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Harold Strandberg papers

Guide to the Harold Strandberg papers


Harold Strandberg

Harold Strandberg

Collection number: HMC-0237.
Creator: Strandberg, Harold.
Title: Harold Strandberg papers.
Dates: 1923-1985.
Volume of collection: 4.25 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers of the Vice President of Strandberg and Sons, Inc. and former Anchorage Port Commissioner and Alaska state legislator.

Biographical note:
Harold Strandberg was born in Alaska in 1909. He attended the University of Alaska and graduated in 1931 with a Bachelor of Science in geology and mining. He worked as a placer miner in Alaska with his father and three brothers at Cripple Creek, Folger, Candle, and Manley Hot Springs. He also worked as a platinum miner at Goodnews Bay. In 1937, he became Vice President and Secretary of Strandberg and Sons, Inc., a mining corporation (later changed to the Strandberg Mining Corporation). In 1955, Harold Strandberg was named Anchorage Port Commissioner, and served in that capacity until 1964, when he was elected to the Alaska State House of Representatives. After serving two terms as a state legislator, he was appointed Commissioner of Public Works in 1968, and served as Deputy Commissioner in 1971. He was also a member of various civic and professional organizations including the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Engineers, the Alaska Miners Association (Director and Vice President), and Pioneers of Alaska. Harold Strandberg and his wife, Barbara, later moved to Arizona. He died in 1995.

Collection description:
The collection consists of records concerning Harold Strandberg’s work as Anchorage Port Commissioner, a state representative, and as a mining engineer. The collection contains Anchorage Port Commission records; legislative papers; mining and engineering record, as well as personal papers and photographs.

Arrangement: This collection is arranged in the following series:

Series 1: Anchorage Port Commission records; 1951-1969
Series 2: Legislative subject files; 1954-1967
Series 3: Consulting Engineer files; undated, 1923-1978
Series 4: Strandberg Mining records; undated, 1935-1985
Series 5: Personal papers; undated, 1930-1967

Alternative formats: Copy negatives were made from selected prints in the collection.

Digitized copies: Selected photographs have been digitized and can be found online at Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining copies please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives holds copyright to materials created by Harold Strandberg.

Preferred citation: Harold Strandberg papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection added to Rare Books. Film reels and select photographs were returned to the Strandberg family. Please contact an archivist for further information.

Related materials: HMC-0359, Strandberg Mines, Inc. records. HMC-0357, David and Jenny Strandberg family papers. HMC-0355, Lawrence and Olga Doheny family papers. HMC-1163, Robert Geehan papers.

Acquisition note: The collection was presented to the archives by Harold Strandberg in 1981. A deed of gift was signed in 1989. Additions to the collection were made by Barbara Strandberg in 1996 and an additional deed of gift was signed.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 1998. The collection was converted to current standard, publications removed, photographs digitized, and metadata completed by Veronica Denison in 2014.

Location of originals: Series 5 of this collection contains contact prints and copy negatives of photographs taken by Archives from Strandberg family scrapbooks. Series 5 also contains a VHS converted from multiple film reels. The original scrapbooks and film reels were returned to the Strandberg family.

Container list:

Series 1. Anchorage Port Commission records; 1951-1969. 1.80 cubic feet.
This series contains records pertaining to the Anchorage Port Commission. Records include correspondence, blueprints, development plans, reports regarding construction and port development, invoices, meeting minutes, and revenue estimates.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Alaska Mining Industry compared to Canada 1962 September
1/2 Alaskan Railroad: application for withdrawal 1962
1/3 Alaska Railroad: land leasing 1962
1/4 American Association of Port Authorities: proceedings of the 50th annual meeting 1961-1962
1/5 Appropriations enacted by Congress: ship channels and harbor 1964
1/6 Bids for repair and maintenance of “level luffing gantry cranes” 1963
oversize folder 1 Blueprint of Port Facilities 1961
oversize folder 1 Blueprints of Port of Anchorage: Plat of Lots 1A,4A, 5A, 6A, 7A & 8A, Port of Anchorage Subdivision 1962
1/7-9 Budgets: Port of Anchorage 1961-1964
1/10 Capital Improvement: requests and programs 1964-1969
1/11 Chamber of Commerce Port Development Committee 1962
1/12 Charter Commission, City of Anchorage undated, 1954-1962
1/13 Memoranda: City Manager to City Council 1962-1964
1/14 Memoranda: City Manager to Port Director 1959-1964
1/15 Construction Fund: Port of Anchorage 1962
1/16-21 City of Anchorage, Port Facilities, Construction Report for Port of Anchorage 1958-1961
1/22 Correspondence: Port Commission funding 1954-1955
1/23-25 Correspondence sent to Port Commissioner 1959-1964
1/26-29 Correspondence sent to Port Director 1962-194
oversize folder 1 Port Area Property Map, Sections 6 & 7 – T 13N – R3W – S.M. 1964 January 22
1/30 Council Memorandum #126: Agreement Between Port of Anchorage and Alaska Freight Lines 1963
1/31 Coverdale and Colpitts: Consulting Engineers; port operation costs 1956-1957
1/32 Department of Natural Resources; Division of Lands: purchase of lands; Alaska Railroad Terminal Reserve undated, 1959-1962
1/33 Elmendorf Air Force Base: Negotiations for Land, by G. Shannon, City Manager
1/34 Engineering and Architectural Services: Port of Anchorage 1961-1962
1/35 Feasibility Report: Port of Anchorage undated
1/36 Before the Federal Maritime Commission: Docket Numbers 881, 976 1962
1/37 Finances for the Port of Anchorage 1957, 1961-1964
1/38 Correspondence: harbor fees 1961-1962
1/39 Highway Planning Committee 1959
1/40 Port of Anchorage: information, contract for engineering, payments, news clippings, press releases undated, 1956-1963
1/41 Port of Anchorage: facilities insurance coverage 1962
1/42 Winter invoices for the Port of Anchorage 1960-1961
1/43 Application and resumes for the position of Port Director 1959-1962
1/44 Lease between City and Trans-World Alaska, Inc. 1963
1/45 Leasing of dock space at Port of Anchorage 1963
1/46 Marine Terminal Lease, Anchorage, Alaska (drafts) 1964
1/47 Correspondence between military with Port of Anchorage 1955-1963
1/48-2/1 Port of Anchorage Commission meeting minutes 1958-1964
2/2 Proposals for negotiations with Alaska Freight Lines 1962 November 30
2/3 Report on Ocean Car-Ferry Operation between CONUS and Alaska 1954 May 27
2/4 Obtaining control of the Ocean Dock 1963
2/5 Transfer of the Ocean Dock 1963
2/6 Anchorage Port Facilities,  operation and condition annual reports 1962-1963
2/7 Port of Anchorage: operation problems 1962-1963
2/8 Port of Anchorage Municipal Terminal: operation statement 1964
2/9 Plastic Bottles, U.S., Japanese Trade, industrial plant location 1960
2/10 POL Off-Loading Facility Feasibility Study 1964
2/11 Port Accountant memorandum to Port Director: contemplated purchase of vans and budget 1962 January 23
2/12 Port Commission to City Council: memoranda 1957, 1962-1964
2/13 Port Construction Fund 1962
2/14 Port Development: navigational aids 1961-1962
2/15 Port Director to City Manager: memoranda 1961-1964
2/16 Port Director to Finance Officer: memoranda 1964
2/17 Port Director to Port Commissioner: memoranda 1958, 1961-1964
2/18 Port regulations: ordinance numbers 1459 and 1460 undated, 1960
2/19 Ports outside: developments at other ports 1960, 1962-1964
2/20 Proxy Votes, City Council 1962
2/21 Puget Sound: Alaska Van Lines 1962 November 27
2/22 Quarterly Report 1963 June
2/23 “Resolution No. I” to the Federal Maritime Board 1961-1962
2/24 Revenue Bonds for Port and Terminal Facilities 1958, 1962-1963
2/25 Revenue estimates, financing proposals for P.O.L. Facility at Port of Anchorage 1964-1969
2/26 City of Anchorage: statement of revenues and expenditures 1963 June-July
2/27 Revenue, expense summary, and balance sheet 1963-1964
2/28 Export of round logs to Japan 1961
2/29 Sea-Land Service, Inc. 1963-1964
2/30 Shell Oil: correspondence with Port of Anchorage concerning leasing of land 1961-1964
oversize folder 1 Proposed Terminal Site and Facilities, Anchorage, Alaska; Shell Oil Company, Engineering Department 1961 January
2/31 Terminal Service contracts 1961, 1963-1964
2/32 Terminal Manager to Port Commissioner: memoranda 1963
2/33 Terminals Tariff: Port of Anchorage 1961
2/34 Tide Lands acquisition 1961-1964
2/35 Tide Land Preference Right application 1962-1964
2/36-37 Correspondence and memoranda: Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton, Engineers and Architects 1957-1964
2/38 Port of Anchorage: tonnage 1961-1964
2/39 Travel: business, expense report, and regulations 1959, 1961-1963
2/40 United States Government correspondence with Port of Anchorage 1957, 1961-1964
2/41 Wharf Extension: Port of Anchorage 1961, 1963, 1966
oversize folder 1 Proposed Wharf Extension and Dredging; Hydrographic Survey South and West of City Dock, Anchorage, Alaska; floor plan and elevations of wharf building undated, 1961-1962
2/42 Statement of Austin J. Tobin, Executive Director of the Port of New York Authority, Before the House Committee on Banking and Currency, on H.R. 5845 1963 October 2
2/43 Port Authorities: enabling legislation 1951-1961

Series 2. Legislative subject files; 1954-1967. 1.80 cubic feet.
This series includes the files collected by Harold Strandberg during his time as Alaska state legislator. Records in this series include correspondence, files on various state departments, commissions, and legislative committees, as well as proposed bills. Arranged alphabetically by subject, committee, or association name.

Box/Folder Description Dates
2/44 Aid to the blind 1960
2/45 Alaska Map Advisory Committee 1962
2/46 Alaska Native Housing, Housing the Alaska Native; by Charles Abrams 1967
2/47 Alaska Operating Engineers for Local Autonomy 1966 February
2/48 Alaska School District 1961-1967
2/49 Alaska School District: correspondence regarding Senate Bill 16 1961 February-March
2/50 Alaska School District: correspondence regarding House Bill 338 1962 February
2/51 Alaska State Firemen’s Association: correspondence regarding House Bill 326 1966-1967
2/52 Anchorage International Airport 1961-1962, 1966
2/53 Anchorage Medical Society 1961-1962
3/1 Appropriations: general funds, costs undated, 1962
3/2 Bush Airport Program 1960
3/3 Campaign Headquarters: schedules for television and radio political advertising 1962
3/4 Candidates: campaign information on candidates including: Harold Strandberg, Bill Wiggins, Ted Stevens, Homer Moseley, and Jack H. White 1962
3/5 Correspondence regarding Bill 193, Farmers Marketing Order 1962 March
3/6 Correspondence regarding Osteopath Licensing (Dr. Richard Sutherland, D.O.) 1966
3/7 Correspondence: outgoing 1961-1967
3/8 Correspondence: incoming 1961-1967
3/9 Correspondence: outgoing and incoming 1954-1967
3/10 Correspondence to answer 1960-1961
3/11 Correspondence: Session 1 1961
3/12 Correspondence: Tourist Proposition 1961, 1967
3/13 Democratic Convention: address by Governor Egan 1962
3/14 Department of Administration, lobbyist registers; State of Alaska, Monthly Financial Reports 1961-1967
3/15 Department of Fish and Game 1960-1967
3/16 Department of Health and Welfare 1961-1962, 1966
3/17 Department of Highways 1961-1962, 1966-1967
oversize folder 2
Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mines and Minerals; Township 1 to 4, Range 13 to 16 West, Fairbanks Meridian, Alaska Protracted 1961-1962, 1965-1967
3/19 Department of Public Works 1961-1962, 1965-1966
3/20 Department of Public Works: news releases; construction of bridge across the Tanana River; ferry system 1966 May
3/21 Department of Revenue 1960-1963, 1966
3/22 Disposition of Excess State Equipment 1962
3/23 Division of Engineering & Services: Alaska Society of Professional Engineers membership list; proposal to relocate the state capital undated , 1962
3/24 Domestic Offshore Shipping: hearings before the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce 1961-1962
3/25 Governor’s Advisory Committee on Economic Development: newsletter 1962
3/26 Governor news releases; list of appointees to boards and commissions 1967
3/27 Insurance coverage 1961-1967
3/28 In the House: bills, calendars, petitions 1961-1962, 1966-1967
3/29 Joint Finance Committee notes 1962
3/30-32 Legislative Audit Committee: correspondence, agenda, meeting minutes 1964-1967
3/33 Legislative Council 1961-1966
3/34 Legislative Council: Correspondence between Harold Strandberg and Donna Spragg, Finance Analyst 1963 May-June
3/35 Legislative papers 1960-1967
3/36 Legislative Reporting Service: Tanana Valley flood disaster legislation 1967
3/37 Legislative: State of Alaska reports: Alaska State Highway Department budget report, Alaska Department of Highways 1961-1967
3/38 Legislature (includes correspondence) 1961-1967
3/39 Legislature: Uniform Rules 1959-1966
3/40 Liberalization of Alaska Gambling Laws undated, 1962-1966
4/1 Newsletters, bulletins, and press releases 1960-1962, 1965-1967
4/2 Office of the Governor: press releases, addresses, remarks 1961, 1966-1967
4/3 Polling places 1960
4/4 Precincts, Anchorage Area (includes precinct maps) 1960
4/5 Proclamations of Governor Walter J. Hickel 1967
4/6 Professional Engineers: registration & licensing 1960
4/7 Publications: political fliers, “Excerpt of remarks of Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey” 1966-1967
4/8-9 Public Health; Greater Anchorage Health District budget 1960-1962
4/10 Republican Party 1960-1963, 1966
4/11 Resolutions to the State of Alaska: Alaska Carriers Association, Inc.; Alaska Judicial Conference; The City of Seward, Alaska; The American Legion-Department of Alaska; City of Anchorage, Alaska; and the Chugiak-Eagle River Borough Action Council 1961-1962, 1966
4/12 Roads Committee 1962
4/13 Services, Commercial 1961-1962, 1966
4/14 Special Events and Committees (special interest groups) 1961-1962, 1965-1967
4/15 Stationery: Representative Harold Strandberg, Anchorage, Alaska, House Districts 8 and 10 undated
4/16 Senate and House Journals and Journal Supplements (includes notes) 1966-1967
4/17 Status of House and Senate Bills; Portions of Alaska Administrative Code, Register 4 1961-1962
4/18 Superior Court of Alaska; valid apportionment of the State Senate 1966
4/19 Support Data: First Session 1960-1961
4/20 Telegrams 1961-1962, 1966-1967
4/21 Toll and Free Highway Bond financing 1961
4/22 U.S. Department of Agriculture 1961-1962
4/23 U.S. Department of Labor; current population estimates, Alaska 1966-1967
4/24 U.S. Department of Transportation; Highway Safety Program standards 1967
4/25, oversize folder 2 Voting Precincts undated, 1958-1962
4/26-29 Water-Sewer Systems: lease-purchase agreement between Alaska State Housing Authority and Spenard Utilities, Inc.; Homestead Acres;  Naptowne Unit, Kenai Peninsula, Oil and Gas Lease; Nunaka Valley Water and Sewer System; Spenard Utilities Water and Sewer Service 1960-1965

Series 3. Consulting Engineer files; undated, 1923-1978. 0.20 cubic feet.
This series consists of Harold Strandberg’s consulting engineering files, which include maps and correspondence.

Box/Folder Description Dates
4/30 47 Creek Study: Russell Schaefer, includes assay reports and operating statements 1948-1954
4/31 47 Creek Study: report on Cinnibar Creek 1971 January 10
4/32, oversize folder 3 47 Creek Study: maps; sleet mute quadrangle, reconnaissance geologic maps, creek property of F.S. McClure, Aniak District 1954, 1970, 1973
4/33 Chititu Mines Co.: Russell R. Roetger correspondence 1974, 1976
4/34 Cosna River Lead: Summary Report of Mineral Examinations 1964
4/35 Fidalgo Mine: Herbert Report, map; Electrical Survey (reproduced on 5 sheets) undated, 1970
4/36, oversize folder 3 Funter Bay Property: Fred Estaugh, maps, Report on Property Owned By Alaska Dano Mines Company; “Vertical Longitudinal Section Through Center Line of Claims” undated, 1971
4/37, oversize folder 3 Manley Hot Springs Airport-Lands: Alaska Department of Transportation: maps and notes 1923-1978
4/38, oversize folder 3 Eva Creek Mining Co.: General Geology of the Bonnefield District; flotation and cyanide tests; General Arrangement and Framing Details for 50 Ton Gravity Concentration & Flotation Mill undated, 1931
4/39, oversize folder 3 Klondike Placer Gold Corporation: correspondence, operating report, financial report, estimates; washing plant plans 1974-1975
4/40 Peters Creek Study: correspondence, schedules, and research materials 1938-1974
4/41, oversize folder 3 Peters Creek Study: maps undated, 1935-1972
4/42 Walker’s Fork Reports (various clients) 1973-1974

Series 4. Strandberg Mining records; undated, 1935-1985. 0.15 cubic feet.
This series includes Strandberg family mining records, including maps for the areas of Colorado Creek, Eureka, Lower Candle Reserves, Otter Creek (Flat, Alaska), and Tofty, as well as mining logs and lease agreements.

Box/Folder Description Dates
4/43 Colorado Creek undated, 1951, 1960, 1985
4/44, oversize folder 3 Eureka Area undated, 1935, 1960
4/45 Lower Candle Reserves: estimate of Lower Candle Reserves 1955
4/46 Otter Creek Reports, Flat, Alaska 1938, 1968
4/47 Tofty Area: Cache Creek Ditch mining logs, Affidavits of Annual Labor; Agreement, Lease and Option; maps undated, 1953-1979

Series 5. Personal papers; undated, 1930-1967. 0.30 cubic feet.
This series contains personal papers and visual materials related to Harold Strandberg and his family. Records include photographs, copy negatives, and a videotape of the Strandberg family and mining operations in Alaska. Folders three through five contain contact prints and copy negatives of original photographs from scrapbooks which were returned to the Strandberg family.

Box/Folder Item # Description Dates
4/48 Letter from David Strandberg to admissions office at University of Utah concerning entrance into the school of mines; Fourth Annual Mining, Minerals and Petroleum Conference, Anchorage; Uniform Airbill; Office of the Solicitor, decision in the case of Strandberg Mines, Inc., et al., A28872; “All Unquiet on the Waterfront”; Letter from W.E. Friday, Director of Elections, State of Alaska, to Doug Strandberg concerning proposed initiative to relocate the state capital to Western Alaska 1957-1967
5/1 Photographs from Barbara Strandberg, letter from Harold Strandberg concerning photographs undated, 1931-1959
5/1 a “Wood used in one season in the wood burning dragline” undated
5/1 b “Part of woodpile for wood burning dragline” Harold Strandberg at right undated
5/1 c “Old wood burning dragline” undated
5/1 d “More wood at Folger” undated
5/1 e “Hosing off the overburden at Cripple Creek” undated
5/1 f “Hauling in wood cut near Iditarod River” undated
5/1 g “Cleanup of sluice box at Folger camp – Cripple Creek” Harold Strandberg in center undated
5/1 h “First arrival in spring at Cripple Creek – Folger” Men next to McGee Airways plane undated
5/1 i “Washing plant at Candle Creek” 1950
5/1 j “Trip to Utopia with oil” 1953
5/1 k Harold Strandberg on wagon, Lower Cleary, 1931″; Stanley Oldzyieski photo 1931
5/2 Photographs from Doug Strandberg undated, 1930-1945
5/2 a Group photo of six men in front of automobile (Harold Strandberg second from right) circa 1930
5/2 b Family photo of Harold Strandberg and wife Barbara, brother Odin Strandberg and wife Marie, and their children circa 1945
5/2 c Barbara Strandberg with infant son circa 1945
5/2 d Front of family home in winter undated
5/2 e Harold Strandberg, Ted Strandberg and wife Peggy, and children sitting on beach undated
5/2 f Four children of Harold Strandberg in head nets on overturned wheelbarrow undated
5/2 g Three young Strandberg children on doorsteps of house undated
5/3-4 Port of Anchorage contact prints and copy negatives undated
5/5 Copy negatives undated
5/6 Harold Strandberg film on VHS (120 minutes) 1937-1938

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