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Craig Mishler papers

Guide to the Craig Mishler papers


Collection number: HMC-1300.

Creator: Mishler, Craig.

Title: Craig Mishler papers.

Dates: 1933-2021.

Volume of collection: 17.2 cubic feet.

Language of materials: A majority of the collection is in English; however it also includes materials in Alutiiq, Tanacross, Han, and Gwich’in.

Collection summary: Papers of an Alaskan cultural anthropologist and folklorist.

Biographical note:

Craig Wallace Mishler was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1942. He attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where he received a B.A. in English in 1964. Following a year of graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, he received a fellowship in American Studies at Washington State University, where he was awarded an M.A. in 1968. He then became a Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) in Alaska. From 1968-1969 he worked as a VISTA in Fairbanks with the Hillcrest Home for Boys and with 1020 Second Avenue, a halfway house for recovering alcoholics.

In 1969, Mishler began teaching English and the Humanities at Anchorage Community College (ACC) in Anchorage. While there he met and then married fellow teacher Barbara Ensor. They later had two children, Molly Ann Mishler and Susanna Jane Mishler. In 1972, he received an NEH fellowship to do ethnographic fieldwork in rural Alaska and began working with the Gwich’in in northeast Alaska, studying and recording their language. He left ACC to return to graduate school in 1976 and received his doctorate in folklore and anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981.

Mishler made a career with the State of Alaska, first as a historian with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources between 1982-1986, and then later as a subsistence resource specialist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), Division of Subsistence, from 1989-1998. During his years with the ADF&G, Craig worked closely with the Alutiiq villages in Kodiak and with Aleuts in the Pribilof Islands. During this time, he continued to work with the Gwich’in and with the people at Tanacross. He was employed by Tanacross Impact Services on the Over-the-Horizon Backscatter Radar Project in 1988.

From 2011-2015 he was a research professor at the Alaska Native Language Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, under a grant from the National Science Foundation. He is the author, co-author, or editor of eight books, including The Blind Man and the Loon: The Story of a Tale, published in 2013 by the University of Nebraska Press and Dinjii Vadzaih Dhidlit: TheMan Who Became a Caribou, published by the International Polar Institute in 2019.

List of Craig Mishler’s major publications.

Collection description:

The collection is divided into five series, which reflect Craig Mishler’s research interests and professional activities. The research and writing files contain nine subseries, which pertain to work state agencies and writing projects: Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Alutiiq research files; Tanacross research files; folklore and folk music research files Gwich’in research materials; Arctic folktale research files; Robert McKennan files; Han research files; coursework; The Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Survey and historic preservation files. The teaching papers contain material that Mishler used when teaching classes. The field notes consist of original ethnographic research notes from various Alaskan communities. The photographs consist of slides, negatives, and prints taken primarily in Alaska. Finally, the audiovisual materials contain film, video, and audiocassettes of interviews, musical performances, classes, and other events. Additionally there is also a case of Data CDs that contain copied materials and drafts of writings, as well as audio and video.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged into the following series, which largely reflect the order in which the material was transferred to the archives:

Access restrictions: Some materials are restricted due to the presence of personally identifiable information. These items are noted in the container list below.

Use restrictions: This collection contains reproductions of materials from other institutions that Mishler used in his research. Please contact those institutions for information about duplication and use of copied materials.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Craig Mishler retains copyright to the materials in the collection. The Archives can grant permission for use of collection materials.

Preferred citation: Craig Mishler papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory: Biographical information was provided by the donor.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to Archives and Special Collections, and a deed of gift signed, by Craig Mishler in 2018. Additional material was donated by Mishler in 2019,  2021, and 2022.

Processing information: This collection was described by Veronica Denison in 2018. Original folder titles were retained. Additional materials were added to the collection by Gwen Higgins in 2020, 2021, and 2023.

Container list:

Series 1: Research and writing files; 1933-2021. 12.2 cubic feet.

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1a: Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Alutiiq research files; 1933-2011.  1.3 cubic feet. This series includes Mishler’s work in Kodiak and Exxon Valdez Oil Spill litigation, as well as consulting and field work documenting the impact of the oil spill primarily in the Alutiiq communities of Ouzinkie and Old Harbor.

Box/ FolderDescriptionDates
1/1Kodiak Airport Consulting2005-2006
1/2Buybacks MSS [Minerals Management Service] EVOS [Exxon Valdez Oil Spill]1996-1999
1/3Storage Boxes ADF&G [Alaska Department of Fish and Game]undated
1/4Alutiiq Foodwaysundated, 1991
1/5Alutiiq Kinship1991-1998
1/6Alutiiq Weather Lore1989-1999
1/7Ethnography Comments1998
1/8Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies1997-2004
1/9Black Ducks Maps (4)undated
1/10MMS Workshop Aug 12-141996-1998
1/11Black Ducks Mapsundated, 1998-2002
1/12Alutiiq Languageundated
1/13Alutiiq Vikings1992-1996
1/14MMSII Kodiak Chapters [Old Harbor and Ouzinkie]undated
1/15Kodiak Alutiiq Kinship Termsundated, 1989
1/16ABC News: Video Old Harbor1998
1/17BIA records: Ouzinkie and Afognak1943-1950
1/18RESTRICTED: Kodiak Release Forms/Signed1996-1997
1/19Kozley: Ouzinkie 19631963
1/20Kodiak Village and Agency Contacts1995-1996
1/21Ouzinkie Ethnography [includes Xerox copy of “Spruce Bough” published by the students of the Ouzinkie Government School 1946]1996-1997
1/22Aurcaq Dart Game1997
1/23Ouzinkie Census 1946/1934 [Xerox copies of census]undated
1/24Alutiiq Species Names1991
1/25Old Harbor News MSS. [Alaska Anthropological Association 33rd Annual Meeting in Kodiak, Alaska 2006]undated, 2006
1/26Old Harbor Village Maps [most are hand drawn]undated
1/27Old Harbor History [includes Xerox copies of documents from 1934-1949]undated, 1993, 2007
1/28Alutiiq Vikings1996
1/29Alutiiq Vikings Censusundated
1/30Old Harbor Interviews: Kana [Interviews with Larry Matfay, Anakenti and Senafont Zeeder]1983-1987
1/31BIA Tapes: Old Harbor1996
1/32RESTRICTED: Release Forms: Kodiak1998, 2007
1/33Looking Both Ways Catalogundated, 1997-1998
1/34Alutiiq Place Namesundated, 1989-1990
1/35Paul Kahutak Old Harbor [Interviews]1987-2004
1/36Dora Aga Larsen Bay [Obituaries]1996
1/37George Inga Sr. Old Harbor [Includes interview]1991-2008
1/38Sven and Mary Haakanson Sr. [Interview]1997, 2002
1/39Hender Toms [Interview]1997
1/40Panguingue: Card Gameundated, 2000
1/41Ed Opheim Sr. [Interview]1997
1/42Martha Anderson [Interview]1996-1997
1/43Arthur Haakanson [Interview]1997
1/44Nick Pestrikoff Sr. [Interview]1997
1/45Ephraim Agnot, Akiok [Obituary and letter]1994-1995
1/46Reed Oswalt [Interview]1997
1/47Alutiiq Social Structureundated
1/48Alutiiq Museum Transcripts1987-1996
1/49Larsen Bay Genealogies #11992-1997
1/50Larsen Bay Genealogies #2undated, 1995-1997
1/51Kodiak City Genealogies Rachel Masonundated
1/52Old Harbor Familiescirca 1990-1998
1/53Old Harbor Photos [most are Xerox copies of originals]undated
1/54Old Harbor Census: 1930 [Xerox copy of 1930 census]undated
1/55Old Harbor Census [Xerox copies of 1910, 1920, and1946 censuses]undated
1/56Old Harbor Ethnography1987-1999
1/57Old Harbor1979, 1986-1996
1/58BIA Records: Old Harbor, Alitak [Xerox copies of records from 1950-1951]undated
1/59A.C. Company Recordsundated
1/60The Albatross 1888-1889 [R/V Albatross]undated, 1998
1/61Ouzinkie History1981-1998
1/62Ouzinkie Genealogiescirca 1990-1999
1/63Ouzinkie Photos [Xerox copies]undated
1/64Ouzinkie [Includes genealogies, maps, subsistence use areas]undated, 1990-1999
1/65Old Harbor Photos [Xerox copies]undated
1/66MMS3 Workshop 19971997
1/67Walt Erickson [Interview]1996, 1998
1/68Ron Bernsten [Interview]1997
1/69Community Ethnographies [Interview]1997
1/70MMS: Ethnographic Q’s1996-1997
1/71Interview Questions/CEundated, 1997
1/72Alutiiq Museum masking exhibit2009
1/73-2/5Kodiak Alutiiq Genealogy Workshop funded by a National Science Foundation Grant: Includes two audiocassettes of workshop as well as workshop informationcirca 1997-2001
11/1DeHass: Alutiiq New Year’s2004
11/2Nuta’aq Anchorage [Flyer for Russian New Year celebration]1999 January 22
11/3Masked dance melody research files [Contains photocopies of material dated 1897-1975]undated, 1973
11/4Nuta’aq Mss. [Draft and research files for “The Nuta’aq: Musical Folk Drama in English Bay”]1988
11/5Ethnology: European traditions research files [Contains photocopies of material dated 1868-1985]undated
11/6Malanka [Draft and research files for “Malanka and the Alutiiq New Year’s Play]2007-2009
11/7Seldovia traditions1933-1997
11/8Ethnology: Nanwalek [Research files and paper drafts]1985-2007
11/9Ethnology: Alaskan traditions [Research files on masking traditions. Contains photocopies of material dated 1870-2001]1985-2011
11/10Masking Photos: Perryville and Yakutat 
Oversize folderAlaska mumming mapundated
11/11Kodiak Harbor fishing boats [list]1989
11/12Nanwalek maskalataqundated, 2009
11/13Old Harbor weather lorecirca 2003
11/14Father Oleksa’s talkundated

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1b: Tanacross and Big Delta research files: 1966-2015. 1.0 cubic feet. This series contains genealogical files and interviews with people from Upper Tanana and Tanacross, files relating to the Over-the-Horizon Backscatter Project, and Mishler’s work with the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Survey at Dot Lake and Big Delta.

Box/ FolderDescriptionDates
2/6Tanacross Culture Camp1966, 1998-2001
2/7Old Trading Post/Big Delta1984
2/8John Hajdukovich1999
2/9Crippled Boy/Mansfield [The Crippled Boy Who Saved Mansfield told by Kenny Thomas St. in Tanacross. Includes story in Tanacross]1999-2001
2/10Kenny Thomas Tape Indexesundated, 1999
2/11Book Reviews of Crow [Book reviews for Crow is my boss: The oral life history of a Tanacross Athabaskan Elder by Kenny Thomas Sr.]2005-2006
2/12Tanacross Kinship Termsundated, 2002
2/13Kenny Thomas Sr. [Includes stories and tape transcripts]1998-2008
2/14Crow is my boss fliers2004-2005
2/15Crow is by boss illustrationsundated, 2005
2/16Tanacross Clansundated
2/17Tanacross Place Names1988, 2008
2/18Mansfield Census 1910 [Xerox copies]undated
2/19Tanacross Twist [Social Dance]2000
2/20Silas Solomon Tapes [Tape index]1988
2/21Tanacross Language1999
2/22Northway Memorial Potlatch1988
2/23Dance: Mansfield/Tanacrossundated
2/24Tanacross History1969-2000
2/25Tanacross Folklore [Copies of According to Papa as told by David Paul to Audrey Loftus 1957; and According to Mama as told by Laura David Anderson 1956]undated
2/26Tanacross Place Names2000, 2006
2/27Delta Historical Society [Tape index]1982-1987
2/28Protocols: Tanacross OTH [Protocols/Tanacross Archaeology. Over-the-Horizon Backscatter Project]undated
2/29Backscatter Radar: TIS [Over-the-Horizon Backscatter Project, Tanacross Impact Services]undated, 1974, 1988
2/30Athabaskan Luke Tapes [Information from tape boxes]undated
2/31Goodpaster Affidavitsundated, 1994
2/32Tanacross Place Namesundated, 1983
2/33Tape Indexes: Tanacrossundated, 1984
2/34Craig’s Field Notes: Big Delta [Big Delta Field Notes]1983
2/35Subsistence/Tanacrossundated, 1978-1988
2/36Tanacross Genealogies [Includes Xerox copies of 1900, 1937, 1938 census]undated, 1972-1989
2/37Abraham and Eva Luke Land Claimundated, 1983-1994
2/38Release Forms/Tanacross1988
2/39Alaska Native Place Names [Workshop]2015
2/40Tanacross: OTH Backscatter [Over-the-Horizon Backscatter Project]undated, 1988-1989
2/41Paredes Dissertation Correspondence1979-1993
2/42Episcopal Church Archives1993-1994
2/43Tanacross Languageundated, 1987
2/44Abraham Luke [Includes Goodpaster field notebook]undated, 1983-1989
2/45Abraham Luke Tape Index1983
2/46Tanacross Tape Indexes1988
2/47Transcriptions/Tanacross [Interviews with Gaither Paul and Silas Solomon]1988
2/48“Born with the River” manuscript1984-1985
Oversize rollIndigenous language place name maps from the Tanacross village area, compiled while working for Tanacross Impact Services1989
11/15Tanacross place namesundated, 1982-1985
11/16Big Delta interviews [oral history subject indexes]1983
11/17Big Delta symposium1983
11/18Big Delta: the early years [Contains photocopies of material from 1900-19751983
11/19The Old Trading Post [“Cultural Site Resources Survey: Rika’s Landing State Historic Site and Access Road” report]1983 March
11/20McCarty Trading Post 1905 Big Delta [photocopies of oversize ledger]undated
11/21Rika’s Roadhouse [Contains photocopies of material dated 1930-1978]undated
Oversize folderTanacross place names map1988
11/22Oral History interviews1983-1985
11/23Abraham Luke place names [index cards]undated

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1c: Folklore and folk music research files; 1942-2018. 1.85 cubic feet. This series contains Mishler’s research files concerning folk music and folklore, particularly Athabascan fiddling.

Box/ FolderDescriptionDates
2/49Alaska Society of Natural History and Ethnology (Sitka)undated, 1975-2002
2/50Miscellaneous Papers and Notes ASNH&E [Alaska Society of Natural History and Ethnology]undated, 1972-1983
2/51ASNH&E Meeting Datesundated, 1988-1995
2/52Sitka: ASNHE MSS.1987
2/53Doyon Region [Includes Mishler’s article “Articulating a Native American folk region: the case for Doyon”]undated, 1971-1977
2/55Speech Play & Verbal Artundated
2/56Frank Fontaine Fiddlerundated, 2002
2/57Indigenous Knowledge Conf.undated, 1994
3/1Legends: Folk1971-1987
3/2Thomas Johnston [Bibliography]undated, 2001
3/3History of Alaskan Anth [Anthropology]undated, 2001-2002
3/4Alaskan Old-Time & Bluegrass [Includes Xerox copies of older documents]undated, 1942-1986
3/5Margaret Hawk (Sioux)circa 1973-1975
3/6Translation of Oral Texts [Elijah John]undated
3/7Alaska Fishing Loreundated, 1971-1996
3/8Henry & Hilma Shavingsundated, 1991-2002
3/9The Jinx Cabinundated, 1981
3/10Craig’s Crossword Puzzlesundated
3/11Yesner & Holmes Critique [David Yesner and Charles Holmes]1990
3/12Rochester Callers Forum [Square Dancing]1997-2002
3/13Western Subarctic [Folklore]undated, 1978
3/14Narrativity in Dead Birds1977-1988
3/15Video MSS [Video as a research and communication tool in Alaskan Applied Anthropology]undated
3/16Pioneer Peak Ski Report1984
3/17Talkeetna Bachelors’ Societyundated, 1991
3/18ASNHE Meeting Minutes 1887-1905, 1910-1911 [Xerox copies of the meeting minutes, and includes Mishler’s notes]undated
3/19Alutiiq Vikings 10undated, 1994-1996
3/20History of Alaskan Anthro [Anthropology]1972-1987
3/21Convergence Theoryundated, 1981
3/22Miscellaneous Papers [Papers written by Mishler]undated, 1976
3/23Finland IASSA (International Arctic Social Science Association)1994-1995
3/24AFS’: Alaska Native Music [“Alaska Native Music: Here and There, Now and Then” by Craig Mishler presented at the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Anchorage]2001
3/25Eskimo Gospel Musicundated, 1989-2006
3/26Aurcaq: Dart Gameundated, 1997
3/27Aurcaq: Dart Gameundated, 1992-1993
3/28Native New Life MSSundated, 1991-1994
3/29Telling About Bear [Includes Telling About Bear: A Northern Athapaskan Men’s Riddle Tradition by Mishler]undated, 1983-1984
3/30Alaskan Mythical Highwayscirca 1970
3/31“The Last Winged Creature” John Pingayak Play1996
3/32Yupik lore1972-1985
3/33Athabascan Potlatch Oratory interview transcripts1973
3/34Riddles and puzzles, notes and examples [Contains photocopied document from 1913]undated, 1978
3/35Oscar Chappell/Seward [Songs]undated
3/36Carl Seaver/Knik [Photographs and interview release]2006
3/37Ruben Gaines [Research file]2006
3/38“Bill Stevens and Young Native Fiddlers” by Maryanne Allan [Notes on draft]undated
3/39Breakup proposal [Funding proposal for Alaska Native music radio program1981
3/40Chili Cookoffs [Research file]1977-1988
3/41AFS [American Folklore Society] meetings/Albuquerque [“Athapaskan Indian Fiddling: A Musical History” conference proposal and draft]1987
3/42Alaskan tall tales [Includes photocopied documents dated 1904, 1928]undated
3/43Happy Jack AFS [American Folklore Society] paper1975-1982
3/44Happy Jack: transcriptions1972
3/45Happy Jack: biographical1972-1973
3/46Tony Scott Pearce correspondence [Review of The Crooked Stovepipe: Athapaskan Indian Fiddling and Square Dancing in Northeast Alaska and Northwest Canada.]1989
11/24Dene fiddle discography2001
11/25Kole Crook Fiddle1996-2002
11/26Reporting speech mss [Drafts, correspondence, and notes for article ‘He Said, They Say: The Uses of Reporting Speech in Native American Folk Narrative’ by Craig Mishler in Fabula Journal of Folktale Studies, 1981.] 1977-2004
11/27Tiger Burch paper [“Collaborating with the Tiger” by Craig Mishler, presented to the Alaska Anthropological Association.]2011
11/28Pioneer Peak ski report1983-1984
11/29Dead Sweethearts Ball2005-2007
11/30AFS [American Folklore Society] Callers Forum [Information about a square-dancing event at an AFS conference]2002
11/31Robert Demoski-stick danceundated, 1973
11/32Lower Koyukon stick dance [Drafts of “Towards a Semiotic of the Lower Koyukon Feast for the Dead” and related research files. Includes photocopies of material dated 1868-1985]1974-1996
11/33Published reviews [Book reviews written by Mishler]1981-2007
11/34APS translation workshop2015
11/35Miscellaneous research notes [Two notes related to ethnic convergenceundated
11/36Phillips Barry Lectures [list]undated
11/37Alaskan old-time music photos [Copied photographs from other archives, dated 1857-1947]undated
11/38AK Native music: AFS [Draft of “Alaska Native Music: Here and There, Now and Then” American Folklore Society Phillips Barry Lecture]2001
11/39John Hale. Nancy Lake, Willow [Obituary, program for wake, notes]1991
11/40Sourdough and homesteaders’ loreundated, 1975-1982
11/41Mishler/AK Native music2001
11/42Athabascan Fiddling festival1995-2015
11/43Crooked Stovepipe reviews1995-2008
11/44Craig’s papers for professional meetingsundated, 1982
11/45John Campbell letter2005 December 9
11/46Elaine Harp letters2003, 2009
11/47Correspondence1971, 2004
11/48Nina Tortilla: Apache kinship 2016
11/49Nina Tortilla: foodways2016
11/50AFS Paper Msp [draft of “Sacred Apache Architecture: The Tipi and the Arbor”]2017 October
11/51Apache arbors [research files]undated, 2017
11/52Melvin Hererra [interview]2018
11/53Apache [interview releases and language notes]2013-2018

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1d: Gwich’in research files; 1940-2021. 5.15 cubic feet. This series consists of Mishler’s research pertaining to the Gwich’in people of Alaska and Canada, including correspondence, notes, oral history transcripts and articles. Subjects include Gwich’in history, individuals, cultural practices, stories, Gwich’in language, and places. Research materials in this series were used in the writing of Neerihiinjìk: We Traveled from Place to Place: The Gwich’in Stories of Johnny and Sarah Frank (2001) and Dinjii Vadzaih Dhidlit: The Man Who Became a Caribou (2019, 2nd edition, revised, 2020).

Box/ FolderDescriptionDates
4/1Smithsonian Archives [Notes]2005
4/2Ottawa Archives [Research and correspondence]2002-2004
4/3Butler-Dale Collection Alaska State Historical Library Juneau Venetie photos [with notes]undated
4/4Tsukoo site maps1998
4/5Site survey: Upper Chandalar1998
4/6Venetie Graveyardundated
4/7Gwich’in Demography [Articles and notes]undated
4/8Census: K’ahtsik 1919, 1950 [Photocopies]undated
4/9U.S. Census 1900 [Photocopies with notes]undated
4/10US Census 1910: Villages [Photocopies]undated
4/111910 Census Upper Tanana [Photocopies]undated
4/121910 Census Chandalar [Photocopies]undated
4/131930 U.S. Census Sheets [Photocopies]undated
4/14Episcopal Church vital statistics [Photocopies and notes]undated
4/15Census Christian Village [Photocopies]undated
4/16BIA Census/Arctic Village [Photocopies]undated
4/171920 Census Chandalar [Photocopies and notes]undated
4/18AV [Arctic Village] Church [Photographs and photocopied documents]undated
4/19AV Council Mtg Aug 10 [Native Village of Venetie Tribal government documents]1998-1999
4/20Gwich’in Guns [Photocopied articles and notes]undated
4/21Fort Yukon Miscellany [Notes and photocopied articles and report]undated
4/22Fort Yukon Chiefs1973, 1976
4/23Gwich’in Ethnohistory [Chapter drafts by Mishler]undated
4/24Fort Yukon 1971-Present [Research files]1973-1980, 1996
4/25FY [Fort Yukon] 1949-1971 [Research files]1961, 1979-1980
4/26FY [Fort Yukon] 1937-1949 [Incudes photocopies of material from 1946-1955]1979-1980
4/27FY [Fort Yukon] 1905-1937 [Includes photocopies of material dated 1905-1934.]undated
4/28Hudson Stuck 1904-1920 [Includes photocopies of material dated 1909-1920]1979-1982
4/29Gwich’in Letters 1894-1907 [Photocopies of letters written in Gwich’in with undated translations]undated
4/30FY [Fort Yukon] 1896-1904 [Includes photocopies of material dated 1896-1969]undated
4/31Dark Period 1970-1895 [Includes photocopies of material dated to 1885 and 1888undated
4/32Antoine Hooleundated, 1995
4/33McDonald Era: 1862-1905 [Includes photocopies of materials dated to 1898 and 1915]undated
4/34Robert McDonald’s journals [Photocopies]1985
4/35Robert McDonald, Biographical [Notes and photocopies of documents dated 1905-1975]undated
4/36Kirkby & Hunter [Notes and photocopies of documents dated 1859-1973]undated
4/37Explorers FY [Fort Yukon] 1868-1869 [Notes and photocopies of documents dated 1868-1870]undated
4/38Fort Yukon 1840-1868 [Notes, correspondence, and photocopies of documents dated 1836-1973]1983
4/39Missionaries in Collision [Notes, correspondence, and drafts relating to article “Missionaries in Collision: Anglicans and Oblates among the Gwich’in, 1861-65”]1988-1990
4/40Shahnyaati’[Notes, typed accounts, and photocopies of documents dated 1883-1975]undated
4/41Bill Stevens [Correspondence, articles, biographies]1977-2008
4/42Bill Stevens Interview [Transcript]2011
4/43Bill Stevens Outline [Outline and information for book Ch’adzaa Aghwaa: He Carries the Dance: The Life and Times of Gwich’in Fiddle Bill Stevens]2005-2011
4/44Arctic Village: Tritt [Notes, articles, and photocopies of documents dated 1923-1976, relating to Arctic Village and Albert Tritt]1979-1993
4/45BIA Tapes: Arctic Village & Venetie [Inventory]undated
4/46Village Correspondence1974-1991
4/47Signed Releases/Gwich’in [Oral history releases]1975-1992
4/48Ruth Carrol [Letter]1992 December
4/49Chief Christianundated
4/50Jim Christian [Letter, interview transcript, translations of Gwich’in phrases]1985, 1997
4/51Judy Erick [Letter, death information, interview notes, copy of birth certificate from 1976]undated, 1993, 1999
4/52Natalie Erick [Interview and story transcripts]undated
4/53Daniel Flitt [Genalogy notes]undated
4/54Martha Flett [sic] [Martha Flitt stories and biography]undated
4/55Alfred Francis [Memorial program]1997 February 19
4/56Bella Francis [Interview transcripts]undated
4/57Hamel and Mary Frank [Correspondence and memorial program]1980-1998
4/58Burns Frank1998-2005
4/59Sarah & Johnny Frank [Grant proposal]1988
4/60Frank Genealogyundated, 1990-1992
4/61Frank Family Tree1994, 2000
4/62Kenneth Frank [Correspondence, biography, Gwich’in place names]1996-2007
5/1Moses Gabriel [Correspondence]1972-1995
5/2Nathaniel Frank [Oral history transcripts/translations]undated, 1992
5/3Daniel John [Translated stories]undated
5/4Edward John [Notes]undated, 1999
5/5Elijah John [Correspondence, stories, biography, notes]1972-1983
5/6Frank Ginnis John [Oral history transcripts/translations]1986, 1990
5/7Sophie John [Transcripts and translations of songs and oral histories]undated
5/8Silas John [Letter and transcripts of oral histories and stories]undated, 1974
5/9William Loola [Notes and photocopies of documents dated 1912-1918]1974
5/10Stanley Luke [Letter and oral history transcripts]undated, 1975
5/11Richard Martin [Notes, biography, and transcripts of oral histories and stories]undated, 1983
5/12Charlie Peter [Notes and correspondence. Some correspondence from son, Lawrence Peter]1974-1995
5/13Katherine Peter [Correspondence and story transcript in Gwich’in]1990, 1998
5/14Moses Peter [Story transcripts and photocopied articles dated 1903 and 1954]undated
5/15Myra Robert [Notes and transcripts/translations of oral histories, songs, and stories]undated 1979-1986
5/16Johnny Ross [Oral history transcripts]undated
5/17Sandy Roberts [Oral history transcripts/translations]1973-1980
5/18David Salmon [Obituaries, newsletter column, oral history transcript/translationundated, 1994-2007
5/19Moses Sam [Interview transcript and obituary]1996, 2001
5/20Gary Simple [Pamphlet, flyers, article]2005, 2013
5/21Lincoln Tritt [Autobiography and articles by Tritt]1992, 1994
5/22Mardow & Hannah Solomon [Notes]undated
5/23Bill Stevens CD2009-2014
5/24Abel Tritt (“Zhuu”) [Interview and story transcripts and translations]2006
5/25Helen Tritt [Story transcripts/translations]1994
5/26Isaac Tritt [Story transcripts/translations]undated
5/27Isaac Tritt-Di’Haii [Transcript and translation]1988 June 11
5/28Lincoln Tritt [Interview notes, conference agenda, articles]1991-2006
5/29David Wallis [Notes]undated
5/30Mae Wallis [Interview and obituary]1976, 2006
5/31Ambrose William [Interview and story transcripts/translations]undated, 1972
5/32Johnny & Sarah photoscirca 1940-1972
5/33Sarah Frank [Obituary, life history, and story translation]1980-1988
5/34Johnny Frank notes1972-1991
5/35Maggie Gilbert [Transcript/translation of “Blind Man and the Loon,” recorded April 23, 1973]undated, 1973-1990
5/36Maggie Gilbert old transcriptundated, 2007
5/37Maggie Gilbert: New Mss.2009 September 8
5/38Maggie Gilbert Tonesundated
5/39Maggie Gilbert-Gemmill [Transcription by Fannie Gemmill, translation by Caroline Frank2006, 2008
5/40Gwich’in Texts: Ruth Carroll1992-1999
5/41Trimble Gilbert Transcripts1998
5/42Trimble Gilbert tone-mark1998
5/43K. Peter’s [Katherine Peter]1974-1975
5/44Trimble Gilbert [Transcripts]undated, 1998
5/45Frank Family #2 [Transcripts and translations]undated
5/46Frank Family #3 [Transcripts and translations]undated
5/47Mary Frank [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded 1997 June 13]undated, 2004
5/48Hamel Frank [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded September 20, 1996]undated
5/49Nathaniel Frank [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded June 14, 1992]undated
5/50Gideon James [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded March 22, 1998]1999 March
5/51Trimble Gilbert [Transcripts and translations]1998-1999
5/52Albert Albert [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded on May 14, 1998]undated, 1998 June
5/53Moses Sam [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded May 29, 1996]undated, 1998 April
5/54Jimmy Roberts [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded November, 1997]undated
5/55Margaret Kelly – Daughter Eva Kelly lives in Fort Yukon [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded August 31, 1997]1997
5/56Neil Henry [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded June 30, 1999]undated
5/57Eunice Williams & Mary Simple [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded August 28, 1997]1997-1999
5/58Ellen Henry & John Erick Jr. at Tsuk’oo [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded June 10, 1997]1997
5/59Gideon James [Transcripts and translations]1999 March
5/60Paul Kelly Jr. [Transcripts and translation of interview recorded October 7, 1997]undated
5/61Ellen Henry [Transcripts and translations of interviews recorded on November 24, 1997 and September 12, 1998]undated
5/62Maggie Roberts [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded January 22, 1998]undated
5/63Daniel Flitt [Transcripts and translations of interview recorded September 1, 1997, plus email]undated, 1998 December 7
6/1Old Crow [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1916-1954]1964-2001
6/2Rampart House [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1911-1926]undated, 1975-2010
6/3Peel River history2000
6/4Fort McPherson [Visitor guides and articles]1990-2001
6/5LaPierre’s house [Photocopies of documents dated 1887-1933]undated
6/6ABC News: Arctic Village video [Descriptions of content]1998-1999
6/8Birch Creek [Includes photocopy of article dated 1950]undated, 1987
6/10Venetie tape indexesundated
6/11NPS Venetie final report1999
6/12Gwich’in Steering Committee [Button, letter, and advertisement]undated, 1996
6/13Arctic National Wildlife Refugeundated, 1991
6/14Gwich’in narratives 1876-19731972-1977
6/15Neerihiinjik photos2001
6/16Neerihiinjik: flow chart [Documents relating to the Gwich’in Legacy of Johnny & Sarah Frank]1990-2000
6/17Tom Alton: Neerihiinjik edits1996, 2000
6/18Neerihiinjik reviews1995-1997
6/19Neerihiinjik grant proposal NEHundated
9/1Neerihiinjik NEH grant1989-1991
6/20Allan Benjamin scrapbook [Clippings]2001-2002
6/21Yukon Oral History Tapes [Finding aid]1994
6/22Gwich’in Aboriginal Dances [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1851-1930]1972-2002
6/23Yukon Archives [Collection descriptions]2002
6/24Indian Country-NAARF [Native American Rights Fund clippings and legal documents]1996-1997
6/25Venetie Lawsuit Testimonies1993-1995
6/26Historic contact on the Yukon Flats [Includes photo copies of documents dated 1899-1975]1979-1983
6/27Oblates 1862-72 [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1870-1955]1973-1977
6/28Cree & Gwich’in story cycles [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1898-1911]undated
6/29Tony Scott Pearce correspondence1987-1989
6/30Gwich’in material cultureundated, 1977
6/31Pierre Demers [Postcard and Gwich’in translations of hymns]undated
6/32Gwich’in poetry2013
6/33Gwich’in discourse1973, 1979
6/34Jude Henzler correspondence1986-2002
6/35Brushman Stories [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1915-1975]undated, 1972, 1992
6/36Gwich’in Shamanism [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1950-1961]1973-1998
6/37Krech [Shepard Krech III, letter and article reprint]1982-1983
6/38Hunting beliefs and riddles Gwich’inundated, 1970, 1985
6/39Yukon Archives: Whitehorse2005
6/40Visual arts & traditional dress [Includes photocopies of documents from 1947-19831978-1986
6/41Gwich’in books2007
6/42Gwich’in literacy/Muller1992
6/43Gwich’in ethnohistory intro [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1957-1965]circa 1980
6/44Fredson texts (Sapir). Sapir MS [manuscript] from Johnny Fredsonundated, 1973
6/45Divii Ahtsiknjik [Red Sheep Creek photographs and Gwich’in historic and cemetery site decription form]1998
6/46Try’ah Tsi’njik [Otter Tail Creek photographs and Gwich’in historic and cemetery site decription form]1998
6/47Tr’ee gwhah awal [Deadman’s Creek Gwich’in historic and cemetery site decription form]1998 October 22
6/48Fredson life history [Drafts of “John Fredson: A Gwich’in Athapaskan Life History 1896-1945” by Craig Mishler]undated
6/49John Fredson recordings [Kutchin Cylinder Transfer Project]1987, 2000
6/50Fiddlers & Dancers [Papers by Craig Mishler]1996-2001
6/51Gwich’in song translationsundated, 1973-1987
6/52Shonti Elder’s transcriptionsundated, 1989 March 15
6/53Grant Spearman correspondence1990-1994
7/1Dene gatherings1998-2002
7/2Gold Camp/BIA file [Photocopies]undated, 1987
7/3Albert Tritt’s store/BIA file [Photocopies]1976-1983
7/4Names: Leer & Kari [Papers on collection of geographic names]undated, 1976, 1982
7/5Gwich’in proverbs2010
7/6White Eye genealogiesundated
7/7Northern Dene potlatching [Photocopies of documents dated 1916-1975]1984
7/8Steamboats & trading Co’s [Photocopies of documents dated 1978-1977]undated
7/9Elijah Henry’s cabin: BIA [Photocopies]1976-1986
7/10Old John’s cabin/BIA file [Photocopies]1976-1980
7/11Nehdlii [Definitions and explanations of word]undated, 1994-1995
7/12Roger Kaye: Brushman1991 July 19
7/13Arctic Village: CPSU tapes [Inventories]1993, 1997
7/14Benveniste Gwich’in birds [Includes photocopy of article dated 1953]undated
7/15Gwich’in Gathering 2006-20082006-2008
7/161992 Gwich’in Gathering1992
7/17Gwich’in Niin Tsyaa 19881988
7/18Final draft NEH proposal on Johnny & Sarah Frank1988-1990
7/19Venetie: NPS proposal 19971996-1998
7/201999 Oral History Conference1999
7/21Athabascan Language Conference2002
7/22Schraeder diary & photos [Includes copies of documents and photographs dated 1899-1904]undated, 1993
7/23John Fredson [Research notes, correspondence, paper written by Craig Mishler. Includes photocopies of documents dating 1912-1961]1973-2000
7/24Gwich’in tonality1979-1981
7/25Slavey Jargon Textsundated
7/26Athapaskan grieving1990-1998
7/27Slavey Jargon [Research for “That’s a rubbaboo: Slavey Jargon, a Nineteenth Century Subarctic Speech community” by Craig Mishler. Includes photocopies of documents dated 1900-1996]1973-2008
7/28Gwich’in linguistic acculturationundated, 1977
7/29Gwich’in language [Instructional materials]1969-1997
7/30-31Gwich’in grammar [Instructional materials]1971-2011
7/32Sapir [Edward Sapir] Gwich’in stem list [Photocopies]undated, 1964
7/33Dene Languages Conf.2013
7/34Gwich’in literacy: Moore [Patrick Moore]1995, 2007
7/35Boundary line story [Research for “The Alaska-Yukon Boundary Survey of 1911-1912: An Athapaskan Perspective” by Craig Mishler presented at the Borderlands Conference, 1989. Includes photocopies of documents dated 1893-1912.]1980-1990
7/36Archival holdingsundated, 1976-2002
7/37Gwich’in names: La Pierre’s House [Photocopies of documents dated 1851, 1866.]undated
7/38Crooked Stovepipe [Correspondence regarding publication of Mishler’s book The Crooked Stovepipe and his dissertation]1982-1989
7/39Gwich’in materials in Canadian archives [Correspondence and notes]1976-1979, 2002
7/40McGary/Gwich’in texts [Photocopy of “Gwich’in Gwandak: Edition and Translation of Alaskan Athabaskan Narratives: A Thesis” by Mary Jane McGary1984
7/41Drane, Arctic Village 1922 [Photocopies]undated
7/42Douglas Leechman [Photocopy of article dated 1952]2009
7/43Venetie DCRA [Division of Community and Regional Affairs Community Information Summary database printouts]1996, 1998
7/44Venetie Reservation/BIA [includes photocopies of documents dated 1940-1979]undated
7/45Nishuk-Johnny Frank’s Bro [Records on the grave of Johnny Frank’s brother]1977-1980
7/46Arctic Village correspondence1991
7/47Arctic Village DCRA [Division of Community and Regional Affairs Community Information Summary database printouts]1996-2000
7/48Tiger Burch MS [Draft and manuscript of “Social and Linguistic Boundaries in North-Central Alaska]1998
7/49Di’haii Gwich’in [Correspondence with Ernest S. “Tiger” Burch, Jr. concerning “The Di’haii Gwich’in: Mystery People of Northern Alaska” co-authored by Burch and Mishler]1986-1997
7/50Tiger Burch correspond [Correspondence with Ernest S. “Tiger” Burch, Jr concerning “The Di’haii Gwich’in: Mystery People of Northern Alaska” co-authored by Burch and Mishler.]1986-1997
8/1-2Frank family transcripts1989 October 5
9/1Distribution list complimentary copies [For The Man Who Became a Caribou]undated
9/3John Tritt caribou body parts translation list2013 August 24
9/4Vadzaih Tth’an protocol: Gwich’in Caribou Anatomy Language Data Sheet2010-2015
9/5Vadzaih Tth’an (caribou anatomy) word lists2012
9/6Canadian contacts2011-2013
9/7Protocols: Body Parts2013
9/8Caribou references2014
9/9Interview questions: caribou and deer anatomy2012
9/10Caribou and moose typologies: Gwich’in word listsundated, 2009
9/11Research licenses2013
9/12Open-ended questionsundated
9/13Maggie Roberts recording indexundated
9/14Kenneth Frank caribou anatomy notes1998-2012
9/15Isaac Tritt obituary1993
9/16Caribou Anatomy: Kenny Thomas Sr.2010
9/17Vadzaih Tth’an word listsundated
9/18Dinjik (moose) typology listundated
9/19Caribou butcheringundated
9/20Allan Hayton2012
9/21Caribou fences1984, 1974
9/22Paul “Snook” Herbert caribou body part translation listsundated
9/23AAA 2012 photo contest2012
9/24Moose and caribou sketchesundated, 2014
9/25Simon Francis caribou body part translation listundated
9/26Vasaagihdzak’s Scarf symposium materialsundated
9/27Peter Mather release2016
9/28Translating Gwich’in examples2015-2016
9/29University of Oklahoma Press reader’s reportundated
9/30“Meat Flavors, Tastes, and Smells: A Sensory Lexicon of Gwich’in Gastronomy and Cuisine from Kenneth Frank2015
9/31Vasaagihdzak’s Hat Colloquiumundated
9/32Freddie Kaydahzinne Apache deer anatomy lists2013 March 6
9/33Benveniste on caribouundated
9/34Caribou research material1976-1991
9/35Niinvyaa Zheh [Notes and articles on Gwich’in tents, photocopied document from 1979]undated
9/36Randall Tetlichi notes2012
9/37Old Crow Elders tapes [Transcripts]undated
9/38MacArthur Tritt caribou body part translation lists2012
9/39Gwich’in foodways resources and notes [Includes photocopied document dated 1948]1974-2016
9/40Trimble Gilbert caribou anatomy list Gwich’in translations2012
9/41Robert Bruce Jr. caribou anatomy list Gwich’in translations2013 September
9/42Robert Frank Robert Bruce Jr. caribou anatomy list Gwich’in translations2011 May 22
9/43Gary Simple photos [caribou butchering]undated
9/44Maggie Roberts caribou anatomy list Gwich’in translations2012 May 23
9/45Research on Caribou2016
9/46Caribou anatomy notesundated, 2012
9/47Book notes on caribouundated
9/48Michio Hoshino caribou photos2012
9/49Rasmuson Library UAF research file1998-2016
9/50Caribou fence and corral [Photocopies of Isaac Tritt journal with notes]undated
9/51Making dry meat video [Script and production information]2014-2015
9/52Dry meat video: part 1 [Script and notes]2014
9/53Caribou lore [Includes photocopies dated 1991-2004]1998-1999
9/54Seasonal round charts [caribou hunting seasons]undated
9/55Gwich’in potlatch notes2003
9/56“The Gwich’in Memorial Potlatch: A New Awakening” [Draft and sources]1973, 2004
9/57Skeletal sketches [Caribou anatomy]undated
9/58Gwich’in notesundated
9/59Vadzaih anatomy notes and printouts2010
9/60Vadzaih.com web page [Now inactive]2019
9/61Caribou book proposals2003, 2009
9/62Caribou book outlineundated
9/63John Ritter letters [Yukon Native Language Centre]1986
11/53Inuvik2001 July 17-24
11/54Venetie place names and sites2006-2008
1/55Arctic Village place names1998-2006
11/56Gwich’in historic photos [Copies of photographs from other archives]undated
11/57Venetie census data [Contains photocopies of material dating 1966-1972]undated, 1989
11/58Judy Erick’s transcripts1992-2000
12/1USGS Archives [Research files for “Anthropology on the Rocks: The Human Landscape of Interior Alaska Field Geologists, 1898-1937”. Folder contains photocopies of materials dated 1892-1993.]1994-1995
12/2Mertie and FitzGerald [Research files about Gerald FitzGerald and J.B. Mertie including correspondence, notes, and photocopies of material dating 1925-1983]1990-1995
12/3J.B. Mertie photographs [Copies of photographs from the USGS Archives of Arctic Village]1927
12/4Mertie and Schrader Slides [Slides of photos from USGS Archives]undated
12/5McGary notes on Gwich’inundated
12/6Gwich’in kinship [Lists of kinship terms in Gwich’in and “Ooazhrii: Gwich’in Names and Kinship Ties” by Craig Mishler and Kenneth (Drit Zhuu) Frank ]undated, 1993-1995
12/7Gwich’in New Year’s [Research files for “The Gwich’in New Year: Scottish Saturnalia in the Subarctic” by Craig Mishler, including photocopies of materials dating 1881-1996 ]1996-1998
12/8Gwich’in New Year’s mss [Draft, clippings, and notes]1991-1998
12/9Gwich’in Gatherings [Information about Gwich’in Gathering events]1996, 2010
12/10Gwich’in naming ceremony [Draft of Ooaazhrii: Gwich’in Naming Ceremonies]2012
12/11Gwich’in personal names [Contains photocopies of material dated 1851-1942]1975-2002
12/12Tsuk’o̧o̧ Tee’itree paperundated, 1997
12/13Gwich’in and HBC lobsticks [Draft and research files, “Njah, Njoh: Lobsticks Among the Gwich’in and Others”]2006-2007
12/14Gwich’in names, Hudson’s Bay Company [Contains photocopies of material dated 1849-1854]undated, 1997
12/15Sam Peter Mss [Oral history transcripts/translations and draft of “The Sam Peter Stories: Some Gwich’in Athabaskan Tall Tales” by Craig Mishler and Kenneth Frank]undated, 1998
12/16Gwich’in Humorundated, 1980
12/17Johnny Frank family tree2020
12/18Boundary line story [Drafts of “The Alaska-Yukon Boundary Survey of 1911-1912: an Athapaskan perspective” and correspondence]1989-1991
12/19Mizhur card game [Research files and drafts of paper “Mazhur, Monsieur? A Gwich’in Athapaskan Card Game”. Contains photocopies of material dated 1953-1970]1983-2000
12/20Anthropology on the Rocks [Draft of paper “Anthropology on the Rocks: The Human Landscapes of Interior Alaska Field Geologists]1996
12/21Sam Peter storiesundated, 1996-2020
12/22Lear Khęhkwaii Play [Program for a Gwich’in inspired production of King Lear]2013
12/23Dinjii Zhuu K’yaa workshop [Gwich’in language workshop materials]2014
12/24Gwich’in Scrabble2002
12/25AHF Gwich’in place names2008
12/26Gwich’in language notesundated
12/27John Fredson bio1991
12/28Venetie hist. preservation [list of projects]undated
12/29The Man Who Became a Caribou book reviews2020-2021
12/30Johnny and Sarah Frank legacy [Draft of “The Gwich’in Legacy of Johnny and Sara Frank–Some Issues in Oral Biography and Autobiography]1990 March 9 
12/31Ellen Henry stories [translation/transcription of 1997 interview]undated
12/32AAA-Nyaa Verb [Draft of “-Nyaa, Just Saying: Functional and Artistic Uses of a Gwich’in Verb Stem”]2018 March 22 
Oversize folderHistoric site survey Upper Chandalar maps1998
12/33NEH grant letters2005

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1e: Arctic folktales; 1969-2018. 1.0 cubic feet. This series contains Mishler’s research on stories found across different Arctic cultures, particularly “The Blind Man and the Loon.”

Box/ FolderDescriptionDates
8/3Blind Man & Loon Indian subtype [Contains photocopies of documents dated 1892-1979]1982-2006
8/4Greenland variants [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1827-1986]undated, 2007
8/5Blind Boy & the Loon Eskimo subtype [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1908-2003circa 1975-2007
8/6Birgitte Sonne letters2007
8/7Blind Man  & Loon semi-literary versions [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1875-2008]undated, 2001-2009
8/8BM&L [Blind Man & Loon] talk notesundated, 2013
8/9Jacques & Mary Regat [Interview notes]2009 May 31
8/10Nebraska: peer review2010
8/11Von Sydow: Oikotypesundated
8/12Blind Man & Loon notes [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1900-2006]1976-2009
8/13Workman: White River Ash [Photocopy]1974
8/14Rasmussen & Rink archiveundated
8/15AAA [Alaska Anthropological Association] paper/Blind Man & Loon2008
8/16Blind Man & Loon mapsundated, 2010
8/17Blind Man & Loon art1998-2012
8/18Untranslated textsundated
8/19Rink’s variants [Hinrich Rink’s Greenlandic variants]undated
8/20Leechman [Douglas Leechman’s Blind Man & Loon variants, photocopies of documents dated 1931-1964]undated
8/21Knud Rasmussen [Greenlandic variants. Includes photocopies of documents dated 1929-1988]2007
8/22Charles Lucier Variants2018
8/23Blind Man & the Loon [Includes the paper “The tale of the Blind Man and the Loon” by Craig Mishler.]1977-2009
8/24Internet variants1988-2008
8/25Loon biology1985-1990
8/26Film & media variants [Includes photocopy of document dated 1949]undated, 2001-2009
8/27BM & L [Blind Man & Loon]: permissions2009-2012
8/28Thisted [Kirsten Thisted “Republication of Greenandic Tales Collected in the Nineteenth Century,” photocopy. Also includes catalog records for other resources about Greenland]1996, 2007
8/29BM&L [Blind Man & Loon] museum exhibitundated
8/30Sonnesbase translations2007, 2010
8/31Blind Man & Loon Mss. [Draft of “Diving Down: Ritual Healing in the Tale of the Blind Man and the Loon” by Craig Mishler]2001
Oversize folderDraft of “Diving Down: Ritual Healing in the Tale of the Blind Man and the Loon” by Craig Mishler2003
8/32Petitot texts [Includes photocopies of texts by Emile Petitot dated 1886-1890undated
8/33Sun Sister/Moon Brother [Includes copies of documents dated 1800-1987undated, 2011
8/34The Woman Left to Freeze [Includes transcripts of interviews dated 1972-1990]undated, 1989-1990
8/35The Abandoned Widow [Includes transcript/translation of interview with Elijah John dated 19721981-1990
8/36Awl and Her Son’s Son [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1894-1960]undated, 1977
8/37Ethnohistory talkundated, 1969
8/38Raven Brings Light tale [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1902-1965]undated
8/39Boy in the Moon tale [Includes photocopied document dated 1883]undated
12/34The Blind Man and the Loon reviews2013-2014
12/35The Blind Man and the Loon research notesundated, 2001

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1f: Robert McKennan research files; undated, 1969-2009.  0.3 cubic feet. This series contains files related to the book, Tanana and Chandalar: The Alaska Field Journals of Robert A. McKennan, published by University of Alaska Press in 2006.

Box/ FolderDescriptionDate
9/64Robert McKennan correspondence [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1929-1974]1977, 2003
9/65McKennan : photos, research files, and notes [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1935, 1963-1964]1995-2000
9/66McKennan illustrationsundated
9/67McKennan mapsundated
9/68McKennan: 1933 letters [Copies of letters dated 1933 from Dartmouth University Special Collections]undated
9/69Robert McKennan research materials [Includes photocopies of materials from 1919-1920, 1982]1996-2006
9/70Alaska Humanities Forum grant documents2005
9/71Information about resources at Dartmouth College Archives2004-2005
9/72Dartmouth/McKennan. Correspondence with and documents from Dartmouth and Harvard. [Contains photocopies of documents dated 1933]1969, 1996-2004
9/73“Robert McKennan’s Journal of the Chandalar,” paper by Craig Mishler, presented at the Alaska Anthropological Association and research materials [Contains photocopies of documents dated 1933]1999
9/74Photographs of and notes on beadwork items in Robert McKennan Collection the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, Japan2004
9/75McKennan photos and tapes notes [Contains photocopies of materials of materials 1929-1930]undated
9/76McKennan releases [For the book Tanana and Chandalar]1999-2005
9/77McKennan life history [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1910-1974]2004
9/78Mc Kennan and Osgood article [Photocopies of documents dated 1934-1935]undated
9/79Elmer and Elaine Harp correspondence, notes, and obituary2004-2009
9/80“An Archaeological Survey of the Old John Lake Area” by Edwin S. Hall and Robert A. McKennan, photocopy of article1973
9/81McKennan Chandalar Kutchin stories listundated
9/82McKennan Upper Tanana, photocopy of 1929-1930 journalundated
9/83McKennan finding aid UAFundated
12/36Tanana and Chandalar reviews2006-2007

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1g: Han research files; 1973-2007. 0.75 cubic feet This series contains research files related to Craig Mishler and William Simeone’s book Han, People of the River, published in 2004 by University of Alaska Press.

Box/ FolderDescriptionDate
9/84Han releases1975, 1997-1999
9/85Han maps and figuresundated
9/86Han mapsundated
9/87Han family trees1997
9/88Han field methods1997
9/89Han place names1978
9/90Trees comments [Comments on “Han Family Trees” drafts]1997
9/91Han conference/Dawson [programs and travel information]2000-2001
9/92Chief Isaac [Photocopied documents dated 1904-1977 and notes]1997-2000
9/93Genealogies: Hanundated, 2001
9/94Han census data [Includes photocopied documents dated 1899-1966]1995-1997
9/95Han flyers [Flyers for “Han, People of the River”]2003
9/96Han audiotapes/Alaska [List]undated
9/97Gordon Marsh notesundated
9/9812 Mile & Half Way [Article and notes]undated, 1987
9/99NPS: Han contract1996
10/1Han language notesundated, 1973
10/2Book design [Correspondence]1997 September 29
10/3Han reviews: draft mss.1998
10/4Asa Baldwin mss. [Notes]undated
10/5Charley Village [Research file includes photocopies dated 1900-1982]undated, 1975
10/6Willie Juneby [Research file contains photocopies dated 1889,1973-1980]undated
10/7Han Language [Research file contains photocopies dated 1973-1983]1999
10/8Interview notes: Han1997 July 8-9
10/9McQuesten [Annotated photocopy of document dated 1952]undated
10/10Eagle Historical Society newsletters1985-1986
10/11Chief Charley [Research file]undated
10/12Sarah Malcolm Baskets [Contains photocopied article dated 1978]1997
10/13Sarah Malcolm interview [Contains photocopied transcript dated 1980]undated
10/14Han research [Contains photocopied documents dated 1901, 1913]1998-2000
10/15Han history [Research file includes photocopied documents dated 1891-1996]2000
10/16Han outline [Draft outlines and notes for “The Han Athabaskans, People of the Upper Yukon River”]1997
10/17Tappan Adney [Photocopies of documents dated 1900-1908, 1993-1994]1997
10/18Release forms [For Han People of the River]1997
10/19Tappan Adney sketches [Photocopied documents dated circa 1898]1997
10/20Eagle Village (Han) [Research file contains photocopies of documents dated 1915-19891973, 1996-1997
10/21Yukon-Charley [Information on Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve]1997
10/22Han Oral History & Folklore [Notes]undated
10/23Han bibliographyundated, 1997
10/24Expressive culture: Han [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1902-1993]2000
10/25The Han People today [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1976-1988]undated
10/26Missionary notes: Han [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1887-1898, 1967]1997
10/27Han Land claims [Articles]1997-1998
10/28Terry’s Chronology [From Terry L. Haynes]1997
10/29Slobodin [Photocopied articles by Richard Slobodin dated 1963]undated
10/30Schwatka [Photocopies from books related to Frederick Schwatka dated 1891, 1893]undated
10/31William Silas [Photocopies of articles]1988
10/32Eagle phone book1995, 1997
10/33Yukon Archives correspondence1997
10/3440 Mile Village [Photocopy from book published in 1994]undated
10/35Eagle/welfare reports [Contains photocopies of documents dated 1920-1956]1997
10/36William Ogilvie [Contains photocopies of documents dated 1913, 1976]undated
10/37Kennicott’s Ethnonyms [Robert Kennicott’s list of Kutchin tribes]1997 April
10/38Han correspondence 1997, 2004
10/39Louise Paul: Tsae’o Shae story [Transcripts of interview recorded in 1973]undated, 1995
10/40Louise Paul #2 [Transcript of interview recorded in 1991]undated
10/41Louise Paul #3 [Transcript of interview recorded in 1997]undated
10/42Silas Stevens/Charlie Stevens [Interview transcripts and notes, including photocopied document dated 1964]1997
10/43Dick Nukon/Edith Josie [Articles]1999-2000
10/44Matthew Malcolm [Interview transcript and article]1991, 2006
10/45Charlie Biederman [Interview summary]undated
10/46Intro comments [Comments on introduction to “Han Ethnography]undated
10/47Percy Henry [Articles and interview transcript]1999-2000
10/48Han book edits and comments1999-2006
10/49Martha Kates correspondence2000
10/50Han sidebars: fixed [Edits to sidebars in “Han Ethnography”]undated
10/51Han photos: McGill and Washington [Contains photocopies of photographs dated 1898-1899]1997
10/52Han photos for bookundated
10/53Bancroft Library/Han photos [Contains copied photographs from other archival institutions]1997
10/54Han archival photos [Contains copied photographs and documents dated circa 1897-from other archival institutions]1997
12/37Han: People of the River book reviews2004-2007

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1h: Coursework; 1959-1980 0.25 cubic feet. This series contains materials related to courses taught by Mishler, as well as papers he wrote while he was a student.

Box/ Folder DescriptionDate
10/55Craig’s student papersundated, 1959-1961
10/56American regional folklore & culture area theory [Notes, course materials, and workshop program]1976-1980
10/57Craig’s UT graduate student papers 
10/58Texas Hill Country1978 February 6
10/59William Hornsby: Folk Art1978-1980
10/60The Howlers band: Austin1976-1977
10/61Ethnomusicomedy [Research and draft]1976

Series 1: Research and writing files. Subseries 1i: Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) and historic preservation files, Southcentral Alaska; 1973-2007. 0.6 cubic feet. This series consists of material related to Mishler’s work with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, as well as his work on the Mat-Su Historical Site Survey in Southcentral Alaska.

Box/ FolderDescriptionDate
10/62DGGS [Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys] Reports: Craig1982-1985
10/63-64Final report Mat-Su Historical Survey1981 December 18
10/65Cooper Landing nomination [National Register of Historic Places nomination forms]1985-1986
10/66Nick Leman [Includes photocopied documents dated 1909, 1985]undated
10/67Historic Sites Mat-Su Borough [Includes photocopies of documents dated 1915-1979]1976-1986
10/68Bill Hoskins/Palmer1986
10/69-70Vladimir Stafeev manuscript [“Writings of the Russian-American Trader Vladimir Stafeev” translated by Julie deSherbinin and edited by Craig Mishler. Published by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys in 1985]circa 1985
10/71Dena’ina demography manuscript2006
10/72Beverly Christiansen [interview tape index]undated
12/38Val Anderson’s map of Skilak Lake 1922-1937 [photograph of map]undated
12/39Mishler: Kenai Dena’ina [Draft of “Historical Demography and Genealogy: The Decline of the Northern Kenai Peninsula Dena’ina”]1985
12/40Cooper Landing tape indexesundated
12/41Beryl Lean: Cooper Landing [tape index of 1984 interview]undated
12/42Dena’ina Hist. Demography [Drafts of 2007 version of “Historical Demography and Genealogy: The Decline of the Northern Kenai Peninsula Dena’ina”]1985-2007
12/43Dena’ina research [Contains photocopies of material dated 1916-1977]undated, 1973-1984
12/44Dena’ina research 2 [Contains photocopies of material dated 1889-1965]1981-2000
12/45John Chilligan Stump (Eklutna) interview notes for recording1973 November 17
12/46Carl Clark [tape index of 1984 interview]undated
12/47Peter Kalifornsky interview1984
12/48Peter Kalifornsky [Interview transcripts]1985

Series 2: Teaching materials; 1972-2004. 0.25 cubic feet.

12/49Michael Krauss letters [University of Alaska Fairbanks]1973-1986
12/50Folklore lecture notesundated, 1979
12/51Cultural anthropology [Teaching materials]1976-2004
12/52ANTH 202: handouts2001
12/53Symbolic anthropology [Teaching materials]1978-2001
12/54IC [Intercultural Communication]: lecture notes2001-2002
12/55Alaskan Folklore #1 [RESTRICTED: Contains student information protected under FERPA]1972-1975
12/56Alaskan Folklore #2 [RESTRICTED: Contains student information protected under FERPA]1972-1978

Series 3: Field notes; 1972-2020. 1.45 cubic feet.

13/1ADF&G trip reports1989-1998
13/2Miscellaneous notesundated, 2001-2002
13/3Field notes2016-2020
13/4Miscellaneous notes2015
13/5Field notes2013-2014
13/6Field notes2012-2013
13/8Gwich’in immersion class [includes photographs]2001
13/12Kodiak and Pribilofs1997-1998
13/13Gwich’in 1996-1997
13/14Kodiak and Pribilofs1995-1996
13/15Field notes1993
13/16ADF&G field notes1992
13/17Kodiak 1990-1991
13/19Kodiak field notes 1989
13/21Fort McPherson1990
13/22Tlingit celebration1988
13/23Summit Island1985
13/24Big Delta: Rika’scirca 1984
13/26Arctic Village1973, 1993
13/27Circle1973, 1975
13/28Fort Yukon Journal1972
14/1Field notes2010-2011
14/2Old Harbor2008
14/5Field notes2005
14/6Han: Eagle Village2004
14/7Old Harbor/Ouzinkie1998
14/10Kodiak and Gwich’in 2002-2007
14/11Han: Eagle Village1997
14/14Professional meetings1992
14/15Fort Yukon and Birch Creek1976
14/18Han: Eagle Village1973, 1975
14/19Venetie and Gold Camp1972
14/20Fort Yukon1972

Series 4: Photographs; 1972-2004. 1.55 cubic feet.

14/21-15/21Ethnographic slides1972-1999
15/22-73Gwich’in, Han, and Tanacross prints1973-2003
15/74-88Kodiak villages prints1992-2004

Series 5: Audiovisual materials and data CDs; 1972-2013. 1.8 cubic feet.

16/1-2Oscar Chappell, Seward [2 audiocassettes]1973 February 7 
16/3Pauline Beulna, Iñupiaq story of unborn baby whale’s ear, Pt. Hope [audiocassette]undated
16/4Jimmy Beaver, Talkeetna sourdough folklore [audiocassette]undated
16/5Sister Margaret Hawk [audiocassette]1972 October 19 
16/6Mike Ardaw/Nancy Lake [audiocassette]1972
16/7Marge and Carl Bandy, Delta Junction: Discussion of Marge’s school play “The Bear Grease Cake” first staged in 1976 and artifacts and goods sold from Rika’s [Roadhouse] [audiocassette]1983 July 22 
16/8Walter Johnson: discussion of the Sourdough Dance Club in Fairbanks (1928-1975), also social dancing in Wiseman in the late 1940s [audiocassette]1986 December 2 
16/9Bill Hoskins: history of the Grange, Blind Nick, Tanaina Indian [audiocassette]1986 May 10 
16/10Bill Hoskins: history of the Matanuska Valley [audiocassette]1981 October 1 
16/11Rollie Snodgrass: history of the Matanuska Valley [audiocassette]1981 November 11
16/12Joe and Emil Kircher: Pre-colony settlers in the Matanuska Valley and Wasilla Creek Area [audiocassette]1981 November 30
16/13Hubert Oliver: stepson of O.D. Krogh at Old Matanuska, musician. Dub of original in Kelly Fike collection [audiocassette]1977 August 15 
16/14Fanny Werner [audiocassette]1985 September 28 
16/15Liar’s Contest: Willow Winter Carnival [audiocassette]1972
16/16-22Happy Jack Smith [7 audiocassettes]1972
16/23-44Abraham Luke [22 audiocassettes] 1983-1985
16/45-46Eva Moffit [2 audiocassettes]1983 November 11 
16/47English Bay Maskalataq music [audiocassette]1980 January 12-13
16/48Maskalataq dance radio demo [audiocassette]undated
16/49Bob Johnson #2: Buildings at Big Delta, cabin sites on the Goodpaster River [audiocassette]1983 July 10 
16/50Bladder Festival Play [audiocassette]1986 February 7 
16/51Joe and Vi Reddington, Sr. [audiocassette]1981 September 28
16/52-53Austin Hammond, Haines [2 audiocassettes]1985 May 26-27
16/54 Bill Glover: Rika’s Roadhouse in Delta Junction [audiocassette]1983 July 7 
16/55Martha Demientieff [audiocassette]undated
16/56-57Irene and Mary Hansen, Big Delta [2 audiocassettes]1982 July 16 
16/58AkAA Catharine McClellan, “Traveling” [audiocassette]1985 March 2 
16/59David Kepler [audiocassette]1981 October 12 
16/60-61Henra Sundt, Gakona [2 audiocassettes]1983
16/62Val Anderson: family history on Skilak Lake [audiocassette]1985 September 10 
16/63-66Athapaskan Fiddle Festival [4 audiocassettes]1983
16/67Tim Twitchell [audiocassette]1984 January 9 
16/68-72Tim Twitchell [5 audiocassettes]1972-1974
16/73Tom Johnston lecture: Alaskan folklore [audiocassette]undated
16/74Fanny Werner [audiocassette]1985 September
16/75Catherine Charlie, Alakanuk (Yupik) [audiocassette]undated
16/76Evan Hamilton: Oral History of Emmonak, in Yupik w/ English translation by Martin Moore [audiocassette]1983 June 16 
16/77Jean Briggs: paper presentation at the Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Fairbanks “Fieldwork Before and After Political Correctness”1996 April 5 
16/78-85History of Bluegrass Music course: radio lectures on KSKA-FM, taught at Anchorage Community College [8 audiocassettes]1980
16/86-100Alaskan Folklore and Folklife [15 audiocassettes]undated
16/101Czhilispiel #2, Flatonia, TX1977 October 29-30
16/102Robert Johns, homesteading in 19471976 February 6 
17Stanley Luke/Charley Peter [½” videotape]undated
17Gwich’in Language Story Tellers, Fort Yukon, Alaska. 1. Stanley Luke, 2. Charlie Peter Gwich’in Fiddler  [DVD]1976 July 18 
17Half Fast Chili [DVD]1980
17Half-Fast Chili [U-Matic, 2 copies]1980
17Gwich’in storytellers 1) Stanley Luke, 2) Silas John, Gwich’in fiddler 3) Charlie Peter. Recorded in Fort Yukon, Alaska1972, 1976 July 18
17Half Fast Chili original release print  and re-edited version [two 16 mm film reels]undated
17Half Fast Chili, Stanley Luke, Charlie Peter [Data DVD containing  MP4 digital copies]2013
17Kaltag Stick Dance Ceremony 8mm film1973
17Arctic Village Spring Carnival and Square Dance 8 mm film1973 April
17Venetie snowshoe baseball, Super 8 filmundated
17Venetie Spring Carnival-snowmachine races, Super 8 filmundated
17Venetie Spring Carnival dog races, Super 8 filmundated
17Alaskan Subsistence: The Kodiak Connection [3 DVDs]1993
17Fort McPherson [VHS]1996 August
17Mansfield and Tanacross Dances [VHS]1999
17Kaltag Stick Dance [VHS]1973 March
17Arthur Matfay, Accordion, Old Harbor [VHS]1998 April 23 
17Gwich’in Storyteller: Stanley Luke, Gwich’in Fiddler: Charlie Peter. Ft. Yukon [VHS]1972
17Tsuk’o̧o̧ & Tee’itree [VHS]1997 June
17Tanacross songs by Koyukon and Lower Tanana singers [VHS]1991 June
17Tanacross Christmas [VHS]1998
17Tanacross Elders Conference [VHS]1988 October 1 
17“Medicine Fiddle” Producer/Director: Michael Loukinen. Time: 81:00 [VHS]undated
17Gwich’in Niintsyaa. NEEDAA #22: Season 3 [VHS]1988 June
17Venetie Potlatch [VHS copy of 1939 film from Alaska State Library]undated
17Data CDs2001-2011

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