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Lawrence and Olga Doheny family papers

Guide to the Lawrence and Olga Doheny family papers

Collection number: HMC-0355.
Doheny, Lawrence C.
Doheny, Michael J.
Doheny, Olga.
Title: Lawrence and Olga Doheny family papers.
Dates: 1910-1980.
Volume of collection: 8.15 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers and photographs of an Alaskan mining family from Anchorage.

Biographical note:
Lawrence “Larry” C. Doheny was born in Merrill, Wisconsin in 1902. He studied mining in New Mexico and later at the University of Alaska, receiving a B.S. in Geology and Mining in 1930. Larry Doheny worked as a mining engineer for various operations including the U.S. Smelting, Mining, and Refining Co. and Strandberg and Sons, Inc. He married Olga Strandberg in 1931. The couple had three children: Michael (1934-1984), Kathleen, and Jenny (1938-2008). Larry Doheny served as a supervisory engineer for the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1940-1947) and taught mining courses at the University of Alaska part-time. Larry Doheny died in Anchorage in 1952.

Olga Doheny was born in 1910 to David and Jenny Strandberg at Ester Creek near Fairbanks. She graduated from Anchorage High School in 1928, and later received a B.A. in English and Language Education from the University of Alaska in 1932. The Dohenys worked in mining in various locations including Cripple Creek, Fairbanks, Candle Creek, and Wild Lake. After Larry’s death, Olga moved to Anchorage and served as director of Strandberg Mines, Inc. (1952-1961). She later worked as an employment counselor for the Alaska Employment Service (1964-1971). Olga Doheny was active in various civic organizations in Anchorage. She died in 1993.

Collection description:
The collection contains the papers of Larry and Olga Doheny, as well as their son, Michael, and family papers, photographs, film, and audiocassettes. Larry’s papers include personal correspondence, education records, career related files, business records, photographs, and drafting and surveying tools. Olga’s papers include correspondence with family and friends, and records relating to her education, employment, and participation in political and civic organizations. Michael Doheny’s papers consist of correspondence, employment, and military service records. The family papers include Calvert School Home Instruction Course records, which contain instructional materials and the Doheny children’s course work. The family photographs include over 5,000 images documenting the lives of Larry and Olga, their three children, their families, and other relatives and friends. Locations depicted in the photographs include Fairbanks, Candle Creek, Wild Lake, McGrath, Stevens Village, Arne Erickson’s Crow Creek Mine, and Anchorage.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the following parts and series:

Part 1: Lawrence Doheny papers; 1914-1954

Series 1: Diaries and notebooks; undated, 1938-1953
Series 2: Correspondence; undated, 1939-1952
Series 3: Personal papers; circa 1914-1954
Series 4: Employment papers; 1929-1954
Series 5: Photographs; circa 1920-1929
Series 6: Surveying and drafting tools; undated

Part 2: Olga Doheny papers; 1910-1980

Series 1: Correspondence; 1915-1977
Series 2: Personal papers; 1910-1979
Series 3: Employment and organization records; 1943-1980

Part 3: Michael Doheny papers; 1939-1977

Part 4: Doheny family papers; 1910-1979

Series 1: Calvert Home School Instruction course records; 1929-1953
Series 2: Photographs; 1910-1979
Series 3: Audio and film recordings; undated, 1940-1961
Series 4: Objects and memorabilia; 1937-1978

Digitized copies: Selected images have been digitized and are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives holds copyright to materials created by the Doheny and Strandberg families. The collection contains materials not created by the two families which may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Lawrence and Olga Doheny family papers Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some moved to the Consortium Library’s collection. Other materials were removed from the collection and added to the Archive’s ephemera collections. Please ask an archivist for further information.

Related materials: HMC-0356, Erickson family papers, HMC-0357, David and Jenny Strandberg family papers, HMC-0359, Strandberg Mines, Inc. records, and HMC-0237, Harold Strandberg papers.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to the Archives by Olga Doheny and Odin Strandberg in 1981. The deed of gift was signed by Odin Strandberg in 1997.

Processing information: Photographs in the collection were removed from their original scrapbooks and rearranged by size, and the collection was originally arranged and described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2000. Publications were removed from the collection, series combined, and the collection guide converted to current standard by Veronica Denison in 2016.

Container list:

Part 1: Lawrence Doheny papers; 1914-1953. 2.5 cubic feet.

Part 1. Series 1: Diaries and notebooks; undated, 1938-1953. 0.25 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1-3 Diaries 1939-1946
1/4 Sourdough Roadhouse notebook pages undated
1/5 Notebooks and ledgers: Address book, financial, mine building drawings undated, 1936-1939, 1953

Part 1. Series 2: Correspondence; undated, 1939-1952. 0.3 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/6-16 Personal and work related undated, 1939-1952
1/17-19 Letters to Olga and children undated, 1939-1951
1/20 Letters from children 1942-1944
1/21 Cards from children undated
1/22 Drawings from children undated
1/23 Correspondence with brother Rev. William J. Doheny (includes two photographs) 1940-1944, 1949
1/24 Correspondence with Charles Bunnell and Louis Giddings 1948

Part 1. Series 3: Personal papers; circa 1914-1954. 0.25 cubic feet.
This series contains papers relating to Larry’s education and personal life.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/25 New Mexico School of Mines notebook; Lessons in lettering circa 1924-1928
1/26 Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines Petrography papers and tests undated, 1930
1/27 Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines: Cost of Producing Power and Steam, Diesel Maintenance Cost, Kennecott Copper Corp., Kennecott Alaska 1929 June
OS Folder 1 Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines: Diploma, Bachelors of Science in Geology and Mining 1930
1/28 University of Alaska term papers and thesis undated, 1930, 1942
1/29 University of Alaska diploma 1942
1/30 LaSalle Extension University, American Law and Procedure Course: Correspondence and course work 1945
1/31 Bills and receipts 1944, 1950-1952
1/32 Northern Commercial Company account 1939-1941
1/33 Certificate of Baptism 1942
1/34 Notary public certificates 1948, 1952
1/35 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Certificate of service 1947
1/36 Identification cards and nameplate circa 1942-1952
1/37 Life insurance 1934-1949
1/38 Federal income taxes 1942-1954
1/39 Miscellaneous personal Legal papers undated, 1940, 1951
1/40 American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Application for Membership undated
1/41 Funeral records 1952
1/42 Nenana Ice Pool records 1947
1/43 Fairbanks temperature record (2 blueprints) 1935
1/44 Last will and testament 1945
1/45 Dental Records 1944
1/46 Newspaper Interview 1945 November 19
1/47 Alaskan stories and anecdotes (authors primarily unknown): “The Kee Bird,” “There is Gold in Those Dumps,” “Particulars of the Nulato, Alaska Massacre” by Julius Jette, S.J., “Sweet Dreams?” “Beaver Tale,” “Real Bad,” “Fifty-Fifty for Free,” “Where are We,” “The Seeing Glass Eye,” “Cephalic Cannibals,” “Holy Blues” undated, 1914
1/48 Affidavit; Application for patent; Divided lake undated
1/49 Stories and recollections undated

Part 1. Series 4: Employment papers; 1929-1954. 1.25 cubic feet.
This series contains papers and records relating to Larry’s employment, business relations, and consultancies with the following companies: Diamond Coal Company, Fairbanks Exploration Company, David Strandberg and Sons, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Wild Lake Mining Company, Arctic Exploration Company, and Havenstrite Mining Company. Included in the series are financial information, such as construction costs, equipment lists, correspondence, bills of sale, and deed claims, as well as correspondence with business associates, blueprints, dredge and sluice reports, and letters to politicians regarding proposed mining laws and taxes.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/50-51 James Norris: Mining activities, quitclaim deeds; Last Will and Testament of James W. Norris bequeathing land to Dohenys 1934-1939, 1944
1/52-57 Diamond Coal Company: Agreements and correspondence undated, 1942-1946
2/1 Diamond Coal Company: U.S. Department of the Interior, Solid Fuels Administration for War 1946
2/2-4 Diamond Coal Company: Agreements and correspondence 1947-1957
2/5 Diamond Coal Company: Mining regulations 1929, 1943-1947
OS Folder 1 Maps and plans: Gus Uotila 1944 Sled; Dredge Valuation Map Showing Drill Holes & Dredge Bath; Valuation Diamonds; Valuation Triangles; Caisson Prospecting (drawing); Mining area map, T12 S, R8W, FM; Alaska base map, principal railroads, motor roads and steamship lines on reverse side by Works Progress Administration; Alaska Map, Judicial Districts undated, 1938-1944
2/6 Fairbanks Exploration Company: Cripple Creek investigation 1933-1935
2/7 Fairbanks Exploration Company: Cripple Creek blueprints 1935-1936
2/8 Fairbanks Exploration Company:  Dredges 1935
2/9 Fairbanks Exploration Company: Sluice report 1934
2/10 Fairbanks Exploration Company: Cripple Creek Mining Co. comparative balance sheet and profit and loss statements 1937-1938
2/11 David Strandberg & Sons: Candle Creek operations 1938
2/12 David Strandberg & Sons: Projects 1937-1939
2/13 David Strandberg & Sons: Awe Mining Company, Flat, Alaska: Royalty Ground of David Strandberg (blueprint) 1938
2/14 David Strandberg & Sons: Windy Creek: Placer ground data (W. Holt) 1939
2/15 David Strandberg & Sons: Stationary undated
2/16-17 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: General correspondence; Correspondence regarding Robert Armstrong reference 1940-1943, 1947
2/18 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: General information undated, 1942, 1946
2/19 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Legal Papers: Power of attorney; Bill of Sale: Twin Creek mining equipment 1942
2/20 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Brinker-Johnson Co.: Caribou Creek mining report and grocery list 1941-1942
2/21 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Candle Creek Report: Report on Arctic Circle Exploration Inc. 1946
2/22 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Cleary Hill Mine: Coal analysis reports and leases 1942
2/23 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Livengood Placers, Inc. 1940-1943
2/24 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Emil Usibelli (Usibelli Coal Mine) 1945-1946
2/25 Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Estimates of charges and expenses, value of gold, items list, Buck Creek Plant study undated, 1940-1941
2/26-27 Consultation papers: Arctic  Exploration Co.; Havenstrite Mining Co.: Mud Creek; 1947-1948
2/28-29 Consultation papers: Reports: Innoko River Placer, Ready Bullion undated, 1939
2/30 Wild Lake Mining Company: Wild Lake history undated
2/31 Wild Lake Mining Company: Correspondence undated, 1934-1949
2/32 Wild Lake Mining Company: Receipts, statements, and cancelled checks 1945-1952
2/33 Wild Lake Mining Company: Unemployment Compensation Commission of Alaska (for seasonal workers and seasonal employers) 1950
2/34 Wild Lake Mining Company: Maps of claims undated, 1944
2/35-39 Wild Lake Mining Company: Legal documents: Co-partnership and power of attorney (Doheny/ Thorne/Brown); Power of attorney to locate; Leases; Location notices and certificates; Staking agreements; 1943-1950
2/40-43 Wild Lake Mining Company: Notice of intention to hold; Quit claim deeds and terminations of agreements; Partnership income tax; Balance sheets 1944-1954
2/44-47 Wild Lake Mining Company: Grub list; Equipment list; Boring logs; Petition for Mail Service 1945-1951
2/48-51 Wild Lake Mining Company: Elmer Hayes Ground; Hans Leichman Account; Frank Smith; Emil Usibelli undated, 1944-1948
2/52-53 University of Alaska, School of Mines: Correspondence; Appointment to teach 1947, 1951-1952
2/54-55 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Correspondence and personnel records; Placer claims incident 1951-1953
2/56 Charts, data, and photographs of mining equipment undated, 1942
2/57 Equipment parts list undated
2/58 Mining notebook 1934-1948
2/59 Pocket notebook: Mining notes undated, 1941
2/60 Map: Civilian Defense Airfield, Chena Slough undated
OS Folder 1 Climatological and Work Feasibility Chart-Fairbanks, Alaska, Base Weather Station, Ladd Field, Fairbanks, Alaska, prepared by Captain Roger L. Arnold and Corporal Kenneth H. Kinnard 1947 January 7
2/61 Hand drawn plats, Gulkana topographical map, James Harris Power of Attorney, undated
2/62 Correspondence: General includes civil defense drawing, Fairbanks gold dredging corporation, financial statements, and letters regarding various mines and mining claims 1934, 1939-1940
2/63-67 Correspondence: Business 1941-1951
2/68 Matt Jarvi: Taxes 1944-1946
2/69 Joe Jermin: Legal documents: Location certificates, Power of Attorney to Locate, Agreement for Staking 1945
2/70 Mary Peterson: Placer mining leases, deeds, and claims 1939, 1946-1947
2/71 Peterson: Income tax, reconstruction finance corporation 1943-1946
2/72 DeLong Construction Company (Tony Seccia: Observatory) 1947 January-July
2/73 Waskey Act 1945
2/74-75 Blank forms: Mining 1935-1943
2/76 American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, Inc.: Report of the Treasurer 1954
2/77-78 Coal mining lease and articles of co-partnership, quitclaim deeds, power of attorney to locate 1943-1945
3/1 Correspondence with Department of Interior regarding Coal Mining Permit 1945
3/2 Co-partnership termination-quitclaim deed, James Norris, Gus Parris, Diamond Coal Mine 1944
3/3 Correspondence, quitclaim deeds, leases, Gus Parris, James Norris, permits 1943-1948
3/4 Agreements, placer mining leases, receipts, location certificates, supply lists 1939-1949
3/5 Letters to Secretary of the Interior, Ickes, regarding 3, 5, or 8% proposed gold tax circa 1940-1945

Part 1. Series 5: Photographs; circa 1920-1929. 0.15 cubic feet.
This series contains the photographs of Lawrence Doheny. The photographs include his family and friends in Wisconsin, his time spent in New Mexico, and Alaska.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/6 New Mexico and Early Alaska photograph album xerographic copy and album cover circa 1920-1929
3/7 New Mexico and Early Alaska photograph album photographs circa 1920-1929
3/8 Photographs and portraits undated, 1928, 1940
3/9 New Mexico circa 1920-1929
3/10 New Mexico and early Alaska negatives: Includes photos of reindeer herd and herders circa 1925
3/11 Sister Mary Virginia Doheny: Photographs and portraits 1938-1954
3/12 Monsignor William D. Doheny: Photographs, portraits, and Christmas greeting card with inside photo of private audience of the judges of the Sacred Roman Rota during the Feast of the Maternity of Our Lady undated, 1934-1952
3/13 Wisconsin friends and relatives, Doheny house undated

Part 1. Series 6: Surveying and drafting tools; undated. 0.2 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description
8/15 Angles, curves, and rulers
Box 8 Surveyor’s transit
Box 8 Slide rules
Box 8 Dretzgen six-inch scales (divides inches into 10, 20, 30, and 50 parts)
Box 8 Black pencil case containing pencils, pens, erasers, screwdriver, file, and many other items including a small knife and a Lufkin Tape Clamp Handle

Part 2: Olga Doheny papers; 1910-1980. 1.95 cubic feet

Part 2. Series 1: Correspondence; 1915-1977. 0.65 cubic feet.
The series contains the outgoing and incoming correspondence of Olga Doheny.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/14 Correspondence from Olga Doheny undated, 1948-1973
3/15 Reverend Ed Doheny, M.M. 1960
3/16 Jenny Doheny 1948, 1954
3/17 Joe Doheny 1958
3/18 Katherine Doheny (Mrs. J.A.) undated, 1953-1954
3/19 Kathleen Doheny (Hennessey) and family undated, 1942, 1955
3/20 Sr. Mary Virginia [Doheny] 1951-1957
3/21 Sr. Mary Virginia [Doheny] undated, 1959-1973
3/22 Mrs. William Doheny (mother-in-law) 1946
3/23 Reverend William J. Doheny, C.S.C. (brother-in-law) 1945-1975
3/24 Arnie and Cleora Erickson undated, 1955-1974
3/25 Dot and Stan Erickson (daughter Jenny’s in-laws) 1971, 1974
3/26 Josephine Erickson (aunt) 1952
3/27 Hufman Family undated, 1961-1962
3/28 Agnes Johnson (cousin) 1952-1964
3/29 Genevieve Strandberg Kuntz (Missy) and Ike Kuntz 1945-1973
3/30 Ingrid Peterson undated, 1958
3/31 Vera Rathburn undated, 1957, 1964
3/32 Strandberg family: Correspondents include brother Odin and nephews Doug, David, Sig, and Rudi Strandberg undated, 1959-1974
3/33 David and Jenny Strandberg 1936-1950
3/34 Harold and Barbara Strandberg 1949-1975
3/35 Ted and Peggy Strandberg: Includes photographs of Arne Erickson, Cleora Erickson, Genevieve Kuntz, and Peggy Strandberg undated, 1951-1977
3/36 William Strandberg undated, 1949-1961
3/37-42 Correspondence from various friends 1925-1978
3/43 Ag 1950, 1953
3/44 Cleora and J.G. Bachner undated, 1945-1957
3/45 Charles Bunnell 1951-1952
3/46 Montie Craig undated, 1961-1975
3/47 William Egan 1963
3/48 Elizabeth Hastings undated, 1953
3/49 Natalie Hewlitt undated, 1961-1963
3/50 Norine Hope 1959-1960
3/51 Mrs. Thomas Howard undated, 1945
3/52 Lillian Jones 1961
3/53 Fannie Mae and George McDaniels undated, 1950
3/54 Gladys McMahan undated, 1974
3/55 Frances Mendoza 1953-1961
3/56 Belle Morgan 1957-1960
3/57 Lela Oman 1954-1971
3/58 Alice O’Neill undated, 1947-1951
3/59 Doris Phillips 1958-1967
3/60 Kay Reese/O’Grady undated, 1959-1964
3/61 Kathy and LeVake Renshaw 1957
3/62 Clyde Rowan 1964-1965
3/63 Clara Seater undated, 1959-1973
3/64 Helen Stragier undated, 1952-1964
3/65 Lucille and Sid Vorter (Included photographs) 1933-1975
3/66 Marcel and Family 1957, 1962
3/67 Personal business matters and other undated, 1940-1976
3/68 Correspondence of others 1915-1976

Part 2. Series 2: Personal papers; 1910-1979.  0.85 cubic feet.
This series contains the personal papers of Olga Doheny, such as received invitations, notebooks, recipes, and legal papers regarding property. The series also includes information regarding the estates of Larry, James Norris, and Jenny Strandberg (her mother).

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/69 Christmas card lists, copy negative of Doheny family greeting card undated
3/70 Lists undated
3/71 Lists of cards, letters, and flowers received undated
3/72 Alaska greeting cards undated
3/73 Membership and identification cards undated, 1944-1976
4/1 Tickets and business cards undated, 1954-1975
4/2 Religious items [majority are prayer cards]: Parish Census card for Doheny family, Hakon Christensen and E. Wells Ervin memorial card, Sister M. Virginia, O.P., Covenant of Saint Catherine, Racine, Wisconsin (memorial card for 50-year religious profession), Harry John Hill memorial card undated, 1956, 1963, 1973
4/3 Poetry: “Painting the Bedpan,” “Dear Alaska” (song lyrics) undated
4/4 Photo and other post cards: -“Old Man Alaska, Total Population…85,000” art card with Alaska map and statistics, F.M. Menager; “The Alaska Railroad Streamliner AuRoRa at Anchorage passenger station the morning of April 11, 1964, ready to pull out for Fairbanks – the first passenger train to run north from Anchorage after the devastating earthquake of March 27, 1964,”; “An Alaska Hospital and Church”; “Seldovia, Alaska” aerial; Santa Claus House, North Pole, Alaska; “Fairbanks, Alaska” aerial of city near Chena River; Mike Roberts Kodachrome color card undated, 1948, 1964
4/5 Wedding announcements: Family: Jenny Doheny, Margaret Gail Strandberg, William Kuntz, Arne G. Erickson, Sigvald John Strandberg, E. Odin Strandberg Jr., James Stephen Strandberg, Douglas Frank Strandberg, David Harold Strandberg undated, 1961-1974
4/6 Wedding announcements undated, 1945-1974
4/7 Invitations: Includes Spring Party, Rusty Amason, Vic Rivers; William K. Egan inauguration; Walter J. Hickel Inauguration; J. Hammond inauguration; Governor’s Holiday Ball; Pioneer Auxiliary #4 50th Anniversary; Alaska World Affairs Council; Alaska Constitutional Convention, Opening Ceremony, Official Tea undated, 1945-1977
4/8 Graduation Announcements: Genevieve Strandberg; John k. Erickson; David Harold Strandberg; E. Odin Strandberg Jr.; Sigvald John Strandberg; Douglas F. Strandberg; Joseph E. Kuntz; Steven Frederick Strandberg; Baerent Rudolph Strandberg 1935-1975
4/9 Day, address and birthday books and pages undated, 1963, 1974
4/10 Notebooks and pages undated
4/11 Recipes undated, 1967-1970
4/12 Report cards (Otter school) 1918-1921
4/13 Anchorage High School Diploma 1928
4/14 Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines: Semester records 1929, 1931
4/15 Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines: Diploma (on parchment) 1932 May 18
4/16 Anchorage Community College: Accounting course materials 1956-1957
4/17 Anchorage Community College: Accounting course materials: Journals, registers, and general ledger 1956
4/18 Anchorage Community College: Education 428 Occupational Information 1966
4/19 LaSalle Extension University: Letters 1960
4/20 Voter registration card undated
4/21 Passport information 1974
4/22 Wills 1945, 1959, 1979
4/23 Marriage certificate 1931
4/24 Certificates and memberships 1932-1958
4/25 Birth and Baptism certificates 1910, 1911
4/26 Deed Creating Tenancy by the Entirety between R.M. and Alma B. Hurlbut, and John S. and LaRue Marjorie Hellenthal concerning south Anchorage lot; Last Will and Testament of Emil Pfeil; Letter receiving Sydney Laurence landscape painting for consignment, signed by Mel Kohler of Mel Kohler Interiors, Anchorage 1947-1959
4/27 Larry Doheny: Funeral, death, and estate records 1947, 1952-1954
4/28 Estate of Jenny Strandberg 1958
4/29 Estate of James Norris 1947-1968
4/30 Norris coal property 1951-1969
4/31 Lakehurst properties 1952-1970
4/32 Household expenses 1953-1977
4/33 Household inventory  1948
4/34 Check registers 1954-1966
4/35 Alaska Longevity Bonus Program: State regulations for qualification 1975 October
4/36 Automobile accident 1946
4/37 Diet logs 1959-1971

Part 2. Series 3: Employment and organization records; 1943-1980. 0.45 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
4/38 Correspondence 1965-1973
4/39 Letters of commendation: Governors Egan and Hammond 1973, 1975
4/40 Awards and recognition 1970-1975
4/41 Activity reports 1968, 1972
4/42 Job Descriptions undated, 1968-1970
4/43 Performance evaluations 1964-1977
4/44 Alcoholism counseling workshop 1972 October-November
4/45 First Alaska Surveying and Mapping Convention, Anchorage (program and publications) 1966 February
4/46 Photographs undated
4/47 Notes undated, 1964-1972
4/48 Alaska Festival of Music (patronage letter) 1971
4/49 Alaska Homemaker Service 1969
4/50 Alaska Public Employee Association 1972-1974
4/51 Anchorage Concert Association (concert notice) 1961
4/52 Anchorage Women’s Club (yearbook) 1953-1954
4/53 Greater Anchorage Chamber of Commerce: Proposed bylaws, program of work, board of directors list; Greater Anchorage Area Council proposed bylaws; City Planning Commission Notice of Street Vacation Hearing undated, 1955-1956
4/54 Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP): Senior Citizens’ Division (newsletter) 1978 November 20
4/55 Older Persons Action Group (membership materials) undated, 1974
4/56 South Addition Community Council (bylaws) 1975
4/57 American Institute of Mining and Engineering: Registration list for Fifth Annual Mining, Minerals and Petroleum Conference 1960
4/58 Cook Inlet Historical Society (includes articles of incorporation, constitution, bylaws, meeting minutes, membership lists, membership cards, financial reports, newsletters, correspondence, and other materials) undated, 1955-1967
4/59 League of Women Voters 1963
4/60-61 Pioneers of Alaska: Includes, banquet committee, convention, auxiliary records, notes, trustees’ reports 1954-1962
4/62 Red Cross, American 1943-1963
5/1 Republican Party: Correspondence undated, 1953-1978
5/2 Republican Party: Platforms, rules, meeting minutes, resolutions, convention records, etc.) 1950-1954
5/3 Republican Party 1958-1961, 1971
5/4 Republican Party undated
5/5 Republican Party: Pamphlets 1951-1955
5/6 Republican Women’s Club (membership lists, announcements, and handbook) undated, 1952-1955
5/7 Republican Political Party Proxies 1954
5/8 Republican Party Committee, Harold Strandberg 1953-1961
5/9 University of Alaska Alumni Association (primarily correspondence) 1949-1957
5/10 University of Alaska Alumni Association undated, 1958-1980
5/11 Other Civic Organizations: Vial for Life, Town and Country Club, Fur Rendezvous undated, 1961, 1962

Part 3: Michael Doheny papers; 1939-1977. 0.6 cubic feet.
This part contains the papers of Michael Doheny, including personal papers, records relating to his education and personal life, as well as correspondence and organizations in which he was involved.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/12 Childhood artwork undated
5/13 Cards: Greeting cards circa 1954-1964
5/14 Cards: Post cards: Hong Kong; Memphis and Memphis Naval Air Station; Richard Nixon and family at piano undated
5/15 Cards: Religious cards undated, 1944
5/16 Certificate of Baptism and remembrance of first holy communion 1944, 1945
5/17 Civic Organizations: Cook Inlet Historical Society: charter membership certificate and 2 membership cards; Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo No. 15: meeting notice concerning mortgage for new building 1955-1964
5/18 College: Memoranda correspondence 1954, 1965
5/19 College: Engineering and drawing course 1955-1956
5/20 College: State College of Washington 1954
5/21 College: University of Alaska Fairbanks 1954-1956, 1975
5/22-24 Correspondence undated, 1941-1977
5/25 Elementary School: Report cards 1939-1948
5/26 Employment records: City of Anchorage 1965-1970
5/27 High school: Report cards, diploma and tassel, and reunion materials 1950-1954, 1974
5/28 Alaska Temporary Driving Permit 1967
5/29 Lakehurst Property undated, 1966
5/31 Legal matters 1958-1973
OS Folder 1 Military Service: Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary, certificate of completion for Summer Encampment Training Couse at Elmendorf Air Force Base; Alaska Elmendorf Air Force Base street map 1952-1962
5/32 Military Service: Training notebook undated
5/33 Teamsters Union 1961-1975
5/34 Trade Unions undated, 1954-1961
5/35 Nenana Ice Pool bets, time and dates for 1917-1974 circa 1975

Part 4: Family papers; 1910-1979. 3.1 cubic feet.

Part 4. Series 1: Calvert Home School Instruction course records; 1929-1953. 1.1 cubic feet.
This series contains the workbooks and study guides used and written in by the Doheny children for their home school instruction.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/36-41 Lesson manuals: Fourth Year to Sixth Year 1947
6/1-5 Lesson Manuals: Post-Graduate Courses: American History, Grammar and Compositions, English Literature, Geography, Latin, Mathematics, Science, Spanish 1945, 1949
6/6 Study Guides in Geography: South America 1929, 1941
6/7-8 Lesson pictures, answers, addenda, tests, and teaching aids undated
6/9-15 Michael Doheny: Year Five and Six reports and course work; Course work in Biology, Geology, English, Lesson Books 1948-1953
6/16-21 Kathleen Doheny: Year Five and Six reports and course work 1948-1949
6/22-27 Jenny Doheny: Spelling and penmanship workbook; Year Six reports and course work; Year Four workbook; Science workbooks undated, 1947-1951

Part 4. Series 2: Photographs; 1910-1979. 1.15 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
6/28 Olga Strandberg Doheny: Photographs and portraits circa 1928, 1971-1977
6/29 Michael J. Doheny: Includes photos from military service in the U.S. Marine Corps undated, 1957
6/30 Kathleen Doheny 1949-1961
6/31 Kathleen Doheny and Calvert Cross: Includes wedding undated, 1954-1958
7/1 Kathleen Doheny Hennessey and family undated 1965-1978
7/2 Jenny Doheny undated
7/3 Jenny Doheny and Donald Huffman: Engagement, wedding, and honeymoon photos and portraits 1960-1961
7/4 Doheny family photos Larry, Olga, children, and relatives undated, 1955
7/5 Stefn Erickson (son of Donald Hufman and Jenny Doheny; adopted son of Dennis Erickson): undated, 1963
7/6 Children of Dennis Erickson and Jenny Doheny Erickson 1969-1976
7/7 Immaculate Conception School, Fairbanks: Class photos (Jenny Doheny’s classes) circa 1946-1949
7/8 Public School, Flat, Alaska (includes Olga Strandberg) circa 1917-1920
7/9 Fairbanks flood; Olga Strandberg, friends, family, and scenery: Anchorage and College, Alaska circa 1920-1929
7/10 Xerographic copy of Doheny family album: Early childhood photos of Michael and Kathleen circa 1935-1945
7/11 Childhood Photos of Michael, Kathleen, and Jenny Doheny circa 1935-1945
7/12 Childhood Photos of Michael, Kathleen, and Jenny Doheny (negatives) circa 1935-1945
7/13 Childhood Photos of Michael and Kathleen Doheny circa 1935-1940
7/14 Childhood Photos of Michael and Kathleen Doheny (negatives) circa 1935-1940
7/15 Doheny Family Candle Creek photos circa 1937-1940
7/16 Fairbanks Dog Derby (including photos of Leonhard Seppala); Mammoth skull and tusks circa 1937-1940
7/17 Kathleen Doheny: Fairbanks photos with family, friends, dogs, airplanes undated, 1947
7/18 Doheny Family photos from McGrath, Stevens Village, and Wild Lake: Includes placer mining circa 1947-1949
7/19 Doheny Family photos from McGrath, Stevens Village, and Wild Lake: negatives circa 1947-1949
7/20 Fairbanks Dog Derby: queen crowning ceremony on Chena River near Fairview Hotel circa 1947-1949
7/21 Parade in Anchorage circa 1950
7/22 Doheny family at home: Larry, Olga, Michael, Kathleen; Doheny family outings, camping trips, and Anchorage Fur Rendezvous sled dog races (including those with Calvert Cross) circa 1950-1954
7/23 Doheny Family and Calvert Cross at Eureka Roadhouse circa 1955
7/24 Olga Doheny and Arne Erickson at Crow Creek Mine with friends circa 1958
7/25 Stefn Erickson’s birthday party circa 1963
7/26 Sister Mary Virginia Doheny, and Erickson families visiting Crow Creek Mine area 1956
7/27 Dohenys and Stefn Erickson circa 1966
7/28 Doheny house, yard, interior, and neighborhood in Anchorage undated
7/29 Doheny family group photos on steps circa 1958
7/30 Fishing boat and drilling rig circa 1952
7/31 Christmas Dinner; Graduation ceremony, napping on couch circa 1952-1953
7/32 William Strandberg, Olga Doheny, Michael Doheny and friends at Christmas Party, Crow Creek Mine building circa 1950-1954
7/33 Stefn Erickson, Olga Doheny, and Michael Doheny; Stefn Erickson at Easter pageant, at play; Stefn Erickson’s birthday party circa 1966
7/34 Erickson/Doheny Christmas party circa 1966
7/35 Kathleen Doheny Hennessey and family visit home to Anchorage; Olga and Michael Doheny visit Genevieve Strandberg Kuntz in Arcata California circa 1967
7/36 Stefn Erickson on family outings circa 1967
7/37 Michael Doheny’s damaged car; Stefn Erickson and baby stroller circa 1967
7/38 Stefn and Dennis Erickson and play fort circa 1967
7/39 Matanuska Glacier; Michael Doheny and Stefn Erickson. plane ride home and Erickson home; Stefn Erickson trick or treating on Halloween and birthday party; New baby Erika Erickson at Dennis Erickson home; Arne and Cleora Erickson at party; Erickson/Doheny family Christmas Party circa 1967
7/40 Erickson family gift giving; family reunion at Crow Creek Mine 1967-1968
7/41 Family reunion at Crow Creek Mining Camp and Stefn Erickson at play circa 1968
7/42 Family dinner at restaurant and Michael Doheny and Stefn Erickson visit Japanese ship circa 1968
7/43 Michael Doheny birthday party circa 1968
7/44 Arne Erickson’s birthday party at Crow Creek Mine, family reunion, and trip to Homer 1968
7/45 Stefn Erickson birthday party, Erickson home circa 1971
7/46 Dennis Erickson at high school, shop building 1972
7/47 Halloween trick or treating and children playing on slide 1972
7/48 Michael Doheny birthday party, sunset over Cook Inlet circa 1972
7/49 Doheny family picnic with friends circa 1972
7/50 Judo class, sledding near glacier, and storage buildings 1972 December
7/51 Bethel area and paving road from Bethel airport to town; sunset on Cook Inlet 1971
7/52 Olga Doheny’s trip to England and France, visit to Hennessey family circa 1973
7/53 Family picnic 1973 August
7/54 Gathering at vacation cabin in woods; Sunset; Doheny home (12th and B Street, Anchorage) and sunset circa 1975
7/55 Sunset and bicentennial parade in Anchorage 1976
7/56 Union 76 building construction and sunset on Cook Inlet; Native woman in office and winter sunset; School band concert; Doheny home and family gathering; Christmas at Erickson home circa 1976
7/57 Erickson children and Anchorage Fur Rendezvous parade; Doheny/Erickson visit to Crow Creek Mine; Erickson family dogs circa 1977
7/58 Doheny/Erickson family photos and photo sets circa 1950-1979
7/59 Photographs of various men and women 1910-1957
7/60 Individuals and groups of children 1913-1961
7/61 Group photographs 1921-1957
7/62 Animals undated
7/63 Buildings and structures: Includes the University of Washington campus in Seattle, New York City, Anchorage, and various towns throughout Alaska undated
7/64 Scenery: Includes photographs of aurora borealis from an unidentified town; Scenic view of riverboat by river “Fairbanks – By Rev. P.E. Baisler – July 1st, 1927, at Midnight” 1927-1978
7/65 Trains, Christmas tree and party, artwork undated
7/66 Negatives: People, beaches, log buildings undated
7/67 Photo Post Cards and other scenic views: Anchorage: “New Townsite July 13, 1915, Anchorage Alaska”; “Tent Town Anchorage Alaska”; “Fourth and D Sts. Anchorage, Alaska” Street scene near McKinley Block building; “Anchorage, Alaska” Street scene near Empress Theatre, C.L. Johnson; “Anchorage Alaska” Aerial view of city from the west; “President Harding arrives from Fairbanks-July 17, 1923” President stepping down from railroad car, Bragaw photograph undated, 1915, 1923
7/67 Fairbanks: “Dining Room, Nordale Hotel”; Nordale Hotel during flood; Miss Alaska with sash and fur mukluks, Fairbanks Ice Carnival; “The native pageant after the coronation of the queen” Fairbanks Ice Carnival; “Night scene of the throne, showing some of the fireworks” Fairbanks Ice Carnival; “Fairbanks, Alaska” Aerial view of city looking south above Cushman Street bridge over Chena River, No. P-1256; “An Alaskan Hospital and Church” View from across river, No. B-11; “Fairbanks Public School Bldg” No. B-15; “Second & Cushman – Fairbanks Alaska” Night street scene, No. N-9; “Outdoor Swimming – Fairbanks Alaska” Swimming pool, No. O-31 undated
7/67 Juneau and Southeast Alaska: “Juneau Alaska” View of city from hillside; “Bergs breaking from Taku Glacier, Alaska” Otto Schallerer photo; “S.S. Northwestern in Alaska” Ice on ship, Thwaites photo, No. 4001; “S.S. Northwestern After a Storm” Two men near rear of ship at dock, Thwaites photo, No. 4004; “100 Tons of Salt Ice. S.S. Northwestern. Alaska Coast” View from deck of ship, Thwaites photo, No. 4006; “Ketchikan, Alaska.” View down street toward Tongass Narrows, Thwaites photo, No. 5013; “Skagway” View of docks and city from Taiya Inlet; “Presbyterian Church Wrangell Alaska” undated
7/67 Other places: “Paxson Road House – Richardson Highway” Cann, Fairbanks; “Kanatak, Alaska. The Oil Town” Aerial view, C.C.T.; “Copper Center Roadhouse” Lew McFerran, photographer, Anderson’s Scenic Postcards, Anchorage; “Becker’s Ocean Resort, Kalalock, Washington U.S. 101” Jones, No. 3609; “Office of Dr. Will H Chase, Cordova, Alaska”; Army Service Forces Training Center, Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Nos. 1900-1909; Scenic views of Dundee, Ireland, Disneyland, Anaheim, California, Seattle, Washington area, and the State of Washington undated
7/68 Photo postcards of Anchorage area: Includes street scenes, boats, parades, a baseball game, a fire, the Anchorage Fire Department, Ship Creek, public gatherings, and scenery, as well as a portrait of Sydney Lawrence 1913-1916
7/69 Lawrence Doheny in his graduation cap and gown, University of Alaska; Grave at cemetery in Anchorage; Jenny Doheny mowing lawn; Arne Erickson with Stefn Erickson at Crow Creek Mining Camp; Michael Doheny photos of Doheny family, Jenny and Dennis Erickson family, and reunions at Crow Creek Mine; Wedding photographs of an unidentified couple 1942-1972
OS Folder 2 “N” Co., 3rd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment Camp Pendelton, California 21 May 1957

Part 4. Series 3: Audio and film recordings; undated, 1940-1961. 0.35 cubic feet.
This series contains family film of the Doheny film. Footage includes the family on vacation, fishing, glaciers, a parade in Anchorage, placer mining, the college graduation of Kathleen, and the wedding and reception of Jenny to Donald Hufman. The family film was transferred to VHS. The collection also includes an audiocassette sent to Olga Strandberg from the Kathleen’s family.

Box/Folder Reel Description Dates
8/17-18 VHS transfer copies made 1989, 2-½ inch VHS videocassettes, 35 minutes each undated
Box 9 1 Michael, Kathleen, and Jenny Doheny swimming, sailboats, waterfall, beach scene circa 1940
Box 9 2 Jenny Strandberg’s garden in Anchorage, Michael Doheny on ice skates circa 1940
Box 9 3 Michael Doheny in clown costume, Doheny children, children’s parade in Anchorage 1941 June
Box 9 4 William Strandberg and unidentified woman circa 1942
Box 9 5 Placer mining scenes: dredge, roads, hydraulic mining,  bridge, mountains, Kathy Doheny and Calvert Cross at Eureka Roadhouse circa 1953
Box 9 6 Placer mining scenes: two sluices, gold in pan circa 1953
Box 9 7 Dohenys on trip down Chena River aboard paddlewheel steamer Bernadette in Fairbanks, riverboats on river; Doheny children sledding circa 1948
Box 9 8 Glenn Highway and Matanuska Glacier; fishing from shore of lake; Kathleen Doheny’s Graduation from Stanford University, Doheny children and Calvert Cross circa 1960
Box 10 9 Kathleen Doheny’s graduation from Stanford University circa 1960
Box 10 10 Wedding of Jenny Doheny to Donald Hufman 1961
Box 10 11 Wedding reception for Jenny Doheny and Donald Hufman, wedding gifts 1961
8/1 Xerographic copies of original film boxes undated
Box 8 Unidentified reels (2 reels, 3 inch) 1961 May 29
8/16 “XMAS ‘70” Hennessey family [Kathleen], sent to Olga Doheny [audiocassette] 1970 December 25

Part 4. Series 4: Objects and memorabilia; 1937-1978. 0.5 cubic feet.
This series contains organization and personal memorabilia collected by the Doheny family. Included are materials relating to various events, commemorations, and organizations in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Box/Folder Description Dates
8/2 Fur Rendezvous buttons undated, 1962
8/3 Anchorage Republican Women’s Club Raffle Tickets 1960 November
8/4 Alaska Purchase Centennial stamps 1867-1967 1967
8/5 Louis Armstrong concert ticket 1965
8/6 Anchorage Golden Anniversary commemorative coin, 1920-1970 1970
8/7 Fairbanks Dog Show license and ribbons: Dog license, Mutt Parade ribbons, 3rd Price ribbon 1947
8/8 Fairbanks Ice Carnival and Dog Derby banner (on animal skin) 1935
8/9 American Legion National Essay Contest Award bronze medal (Olga Strandberg) 1926
8/10 State of Alaska service pins undated
8/11 Alaska Hi-way patch (felt) undated
8/12 Good Conduct medal (bronze) 1942
8/13 Anchorage and Alaska merchants’ advertising undated, 1937-1978
8/14 Pioneers of Alaska pin and committee ribbon undated
Box 8 Mechanical sheet metal cat with rear drive wheels, Mar Toys, New York undated
Box 8 Cast metal pickup truck undated

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