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Harry and Norma Hoyt family papers

Guide to the Harry and Norma Hoyt family papers

Collection number: HMC-0988.
Hoyt, Harry W.
Hoyt, Norma J.
Title: Harry and Norma Hoyt family papers.
Dates: 1908-1989.
Volume of collection: 2.0 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers and photographs of a family who owned the Gulkana Road House and the Hoyt Motor Company in Anchorage.

Biographical note:
Harry William Hoyt was born in Rochester, New York, in 1897. He came to Alaska in 1907 with his parents, Charles and Kitty Hoyt, and brother Raymon Hoyt. His family owned and operated the Gulkana Road House on the Richardson Highway. He worked as a master mechanic for the Alaska Road Commission from 1917 to 1936. He married Norma Jordet in 1934, and they had one son, Harold W. Hoyt, born in 1939. The couple moved to Anchorage in 1936, where they owned and operated Hoyt Motor Company until 1962. Harry Hoyt was also an active member of the local Anchorage Masons, Shriners and Elks clubs. He died in Fairbanks in 1977.

Norma Jordet Hoyt was born in Mayville, North Dakota, in 1901. She graduated from Mayville State Teacher’s College and taught in Nome, North Dakota, before moving to Fairbanks in 1931 to teach second grade. For three years she taught school in the winters and worked at Mount McKinley National Park in the summers before her marriage. After moving to Anchorage, she worked for ten years at Hoyt Motor Company. Norma Hoyt traveled the world extensively and was an avid collector, amassing a large collection of Alaskana books, which she donated to the Loussac Public Library. Her public service activities included representing Alaska on the National Trust for Historical Preservation, membership on the Anchorage Fine Arts Commission, and service as a trustee of Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka. Norma Hoyt died in Anchorage in 1989.

Collection description:
The collection consists of the family papers and photographs of the Harry and Norma Hoyt Family. The collection contains: Norma Hoyt’s letters and biographical materials; Norma Hoyt’s journals; photographs, including black and white prints, tourist postcards, and color slides; and an oral history interview with Norma Hoyt. Norma Hoyt’s letters include those she wrote to family from Fairbanks and Mount McKinley National Parks, and later during some of her many travels. Subjects of the photographs include: the Hoyt and Jordet families; the Gulkana Road House, the fox farm there, and area scenery; a potato farm in Gakona; fur trappers; wildlife and hunting; early automobiles; Valdez; Fairbanks; Mount McKinley National Park; Will Rogers and Wiley Post in Anchorage; Anchorage; and Hoyt Motor Company. Subjects of the color slides include: the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous; Alaskan highways; the villages of Point Hope, Kiana, Huslia, St. Paul, Wainwright, and Wales in western Alaska; King’s Lake Camp in Wasilla; Sitka and Sheldon Jackson College; the 1964 Alaska Earthquake in Anchorage; Korea; and various national parks and monuments.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged into the following series:
Series 1: Papers; 1930-1989
Series 2: Photographs; undated, 1908-1983
Series 3: Oral history interview; 1982

Alternative formats: Xerographic copies of original photograph albums were made to indicate their original order.

Digitized copies: Selected items have been digitized and can be viewed on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining copies please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections owns copyright to materials created by Harry and Norma Hoyt. Materials not created by Harry or Norma Hoyt may be subject to copyright not held by the Archives.

Preferred citation: Harry and Norma Hoyt family papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was presented to the archives by the Hoyts’ son, Harold W. Hoyt in 2007. A deed of gift was signed in 2007.

Processing information: This collection was described and the original photograph albums dismantled by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2008. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard by Gwen Sieja in 2016.

Location of Originals: The collection contains a xerographic copy of Norma Hoyt’s 1932 diary. The original diary is presumed to have remained with the family.

Container list:

Series 1: Papers; 1930-1989. 0.7 cubic feet.
This series consists of papers, including Norma Hoyt’s letters to friends and family; a notice of the acceptance of the option to purchase land from the Hoyts to extend Fort Richardson; an excerpt from Henrietta Spachs’ diary concerning a visit from Norma Hoyt; biographical materials; travel materials; notes concerning the rental of property for Hoyt Motors Norma Hoyt’s diaries.

Box/Folder Description Date
1/1-2 Norma Hoyt letters to family undated, 1930-1971
1/3 Letters to Norma Hoyt from friends and family 1934-1987
1/4 War Department, Office of Engineers, Construction Division, Real Estate Branch: Notice of Acceptance of Option for Purchase of Land (Land purchased from Harry and Norma Hoyt for extension of Fort Richardson) 1943 May 6
1/5 Excerpts from Henrietta Spachs’ diary (friend of Norma Hoyt) 1940 March-September
1/6  Biographical materials undated, 1932-1989
1/7 Travel materials 1952-1956
1/8 Hoyt Motors property rental agreement notes undated
1/9 Norma Hoyt journal (copy) 1932 May 26-August 12
1/10 Norma Hoyt journal 1939 January-March
1/11 Norma Hoyt journal 1947-1948
1/11 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to the presidential inaugural in Washington D.C., South Africa, Egypt and Europe 1953
1/11 Norma Hoyt journal 1954
1/11 Norma Hoyt journal 1955
1/12 Norma Hoyt journal. Round-the-World trip 1956
1/12 Norma Hoyt calendar 1957
1/12 Norma Hoyt journal 1958
1/12 Norma Hoyt journal 1959
1/13 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to Europe and Russia 1960
1/13 Norma Hoyt journal 1961
1/13 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to Australia, New Zealand, East Asia, and Mexico 1962
1/13 Norma Hoyt journal 1963
1/14 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to South America, Europe, and Africa 1964
1/14 Norma Hoyt journal 1965
1/14 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to Hong Kong, India, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, and Europe 1966
1/14 Norma Hoyt journal 1967
1/15 Norma Hoyt journal 1968
1/15 Norma Hoyt journal 1969
1/15 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to Russia 1970
1/15 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco 1971
1/16 Norma Hoyt journal 1972
1/16 Norma Hoyt journal 1973
1/16 Norma Hoyt journal 1974
1/16 Norma Hoyt journal 1975
1/17 Norma Hoyt journal 1976
1/17 Norma Hoyt journal 1977
1/17 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to Australia, New Zealand and South Sea Islands 1978
1/17 Norma Hoyt journal. Trips to China, Greenland and Iceland 1979
1/18 Norma Hoyt journal 1980
1/18 Norma Hoyt journal. Trip to Great Britain 1981
1/18 Norma Hoyt appointment book with calendar 1981
1/18 Norma Hoyt journal 1982
1/18 Norma Hoyt journal 1983
1/19 Norma Hoyt journal 1984
1/19 Norma Hoyt journal 1985
1/19 Norma Hoyt journal 1986
1/19 Norma Hoyt journal 1987

Series 2: Photographs; undated, 1908-1943. 1.3 cubic feet.
This series consists of photographs, including Harry Hoyt’s family photographs from the Gulkana and Gakona areas; Norma Hoyt’s photograph’s from Mount McKinley National Park and Fairbanks; post cards; and slides from various locations in Alaska and elsewhere.

Box/Folder Item Description Date
1/20 Xerographic copy of Album 1 undated, 1908-1910, 1933
1/21 Prints from Album 1: Hoyt Family photographs: Charles, Kitty, Raymon and Harry Hoyt, Gulkana and Gakona areas, fox farm, fur trappers, Alaska Native peoples, and wildlife undated, 1908-1910, 1933
1/21 1-3 Bears undated
1/21 4a “Harry and Chief Ewan” Harry Hoyt with a bear named after Chief Ewan. undated
1/21 4b “Ferry boat on Gulkana River” undated
1/21 5 Man feeding a bear wearing a collar undated
1/21 6 “Gakona Indians & white folks” Group of people standing next to log cabin undated
1/21 7-8 Bears undated
1/21 9  “Mary McCrarey” Woman holding fox kit with gloves at fox farm undated
1/21 10 “Indian graves” Indian blankets hung over grave sites undated
1/21 11a “The Hoyts and their catch.” Raymon and Harry Hoyt with string of fish in front of log cabin undated
1/21 11b “Nastertiums” Flower along garden fence undated
1/21 12 “Harry” Young Harry Hoyt carrying rifle undated
1/21 13a “Old Jack” Boy mounted bareback on mule with tent at right undated
1/21 13b “Ferrying 1908” Two men and boy on ferry boat on river 1908
1/21 14 Distant view of town of Gulkana from across river undated
1/21 15  “Siwash Nelly” Native woman with log cabin in background undated
1/21 16 “Brake-up 1909 Gulkana River” 1909
1/21 17 Woman and dog next to Overland Roadhouse undated
1/21 18 “Farmer John & his spuds 1910” Man and Harry Hoyt holding potato plants at edge of field at Gakona 1910
1/21 19 “Tommy Hyke” Man holding furs undated
1/21 20 “Summer time Gakona” Raymon Hoyt holding potato plants in field undated
1/21 21 Men and dog team in front of building undated
1/21 22 “Harry at Gakona 1910” Harry Hoyt standing in potato field 1910
1/21 23 “Tommy Hyke” Man and girl standing next to automobile loaded with furs undated
1/21 24 “Gulkana Roadhouse” Interior scene undated
1/21 25 Man on sled harnessed to cow undated
1/21 26 Interior scene undated
1/21 27 Postcard of fox undated
1/21 28 “Visitors at Gakona Ranch Summer 1910” Color tinted print of Kitty and Harry Hoyt with woman in potato field 1910
1/21 29a “1200 sheep crossing Gulkana River” undated
1/21 29b “Ferry boat at Gulkana” Different view of same ferry as in 13b undated
1/21 30 Group of people in front of a cabin on a river bank undated
1/21 31a “Harry and his Teddy Bear” Harry Hoyt playing with large bear cub near river undated
1/21 31b “Kitty Hoyt. The lady of the house” Kitty Hoyt and dog outside door of house undated
1/21 32 “A three weeks catch” Nelson McCrarey, woman and girl standing next to automobile loaded with furs undated
1/21 33a “Old water wheel” Metal wheel on river undated
1/21 33b “Sheep crossing Gulkana” Sheep on ferry raft undated
1/21 33c “Playing with the ‘Teddies'” Woman and boy playing with two small bear cubs undated
1/21 34 Animal in snow undated
1/21 35a “Kids & their pets” Raymon and Harry Hoyt with duck decoys undated
1/21 35b “Boxing” Two bear cubs wrestling on riverbank undated
1/21 36 Two women, a man, and a boy standing in front of an arch in the trunk of a large tree in Arlington, Washington. undated
1/21 37 “Cutting ice” Men with horse cutting and hauling ice from river undated
1/21 38 “Nelson McCrarey” Man in fur hat holding furs undated
1/21 39a “Jean & Dutch” Man and native woman with baby near cabin undated
1/21 39b “Harry & his first mallards” Harry Hoyt carrying rifle and two ducks in front of wood pile undated
1/21 39c “Bound for Fairbanks” Cattle herd undated
1/21 40 Boy standing on a log in a river undated
1/21 41 “Teddy Brown Bear” Boy playing with bear cub undated
1/21 42 Men with automobile undated
1/21 43 “Billy Bear” Bear cub chained to shelter undated
1/21 44 “Season’s Greetings, Ray Hoyt, McKinley Park, Alaska” Color tinted photo greeting card of country road undated
1/21 45 “Gulkana Natives” Group photo of native men, women and children in winter clothing undated
1/21 46 Two sheep undated
1/21 47a “Me & him” Kitty Hoyt with son Harry at partially constructed log cabin site undated
1/21 47b “Supper time for the Bears” Boy feeding two bear cubs near log cabin undated
1/21 48 Two boys undated
1/21 49a “The Hoyt family less father” Kitty Hoyt and sons Raymon and Harry in winter clothing undated
1/21 49b “‘Up a tree’ Teddy” Bear cub climbing pole undated
1/21 50a “Summer 1909” Large vegetable garden 1909
1/21 50b “Meal time” Harry and Raymon Hoyt and three dogs undated
1/21 51 Fox undated
1/21 52a-b Harry and Raymon Hoyt, and dog. undated
1/21 52c “Gakona farm” Two men and woman at fence of vegetable field undated
1/21 53-59 Views of foxes, a river,  the interior of a house, and people undated
1/21 60 “Captain Barnette and Party” undated
1/21 61 “Kenney Lake” Ducks in lake undated
1/21 62 “Captain Barnette & party” Group of five men on horseback undated
1/21 63 “Fairbankers en route to Seattle, Gulkana” Six men on horseback crossing wooden bridge over river undated
1/21 64 “McKinley Park 1933” Fox eating from plate 1933
1/21 65 “A Silver Black Fox” Fox standing on roof of shelter at fox farm undated
1/21 66 “On the Way to the Summit” Pack train using sleds and horses; Cantwell photo (post card) undated
1/21 67 Woman feeding a horse out of a basket undated
1/21 68 Group photo of two men and a woman undated
1/21 69 “Gakona” distant view of town in winter undated
1/21 70 People sitting on front porch of house undated
1/21 71 “Copper Center Hotel, our new home, John McCrarey” undated
1/21 72 Four people standing on a beach. undated
1/21 73 “The American Car at Valdez, Alaska, Just Before Its Departure on the Bertha, Apr. 9-08.” P. S. Hunt photo, No. G1824 1908
1/21 74 Men with automobiles and shovels undated
1/21 75 “Telegraph Station Gulkana” undated
1/21 76 Moose standing in river undated
1/21 77 “Ketchikan, Alas.” Distant view of town from water undated
1/21 78 Man standing in front of wooden building undated
1/21 79 “Nozing over on landing of maiden trip, Detroiter.” Several men watching wrecked airplane undated
1/21 80 Men standing with a cow in a camp with log cabins and tents undated
1/21 81 Portrait of a young boy undated
1/21 82 Bear lying down in the grass undated
1/21 83 Man walking along a dirt road. undated
1/21 84 “Tommy Hyke” Trapper holding live silver fox standing next to snowshoes undated
1/21 85 “The ice on the lake is broken up by the earthquake” Man with rifle straddling crevasse in field; Carter and Weimer Photo undated
1/21 86 “80 Mile Rich. Hwy. Tonsina Roadhouse” undated
1/21 87-94 People automobiles, boats foxes, bears undated
1/22   Xerographic copy of Album 2 undated, 1915-1930
1/23   Prints from Album 2: Primarily Raymon Hoyt photographs at Gulkana area: river, town, fox farm, wildlife, automobiles, pack animals, wagons, sleds, and hunting undated, 1915-1930
1/23 1a-18a Subjects of photographs include: scenery, rivers, towns, men, boats, dogs, hunting, fox farming, fishing, farming, livestock, wild animals, horses, automobiles, and train tracks undated
1/23 18b “Breakup, Gulkana River Mar. 16, 1918” 1918 March 16
1/23 19 Fox eating from boy’s hand undated
1/23 20a Man riding in wagon pulled by horses undated
1/23 20b Man standing in the snow in front of building undated
1/23 20c  “Aug. 18-15. Dear Lady Hoyt- What do you think of my flowers. I think they are great…May N.” Woman and flower bed in front of log house undated
1/23 21a Young couple undated
1/23 21b Man with a pipe feeding a fox on a fox farm undated
1/23 22a Men with pack horses and dogs undated
1/23 22b Clean up on Tacoma claim” Two men working at sluice undated
1/23 23a-b Two people wearing fur parkas undated
1/23 24a Group photograph taken in an auditorium of children and adults, some of whom are in costume. undated
1/23 24b Graf Zeppelin over Fairbanks 1930, Fairbanks Studio.” 1930
1/23 24c Group of women all wearing hats and work clothing standing in front of a building undated
1/23 25a-27b Men, automobiles, horses, wagons, dock with industrial facilities undated
1/23 28 Valdez dock scene undated
1/23 29a President Warren G. Harding and wife riding in automobile in parade undated
1/23 29b “Court Hse. Lawn-Valdez Alaska” Military band at outdoor concert undated
1/23 30 Automobile in Fourth of July parade undated
1/23 31a-b “Blue Fox, Glacier Is.” undated
1/23 32 Men and women with automobiles undated
1/23 33a Trench in field. Carter and Weimer Photo undated
1/23 33b Two men in doorway of Alaska Road Commission building undated
1/23 34-38 Subjects of photographs include: scenery, men, a boat, and a cabin undated
1/24   Xerographic copy of Album 3 undated, 1908
1/25 Prints from Album 3: Primarily Raymon Hoyt photographs at Gulkana area: river, town, fox farm, wildlife, automobiles, farm, hunting scenes, flowers, horses and wagons, and swimming undated, 1908
1/25 1 Pressed flowers: “Old man’s whiskers Salmon Berry, Monks Hood” undated
1/25 2a “Gulkana Bridge” undated
1/25 2b “Birds Eye view of Gulkana” undated
1/25 2c “Gulkana [Fox?] Ranch & Roadhouse in distance” undated
1/25 2d Birds Eye view of Gulkana Roadhouse, Telegraph Station & [?]” undated
1/25 3a-20d Subjects of photographs include: Hoyt’s Fox Ranch in Gulkana, automobiles, people, livestock, rivers, hunting, berry picking, buildings, equipment, interiors, flowers, horses, dogs undated
1/25 21 “Hoyt’s Fox Ranch Gulkana Alaska” undated
1/25 22a-29c Subjects of photographs include: people, swimming, scenery, ducks, farming, dogs, horses, and horse-drawn sleds undated
1/25 30 “Sheldon. Ashton. Gibson. Sheldon’s Auto Stage Co. at Gulkana. Theo. H. Gibson Photo” Three automobiles and drivers on main street of Gulkana undated
1/25 31a-34 Subjects of photographs include: foxes, bears, people, houses, horses, wagons, and hunting undated
1/25 35a-b Large drift mine scenes undated
1/25 36a-39b Subjects of photographs include: railroad tracks, people, and automobiles undated
1/25 40 “Alaska Moose. Copyright 1908. By P. S. Hunt, Valdez, Alaska. G2086” Mounted bull moose head 1908
1/25 41a-b Portrait of a boy with an animal on his shoulder undated
1/25 41c Woman standing on a rock in a river undated
1/26   Xerographic copy of Album 4 undated, 1935
1/27 Prints from Album 4. Hoyt Family photographs: Charles, Kitty, Raymon and Harry Hoyt and Gulkana area scenes. Includes Raymon Hoyt obituary clipping from 1935 undated, 1935
1/27 1a Waterfront view of town undated
1/27 1b “Ray Hoyt” Portrait in jacket and cap undated
1/27 1c-4a Subjects of photographs include: family scenes, a water wheel, buildings, men cutting wood, and a bear undated
1/27 4b Woman in fur coat on steps of Hospital of the Good Samaritan, built 1903 undated
1/27 4c-14b Subjects of photographs include: a dog team, fishing, people, horses, buildings, livestock, buildings, a water wheel, dog sleds, hunting, and bears in captivity undated
1/27 14c  “An Alaskan ‘Teddy’ Bear” Boy playing with large bear cub undated
1/27 15a-b Men with horse undated
1/27 15c “Charles Hoyt” Charles Hoyt holding chicken undated
1/27 16a-18d Subjects of photographs include: chickens, family scenes, dogs, scenery, towns, and buildings undated
1/27 19 Dog sled and team in front of Sourdough Roadhouse undated
1/27 20 “Kitty Hoyt” Kitty Hoyt sitting on lake shore undated
1/28 Xerographic copy of Album 5 undated, 1918-1931
1/29 Prints from Album 5. Hoyt Family photographs: Gulkana area and Ray Hoyt photographs undated, 1918-1931
1/29 1 “G. L. (Buck) Hoyt, Hauling 2200 Lbs. at a Load on the Valdez-Fairbanks Trail. P. S. Hunt. Valdez G154” Dog team and sled in front of houses undated
1/29 2a-6a Subjects of photographs include: People, interiors, farming, dogs, automobiles, buildings, boats, rivers, and bridges. undated
1/29 6b “Gulkana, Alaska” View of town of Gulkana and bridge from across river undated
1/29 6c Horses undated
1/29 7 “July 14-1931. Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Wulff and me” Three women standing below sign at Alaska Road Commission Summit Relief Cabin 1931 July 14
1/29 8a “Sheldon. Ashton. Gibson. Sheldon’s Auto Stage Co. at Gulkana. Theo. H. Gibson Photo” Three automobiles and drivers on main street of Gulkana undated
1/29 8b-d People driving and riding in automobiles. undated
1/29 9a Young woman holding flowers next to front porch of house undated
1/29 9b “Niagara River, above the falls-taken by my own hand” View toward bridge undated
1/29 10a-23b Subjects of photographs include: people, eating and drinking, buildings, rivers, automobiles, horses, a swing, and dogs. undated
1/29 24a “Breakup Gulkana River Mar. 16, 1918” 1918 March 16
1/29 24b-39d Subjects of photographs include: people, interiors, automobiles, buildings, horses, boats, sleds, dogs, bears, foxes, a cache, fishing, bridges, a picnic, and livestock. undated
1/29 40 “Setting up Snow King” Three men standing in front of rotary snow plow undated
1/29 41a-43b Subjects of photographs include: people, a fox, and a large sled undated
1/29 43c Woman in fur parka in front of Hospital of the Good Samaritan, built 1903 undated
1/29 43d-61d Subjects of photographs include: people, boats, fishing, automobiles, interiors, bridges, rivers, dogs, bears, horses, timber, a ship, sleds, a cat, construction, livestock, wagons and foxes undated
1/29 62 “John McCrarey’s Team near Dry Creek” Dog team and sled undated
1/29 63a-64b Subjects of photographs include: Women, rivers, and a waterfall undated
1/29 64c “Dru Park Ave. Bridge, taken New Years day” Bridge over river undated
1/29 65a-69c Subjects of photographs include: rivers, people, bicycles, foxes, a dog sled, furs, fishing, and family scenes. undated
1/29 70a “44 bales of Native Hay on Nash Quad 1920, R. Hoyt.” Raymon Hoyt in fur coat standing next to loaded truck (post card) 1920
1/29 70b-73d Subjects of photographs include: a man walking on a city street, a camp with a tent and cooking supplies, men, women, and a river. undated
1/29 74a Two women in winter coats and hats posed with lumber outside the S. Blum & Co. warehouse undated
1/29 74b-79b Subjects of photographs include: people, a camp with tents, houses, a woman holding a cat, a horse and carriage, eating and drinking, hunting, dogs,  a boy holding a shovel, and a bridge undated
1/29 80a “Aug. 3-1931, J. McGilvrey with the blue jay on his knee” 1931 August 3
1/29 80b Figure standing in a raised wooden building undated
1/29 80c Boats floating on a lake undated
1/29 81a “Breakup Gulkana River Mar. 16 1918” undated
1/29 81b “Slim Williams” Two men and boy sitting on logs undated
1/29 81c-85e Subjects of photographs include: woman feeding farm ducks, Kitty Hoyt signature, man in chair wrapped in blanket, group pictures, farming, ice skating, and a log cabin. undated
1/29 86a “Ocean City, N.J. July 10, 1931” Man in suit on stair landing 1931 July 10
1/29 86b-88b Subjects of photographs include: a group shot of women in front of house, people standing on ice, a man on a bicycle, a woman leaning against a tree stump, and a group of men on horseback undated
1/29 88c “March 1927, Marie and Peggy and yours truly going for a walk on snowshoes, Beach plant” 1927 March
1/29 89a-99 Subjects of photographs include: people, fishing rivers, cats, automobiles, horses, sleds, flowers, foxes, dogs, hunting, interiors, and buildings undated
2/1 Xerographic copy of Album 6 undated 1930-1937
2/2-2/3 Prints from Album 6: Norma Jordet Hoyt photographs of Fairbanks area and Mount McKinley National Park. Also includes clippings about Alaska undated, 1930-1937
2/2 4 “Graf Zeppelin over Fairbanks 1930, Fairbanks Studio” 1930
2/2 5a “The Richardson Trail” Cann Photo undated
2/2 5b “Tanana Bridge at Nenana?” View from end of railroad bridge undated
2/2 5c “Richardson Road Near Fairbanks #79” Cann Photo undated
2/2 6a “Midnight-Sun-Alaska” Cann Studio Fairbanks Photo undated
2/2 6b “Seasons Greetings” undated
2/2 7a-c Group shots of people undated
2/2 7d Big Delta (Tanana)” River ferry on Tanana River at Big Delta undated
2/2 8a “Fairbanks from Airplane” Cann Photo undated
2/2 8b-9a Views of Fairbanks undated
2/2 9b “Clean up on Placer Gold Mine Fairbanks.” Cann Photo undated
2/2 9c “F. E. Co. Siphon. Alaska” Cann Photo undated
2/2 10a-d Scenery undated
2/2 10e Women on the deck of a ship undated
2/2 11a View from an automobile of a dirt road undated
2/2 11b  Three women and man posed with Eagle Summit sign undated
2/2 11c Four women with dogs in front of log cabins undated
2/2 11d View of river undated
2/2 12a “Course of Sun Dec. 21. Fairbanks 20 Min. Intervals” (post card) undated
2/2 12b “Midnight Sun Alaska.” Multiple exposure; Cann Photo (post card) undated
2/2 12c Couple standing in front of wooden building undated
2/2 13a “The Corner” Woman standing in front of house undated
2/2 13b “Lake Harding” Two men and two women standing on lake shore in winter dress coats undated
2/2 13c “Indian Village” Two men and a woman standing in front of a car on the side of the road. undated
2/2 14a “Christmas Greetings from Alaska” Norma Jordet in fur parka (greeting card) undated
2/2 14b-15a People, including Norma Jordet, in wearing winter coats outside in the snow undated
2/2 15b “Holiday Greetings from the House of Barrack” House in winter (greeting card) undated
2/2 15 c-d People, including Norma Jordet, in wearing winter coats outside in the snow undated
2/2 15e Fox Road and Farm Road signs undated
2/2 16a-d Snow-covered houses and trees undated
2/2 17a “Icicles” A snow-covered building with icicles hanging from the roof undated
2/2 17b-d Snow-covered buildings and automobile undated
2/2 18a “Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church – Fairbanks (Midnight)” (post card) undated
2/2 18b “Circle Hot Springs – Alaska” Cann Fairbanks Photo (post card) undated
2/2 18c “Etta and Norma” Norma Jordet and friend in fur coats undated
2/2 19a-27d Subjects of the photographs include: people in fur coats and winter clothes, hunting, dogs, snowshoes, a log cabin, scenery, houses, a Christmas party, interiors, the site of the Eielson Memorial Building, and automobiles. undated
2/2 28a “53 below, Febr. 11th 1932, 10 A.M., Fairbanks-Alaska” McIntosh & Kubon Drug Store thermometer; Cann Photo (post card) 1932 February 11
2/2 28b “59º below, Jan. 28, 1933, Fairbanks, Alaska” McIntosh  & Kubon Drug Store thermometer; Cann Photo (post card) 1933 January 28
2/2 29 “June 21-33 5 P.M. 102º above” McIntosh & Kubon Drug Store thermometer; Cann Photo (post card) 1933 June 21
2/2 30a-33a Subjects of photographs include: dog sledding, people in winter clothing, a woman with an airplane, tents and cabins, and snow-covered buildings in Fairbanks undated
2/2 33b “R-Loren Wykoff” Two men with dog sled undated
2/2 33c Man holding up a dead ram, next to hunting rifles undated
2/2 33d Man petting dog in front of a tent undated
2/2 33e Sled dog on top of a dog house undated
2/2 34a Northern Transportation Inc. airplane undated
2/2 34b Men and women on snowy road with automobile undated
2/2 34c Steese Highway gateway sign undated
2/2 34d View of city from above undated
2/2 35a Richardson Highway gateway sign undated
2/2 35b “Eighteen Mile House, Richardson Highway” Cann Photo (post card) undated
2/2 35c “The Moyle-Allan Plane” Clasina Madge Nippon-America airplane undated
2/2 36a-d Group shots of men and women in front of a log house undated
2/2 37a Displays of baskets, pottery, and rugs undated
2/2 37b Group of men and women sitting on chairs indoors undated
2/2 38a Man standing in front of an airplane undated
2/2 38b View of a small airport undated
2/2 38c Norma Jordet at door of American Airways Alaskan Division airplane undated
2/2 38d People standing and walking on a bridge over a partially frozen river undated
2/2 39a-41f Subjects of photographs include: a gold dredge, scenery, women working in a garden, and houses. undated
2/2 42a-c “Fire Dec. 4 ’32” 1932 December 4
2/2 43a-c Subjects of photographs include: a classroom of schoolchildren and children wearing an elephant costume. undated
2/2 48a “Joe Sheely takes me for a ride” Dog team and sled undated
2/2 48b-e Subjects of photographs include: a family on a street in Fairbanks, a man holding a broom, and a woman and children in winter clothing undated
2/2 49a Fairbanks Public School building undated
2/2 49b-53 Subjects of photographs include: schoolchildren, scenery, a wedding, and a bear undated
2/3 54 “Pyrola Flower of Alaska” Cann Studio Photo (post card) undated
2/3 55 Couple wearing fur coats (post card) undated
2/3 56a-d Norma Jordet (Hoyt) and others outdoors undated
2/3 57a A log cabin undated
2/3 57b “Probably Red Grant’s Cabin, 1932” 1932
2/3 57c “Red Grant & Thelma Hunt, 1932” Man and woman at mine site 1932
2/3 57d “Norma Jordet (Hoyt and Red Grant. Copper mine at Mt. Eielson in McKinley Park, 1932 1932
2/3 58a Two people crossing a river on horseback undated
2/3 58b “L. to R. John Bosshea, Joe Quigley, Thelma Hunt, Fannie Quigley, George King. Kantishna 1932” Group photo in front of cabin 1932
2/3 58c-59b Subjects of photographs include: horses, people on horseback, dogs with kennels, scenery, and a log cabin with a cache undated
2/3 59c “Alaska Road Commission Worker” Man and loaded sledge pulled by team of horses undated
2/3 59d-60g Subjects of photographs include: Norma Jordet (Hoyt) and others, a tractor, a group shot of people sitting on a bridge, and a waterfall undated
2/3 60h “‘Dad’ McFarland & Thelma Hunt” undated
2/3 60i “‘Dad’ McFarland” Older man in U. S. Army uniform undated
2/3 60j Two women wearing hats and dresses undated
2/3 60k “Norma Jordet (Hoyt)” Dressed in fur trimmed parka undated
2/3 61a-66b Subjects of photographs include: group photos of Norma Jordet (Hoyt) and others, a tractor, a man carrying buckets on his shoulders, dogs, Norma Jordet (Hoyt) and others playing with ground squirrels, horses, scenery, automobiles, and a bridge undated
2/3 66c Mount McKinley National Park Superintendent’s Office Building undated
2/3 66d-f Subjects of photographs include: scenery, people outside, and bridges undated
2/3 67g “b. Edmonds (Chris Edmond’s son), Elizabeth Edmonds (now Mrs. Thom. Donahue)” Boy and girl with flowers in front of log cabin undated
2/3 67h-72d Subjects of photographs include: men with an airplane, people with an automobile, dogs, foxes, dog sledding, scenery, a cache, Dall sheep, a moose, and a bear. undated
2/3 73a “Season’s Greetings from Alaska. Mt. Hayes, Grant H. Pearson, McKinley Park” Mountain scene with tent camp in foreground (greeting card) undated
2/3 73b “Season’s Greetings, Grant H. Pearson” Mountain scene of dog team and sleds (greeting card) undated
2/3 74a “Seasons Greetings” Picture of a log cabin undated
2/3 74b “Season’s Greetings from Leona and Aubrey Houston, Mt. McKinley National Park” Scene with dog team and sled (greeting card) undated
2/3 75a “‘Hungry’ Alaskan Native Boy. Photo by Ray Hoyt” undated
2/3 75b “Young Alaska Porcupine. Ray Hoyt Photo” undated
2/3 76a “Young Alaska Porcupine. Ray Hoyt Photo” undated
2/3 76b-c Caribou near river undated
2/3 77a-81c Subjects of photographs include: four men standing in front of a building; camps in the mountains with tents, skis, snowshoes, and dog sleds; dog sledding; and men hiking in the snowy mountains. Page 78 also includes an article about the Liek-Lindley Party’s ascent of Mt. McKinley (Denali), which may be related. undated
2/3 82a “Petroffe” Man in sweater undated
2/3 82b “Taylor” Man in sweater undated
2/3 82c-83c Views of snow-covered mountains undated
2/3 84a “Christmas Greetings from Alaska. Grant H. Pearson” Mountain scene with climbers on glacier (greeting card) undated
2/3 84b-85b Subjects of photographs include, caribou, deer, a branch with pinecones, and a tree. 84 b and c feature Christmas greetings from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dixon. undated
2/3 86a-b Christmas greeting cards from the Dixons. undated
2/3 87a-88b Christmas greeting cards, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Hunt undated
2/3 89a  “Seasons Greeting T. W. Mommsen” Moose crossing road (greeting card) undated
2/3 89b “Leona and ‘Sam’ Houston” Dall sheep (greeting card) 1937
2/3 90a “Seasons Greeting, Walter Brown” Sydney Lawrence winter scene painting (greeting card) undated
2/3 90b “Seasons Greeting, Hewitt’s Photo Shop” Snow covered cabin (greeting card) undated
2/3 90c “Northland Greetings, Vera and Don Peterson.” Winter river scene (greeting card) undated
2/3 91a “Season of 1937-1938, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Taylor” Winter woodland scene (greeting card) 1937-1938
2/3 91b-c Christmas greeting cards undated
2/4   Clippings from Album 6 1931-1932
2/5   Memorabilia from Album 6; undated 1931-1933
2/6   Xerographic copy of Album 7 undated; 1930-1937
2/7 Prints from Album 7: Primarily Mount McKinley National Park photographs: park buildings and camps, park road, bridges, road construction, and wildlife undated, 1930-1937
2/7 1a Man and automobile below log gateway to Mount McKinley National Park undated
2/7 1b “Siberian Pup” Post card of a husky puppy.  Cann photo Fairbanks, Alaska undated
2/7 2a “Mt. McKinley Alaska 20,360 Feet” Cann Photo (post card) undated
2/7 2b “Alaska.” View of Mount McKinley (Denali) undated
2/7 2c “Mt. McKinley. Alaska.” undated
2/7 3a-5a Subjects of photographs include: city clerk and treasurer’s office, car on road, cabin, scenery, dead sheep man riding construction or farm equipment, man with truck undated
2/7 5b “Mt. McKinley.” A. Johnson photograph 1921
2/7 5c “Lake Chenan at Chitina” undated
2/7 6a Alaska Road Commission office and garage buildings at McKinley Park Station undated
2/7 6b Man standing on equipment in a shallow lake or pond undated
2/7 6c Alaska Road Commission office and garage buildings at McKinley Park Station undated
2/7 6d Man riding on road grading equipment in McKinley Park undated
2/7 7a-f Subjects of photographs include: Norma Jordet, dogs, caribou undated
2/7 8a “McKinley Park-Alaska-July 8-1932-Caribou” 1932 July 8
2/7 8b “McKinley Park – Moose near Mile 32. June 12-1932” 1932 June 12
2/7 8c-13a Subjects of photographs include: scenery, dogs, sheep, moose antlers, and roads undated
2/7 13b Savage River Camp undated
2/7 13c-18d Subjects of photographs include: bridges, roads, Horseshoe Lake, Norma Jordet (Hoyt) and others, automobiles, buildings, scenery, and railroad tracks undated
2/7 20 “Mt. McKinley National Park, Alaska. Be pleasant every morning until ten o clock. The rest of the day will take care of itself. Mt. McKinley Tourist and Transportation Co. Wm. Hunter” Dog (post card) undated
2/7 21a Bridge over river in or near McKinley Park undated
2/7 21b “Moreno Roadhouse – McKinley Park, Alaska” undated
2/7 22a-32d Subjects of photographs include: bridges, foxes, scenery, buildings, plants, construction equipment, Dall sheep, and a ground squirrel undated
2/7 33a-b “Wild Life – McKinley Park (1930)” Dall sheep on mountainside 1930
2/7 34a-36b Subjects of photographs include: Dall sheep, a wolf, and a lynx undated
2/7 37a-b “Young Alaska Porcupine, Ray Hoyt Photo” undated
2/7 38a-b “Caribou near Fairbanks, Alaska” undated
2/7 39 “A wild cross fox photographed in Mount McKinley park, Alaska, by Ray Hoyt” undated
2/7 41 Male Dall sheep undated
2/7 42a Norma Hoyt carrying buckets filled with blueberries undated
2/7 42b-e Subjects of photographs include: Norma Hoyt and Harry Hoyt with others, Norma Hoyt carrying blueberries, and a cart loaded with barrel and boxes undated
2/7 43a Mount McKinley view; Sydney Lawrence Photo, 1920 (post card) 1920
2/7 43b “Anchorage, Alaska, A.P.S. Co. #3” Three panoramic views of city (post card) undated
2/7 44a-c Subjects of photographs include: a man with an automobile, Dall sheep, and a bridge undated
2/7 44d McKinley Park Station in winter undated
2/7 45a-46f Subjects of photographs include: views of mountains from an airplane, a moose, a cabin with a cache, and a dog sled with a team of dogs undated
2/7 47a Two women and a man in the back of a truck undated
2/7 47b Women standing in front of bunkhouse undated
2/7 47c Herman Lerdahl Flying Service airplane undated
2/7 47d Group of two men and two women standing near a truck and a shed undated
2/7 47e Park bus undated
2/7 47f Group of people sitting on rocks undated
2/7 Loose Photographs from album 7: “Office and garage A. R. C. McKinley National Park Station;””McKinley Park – Looking up Igloo Creek – Mile 37.8 (1930)” Dall sheep on road; Pack train of horses crossing under log gateway of park; “Morino Roadhouse, Mt. McKinley National Park Station, Alaska;” Dall sheep; “Horseshoe Lake. McKinley National Park. Hoyt Photo” undated, 1930
2/8 Clippings and brochures from Album 7 undated
2/9 Xerographic copy of Album 8 undated, 1933-1943
2/10 Prints from Album 8: Norma and Harry Hoyt wedding, Niagara Falls, Washington, D.C., Mount McKinley National Park  undated, 1933-1943
2/10 1a “October 14, 1934” Alice Carlson, Norma Hoyt and Harry Hoyt after wedding 1934 October 14
2/10 1b Norma and Harry Hoyt after wedding undated
2/10 2a Alice Carlson and Norma Hoyt after wedding undated
2/10 2b Norma and Harry Hoyt between older man and woman after wedding undated
2/10 3a Alice Carlson and Norma Hoyt after wedding undated
2/10 3b Group photo of Norma Hoyt with three young women undated
2/10 3c Cut-out photographs of Norma and Harry Hoyt on top of wedding cake undated
2/10 4a Norma Hoyt standing next to The King’s Highway 3 Ontario sign undated
2/10 4b-9b Niagara Falls an nearby scenery undated
2/10 10a-b Harry and Norma Hoyt and others undated
2/10 11a-15 Washington D.C. undated
2/10 16a-21b Subjects of photographs include: groups of people including Harry and Norma Hoyt, houses, gardens, trees, automobiles undated
2/10 22a Woman with automobile next to Hoyt Grocery undated
2/10 22b Man in suit and cap standing in front of the Hoyt Grocery undated
2/10 23a Hoyt Grocery building undated
2/10 23b Woman sitting in front of brick building undated
2/10 24a Hoyt Grocery building undated
2/10 24b-34a Subjects of photographs include: people, including Norma Hoyt, dogs, cabins, airplanes, McKinley Park, horses, and automobiles undated
2/10 34b “Maurice Moreno” Man in overcoat and hat carrying suitcase with automobile in background undated
2/10 34c “George & Dorothy Lingo” Couple standing on stoop outside tent undated
2/10 35a-36c Subjects of photographs include: dog, porcupine, man with fox, group of men in the snow, women with plants, and buildings undated
2/10 36d “L. to R. Dorothy Young Pattison, Norma Hoyt and Rosamond Weller” Group photo undated
2/10 36e Group photograph of three women and a man undated
2/10 37a View of sky from an airplane undated
2/10 37b “Orville Jordet” Group photo next to Cordova Air airplane. Orville Jordet standing third from left undated
2/10 37c “Just clouds” View of clouds from the window of an airplane undated
2/10 38a-39d Subjects of photographs include: people, automobiles, dogs, scenery, a large tunnel undated
2/10 40a “Will Rogers (Anchorage) Aug. 1935” 1935 August
2/10 40b “Wiley Post (Anchorage) Aug. 1935” 1935 August
2/10 41a Will Rogers in Anchorage Aug. 1935″ 1935 August
2/10 41b “Joe Crosson brought Rogers & Post to Anchorage for a visit on Aug. 13, ’35” Twin engine aircraft 1935 August 13
2/10 41c Camp with tents, building, and lumber undated
2/10 42 “Colonists Home in the Valley” Hewitt’s Photo Shop Anchorage (post card) undated
2/10 43a-48c Interior scenes with Harry and Norma Hoyt and Christmas tree, Harry and Norma Hoyt with others in the snow undated
2/10 49a-b Airplane crash landed on Cook Inlet 1936 February 2
2/10 50a-51b Subjects of photographs include: scenery, railroad tracks, and construction  equipment undated
2/10 51c “Bartlett Glacier, Ak. R.R. abt. 40 miles north of Seward” View with railroad bridge in foreground undated
2/10 52a Rotary snow plow tractor on Willow Creek Road 11 miles to Gold Bullion undated
2/10 52b-d Snogo rotary snow plow at work undated
2/10 53a-54f Subjects of photographs include: houses, road maintenance equipment, people, a bridge, scenery, a waterfall, and a man with a tripod and camera undated
2/10 55a “East Fork of the McKinley River” Bridge over river undated
2/10 55b-56e Subjects of photographs include: Harry and Norma Hoyt, and others; houses; and interior scenes undated
2/10 56f “Pat Bowker James” Woman dressed in grass skirt undated
2/10 57a Norma Hoyt with giant cabbage undated
2/10 57b Norma Hoyt sitting on a rock by a river undated
2/10 57c Cache undated
2/10 57d “Inside Hoyt Motor Co.” undated
2/10 58a Parade float for Fairbanks Ice Carnival near Fairview Hotel; Cann’s Studio, Inc. Fairbanks, Alaska (post card) undated
2/10 58b Royalty seated on thrones at Fairbanks Ice Carnival; Cann’s Studio, Inc. Fairbanks, Alaska (post card) undated
2/10 58c Ice sculpture of a man holding a spear undated
2/10 59b Thrones, ice sculptures at Fairbanks Ice Carnival; Cann’s Studio, Inc. Fairbanks, Alaska (post card) undated
2/10 59a Men with automobile undated
2/10 59c-e People and dogs undated
2/10 60a-e Hoyt Motor Co. parade float on truck undated
2/10 61a Group of women with little girl undated
2/10 61b Cars parked by railroad tracks undated
2/10 61c Harry and Norma Hoyt on a boat undated
2/10 62a “June 18, 1938, Seattle in the Evanson Garden” 1938 June 18
2/10 62b-g Subjects of photographs include: groups of people, a man with a sign showing distances to Alaskan towns, people having a picnic undated
2/10 63a Group shot of people in front of a cache undated
2/10 63b “Hoyts Make Your Car Troubles Far Lighter Than Bubbles” Parade float with balloons, Anchorage undated
2/10 63c Lettering in window reading “Hi. Off to the Rendezvous” undated
2/10 64a-b “Harry, Norma, Orville, Ivan Felton, Ellis Crawford, Ted Shepherd” Group photograph undated
2/10 64c Interior shot with Harry Hoyt and other men undated
2/10 64d “Charles Jordet, Harold Hoyt, summer 1943. Produce from our Garden (beets & carrots) to right are gladiola” Two young boys sitting on doorstep 1943
2/10 65 “Presbyterian Church, 5th & L 1934” 1934
2/10 66a Crowd of people below ski jump undated
2/10 66b 4th Avenue Anchorage scene looking toward city hall undated
2/10 67a Presbyterian Church sign undated
2/10 67b Decorative panel featuring a biblical scene of a shepherd pointing toward a star undated
2/11 Xerographic copy of Album 9 1917
2/12 Prints from Album 9: “A few photos of my pets. Compliments of the Season to You and Yours, C. L. Hoyt.” Photographs of the Hoyt Fox Ranch, including Charles, Raymon and Harry Hoyt 1917
2/13 Prints from Album 10: Charles, Kitty, Raymon and Harry Hoyt, and Gulkana area; undated undated
2/14 Prints from Album 11: Hoyt Family photographs including Mount McKinley National Park; undated, 1934
2/14 1 Woman  standing next to plant undated
2/14 2 “Four pennies for the four thoughts!” Harry and Norma Hoyt with another couple undated
2/14 3 Norma Hoyt standing with dead tree undated
2/14 4 Norma Hoyt with automobile undated
2/14 5 “The Wedding Cake, Oct. 14, 1934” Norma and Harry Hoyt’s wedding cake 1934 October 14
2/14 6 “Here is the house in which we live.” undated
2/14 7 “At San Pedro, Cal. with my uncle.” Harry and Norma Hoyt with uncle undated
2/14 8 “Our Xmas tree. Note Norma’s now suit and Mukluks” Harry and Norma Hoyt standing next to Christmas tree undated
2/14 9 Men and women at picnic with cars undated
2/14 10 Young boy and girl undated
2/14 11 Man sitting on a bench outside a building undated
2/14 12 Seattle Hotel and Gilson Mercantile Co. building in deep snow undated
2/14 13 Harry Hoyt standing on a bridge undated
2/14 14 Men and women at picnic with cars (similar to 9) undated
2/14 15-16 “Wild Flowers, Mt. McKinley National Park, Alaska” undated
2/14 17 Houses covered with snow undated
2/14 18 Fox undated
2/14 19 “Wild Mountain Sheep (Ram), Mt. McKinley National Park, Alaska” Dall sheep undated
2/14 20 Dall sheep in Mount McKinley National Park undated
2/14 21 “Wild Mountain Sheep (Ram), Mt. McKinley National Park, Alaska” Dall sheep undated
2/14 22 “Riley Creek Bridge (Mile 348), Mt. McKinley National Park, Alaska” View of train crossing bridge undated
2/14 23a “Wildlife – McKinley Park (1930) Taken from Sable Pass, Toward Igloo Creek. Mt. McKinley National Park” Dall sheep 1930
2/14 24 “Taken at mile 22” Dall sheep below park road undated
2/14 25 Man and woman standing in front of store undated
2/14 26-27 Wrecked Meals Eaglerock Sales Co. airplane undated
2/15 1-79 Loose photographs undated, 1919-1939
2/15 1 Man and woman with dog in garden undated
2/15 2 “Jordets at Evanson, Seattle, June 1939” 1939 June
2/15 3 “Taken Aug. 1938, Seattle, Washington” Group photo of Jordet family 1938 August
2/15 4 “Isn’t ‘Boots’ cunning?” Woman standing next to a car with a stuffed toy on hood 1935 September
2/15 5 Man with baby on the steps of a house undated
2/15 6 Woman standing in the snow in front of house undated
2/15 7 Norma Hoyt in fur parka in Fairbanks undated
2/15 8-10 Norma Hoyt and others undated
2/15 11 Man standing next to automobile with arm raised, showing the height of snow on the side of the road undated
2/15 12 “Norma and I. Isn’t she nice? Harry” Harry and Norma Hoyt undated
2/15 13 Norma Hoyt and other woman in front of car undated
2/15 14 Callin, Nash Motor Co. Garage undated
2/15 15 Hoyt Motor Co. building undated
2/15 16 Several trucks in front of Hoyt Motor Co. building undated
2/15 17 Tip Top Inn undated
2/15 18 “Harry at Cantwell” Harry Hoyt and tractor undated
2/15 19 Norma Hoyt carrying buckets filled with blueberries undated
2/15 20 “The bride and groom and attendants” Harry and Norma Hoyt after their wedding undated
2/15 21 “Alaska Road Commission trucks at Kenny Lake Roadhouse. Harry drove one of these trucks this summer. I think this was taken in 1919 or 1920, H. Hoyt” circa 1919-1920
2/15 22-29 Subjects of photographs include: a young man playing a guitar, people including Harry and Norma Hoyt, a woman in a wedding dress, and a giraffe at a zoo. undated
2/15 30 “Norma, Harry & Harold Hoyts” undated
2/15 31 “Joe and I” Norma Hoyt with a man standing next to a car 1933 October
2/15 32 Norma Hoyt weaving fabric with a machine undated
2/15 33 “Mother Hoyt” Norma Hoyt standing next to a house undated
2/15 34 “Dec. 4, 1932” Crowd of people watching a fire 1932 December 4
2/15 35-36 “After the fire” Wreckage from fire undated
2/15 37 “Moose Hall” undated
2/15 38-40 Group photographs of Norma Hoyt’s schoolchildren undated
2/15 41 Norma Hoyt standing in front of school building in Fairbanks undated
2/15 42 “In the shade of the old palm tree at 2367 Addison Way” Woman reclining in a chair under a palm tree 1936
2/15 43 “Dec. 21, 1935 Harry & Norma Palmer 1935” Party in large hall 1935 December 21
2/15 44 “‘Tiny’ Christiansen July 4th catch” A woman sitting on the ground with fish undated
2/15 45 “My school room before getting my desks up” undated
2/15 46 Tree with plaque reading “Diameter 17’7” breast high. Circumference at base 89 feet. 87 thousand board feet.” undated
2/15 47-48 Bridge over dam with cranes undated
2/15 49-50 Greeting cards from Raymon Hoyt undated
2/15 51-52 Long-haired cat undated
2/15 53-54 Trees and path through forest undated
2/15 55-56 “Founder’s Tree” Photograph taken looking up the trunk of a tall tree. undated
2/15 56-59 Subjects of photographs include: houses, automobiles, a couple standing in a garden, and a tractor undated
2/15 60 “Main Street, Elba, N.Y.” undated
2/15 61 Postcard of a man holding a fish undated
2/15 62 Postcard with a portrait of a man in a hat undated
2/15 63 “10 choice skins averaged 34 pounds” Man holding up fox skins undated
2/15 64 “This is our entire shipment for 1926” Fox skins hanging from tree limb 1926
2/15 65 Dog sitting in the yard of a house undated
2/15 66 Portrait of a woman undated
2/15 67 Group of men standing in front of a large building undated
2/15 68 “Kathleen Elizabeth Hoyt Turner Wilkey (Bessie) Hoyt daughter of Lil Whener Hoyt Angerman” Small girl undated
2/15 69 Harry Hoyt with his parents, Charles and Kitty Hoyt undated
2/15 70 Man in suit and cap standing in front of the Hoyt Grocery undated
2/15 71 “Christmas Greetings from Alaska, Norma G. Jordet” Norma Jordet in fur parka in Fairbanks (greeting card) undated
2/15 72 “Season’s Greetings, Raymon” Christmas greeting card with birch trees 1928
2/15 73 Kitty Hoyt and another woman standing behind a bar serving customers undated
2/15 74 “C.L. Hoyt and his 11 dog team with load of freight as he travels on the Valdez-Fairbanks Trail.” undated
2/15 75 A man and a woman standing with an automobile undated
2/15 76 Crowd of people standing around and airplane undated
2/15 77 “Automobile Race Fairbanks Alaska July 4th” Manger Photo 1920
2/15 78 “Reindeer from the Alaska Railroad Mile 521” undated
2/15 79 “Charles Hoyt feeding bear cub from bottle undated
2/16 1-74 Post cards undated, 1921-1935
2/16 1 “Winter – Fairbanks Alaska” snow-covered trees; Cann Photo undated
2/16 2 “Frosty Morning” Hoar frost on trees; Cann Photo undated
2/16 3 “Public School Fairbanks, Alaska” Manger Photo 1921
2/16 4 “Gulkana Road House, Richardson Highway” H. W. Steward Photo undated
2/16 5 “Anchorage High School” Robinson Photo, No. R-503. undated
2/16 6 “Fourth Ave. Anchorage, Alaska” Early street scene. undated
2/16 7-8 “Anchorage, Alaska” Aerial views. undated
2/16 9 “Mt. McKinley” A. Johnson  photo 1921
2/16 10 “Public School, Fairbanks, Alaska” undated
2/16 11-23 Chicago World’s Fair 1933-1934
2/16 24-29 Washington, D.C. undated
2/16 30-31 Clifton Forge, Virginia undated
2/16 32-37 Mammoth Cave, Kentucky undated
2/16 38-44 American Southwest: Arizona and New Mexico undated
2/16 44-47 California undated
2/16 48 “Ambassador Bridge. Detroit, Michigan. Sandwich, Ontario” undated
2/16 49 “Horseshoe Falls, Illuminated Niagara Canada” undated
2/16 50 “Fifth Avenue and 50th Street. Rockefeller Center” undated
2/16 51-60 Fleishhacker Zoo undated
2/16 61-64 San Francisco, California undated
2/16 65-73 Redwood Highway undated
2/16 74 Grand Coulee Dam construction undated
2/17 1-45 Slides: Alaska Highway, Taylor Highway, Eagle, Tok  1963
2/18 1-178 Anchorage slides: museum, downtown, July Fourth Parades, statehood celebration, Lake Spenard, Goose Lake undated, 1938-1983
2/19 1-71 Anchorage Fur Rendezvous slides: sled dog races, blanket toss, parades, ice sculptures, fur auction undated, 1950-1983
2/20 1-6 Eagle River Road and Thunderbird Falls slides undated, 1958
2/21 1-23 Eklutna slides: cemetery, church, lake  undated, 1957-1978
2/22 1-5 Haines, Klukwan and Skagway slides undated, 1957-1963
2/23 1-20 Kennecott and McCarthy slides 1954
2/24 1-35 King’s Lake Camp, Wasilla slides undated, 1949-1961
2/25 1-10 Knik River slides undated, 1954-1962
2/26 1-45 Kodiak slides undated, 1957
2/27 1-83 Slides: Matanuska Valley, Palmer, State Fair and Glenn Highway undated, 1950-1978
2/28 1-28 Mount McKinley National Park slides undated, 1948-1972
2/29 1-8 Parks Highway slides: Mary’s McKinley View Lodge, Nenana Ice Pool undated, 1957-1972
2/30 1-65 Point Hope, Kiana and Huslia slides 1972 June
2/31 1-52 Portage Glacier and Whittier slides 1949-1975
2/32 1-40 Prudhoe Bay slides 1976
2/33 1-15 Richardson Highway slides: Horsetail Falls, Thompson Pass, Worthington Glacier, Copper Center Inn, Sourdough Lodge  undated, 1958-1969
2/34 1-25 St. Paul Island slides undated, 1955
2/35 1-129 Seward Highway, Sterling Highway and Kenai Peninsula slides undated, 1953-1967
2/36 1-278 Sitka and Sheldon Jackson College slides undated, 1958-1973
2/37 1-16 Wainwright slides undated
2/38 1-8 Wales slides undated, 1952
2/39 1-10 Slides: Willow, Willow Road and Willow Creek Mining District undated, 1963
2/40 1-39 Earthquake in Anchorage slides 1964
2/41 1-18 Slides: Cottey College, Nevada, Missouri 1959
2/42 1-234 Korea slides  undated, 1956-1976
2/43 1-136 Southeast Alaska and British Columbia slides: Stikine, Juneau, Cordova, Wrangell, Petersburg undated, 1957-1965
2/44 1-126 National Parks and Monuments slides: Bryce Canyon, Grand Teton, Zion, Yellowstone, Death Valley, Mount Rainier, Yosemite, Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Mesa Verde, Sunset Crater, Rocky Mountain, Wind Cave, Great Smoky, Everglades, Statue of Liberty, Glacier Bay, Carlsbad Caverns undated, 1951-1962
2/45 1-170 Alaskan flowers and plants slides undated, 1952-1975
2/46 1-108 Slides of people undated, 1954-1978
2/47 1-42 Norma Hoyt slides 1974
2/48 1-81 Duplicate slides undated, 1960-1972
2/49 1-83 Slides: Alaska and Canadian Rockies undated, 1951-1972

Series 3: Audio recording; 1982. 0.01 cubic feet.
This series contains an oral history insterview with Norma Hoyt conducted in 1982 by Jeff Bohman.

Box/Folder Description Date
2/50 Oral history interview with Norma Hoyt (2 compact discs) 1982

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