given access to archival materials in Archives & Special Collections (A&SC), researchers will sign a form agreeing to the following policies and procedures:

  • Special collections need special handling: gloves may be required, no pens allowed. Please do not bend, lean on, write on collection materials, or anything else that may damage the materials. Archivists may restrict use or copying of records that are fragile or have other preservation needs.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the research area.
  • Researchers’ bags, briefcases, coats, and other possessions are not allowed in the research area. Lockers are available.
  • Researchers will use one box at a time. Records must be kept in their original order. If records are out of order, please let the archivist know.
  • Please be respectful of other researchers and keep conversations quiet.
  • Certain materials may be subject to use or duplication restrictions.
  • Some collections may contain documents with information subject to confidentiality laws or similar restrictions. Researchers will notify the Archivist upon finding such material and not use those materials in any way that would conflict with the legal or ethical use restrictions.
  • Copying services are provided by archivists. Current fee schedules are on the A&SC website.
  • Researchers may not use scanners. Photography is allowed with prior permission of the archivist.
  • Researchers using collections are responsible for clearing rights including copyright, literary rights, and cultural rights.
  • When using archival materials in a research product, appropriate citations must be used. Archivists will provide citation requirements for all collections.
  • The researcher agrees not to place any materials copied for or by him/her in any other repository without the permission of A&SC.
  • A&SC must be notified prior to any intended publication or any other dissemination of materials obtained from A&SC.

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