Guide to the Charles V. Lucier papers


Guide to the Charles V. Lucier papers

Collection number: HMC-0165.
Creator: Lucier, Charles V.
Title: Charles V. Lucier papers.
Dates: 1903-2009.
Volume of collection: 12.90 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are primarily in English, but there are materials in Inupiaq, most having English translations.
Collection summary: Papers and photographs of an Alaska anthropologist and archaeologist.

Biographical note:
Charles V. Lucier was born in Clay Center, Kansas, in 1926. He came to Alaska in 1942 and studied at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Lucier was drafted into military service in 1945 and was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base. After his service, he resumed his studies and received a B.A. in biology in 1949. Anthropologists Ivar Skarland and J.L. Giddings Jr. selected Lucier to assist Helge Larsen in an archaeological survey on the Seward Peninsula from 1950-1952. Lucier studied Alaska Native culture and house ruins at Kotzebue Sound, and did a field study of the culture of the Noatak Inupiat in 1952. In the course of his field study, Lucier collected traditional Inupiat spoken knowledge and recorded music. He taught in schools in Karluk and Talkeetna from 1952-1955 and worked as a technician in small mammal studies from 1955-1956. He returned to Anchorage in 1959 and later worked as a game biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game from 1963-1979, specializing in caribou. Lucier participated in the Cook Inlet Native Association and was a founding member, drummer and singer of the Inupiaq and Yup’ik dance group Urban Natives United (1965-1975). He was also involved in recording folklore in the Seward Peninsula, Norton Sound, and Kotzebue Sound regions (1960-1978). Lucier also co-owned a business with Bruce Boolowon, buying and selling Alaska Native art. Charles Lucier died in 2013.

Collection description:
The collection consists of archaeology and anthropology related papers, correspondence, personal and family papers, as well as photographs, transparencies, slides, post cards, and audio recordings of Alaska Native songs, dances, and biographies. The archaeology and anthropology related papers include notes, lists, and drawings, articles and drafts of articles which he authored, coauthored or with which he was otherwise involved, and an unpublished biography Lucier edited of John Kakaruk. The correspondence consists primarily of incoming letters from friends, relatives, and archaeologists and anthropologists. The personal and family papers include biographical materials, family correspondence, business, employment, school and other records, papers relating to his various interests and activities, and art and poetry by Charles Lucier and others. The photographs consist of family and personal photographs, archaeology/anthropology related photographs and slides, and post cards.

Arrangement: The collection is divided into three parts. The records given to the Archives by Charles Lucier are in Part 1 and has been arranged into series by type of record. Part 2 contains the records Lucier gave to his colleague Ernest S. (Tiger) Burch Jr., which were then given to the Archives by Burch’s estate. Part 2 is arranged in the order in which the records came to the Archives, and contains similar types of records as Part 1. Part 3 contains materials transferred to Archives by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives, and is arranged in the order in which it arrived. Part 3 contains tribal and census information pertaining to Karluk, as well as ethnohistories and stories from the Seward Peninsula. The records are arranged into the following parts and series:

Part 1: Materials received from Charles Lucier; 1913-2002

Series 1. Field journals and notes; 1949-1998
Series 2. Manuscripts; 1981-1996
Series 3. General correspondence; 1949-2002
Series 4. Family correspondence; 1950-1999
Series 5. Biographical materials; 1987-1994
Series 6. Family papers; 1945, 1960, 1983-1984
Series 7. Business, employment, and education records; 1943-1993
Series 8. Personal subject files; 1945-2000
Series 9. Artwork and illustrations; 1958-1997
Series 10. Family photographs; 1913-1997
Series 11. Archaeology and anthropology photographs and slides; 1949-1996

Part 2: Materials received from Tiger Burch estate; 1903-2009

Part 3: Materials received in 2018; 1934-1953

Digitized copies: Selected photographs have been digitized and can be found online at Alaska’s Digital Archives by searching for “Charles V. Lucier.”

Access restrictions: Access to audio recordings may be subject to delays and costs for the digitization of the originals. A portion of the collection is closed to access due to the presence of medical data. Because the collection contains potentially culturally and personally sensitive information, all researchers must sign a form agreeing to abide by the American Anthropological Association’s Code of Ethics before using this collection. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for further information.

Rights note: Copyright to the materials authored or created by Charles V. Lucier has been transferred to Archives and Special Collections. The collection contains materials created by others. The Archives does not hold copyright to these materials.

Preferred citation: Charles V. Lucier papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Related materials: The Field Museum of Natural History may have some of Lucier’s images.

Custodial history: Part 2 of this collection was originally given to Ernest S. “Tiger” Burch, Jr. by Charles Lucier. Upon Burch’s death, the materials he held were transferred to the Archives by the Burch estate. Part 3 of this collection was originally donated to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives (ARPCA) as part of the Ivar Skarland papers. The materials were separated from the Skarland papers in 1966 and made their own collection within APRCA.

Acquisition note: Part 1 of the collection was presented to Archives and Special Collections by Charles V. Lucier beginning in 1984, and additions were made periodically until 2012. A deed of gift and a statement of transfer were signed in 1984 by Lucier, which was revised in 1996. Part 2 was donated to Archives and Special Collections by the Ernest “Tiger” Burch Jr. estate in 2011. Part 3 was transferred to the Archives by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives.

Processing information: Part 1 of this collection was arranged and described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2001. The guide to this collection was converted to current standards, the materials from the Burch estate were added, and personal legal and medical papers, as well as publications without annotations, were deaccessioned by Veronica Denison in 2013. When possible, original folder titles were retained in Part 2. Additional folder descriptions to Parts 1 and 2 were added to the collection guide by UAA’s Ethnohistory of Alaska Natives course students during the Spring 2015 and Fall 2016 semesters. Part 3 was added to the collection and described by Veronica Denison in 2018.

Container list:
Part 1: Materials received from Charles Lucier; 1913-2002. 4.85 cubic feet.

Part 1. Series 1: Field journals and notes; 1949-1998. 0.15 cubic feet.
This series consists of papers concerning the culture, technology, and artifacts of the Inupiat in the Kotzebue Sound and the Seward Peninsula areas. Most of the papers concern the period from 1949 to 1953, when Charles Lucier was studying the local culture and archaeology, as well as purchasing art and artifacts for the University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks. Prominent types of records include travel journals, field notebooks, culture traits and word lists, as well as reports on marine mammal hunting. This series is in chronological order.

Description Dates
1/1 Field journal and transcription: College and Port Clarence, Alaska
Field notes recording: Alaska Natives–Northern Alaska—Iñupiaq; Archaeological sites; Mounds (Burials); Ivory carving; Ivory; Rock art; Influenza; and Tuberculosis. Larsen and Lucier talk with many Native informants who help them find sites. Lucier describes the first time he encounters human burials.
People: Larsen, Helge; Rainey, Froelich; Komok, Joe; Picnalook, James; Alexander, Ralph; Holtved, Erik; Rye, Owen; Bullock, Jack; Eakan, Burt; Olana family
Place names: College; Port Clarence; Seward Peninsula; Nome; Point Hope
1949, 1995 June-July
1/2-3 Field Notebook: Seward Peninsula, Port Clarence-Deering
Descriptions and drawings of four different types of spears with drawings for each.
Lucier discusses his finds on July 4th, mainly in square 25 near the south border which include carvings, an engraving tool formed with a metal blade, unfinished piece of antler, a flint scraper, and a small ulu with engraved decorations. Lucier states there were bone needles and quartz flakes in squares 13 and 25. Details of sites found: house sites, rock paintings, Caribou, animal remains and house depressions. Lucier and Larsen traveled through the Tuksuk channel, took measurements, and recorded traits of the people. They conclude they are Kaweramiut people from inland. Lucier travels North through Wales, Deering, Shishmaref, and Kotzebue. He meets various people along the way who help him locate sites. Lucier attends an Eskimo Dance and describes what is known as the Wolfe Dance. The end of the journal contains translations from English to Iñupiaq.
Place names: Trail Creek Caves; Black Roadhouse, Deering; Magids Brothers Store, Deering; Dan’s Stewart’s Camp; Polaris Hotel (Nome); Port Clarence; Deering; Teller; Point Hope; Akivingnuk; Teller; Point Spencer; Diomede; Nome; Cape (Point) Riley; Coyote Creek; Kotzebue; Germany; York; Cape Wales; Shishmaref; Kivalik; Elephant Point; Noatak; Kotzebue
People: Hopkins, Junior; Vestal (Pudu), Leonard; Larsen, Helge; Alexander, Ralph; Bernhardt, H.; Keen, Daisy; Komuk, Joe; Komuk, Joe; Billock, Jack (Skipper); Ipalook, Percy; Goshaw, George; Dunn, Margaret; Stewart, Don; Moto, Taylor; Skarland, Ivar; Fergusen, Archie; Hunter, Celia; Nagozruk, Art; Hammond, Jay
Languages: English; Iñupiaq
1949 July
1/3 Seward Peninsula, Port Clarence-Deering notebook 1949
1/4 Note on visit to Donald Spaulding about Beaver Cave
Lucier is trying to contact Donald Spaulding about and extension of the Beaver Creek Cave. Spaulding describes that it isn’t much more than 20 feet. The cave was used for mining and smoke stains were on the cave due to a possible prospector’s fire.
People: Spaulding, Donald
Place names: Bear Creek
1949 December 28
1/5 Kotzebue Sound archaeological and ethnic field notebook
This journal is written in two different parts: 1950 Lucier considers part I, and upside-down in the back of the journal is labeled as part II.
Part I: Lucier receives information from Jim Kennedy, who might know archaeological sites in the Lake Clark and Lake Iliamna area and/or people who may be of “value” as informants in ethnological work. Lucier records interviews and traditional songs from locals in the Kotzebue and Deering areas.
Part II: Correspondence with full list if items and descriptions of all artifacts found on sites listed in Part I.
People: Picnalook, James; Anagatuhuk, Johnny: Kennedy, Jim; Evan, Jacko; Andrew, Bachar; Severson, Martin; Foss, Sam; Pack, Bill; Burke, Chester;  Pringle, Percy; Larsen, Helge; Larsen, Gerda; Craft, Charlene; Milan, Fred; Milgaard, Jorgen; Moto, Taylor; Spaulding, Phil; Vestal, Leonard; Moore, Terry; Stewards, Don; Nagozruk, Art; Nagozruk, Florence; Eluk (alternate spelling Elook), William; Hadley, John; Briggs, Glenn; Hensley, Maggie; Jessup (also goes by Eckards), Lena; Ipalook, Percy; Lincoln, Abraham; Eakan, Burt; Coffin, Julia; Lincoln, Blanche; Gallihorn, Lester; Barr, Rosie; Sunno, Andrew; Beltz, Susie; Morris, Archie; Morris, Mary; Neal, Queen; Allagauk, William;
Place names: Nondalton; Lake Clark National Park and Preserve; Pedro Bay; Iliamna Lake; Anchorage; Nome; Deering; Kotzebue ;
Corporate Names: Alaska Airlines; Lomen Reindeer Corporation; N.G. Hanson Store (formerly Ferguson’s)
1/6 Pencil drawing by John Hadley at Elephant Point 1951 January 31
1/7 Kotzebue Sound ethnic origins notebook, No. 13 (includes wordlist of Cape Nome dialect)
Pages 1-16 contain translations from Cape Nome Iñupiaq. Lucier describes Iñupiaq winter food storage and housing. He also notes seasonal rounds and community harvest practices. In June, Beluga whale hunting begins and seal hunters travel to trade. There are descriptions of cultural items and practices including the Blanket Toss and Native dancing.
People: Hadley, John
Place names: Buckland; Kaluwaco’k; Mikiyeok; Sealing Point; Cape Espenberg; Deering; Kotzebue; Noatak; Point Hope; Koyukuk Station; Nulato
1/8 Kotzebue Sound ethnic origins notebook, No. 15
Various cultural beliefs and practices: Death and burial customs; Ghost story of a woman; technology; dancing; trade; rites of passage; and hunting beliefs and taboos; pure and impure hunters; Buckland hunting grounds; being/spirit “Sila.” There is a drawing by Lucier of a beluga harpoon. Andrew Sunno tells the story of Angatkok (Anatkuk?) (medicine man/shaman) who wanted to be burned alive because of sadness (rebirth and soul flight story). People of Qaligi hold ceremony, drum and song to aid Angatkok (Anatkuk?). Another story is “Man, Caribou, and Wolf”. Teaching of morals, truth, and protection. Description of the Buckland Messenger Feast.
People:  Konalok, John;  Sunno, Andrew; Hadley, John
Place names: Selawik; Elephant Point; St. Michael; Kivalik
Corporate Names: Friends Church
1/9 Kotzebue Sound ethnic origins notebook, No. 16: Buckland Notes, Elephant Point 1951 April
1/10 Kotzebue Sound ethnic origins notebook, No. 17: Wordlist undated
1/11 Charles Lucier’s work as an agent for the University of Alaska at Fairbanks 1950-1953, 1959
1/12 Buckland River Iñupiat aboriginal culture trait checklist (informants: Andrew Sunno, Leslie Thomas, and John A. Hadley) 1951
1/13 Cape Nome and Deering Iñupiat word lists (informants: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tiepleman and Mary Morris) 1951
1/14 Noatagmiut (Upper Noatak River) Iñupiat word lists (informants: Aluniq “Jenny” Mitchell, Misigaq “Mark” Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, and Della Keats) 1952
1/15 Notes on family descents, residents of Sisualik camp and vicinity, Northern Kotzebue Sound-Kobuk River-Upper Noatak River-Lower Noatak River areas 1952
1/16 Trait list: Wales Hillside Midden (descriptions and illustrations of Native tools and artifacts) circa 1953
1/17 “Elements of Alaskan Eskimo Sea Ice Practice Adaptable to Air Force Sea Ice Adaptation: An Hypothesis Generating Matrix for Air Force Needs” by Charles Lucier 1956 May 10
1/18 Reports on the hunting of walrus and other marine mammals on Gambell, St. Lawrence Island to Division of Game office in Nome 1961 May-June
1/19 Two field notebooks, Gambell walrus kill 1961 May-June
1/20 “An Eskimo Journey”, by John Hadley; Grace Lucier handwritten translation of Charles Lucier recording; Charles Lucier handwritten draft for publication circa 1960s
1/21 Uncle Uplugiaq’s Song (translation by John A. Kakaruk and Grace Lucier) 1974 January 13
1/22 Tracings of Jessie Ralph’s net gauges, Buckland, Alaska 1976 July
1/23 Notes on the village of Mitletavik, Cape Prince of Wales area (informant: Arthur Nagozruk, Sr.) 1976 January 17
1/24 Charles V. Lucier publications: copy of list made for Makiko Yamada 1993 August 8
1/25 Charles Lucier’s field notes, bibliographical listing by Tiger 1998
1/26 Blood types: RESTRICTED ACCESS circa 1950

Part 1. Series 2: Manuscripts; 1981-1996. 1.25 cubic feet.
This series consists of papers relating to Charles Lucier’s published and unpublished articles on Inupiat archaeology and anthropology. Anthropologist James W. VanStone co-authored most of these articles. The papers include research notes; article drafts with comments, corrections, and inserts; reviewers’ comments and critiques; and the final published articles. Subjects include historic Inupiat pottery, traditional Inupiat oil lamps, fast ice seal hunting, traditional beluga whale drives, and the autobiography of Inupiat nurse and midwife, Della Keats. This series is grouped by manuscript generally chronological within.

Description Date
1/27-33 “An Inupiaq Autobiography: Autobiography of Della Keats;” edited by Lucier and VanStone: poem, drafts with comments, transcript of Keats recording, and final published article published in Etudes Inuit Ses journal vol. 1, no. 1, 1987. 1981, 1986-1987
1/34-48 “Historic Pottery of the Kotzebue Sound Iñupiat” written and compiled by Lucier and VanStone: article notes, photographs of pottery and potsherds, measurement of baton’ teeth, correspondence between authors and Jeanne Schaaf, National Park Service archeologist, concerning Kotzebue Sound pottery, and Susan Fair, Norton Sound (E. W. Nelson) pot dimension 1987-1992
1/49-55 “The Traditional Oil Lamp Among the Kangigmiut and Neighboring Iñupiat of Kotzebue Sound, Alaska;” written by Lucier and VanStone: drafts, manuscripts, and published article 1989-1991
1/56-67 “Winter and Spring Fast Ice Seal Hunting by Kangigmiut and other Inupiat of Kotzebue Sound, Alaska;” 1989-1991, written by Lucier and VanStone: manuscripts and drafts, comments, correspondence, notes, William B. Workman translation from the German of Woldt A (editor) 1889 for Lucier’s use in winter sealing article, and published article 1989-1991
2/1-6 “Traditional Beluga Drives of the Iñupiat of Kotzebue Sound, Alaska;” 1994-1995, written by Lucier and VanStone: correspondence, comments on corrections, Kathy Frost, biologist, comments on last pre-publication version of beluga manuscript, and final published article 1994-1995
2/7-8 “Death and Renewal [among the Iñupiat];” 1996, written by Lucier: introduction, first draft, concepts of death, impacts on individuals and community: draft 1996 February 7
2/9-10 “Drumbeat of Time;” 1981-1983, written by John A. Kakaruk and edited by Lucier: copy of unpublished book manuscript 1981-1983

Part 1. Series 3: General correspondence; 1949-2002. 1.0 cubic feet.
This collection consists primarily of incoming correspondence with friends, relatives, archaeologists, anthropologists, and Alaska natives. Arranged alphabetically by last name.

Description Dates
2/11 Connell A. Armstrong: Native store, Deering, Alaska
Connell Armstrong congratulates Charles Lucier on his recent marriage and is sending a spotted seal skin in the mail.
1951 November 23
2/12 Bert B. Babero: Parasitologist, Arctic Health Research Center, Public Health Service, Anchorage, Alaska
People: Babero, Bert B.; Muriel, Dykes
Place names: Deering
Corporate Names: Federal Security Agency; Arctic Health Research Center
1951 January 4
2/13 Francis Baker
Correspondence thanking Lucier for letting her and husband stay with them after a flood.
People: Berry, Bill; Berry, Liz; Hunters, Celia
circa 1968
2/14 Maureen and Ron Ball 1982-1983
2/15 Pauline and Gilbert S. Barr: Ipiutak remains found in Deering, Alaska
Place names: Deering; Springfield, OR; Kotzebue Sound; Chamisso Island; Fairbanks; Kiwalik; Copenhagen
People: Gilbert, S.; Barr, Pauline; Whiting, Siikauraq Martha; Mendenhall, Fannie; Moto Jr, Taylor; Barrs; Morris, Archie; Morris, Mary; Vestal, Putu; Larsen, Helge; Clark, Charlie; Meldgaard, Jorgen; Sannu (Sunno)
2/16 Fred and Dorothy Behm
People: Behm, Dorothy; Behm, Fred
Place names: Gettysburg; Springfield, OR; Boulder, CO; Blue River, OR; McKenzie River; Lake Billy Chinook
2/17 Ivona and Duane Belden
Greeting cards and correspondence regarding health and visiting.
People: Belden, Ivona; Belden, Duane
2/18 Mildred Birchfield 1984
2/19 Ted Birkedal
Letter thanking Lucier for helping to make casts for pottery.
People: Birkedal, Ted; Dema, Angela
Place names: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
Corporate Names: United States Department of the Interior; National Park Service; Alder St. Gallery
2/20 Bruce Boolowon
People: Boolowon, Elden; Samuel; Haviland, Andy; Slwooko, Quinn; Boolowon, Reva; Boolowon, Yagu; Boolowon, Seymour; Boolowon, Shannon; Boolowon, Rocky
Place names: Seattle, WA; Kenai, AK; Gambell, AK; Yakutat, AK
2/21 Elden Boolowon
A collection of five letters; correspondence about art, carving, art supplies, education, and family matters.
People: Boolowon, Elden; Ball, Ron
Place names: Eagle River; Anchorage; Sitka
Corporate Names: Anchorage House of Hobbies; Dremel; Apple Computers; National Guard
2/22 Loren Bouldin 1978
2/23 Bui Family 1983-1992
2/24 Ernest S. Burch, Jr 1989, 1992
2/25 Jacqueline Butler 1982-1986
2/26 Norma Urbahn de’Castillia
A series of letters to Lucier about de’Castillia’s travels, family, health, finances, weather, and art.
People: Urbahn de’Castillia, Norma
Corporate Names: Green Earth Studio; Sizzler; Shop & Save; Student Conservation Association;  AHRP Pharmacy; Island Park Pharmacy; Maxzide; Discovery Magazine; Academy Awards; Emerald Empire Art Association; Dairy Queen; Acetazolamide; Circus Casino and Hotel
2/27 Nancy Yaw Davis 1993
2/28 Gordon Dimmick, Jr.: Deering, Alaska 1952 January 13
2/29 E. James Dixon 1990
2/30 Lorraine Donoghue (Koranda) 1950-1951
2/31 Burt Eakan: Iñupiat, Unalakleet, Alaska
Place names: Kotzebue
1950 December
2/32 Mary Eberhardt 1983-1995
2/33 Jim and Linda Faro 1973, 1981-1992
2/34 Leo Faro 1982
2/35 Keith Fullerton: Evangelical Covenant Church, Anchorage 1993
2/36 Billy Gaines 1993
2/37 J.L. Giddings, Jr. 1957-1958
2/38 Leland and Beverly Glenn 1983-1993
2/39 Enid Goodwin 1981-1990
2/40 Senator Mike Gravel 1973
2/41 Cliff Haigler: Lucier’s landlord in Springfield, Oregon 1984-1996
2/42 Edwin Hall 1987
2/43 William N. Irving 1963, 1986
2/44 Della Keats 1968
2/45 Helen Kenyon 1949
2/46 Mildred Kisor 1981
2/47 Maggie Komonaseuk 1958
2/48 John and May Konalook: Elephant Point, Alaska; letter written by Leslie Thomas 1951 October 12
2/49 Gladi Kulp 1992
2/50 Helge Larsen 1950-1983
2/51 Ole Larsen: includes unmailed letter concerning Lucier’s visit to Denmark in 1979 1979, 1984-1991
2/52 Charlene LeFebre 1989
2/53 Steven C. Levi 1992
2/54 Abraham Lincoln: Iñupiat, White Mountain, Alaska 1957 October 22
2/55 Luba Lindgren: autobiographical sketch 1973
2/56 Bill and Nola Logan 1984
2/57 Gerry Lumian 1984
2/58 Dan Lucier 1968
2/59 Roger Lyngklip 1975
2/60 Gordon Marsh: Father Innocent, Russian Orthodox Church circa 1957
2/61 Robert Mason 1958
2/62 Leonard Mathlow: Yupik 1958
2/63 Kerry Paul May 1983
2/64 Darcia Mayberry 1990
2/65 Esther Mayokok 1968
2/67 Robert Mayokok 1962-1966
2/68 Jorgen Meldgaard 1984
2/69 F.A. Milan 1954-1958, 1989
2/70 Michele Morseth: Concerning Lucier’s Iñupiat cultural holdings 1993 August 4-7
2/71 Taylor Moto: Deering, Alaska 1950-1951
2/72 Bernadette Mullinex 1983-1996
2/73 Arthur Nagozruk, Sr. 1958-1968
2/74 Arthur Nagozruk, Jr. 1949-1951
2/75 Gordon Nagozruk 1954-1966
2/76 Laura Nagozruk (Baker) 1954-1955, 1959, 1965
2/77 NANA 1995
2/78 Reuben and Thordis Nelson 1982-1992
2/79 Andrew Ningealook: Iñupiat 1959
2/80 Margaret Olrun: Yupik 1961
2/81 E’Louise Lucier Ondash 1983-1995
2/82 Guy Oomittuk: Iñupiat circa 1958
2/83 George Ootenna: Wales, Alaska circa 1968
2/84 Helen Louise Oswalt 1985-1996
2/85 Wendell Oswalt 1986, 1983, 1993
2/86 Harry Outwater: Deering, Alaska 1949 December 14
2/87 Sue Smothers Peck 1990-1991
2/88 James Picnalook: Iñupiat, Brevig Mission, Teller, Alaska 1950 January 6
2/89 Holly and Emma Piper 1996-2000
2/90 William O. Pruitt 1958
2/91 Robert L. Rausch, Chief, Infectious Disease Center, Arctic Health Research Center 1973
2/92 Dorothy Jean Ray 1966
2/93 Jeanne Schaaf 1996
2/94 Mary Schneider 1983-1990
2/95 Karl Schneider 1984-1993
2/96 Mary Schreiber 1992
2/97 Jerry Sexton 1984
2/98 Jim and Liz Sherman: Candle, Alaska 1951 December 19
2/99 Ivar Skarland: University of Alaska 1950-1952
2/100 Pat Lucier Smith 1985-1986
2/101 Leo and Mary Smothers 1984-1996
3/1 Julie Sprott (R.N.; PhD)
Correspondence concerning food preservation.
People: Sprott, Julie; McClanahan, Pat; Wainwright, Dr.
3/2 David Staley: Lucier’s response to letter and sketch of Elephant Point site
Correspondence about rural schools; teachers; allegiance; villages; fishing; floods; reindeer; air mail service; air travel; cold storage; food; canning & preservation; electric generators; and kayaks.
People: Staley, Dave; Nagozruk, Arthur Jr.; Evans, Thomas; Sunno, Johnny; Thomas, George; Ralph, Jessie; Sunno, Sannu Andrew; Iiluk, Alice; Iiluk, Soloman; Qunaaluk, John; Qunaaluk, May; Armstrong, Eva; Kayluk, John; Iiluk, Ralph; Thomas, Hugh; Thomas, David III; Hadley, Paul; Hadley, Jessie; Thomas, Leslie;
Place names: Elephant Point; Buckland; Kanigmiut
3/3 Senator Ted Stevens
Letter to Senator Ted Stevens concerning the war, casualties; Forums (Discussion & debate)
People: Bush, George; Stevens, Ted; Murkowski, Frank
3/4 Mary Jane Lucier Stineman (cousin) 1977, 1984-1991
3/5 Alice and Clarence Strong 1985, 1994-1995
3/6 Johnny Sunno: Iñupiat; note while near death at Native Medical Center in Anchorage circa 1971
3/7 Nobuo and Yuriko Suzuki Family: Hokaido, Japan 1985-1989
3/8 Austin Thomas: Iñupiat, Kivalina, Alaska 1959
3/9 Jack Tiepelman: Iñupiat, Deering, Alaska 1950 November 2
3/10 Maureen Ball Toews and Justin Ball 1984-1993
3/11 Douglas and Barbara Treiber 1985, 1992
3/12 Trigg Family: Iñupiat 1964, 1965
3/13 Gail Valaskakis: Dept. of Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec; call for papers, 4th Inuit Studies Conference 1984
3/14-16 James W. VanStone 1952-1991
3/17 Leonard P. Vestal: Iñupiat, Deering, Alaska 1950 September 21
3/18 Joy Wemark 1958-1966
3/19 Winton Weyapuk: Iñupiat 1954-1965
3/20 Greg Wilbur 1989
3/21 William and Karen Workman 1983-1992
3/22 Makiko and Ichiro Yamada: Osaka region, Japan 1992-1995
3/23 Makiko Yamada 1995-2002
3/24 Mary S. Zingg 1989-1991
3/25-26 General correspondence 1958-1959, 1983-1994
3/27 Responses to personal ad (handwriting analysis) 1983

Part 1. Series 4: Family correspondence; 1950-1999. 0.2 cubic feet.
This series consists of incoming letters from Charles Lucier’s mother, ex-wife, children, and grandchildren.

Description Dates
3/28 Grace Nagozruk Lucier, wife
Two letters, one containing a card. Discusses health and daily life of the family.
3/29 Juanita Bagby, mother
Correspondence discussing family news, the draft, dogsledding application, and how the Overland Trail is no longer usable.
People: de Sylvia, Bobby
Place names: Anchorage; Deering; Elephant Point; Fairbanks; Kotzebue; Kiwalik River; Buckland
Corporate Names: Candle Post Office
3/30 Theodore L. Jury, cousin
Correspondence and photograph of Mount Rushmore. Ted thanks Charles for Inupiaq autobiography, and they discuss the death of Ted’s wife, Mary, and updates on family.
3/31 Frederick V. Lucier, father
Discussing weather and health.
3/32 Paul Lucier, son
Correspondence relating to health, birth, travel, purchases, shipping, and various greeting cards. Twelve items containing documents, envelopes and cards.
3/33 Alyson Lucier, granddaughter
Includes document, Christmas card, and art.
3/34 Shawn Lucier, daughter-in-law
Correspondence relating to weather, health, children, softball, unemployment, pregnancy, and birthday cards.
Place names: Boulder, CO; Fairbanks; Homer; Anchorage; Wasilla; Barrow; North Slope Borough; Atqasuk; Togiak; Prudhoe Bay; Palmer;
3/35-38 Panu C. M. Walls, daughter
Correspondence relating to health, children, weather, fishing, and Permanent Fund Dividend. Also contains records of Inupiaq carvings and items contained in Charles’ safety deposit box in Springfield.
People: O’Malley, Tommy
Place names: Portage; Wasilla; Earthquake Park, Alaska; Anchorage; Yakutak, AK; Orlando, FL; Kenai; Barrow; Madison; Ottawa; Potter’s Marsh; Noatak River; Kobuk
3/39 Lori (or Laurie) Walls, granddaughter
Correspondence relating to domestic life, grades, and graduation. Also contains written contract with Charles relating to financial gift.
Place names: Anchorage
3/40 Matthew Walls, grandson
Correspondence discussing education, dreams, and grades. Also contains written contract proposal from Charles of cash incentive for quitting smoking.
3/41 Melissa Walls, granddaughter
Correspondence discussing gifts, birthdays, dentistry, hospitals, and grades.
3/42 Lori, Melissa, and Matthew Walls
Two undated cards from Charles’ grandchildren. One Valentine’s day card and one Father’s day card.
3/43 Lula M. Walls (torn letter not sent) Lula M. Walls, Panu’s mother-in-law
One envelope and letter (both ripped) discussing Charles’ concern over Matthew. Requests intervention from Matthew’s father, Phil (Lula’s son). Also contains Christmas card from Lula

Part 1. Series 5: Biographical materials; 1987-1994. 0.2 cubic feet.
This series consists of a brief biography, memoirs on Charles Lucier’s boyhood in Abilene, Kansas, and an audio cassette tape recording of Lucier recounting the time from 1940 to 1942, when his family moved from Kansas to Longview, Washington and then to Anchorage, Alaska.

Description Date
3/44 Brief biography 1987
3/45 Memoirs: life in Abilene, Kansas undated
3/46 Memoirs—Kansas, 1930s undated
3/47 Audio memoirs 1994 April 21

Part 1. Series 6: Family papers; 1945, 1960, 1983-1984. 0.1 cubic feet.
This series consists of the marriage certificate of Ed R. Bagby and Juanita Lucier, a certificate of voting in the first Alaskan presidential election of 1960, and the estate papers of Frederick V. Lucier. Arranged chronologically.

Description Date
3/48 Juanita Lucier and Ed Bagby: marriage certificates 1945 December 1
3/49 Juanita and Ed Bagby: voting certificate in the first presidential election held in Alaska 1960 November 8
3/50 Frederick V. Lucier: estate papers 1983-1984

Part 1. Series 7: Business, employment, and education records; 1943-1993. 0.1 cubic feet.
This series consists of a variety of personal records of Charles Lucier, including payroll information, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and teaching records.

Description Dates
3/51 General records concerning memberships, permits, immunizations, subsistence allowances, veteran’s bonuses, and summons for jury duty. The file contains: Membership card from the University of Alaska Ski Club; Fishing license from the Alaska Fishermen’s Union; US Veterans Affairs healthcare card, benefits and Subsistence activities card.
People: Quirk, Marie; Vokace, A.M.
1943-1949, 1970
3/52 University of Alaska Fairbanks
A series of transcripts and other documents from University of Alaska, alumni correspondence, and financial documents recording bill payment to UAF.
1944, 1954, 1981, 1993
3/53 Elementary teaching records, Karluk, Alaska
This folder contains twelve documents pertaining to the year that Charles Lucier worked at a “one-teacher” territorial school at Karluk, Alaska. He also worked with the Department of Fish and Game. These documents include correspondence and forms about teaching, public health, mobile health units (Health boats), economic policy, wages, political representation, and pensions.
People: Aga, Nadia; Agick, Gust; Alexander, Malutin;  Ambrosia, Emil Sr.; Ambrosia, Margaret; Ambrosia, Nick; Ambrosia, Teacon; Ambrosia, William;  Ambrosia, Zachar; Andrewitch, Mary;  Bachman, Sara; Bartlett, E.L.; Charliaga, Efsay; Charliaga, Matrona; Charliaga, Melcolie; Dapcevich, John E.; Dizney, Clarence L.; Erickson, Everett R.;   Field, Grace E.; Gregorioff, Parascovia; Herman, Masure; Huntley, Walter E.; Lucier, Grace; M.D., C. Earl; Melcoli, Annie; Naumoff, Julia; Naumoff, Nicholas; Naumoff, Peter W; Nicoli, Criska; Noya, Peter; Sugak, Timmie;  President Truman; President Eisenhower;  Tiffany, Warren I; Novatney, Dorothy; Vokacek, A.M.; Wasilie, Davez; Wasilie, Dennis; Wasilie, Willie; Pete
Place names: Karluk; Juneau; Bartlett; Kodiak; Dutch Harbor
3/54 Letter concerning temporary position of Fish and Game Aid III
People: Brooks, James W.
Place names: Anchorage; Little Diomede; King Island; Gambell
1961 March 31
3/55 State of Alaska payroll information
Letters from the State of Alaska to Charles  Lucier related to wages and pension
3/56 Federal income tax return and related papers
People: Charles Lucier, Panu Walls  C.M.; Mullenix, Bernadette
3/57 Internal Revenue Service, Notice of New Employer Identification Number Assigned, Boolowon & Lucier
People: Boolowon, Bruce
Place names: Ogden, Utah; Gambell
Corporate Names: Bruce Boolowon – Charles Lucier Ptrs.
3/58 Correspondence, lists, and receipts concerning the sale and consignment of arts and crafts. The files include photographs and descriptions of art collections, ivory carvings, and baskets.
People: Lindahl, Mary Lou; Fair, Susan; Lohff, John R.; McNeir, Gwennis H.; Orum, Carolyn.
Place names: Anchorage; Springfield (Oregon); Eagle River; Gambell; Wasilla
Corporate Names: Alaska Native Arts & Crafts; Café 131; Maude Kerns Art Center Gift Shop
3/59 Business ledger of buying and selling Native art and crafts including quantities and prices
People: Ningealook, Andrew; Weyiouanna, Alex; Piscoya, Burtha; Weyiouanna, Clifford
Place names: Shishmaref
3/60 Native Arts business ledger (copy)
Ledger from the art business Charles Lucier and Bruce Boolowon owned and operated together. John Faro was probably the bookkeeper. Many of the artists are from Gambell, Alaska. The ledger contains information regarding Lucier’s collection with names of Alaska Native artists. There is also a record of a theft incident resulting in 20 plus stolen pieces on July 13, 1979.
3/61 Packing check list and poster for Lucier speech in Nome on “Tales of the Frontier” 1995 August
3/62 Retirement card  undated

Part 1. Series 8: Personal subject files; 1945-2000. 0.15 cubic feet.
This series consists of papers created or collected by Charles Lucier. Included are issues of the University of Alaska newspaper, Farthest North Collegian, records of the native groups of the Cook Inlet Native Association and Urban Natives United, records of garden crop yields, yearly calendars, and a file of papers relating to a proposed anti-homosexual rights amendment to the city charter of Springfield, Oregon in 1992. There is also a recording of Charles Lucier recounting his views and memories of the Eskimo artist Robert Mayokok.

Description Date
4/1 Urban Natives United: membership forms, proposed articles of incorporation, guest lists, financial records 1971-1975
4/2 Indian Education Act Dance records 1975-1976
4/3 Garden crop yields: date, number, and weight 1979, 1989-1992
4/4 Robert Mayokok: biographical notes, audio cassette tape 1984 August 20
4/5 Moose Hatchery proposal by Lyman Nichols 1985 September
4/6 Neo-fascism in Springfield, Oregon 1992
4/7 Yearly calendars with appointment 1992-1994
4/8 Questionnaire: Japanese-American Communication Styles 1995
4/9 Moose Gooser train certificate 1979 March 19
4/10 Rental receipts for cabin in College, Alaska 1954
4/11 Letters to the editor and hand copy of news article 1957, 1995-1996

Part 1: Materials received from Charles Lucier. Series 9. Artwork and illustrations; 1958-1997. 1.0 cubic feet.
This series contain artwork and illustrations by Charles Lucier and others. Materials include watercolors, drawings and sketches, poetry, and artwork and writings by Lucier’s grandchildren. There are sketches and drawings by Robert Mayokok, as well as an etched copper plate by Lucier. The first part of the series is artwork created by Charles Lucier and the second part is artwork created by others.

Description Date
4/12 Yakutat drawings and watercolors: 3 X 5 to 9 X 12 inch 1982
4/13 Watercolor Miniatures: LG-127—”Harry Boyden Cabin, Nabesna”, remembered from 1946 (3.5 X 4 inch); LG-131:”Swells After Ice melt”, Kotzebue Sound as remembered from late 1940s or early 1950s (3 X 3 inch); LG-449: “Galley & Fish Scows receiving fish, Bristol Bay, 1940s” (4 X 4.5 inch) 1985
4/14 Doodles and drawings: 4 X 5 to 9 X 12 inch circa 1988
4/15 Newspaper articles, lists, and a news release concerning exhibits of artwork 1990-1997
4/16 Exhibit of graphic art at Cafe 131: autobiographical poem, a cartoon, and a pen and watercolor of a tree from the reading room of the UAA Library in the mid-1980s 1980, 1982
4/17 Bilingual suspended joke-boards: 5 X 10 inch 1994
4/18 Poetry by Charles V. Lucier 1984, 1993
13/1 Etched copper plate: Ilyaganiq—Kotzebue Sound mythical folk hero undated
13/2 Ink brushed and wash, LG-530, “Taiga”: 10 X 15 inch 1984
13/3 Robert Mayokok: ink sketch and wash of Eskimo whale hunt circa 1970s
4/19 Panu and Paul Lucier: children’s pencil drawings circa 1958
4/20 Lori Walls: child’s artwork and writings 1975-1985
4/21 Sketches by Lori and Melissa Walls, and Charles and Grace Lucier circa 1980
4/22 Melissa Walls: child’s artwork and writings 1982-1986
4/23 Matthew Walls: child’s artwork and writings 1985-1987
4/24 Other children’s artwork 1975, 1979, 1987

Part 1: Materials received from Charles Lucier. Series 10. Family photographs; 1913-1997. 0.5 cubic feet.
This series consists of 415 black and white prints, 37 color prints, and 171 black and white negatives. The photographs are of Charles Lucier’s family and friends. There are numerous photos of Juanita Lucier Bagby, and Ed R. Bagby, and the U. S. Army Alaska Scouts Battalion. Other subjects include photographs of Charles Lucier, the Bagby family, friends in Homer, Seward, Nabesna, sled-dog racing in Anchorage, Eskimo dancers, the Alaska Railroad Moose Gooser train, construction of apartments at 12th and Eagle in Anchorage, and Frederick V. Lucier. There is a photograph number list, with descriptions of the photographs in this series. Charles Lucier described most of the photographs.

Description Date
4/25 Bagby Family 1913, 1945, 1956-1957
4/26 Mt. McKinley Park: Mt. McKinley Tourist and Transportation Company buses, tent camps, horses, and sled and dog team circa 1930s
4/27 Early Anchorage photos 1942-1946
4/28 Fire Lake Roadhouse: Juanita Bagby, Ms. Flahart (sister of airline pilot Larry Flahart), and unidentified men in uniform circa 1944
4/29 Alaska Scouts Battalion: Cook Inlet fishing site and drying racks 1944-1945
4/30 Alaska Scouts Battalion: Ed R. Bagby reconnaissance trip of northern Alaska with dog-sled and dog team 1944-1945
4/31 Ed and Juanita Bagby with Alaska Scouts Battalion sled-dogs, Fort Richardson 1945
4/32 Alaska Scout Battalion: includes U. S. Army Signal Corps photos 1945
4/33 Construction of Bagby apartments at northeast corner of 12th and Eagle in Anchorage circa 1947
4/34 Homer: Yah-Sure Club, Juanita Bagby, Shirley and Ray Lentz, Sis DaSilva (daughter of Shirley Lentz), Lentz property, horses, boat, Reluctant Virgin, and barge in Kachemak Bay 1947-1948
4/35 Winter scenes near cabin; Ethel Wilson, Juanita Bagby, and Ed Bagby circa 1947
4/36 Excavation of cesspool at apartments on 12th and Eagle, Anchorage 1949 May
4/37 Alaska Railroad Kiwanis Moose Gooser train, Anchorage circa 1945-1949
4/38 Bagby residence, 12th and Eagle in Anchorage circa 1945-1949
4/39 Picnic in the trees circa 1945-1949
4/40 Sled-dog racing in Anchorage circa 1945-1949
4/41 Winter scenes circa 1945-1949
4/42 Alaska Native dancers circa 1945-1949
4/43 Nabesna, Alaska: Gullwing Stimson aircraft, sled and sled-dogs, cabins, and Harry Boyden residence and cabin circa 1945-1949
4/44 Seward, Alaska: streets scenes, buildings, Mt. Marathon, and Resurrection Bay circa 1940-1949
4/45 Juanita and Ed Bagby, and friends: Includes Ethel Wilson, Harry Boyden, Sis DaSilva, George Lapp, Elsie, and George circa 1940-1949
4/46 Frederick V. Lucier 1971, 1978
4/47 Field trip to Kenai Moose Refuge environmental study areas; North American Moose Conference 1978, 1979
4/48 Alaska scenery undated
4/49 Photographs of Charles Lucier 1943, 1948, 1990, 1997
4/50 Other personal photographs circa 1937-1949
4/51 Photograph of family and colleagues 1981-1997
4/52 Original numbered photo list, by Charles Lucier undated
4/53 Postcards: blank undated

Part 1. Series 11: Archaeology and anthropology photographs and slides; 1949-1996. 0.2 cubic feet.
This series consists of photographs, color transparencies, and color slides of archaeological expeditions, digs, and artifacts. There are 89 black and white prints, 1 color print, 44 black and white negatives, 8 color transparencies, 6 color slides. Included are images of Kotzebue Sound, the Deering Inupiat Qargi dig of 1950, and the Trail Creek caves digs of 1949 and 1950; color slides of archaeological artifacts; and photograph figures from Lucier and VanStone’s article on historical Inupiat pottery. Most folders also have a description of the accompanying photographs, written by Charles Lucier. Arranged chronologically.

Item # Description Dates
5/1 1-5 Kotzebue Sound; June-July 1949
Photographs by Lucier with long descriptions for each.
People: Barr, Bessie
Place names: Kotzebue Sound, Cape Espenberg, Deering, Shishmaref, Fairbanks
1949 June-July
5/1 1 Bessie Barr, wife of Pete Barr of Cape Espenberg and Deering, AK 1949 June-July
5/1 2 Shishmaref, AK Post office 1949 July
5/1 3 Alaska Airlines twin-engine aircraft, Weeks Field in Fairbanks 1949 June-July
5/1 4 Fire: Demolished Wienhangar and aircraft, Weeks Field in Fairbanks 1949 June-July
5/1 5 Mail being transferred from mail vessel “Kotzebue” to contracted carrier skippered by Raven of Kotzebue 1949 June-July
5/2 1-8 Trail Creek caves
People: Larsen, Helge
Place names: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve; Trail Creek Caves; Karluk
1949 July-August
5/2 1 Partial image of Deering Village with “typical structures” of the Inupiaq. 1949 July-August
5/2 2 View of top of opening into Cave 2 of Larsen 1949 July-August
5/2 3 Entrance to Cave 2 1949 July-August
5/2 4 Larsen’s Cave at Trail Creek 1949 July-August
5/2 5 Feature in area of Trail Creek Caves 1949 July-August
5/2 6 View of Trail Creek Caves 1949 July-August
5/2 7 Trail Creek Cave 2 before excavation 1949 July-August
5/2 8 Trail Creek feature 1949 July-August
5/3 1-3 Creole/Koniag ceremonial figures, BIA schoolhouse, New Karluk
People in the photos were wearing signs that wrote the year. [This is masking and New Year’s celebration]
Place names: Karluk, AK.
5/3 1 Creole/Koniag ceremonial figure 1949
5/3 2 Creole/Koniag “devils” 1949
5/3 3 “Three Wise Men” 1949
5/4 1-42 Deering Qargi dig
Photographs accompanied with detailed descriptions including geographical landmarks and local Place Names
People: Craft, Charlene; Dimmick Jr., Gordon; Larsen, Ole; Larsen, Helge;  Meldgoard, Jorgen; Milan, Fred; Spaulding, Phillip; Vestal, Dolly; Vestal, Putu
Place names: Deering; Kotzebue Sound, Point Garnet
1950 June-July
5/5 1-2 Trail Creek
People: Barr, Zacchius (William); Larsen, Helge; Meldgoard, Jorgen; Moto, Taylor
Place names: Trail Creek, Alaska
1950 July-August
5/5 1 “Year 1950, helicopter in use for triangulation of ground stations” 1950 July-August
5/5 2 Charles Lucier, Taylor Moto, and Helge Larsen at Trail Creek 1950 July-August
5/6 1-6 Color slides of artifacts 1976-1979
5/6 1 “Wooden tool used for fishing and hunting” circa 1976-1979
5/6 2 “Wooden tool used for fishing and hunting angle 2″ circa 1976-1979
5/6 3 “Wooden tool used for fishing and hunting angle 3″ circa 1976-1979
5/6 4 “Alaskan Native Art” circa 1976-1979
5/6 5 “Wooden pendulant or button, Alaskan Native Crafts, view 1″ circa 1976-1979
5/6 6 “Wooden pendulant or button, Alaskan Native Crafts, Magnified view” circa 1976-1979
5/7 1-3 Robert Mayokok scenes of Alaska Native life on skin drum
People: Mayokok, Robert
5/8 1 Small artifact undated
5/9 1-18 Pottery manuscript plates from the journal article “Historic Pottery of the Kotzebue Sound Inupiat” by Charles V. Lucier and James W. VanStone. Images of pottery, manuscripts, and plates with some labeled from the Field Museum of Natural History.
People: VanStone, James
circa 1992
5/10 1-4 Return to Trail Caves, Seward Peninsula: National Park Service videotaping concerning Bering Land Bridge
People: Hopkins, David; Larsen, Helge; Larsen, Ole;
Place names: Trail Creek; Seward Peninsula; Granite Creek
1949, 1995
5/10 1 “Charles Lucier, age 22, (left); Helge Larsen, age 44; entry to Cave 2; Trail Creek, Seward Peninsula.; August 1949; Ole Larsen from Gentofte, Denmark; his fathers’ Kodachrome’s. 1949 August
5/10 2 “Charles V. Lucier, age 68, in helicopter leaving Granite Creek, AK Aug. 11, 1995.” From photo by Jeanne Schaaf, Nat’l Park Service, Anchorage, AK. 1995 August 11
5/10 3 Photography by Jeanne Schaaf with the National Park Service. Charles Lucier, age 68, (left); David Hopkins, age 73, outside S. entrance to Cave 9, Trail Creek, AK, on videotaping NPS Bering Land Bridge. 1995 August 11
5/10 4 “David Hopkins (left); Charles Lucier (right) Hopkins, age 73, Lucier, age 68; Trail Creek Caves, Alaska; Aug. 11, 1995” 1995 August 11
5/11 Inventory of archaeological photographs and slide from Charles Lucier’s own handwritten inventory 1996 May 13

Part 2. Materials received from Tiger Burch estate; 1903-2009. 7.3 cubic feet
Materials in part 2 include archaeological and anthropological field notes, journals, and sketches, correspondence between Lucier and his colleagues, family, and friends, manuscript drafts, and photographs. Many of the photographs are of Charles Lucier, Della Keats, John Kakaruk, and Gordon Mitchell and his family. There are also various Alaska Native stories that have either been transcribed or are recorded on reels or audio cassette tapes. There are also audio recordings of Alaska Native dances and songs. Records in this part retain the arrangement they were in when they arrived at the Archives.


Description Date
5/12-40 Transcribed field notes, correspondence, and stories 1950-1952, 1966-1967
5/41-47 Andrew Sunno: Personal communication with Lucier and information on Alaska Native rituals and practices 1951
5/48-51 John A. Kakaruk: “Drumbeat of Time” unpublished manuscript, and tape recordings 1960, 1983
5/52-61 Buckland area place names, Sisualik/Sisualikruag ethnographies, Inupiaq stories, and Misigaq Mitchell tape recording 1951-1952
5/62 Aluniq (Jenny Mitchell) notes: Alaska Native death and burial customs undated
5/63-64 “Burial Structures of the Inupiat of Northwest Alaska” by VanStone and Lucier, manuscripts undated
5/65 Two tapes: Lucier and Jessica Ralph, and Lucier and VanStone 1967
5/66 James VanStone obituaries 2001
6/1 Notebooks: Specimen numbers from Fish and Game from Walrus hunt on St. Lawrence Island,  Native words [Inupiaq?], and general data 1961
6/2 Notebooks: Kotzebue, ethnography, Noatagmiut 1951
6/3-7 Notebooks: Shishoulik ethnography, stories, song notations, and translations 1952
6/8 Notebook: Della Keats 1968 October
6/9 Floppy disk: document back ups 2005
6/10 Correspondence: Bruce Boolowon 1966-1988
6/11 Correspondence: Susan Fair 1991-1994
6/12 Correspondence: Fred and Lila Milan 1983-1995
6/13 Correspondence: Wendell Oswalt 1950, 2004-2005
6/14 Correspondence: Dorothy Jean Ray 1965, 1994-1996
6/15 Correspondence: Ivar Skarland 1952-1953
6/16 Correspondence: David Staley 1988-1989
6/17 Correspondence: Alison Till 1986, 2009
6/18 Correspondence: James VanStone and J.L. Giddings 1953-1998
6/19-23 Correspondence: Ernest S. Burch, Jr. 1987-1999
6/24 Della Keats information and stories 1952-1986
6/25 Notebook: Gambell 1961
6/26 Eliagunik story 1975
6/27 Note and correspondence 1969-1989
6/28 Wainwright photographs from Helge Larsen 1942
6/29 Correspondence: Lawrence Kaplan 1987
6/30 Correspondence: Michelle Morseth 1993-1995
6/31 Correspondence: Levi Mills 1993
6/32 Correspondence: Karen Workman circa 1994
6/33 Correspondence: Jeanne Schaaf 1987-1995
6/34 Correspondence: Kathy Frost 1989-1994
6/35 Beluga article 1991-1992
6/36 Correspondence: Kenneth Pratt 1997-2003
6/37 Della Keats: skin working 1968
6/38 Correspondence: Dennis Walle 1990-1997
6/39 Deering family histories 1990
6/40 Correspondence: Oswalt 2005
6/41 Correspondence: Arthur Nagozruk 1951
6/42 Correspondence: Luther Cressman 1952
6/43 Correspondence: Ole Larsen 1999
7/1 Lucier family photographs: Man with dog in the snow; Juanita Bagby in alpaca packet, shoepacs- winter, late 1940’s near Anchorage; Juanita Bagby sitting in field with riffle; Juanita Bagby sitting near water; Juanita Bagby right, and female friend; Double Exposure. Harry Boyder residence. Nabesna, below mine. 1946; Marine Scene, Anchorage boat; Juanita Bagby standing by gate with female friend; Sled Dogs 1944; Juanita Bagby next to fire; Bagby apartments. Figure in foreground construction scene. 12th and Eagle; Juanita Lucier and Friend “Fire Lake Roadhouse” circa 1940-1949
7/2 Photographs: King Island: “King Island Late August 1939”; “Probably off King Island August 1939”; “King Island Late August 1939. Helge was aboard small coastguard cutter, not the Spencer. Photo by Helge Larsen given to C. Lucier”; “Elmer Nagozruk berry picking”; “Kotzebue. Nagozruks camped at far north of Kotzebue, with some Noatak people. I’ve forgotten whether the upriver Noatak families were at N. site, rather than at ancestral sites at CAA. C. Lucier Nov., 2005”; “Prob. Noatak R. people, taken by Arthur Nagazruk, Jr. at Kotzebue 1949 anyway late 40s when AN Jr had graduated from U/A Fbks and AN Sr. was Principal and teacher at Noatak school”; King Island late August (before WW2) photo by Helge Larsen”; Men working on boat
People: Nagozruk, Elmer; Nagozruk, Arthur Jr.;  Larsen, Helge
7/3 Otto Geist card 1963
7/4 Correspondence: James VanStone 1968-1969
7/5 Correspondence: Johnny Sunno 1951
7/6 Correspondence: Joy Mckenna, Archie Wemark 1958-1965
7/7 Correspondence: William O. Pruitt 1958
7/8 Correspondence: J. L. Giddings 1957-1958
7/9 Correspondence: Della Keats 1968
7/10 Correspondence: Kotzebue Sound 1949-1954
7/11 Correspondence: Northern Bering Sea Inupiat 1950-1951
7/12 Correspondence: Jessie Ralph 1976
7/13 Correspondence: William Irving 1963
7/14 Correspondence: Lorraine Donohue 1950-1951
7/15 Correspondence: F.A. Milan 1954-1958
7/16 Correspondence: Winton and Walter Wyapuk 1954-1962
7/17 Correspondence: Patton 1989
7/18-21 Ethnographic notes, Kotzebue Sound family descendants, Urban Natives United, Native communities of Alaska 1951-1974
7/22 In Town article about Lucier 1991
7/23-36 Artifact photographs, sketches, and lists, reindeer sketches, Trial Creek and Igloo Point artifacts, sketch of Sheskalik, substance occurrence list, Eclipse data, photographs from Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stockings of Kobuk, AK, and Kenai 1950-1988
7/37 Field notebook 1950-1951
7/38-42 Kotzebue and Sisualik field notebooks and content list 1951-1952

Folder 43: Ralph Gallahorn stories, translated by Judith Bailey: Story titles: Cottonwood Tree; Alagaciag; Kupqaq; Rags to Riches; Killer Whales and Wolves; The Blind Young Man and The Loon; Burned Hillside; Spotted Wolverine; Raven Attacks; Raven and A Human Being; The First Box Drum
Folder 44: Jenny Mitchell stories, translated by Della Keats; stories narrated and translated by Gordon Mitchell, Sr.; stories narrated by Mark Mitchell (Misigag) and translated by Della Keats; stories narrated by Della Keats, stories translated and narrated by Yiyuk Harris, with some Inupiaq translations provided by Grace Lucier, stories narrated and translated by Frank Glover, and a story narrated by Mary Howard, translated by Helen Farqhuar
Stories and description: The Creature in the Lake; Muga’s Boat Meets Giant; Kununnuaka: Dangerous Man-like Sea Creature; Walrus Dog; Sea Weasel; Boy’s First Kill Observances; Girls’ Puberty Observances/initiation rites; Shamans and Missionaries in 1898; Igat: Bouncing Creatures; Raven Brings Flaker; Girls’ Lives and Puberty Observances in the Upper Kobuk River Area, around 1890; Unseen Monsters in Lake; Eclipse; Youth Injured by Mother Walrus, 1952; He saw a Giant Bird; Della Keats discusses in ‘Fragmentary genealogy’ and documents the genealogy of the people Lucier came into contact. Avanaluk; Crack Man; Old Man and Puffin; Mink and Raven
People: Muha; Allen, Charley; Mitchell, Gordon, Sr.; Mitchell, Mark; Mitchell, Jenny; Keats, Della; Napaktumuit; Harris, Yiyuk; Gallahorn, Ralph; Farqhuar, Helen; Howard, Mary; Bailey, Judith; Gallahorn, Ralph; Glover, Frank
Place names: Noatak River; Point Barrow; Kotzebue Island; Lockhart Point; Point Hope; Kobuk River; Napaktuktuak
Languages: English; Iñupiaq

7/45 Tape inventory 1950-1951
7/46-60 Alaska Native burial practices, drum songs, stories, and tattoos; Lucier field notes; photographs of Alaska Natives, burial sites, and archaeological specimens.
The documents discuss the various types and processes of tattoos in Buckland, Selawik, Tapqaq, Deering, and Kotzebue Sound relating to Rites of Passage. Also includes research of Frederica de Laguna and Franz Boas about the Central Eskimo (Boas) and the Cook Inlet anthropology of the Dena’ina (de Laguna), multiple drawings and graphs detailing face decoration, location, motif, sex, and tribe for tattoos, labrets, and masks.
7/61-73 Manuscripts, maps, and notes relating to various articles written by Lucier 1986-1993
7/74 Lucier’s notes on Clarence Tjernagel’s diary undated
7/75-80 Archaeological site information and notes: Kotzebue Sound, Kiwalik Western Thule, Nondalton, Wales, Lake Iliamna 1949-1952
8/1-14 Notes: Alaska Native housing and hunting, music, song, and dances, manufactures, tools, and materials 1951-1956, 1994
8/15 “Festschrift in Arctic Anthropology” by VanStone, article draft 1998
8/16 Council City News notes 1903-1905
8/17 “An Eskimo Journey” by J. Hadley copied from original undated
8/18-22 John Kakaruk: outline of books; notes and stories; notebooks of stories circa 1970-1979
8/23 Note regarding the Narrowgage Railroad, Nome 1998
8/24 Correspondence: Wendell Oswalt 1997-2005
8/25 Correspondence: general 1947-1966
8/26 Kakaruk MS article deleted parts circa 1981
8/27 Kotzebue Shaman, burials and customs 2001
8/28 Correspondence: general 1950-1990
8/29 Correspondence: Charles and Grace Lucier 1959-1974
8/30 Correspondence: A. Nagozruk Jr. 1949-1952
8/31 Walrus hunting reports, St. Lawrence Island 1961
8/32 Correspondence: Martha Whiting 1995-1998
8/33 Correspondence: Alaska Native Language Center—list of tape recordings 1987
8/34 Oliver Amoak—story, original from 1951, copy undated
8/35 Correspondence: Roger Harritt—National Park Service 1989-1993
8/36 Correspondence: Don and Carol Dumond 1994
8/37 Correspondence: Willie Goodwin Jr. 1994-1995
8/38 Notes: Sisualik 1952
8/39 Notes: Grace Lucier recounting Wales and King Island 1958
8/40 Correspondence: Helge and Ole Larsen 1983-2001
8/41-42 Cassette tapes: Lucier’s life and family history, with written transcriptions and notes circa 1984
8/43 Ethnographic notes: Flora Penn
Notes in English and Inupiaq detailing Northern Alaska Native Ethnotechnology, manners and customs, reindeer, food drying, food storage buildings, foraging, fishing, hunting, shamans, storytelling, and spiritualism.
Place names: Noatak; Sisualik; Kotzebue; Noatak River; Shishoulik; Kivalina
8/44 Ethnographic notes: Jessie Ralph
Contains Jessie’s account of when her father cut his arm with a crooked knife while carving. The children were sent to get an Angatkok (shaman/medicine man) for help as the father might bleed to death. The stranger Angatkok saves the father’s life by closing the wound by putting his mouth against the cut. Written from conversation with Jessie in 1951. Jessie born 1898. Event may have happened in 1910.
undated, 1951
8/45 Ethnographic notes: Ina Tieplemain, copy of 1951 original
Information provided by Ina Tieplemain (born 1890) describing facial tattooing for beauty and protection from evil spirits. Information provided by Mary Morris (born 1880) also about tattooing-women tattoo their chins and men tattoo the corners of their mouths. Arms were tattooed for beauty’s sake.
People: Tieplemain, Ina; Morris, Mary
Place names: Kotzebue Sound; Deering; Espenberg; Topkok
undated, 1951
8/46 Ethnographic notes: Ralph Gallahorn, copies of 1951-1952 originals
Collection of stories and customs told by Ralph Gallahorn in English and Iñupiaq. These stories cover customs of burial, dress, subsistence, drum, song, dance, marriage, shamans and spiritualism. Titles recorded: Teyangnirluk, “Big Wrist”, A Napaktomyut Story Told, The Two Brothers and The Man-Killer, some told to Ralph by his maternal grandfather, Sutlouk, of Kotzebue.
Place names: Noatak; Napaktusuguruk; Kotzebue; Napaktomiut; Point Hope; Deering
8/47 Ethnographic notes: Mary Howard, copies of 1952 originals
Napaktoktuok Messenger Feast: Festivities include the “Wolf Dance” as well as gifting animals/skins.
People: Howard, Mary (Akolauk)
Place names: Shishoulik; Napaktoktuok, Utorqaq
8/48 Ethnographic notes: May Konalook, copy of 1951 original
Female Puberty Rites, Selawik, Pottery, tattooing after first menses; May Konalook interviews
People: Konalook, May
Place names: Kotzebue; Elephant Point
circa 1951
8/49 Ethnographic notes: Mark Mitchell, copies of 1952 originals
Mitchell’s Inupiaq name is Misigaq (often spelled Mishiguk). Included are various stories and observances: Ulului: An Upper Noatak Story; Kivyiksuat: Noatagmiut Messenger Feast; Wolf Kill Observances: Kotzebue Story August 1951. “Ritual performed after killing and skinning wolves. The same ritual was performed at Noatak, Kivalina, and Point Hope”; Disposal of Beluga Bones.
Language: English; Iñupiaq
People: Mitchell, Mark; Mitchell, Gordon
Place names: Noatak; Kotzebue
8/50 Ethnographic notes: Gordon Mitchell
Stories: Moving Stones; Retelling of story that his mother, Jenny Mitchel had told him; Lake Monster; Hunting Muskrat with Bow and Arrow
8/51 Ethnographic notes: Mary Morris
Notes about the Bladder Festival- practiced on the southern side of the Seward Peninsula (which agrees with Abraham Lincoln of Kotzebue). She also states that the Wolf Dance was presented in Deering but will not discuss it further for religious reasons. Mary Morris gave descriptions of traditional tattoo practices to Lucier along with Ina Tieplemain
People: Morris, Mary; Lincoln, Abraham
Place names: Deering; Kotzebue
8/52 Ethnographic notes: Arthur Nagozruk Sr.
Pottery Making at Cape Prince of Wales; Historical notes on lamps, pots, and stoves. Information about types of materials used and trade. There is a picture of Arthur with a quote “possibly the best man you’ll ever know.”
People: Nagozruk, Sr., Arthur; Keok, James
Place names:  Prince of Wales
8/53 Ethnographic notes: Andrew Sannu, copy of 1951 original
People: Sannu (Sunno), Andrew
Place names: Elephant Point; Buckland
Language: English, Iñupiaq
Subject: Northern Alaska—Inupiaq; Ethnotechnology; Harpoons; Superstitions; Hunting; Darts; Design drawings; Amulets; Manners & customs; Songs; Storytelling; Rites & ceremonies; Dance; Fishing weirs; Fishing nets
8/54 Ethnographic notes and stories undated, 1997
8/55 Ethnographic notes: Frank Glover 1952
8/56 Ethnographic notes: John Hadley undated
8/57 Ethnographic notes: Ralph Gallahorn undated
8/58 Ethnographic notes: Frank Burns 1952
8/59 Ethnographic notes: Abraham Lincoln 1951-1952
8/60 Rutting Bulls, Kakaruk story 1991
9/1 “Iqinniq’s Bones” first draft
Iqinniq was from Kotzebue and was the topic of a “clean up” burial of bones (boxed up). Lucier was unsure if the body had in fact been buried traditionally prior to the “clean up.” Description of Sunno’s home, lifestyle, story
9/2 Notes: “The Alaska Diary of a Pioneer Quaker Missionary” by Hadley
Diary pages from a missionary by the name of Martha Hadley who had come to Alaska after an Alaskan by the name of Mary Moon had lived with her in the States.
People: Hadley, Martha; Pitcher, Jim; Moon, Mary
Corporate Names: Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)
9/3 Field notes: College and Port Clarence, Alaska
Typed pages of Lucier’s journal/field notes from a dig at Point Spencer in the summer of 1949.
People: Larsen, Helge; Giddings, Louis, J.; Skarland, Ivar; Anderson, Eskil; Froelich, Rainey; Komok, Joe (Kaveramiut); Olana, Washington; Picnalook, James; Ahndgnahtoruk, Johhny;  Alexander, Ralph; Alexander, Nora;
Place names:  Kotzebue; Deering; Fairbanks; Teller; Point Hope; Wales; Point Spencer; St. Lawrence Island; Naknek; Bristol Bay
9/4 “1950s Alaska and its influence on James W. VanStone,” draft
Manuscript written by Lucier about Alaska around 1950, during the time when James Van Stone was residing there.
People: VanStone, James W.
Place names: Cape Denbigh; Kotzebue
9/5 Cape Spencer midden implements 1949
9/6 Robert Mayokok letters, copies of 1964-1966 originals undated
9/7 “Death and Renewal” manuscript and notes 1998
9/8 List: Distribution of culture elements within the Alaska Native culture 1951
9/9 Correspondence: Fred Milan 1952
9/10-11 Photographs: Lucier and Jessie Ralph; Della Keats working on caribou hides 1976
9/12 Adrian Jacobson’s journal, translation and notes undated
9/13 Correspondence: Walter Simpson 1992
9/14 Notes: Karluk 1952
9/15 Deering family histories
Story about Andrew Barr who sold his reindeer herd and carried 20,000 cash to the States with Robert Mayokok.
People: Mayokok, Robert; Goodhope Thomas, Nora; Barr, Andrew; Kaviraq, Stanley; Qaviraq; Moto, Alice; Stanley Moto, Margaret; Moto, James; Foss, Edna; Nagozruk, Lucy; Nagozruk, Grace; Goodhope Thomas, Nora; Goodhope, Charlie; Goodhope, Fred; Barr, Fanny; Barr, Emily; Cross, Bess; Cross, John; Tiepleman, Ina
9/16 University Museum of Alaska purchases from Lucier 1951
9/17 Photographs: figurines undated
9/18 “1950s Alaska and its influence on James W. VanStone” 2001
9/19 “Reindeer Fairs on Seward Peninsula, Alaska 1915-1918,” by Lucier, Kakaruk, and VanStone 1998
9/20-25 Photographs: Sisualikrag, Lucier, Trail Creek, death and renewal paper 1949-1952
9/26 Correspondence: Ms. Kuzguk wedding circa 1965
9/27 Correspondence: Jean Schaaf 1995
9/28 Correspondence: Wendell Oswalt 1950
9/29 Photographs: Sisualik aerial undated
9/30-31 Stories: Kotzebue Sound, funerals, wolf dance, spirits 1950-1952
9/32 Correspondence: Ted Stevens, Deering Ipiutak 1998-2001
9/33 Correspondence: Owen Mason 1989-1993
9/34 Correspondence: Trail Creek 1984
9/35 Correspondence: Ruth Sampson 1995
9/36 Cape Espenberg: Radiocarbon dating 1985
9/37 Correspondence: Philip Spaulding 1995
9/38 Correspondence: William Sheppard 1998
9/39 Stories: Ralph Gallahorn 1952
9/40 Noatak genealogies
Item 1: The family tree of Della Keats father’s lineage on the father’s mother’s side.
People: Misuq; Anuri; Ilupauzaq; Kuunruq; Webster, Daniel Qurliaq; Aakigaa; Umialaaq; Kuumak; Jones, Amy; Kuutuuq; Booth, Jeremiah Kaliksualuk; Kiiziq; Sage, Leonard Aksiataq; Mayuzaq; Saliaq; Piiniq; Uqzualuk (Uqsuaq); Kuunaasiiluuzak; Ayuriaq, Eunice; Annaqaq, David; Sage, Solomon Uusuk; Kuunruq; Sage, Joe Sakuniq; Kennedy, Edith Puktauu; Putu; Puuvlazuaq; Mitchell, Misigaq Mark; Mitchell, Earl Niaquq; Mitchell, Eli Nagaqtuaq; Aluniq, Jenny; Kuutuuq; Mitchell, Thomas; Gordon; Keats, Della; Adams, David;
Item 2: Documents of family trees illustrating the heritage of Aluniq Jenny Mitchell, the mother of Della Keats. The family trees contain death information for some of the members.
People: Yaiyuk, Yiyuk Harris; Angalaksiak; Tairak; Takpurak; Aapatuq; Pinyialuk; Qaaqsi; Puyuq (Dell Keats); Apaiyutnak (G. Mitchell, Sr); Sinyiaksak; Mitchell; Mitchell, Jenny Aluniq; Marie; Marion; Robert; Darold; Rose; Tony; Gordon, Jr; Mitchell, Gordon Apaiyutnka Sr; Mitchell, Leila Tuugpak; Gallahorn, Ralph Angnuyaq; Baily, Grace; Mitchell, Jenny Aluniq; Mitchell; Saulauk; Aapakuq;  Umialaak; Bailey, Grace; Atarrak
Place names: Kotzebue; Kugruk; Kivalina; Upper Kobuk; Shungnak
Item 3: Correspondence relating to family trees of Della Keats’ parents, Eli and Jenny Mitchell, including their parents and grandparents. These family trees were created in 1952, written in the Iñupiaq language.
People: Burch, Ernest Jr. (Tiger); Piniiluq; Uqsruaq; Misuq; Anuri; Misiqaq; Sage; Sheldon, William;
Item 4: Correspondence created by Tiger Burch.
People: Burch, Ernest Jr. (Tiger); Mitchell, Thomas; Kennedy, Edith; Mitchell, Jenny; Piiniq; Uqsrualuk; Akulaaq; Keats, Della;
Item 4: Photograph of a family tree, created by Lucier and Burch.
People: Kuuluqzuarmiut; Piniq; Uqsuaq; Niaquq, Earl; Misiqaq, Mark; Nayuqtuaq, Eli; Aluniq, Jenny; Gordon; Della; Mitchell, Thomas
9/41-42 NuataaGmiut messenger feast 1999
9/43 Beings, spirit world, and monsters circa 1952
9/44 Correspondence: E.S. Burch, Jr 1993-1998
9/45 Obituaries and information about state biologists 1988-2005
9/46 Correspondence: Fannie Mendenhall 2004
9/47 Correspondence: Meldgaard 1987-1989
9/48 Maps: Kotzebue Sound, Krusenstern-Sisualik 1988
9/49 Sealing article: notes, maps, and material circa 1991
9/50 Lucier household inventory of artifacts bought 1976
9/51 Sketch: Clay County courthouse 1975
9/52 Correspondence: Lucier 1947-1987
9/53 Stories: Yiyuk (Yaiyuk) Harris 1952-1991
9/54 Correspondence: Herb Anugazuk 1995
9/55 Stories: Angnoyaq (Angnoiaq), many translated into English by Judith Bailey undated
9/56 “Alaska Eskimo Ethics,” by Charles Lucier undated
9/57 Photographs: Lucier, Ugruk skin drying, Ralph Gallahorn, Gordon Mitchell and family, and Clarks Point 1943-1944, 1952, 2000
9/58 Songs and dances 1981
9/59 Sketches undated
9/60-63 Kakaruk volume: correspondence with publishers, notes, and article drafts 1982-1984
9/64 Watercolor sketch undated
9/65-68 Beluga hunting article: notes and rough draft 1993
10/1 Photographs: Archaeological dig sites, Stone House Cave, Point Spencer, skeleton remains, Teller, Grantly Harbor, Point Prince of Wales 1949-1951
10/2 Photographs: From The Field Museum; Sisualik Ruaq 1952
10/3 Reindeer fair notes 1998
10/4 Audiocassettes and reel-to-reel: Kakaruk biography, stories; with description list undated, 1974
10/5 “University of Alaska Fairbanks Anthropology in its Third Decade; ” note with article says it was never published undated
10/6 Alaska Native drum skins: article draft and slides circa 1984
10/7 Shamanism and medicine, includes stories and songs 1950-1951
10/8 Religious beliefs and observances: Buckland-Lower Noatak-Kotzebue Sound 1950-1952
10/9-11 Death and renewal and observances 1951-1952, circa 1996
10/12 Field journal 1950
10/13 Biographical notes: Lucier and Sunno undated
10/14-26 Death, dying, and renewal: notes, article drafts 1983-1999
10/27-29 Field notes: Shishoulik  undated
10/30 Sketch book, by Charles Lucier—sketches accompany Alaska Native stories 1980
10/31 Glossary circa 1980
10/32-39 Kakaruk volume: “Boy and Man,” community, ceremony, and trade, stories and storytelling, fishing, hunting, and trapping, herding reindeer 1981
10/40-42 Sisualik/Escholtz: article notes and drafts—beluga hunting 1987, 1993
10/43 Transcribed stories: take from tape recording, circa 1970-1975
10/44 Autobiography and topic listing undated
10/45 Kakaruk: Reindeer period—notes and copies undated
10/46 Audiocassette recordings: Trail Creek—Larsen and Lucier 1949
10/47 Photographs and slides: includes description list—Kakaruk, Lucier, Yupik dancers, Joey Chief 1976
10/48 Ethnographic notes 1951
11/1 Slides: slides are captioned with description list: Andrew Sunno, Grace Lucier, Jesse Ralph, summer activities; Buckland area
Descriptions are written by two different people and some slides do not match the photo. Captions are below.
Sheet 1:
Item 1: Jesse Ralph, and Grace Lucier
Item 2: Boys shoving off to get water from the Buckland River for Jesse Ralph.
Item 3: Boys shoving off in Jesse Ralph’s very old dory.
Item 4: Boys shoving off in Jesse Ralph’s very old dory.
Item 5: Boys rowing in Jesse’s skiff to midriver.
Item 6: Boys rowing in Jesse’s skiff to midriver
Item 7: Boat offshore, abandoned Buckland village site behind, on the distant east bank.
Item 8: Grace Lucier, Jesse Ralph, and Liz Sherman, Jim Hadley’s daughter.
Item 10: Liz Sherman from Candle/ Kiwallik River.
Item 11: Jesse Ralph seated on her front steps.
Item 12: Jesse Ralph and Liz Sherman sitting on steps.
Item 13: Boy hauling water up steps, into house.
Item 14: Boy hauling water from boat to Jesse.
Item 15: Buckland resident (unknown).
Item 16: Jesse Ralph’s backyard cache.
Item 17: Footrace on Buckland aircraft runway.
Item 18: Footrace on Buckland aircraft runway.
Item 19: Prize awards on Buckland aircraft runway.
Item 20: Hair washing and bathing in Buckland River.
Sheet 2
Item 1: 1: Runner, 4th of July activities, Buckland, Alaska.
Item 2: 4th of July activities on runway.
Item 3: 4th of July activities on runway.
Item 6: Group of runners on runway.
Item 7: Starting footrace on runway.
Item 8: Grass beside runway, and possibly children hiding.
Item 9: Grass beside runway, and possibly children hiding.
Items 10-14: Runner on runway.
Item 15: Runner on runway, returning with shirt loose.
Item 16: Basketball hoop throw.
Item 17: 4th July preparation for x-river swim.
Item 18: Boat lands, swimmers on opposite shore.
Item 19: Boat lands, swimmers on opposite shore.
Item 20: Swimmers ready to dive in from skiff.
Sheet 3
Item 1: Swimmers dive in for x-river swim.
Item 3: Swimmers crossing Buckland River.
Item 4: Swimmers coming closer.
Item 5: Swimmers immediately offshore.
Item 6: 1st swimmer wades ashore.
Item 7: Swimmer near water’s edge.
Item 8: Swimmer walks ashore.
Item 9: Swimmer resting near shore.
Item 10: 2 swimmers alongside pilot boat.
Item 11: Swimmer and spectators.
Item 12: Swimmer pausing in shallows.
Item 13: Child playing with stick, water’s edge.
Item 14: Young woman, child spectator.
Item 15: Swimmer others in boat.
Item 16: Swimmers beside boats.
Item 17: Swimmers near boats.
Item 18: Swimmers approach shore.
Item 19: Young people in shallows.
Item 20: Girls playing in shallows.
Sheet 4
Item 1: Woman, child in jacket.
Item 2: Youthful swimmers, Buckland.
Item 3: Youthful swimmers, Buckland.
Item 4: Youthful swimmers, Buckland.
Item 5: Coming up for air, underwater, distance swim competition.
Item 6: Diving underwater, endurance swim.
Item 7: Swimmer end of underwater distance swim.
Item 8: Pair swimmer on shoal (?).
Item 9: Swimmer, end swim.
Item 10: Winner wading.
Item 13: Swimmer.
Item 14: End of underwater distance event.
Item 15: Small boys on stockpiled sand.
Item 16: Small boy on sand pile.
People: Jesse; Ralph; Lucier, Grace; Sherman, Liz
Place names: Buckland River
11/2 Photographs: Arthur Nagozruk, Alaska Native children, and at the Gilded Cage—Alaska Crippled Children’s Association
Item 1: Arthur Nagozruk (Nagaaq) Quoted as “the most impressive person you’ll ever know”
Item 2: “Eskimo School children” (maybe around 1940)
Item 3: “Eskimo dancers” (1960’s)
People: Anderson, Mel (photographer); Lucier, Grace; Green, Paul; Kakaruk, Rusty; Kayutailuk, Alfred; Kakaruk, John; Kakaruk, Alice
Corporate Names: Guided Cage, Alaska Crippled Children’s Association
11/3 Sketches given to John Kakaruk 1989 March
11/4 Photographs of John Kakaruk trapping snare 1975
11/5 Stories told by John Kakaruk Sr. 1971
11/6 Arthur Nagozruk stories
Story told by Arthur Nagozruk of a man who crosses the ice from King Island to Wales, AK.
Story of traditional ways of seal hunting with use of nets.
circa 1970
11/7 “The Bering Strait’s Expedition, 1950:” Lucier’s unfinished notes
Mention of helicopters being used to survey land for archaeological work
circa 1950
11/8 Notebook: Eagle Wolf Dance 1964, 1994
11/9 Photograph: Gordon Marsh, Alfred Bork at UAA, captioned “The Museum specializes in Anthropological exhibits”
People: Marsh, Gordon; Bork, Alfred
circa 1957
11/10 Point Spencer: Larsen Excavation
“Point Spencer 1949 Larsen Excavations” and Point Spencer 1949 Larsen Excavations Sketch
People: Lucier; Charles V.; Alexander, Ralph
Place names: Point Spencer, Alaska
11/11 Photographs: John Kakaruk and his wife, Alice; another of Jenny Mitchell circa 1970
11/12 Correspondence: from VanStone to Lucier 1979
11/13 Accounts book 1971-1973
11/14 Photograph: Fred A. Milan undated
11/15 Field notebook: right side up—purchases of carved ivory; upside-down—archaeological field notes of trench at Arthur Nagozruk’s house 1958-1960, 1977
11/16 Notebook: Kakaruk’s recording notes and biography, lyrics of Wales’ songs, linguistic notes, and George Ootenna undated
11/17 Song notes: Kakaruk’s recorded songs undated
11/18 Photographs: Mary Igloo’s Wolf Dance model, Alaska State Museum
3 photographs captioned “Eskimo Wolf Dance Model- Mary’s Igloo Wolf Dance Model, Alaska State Museum”
11/19 “Reindeer Fair:” Wendall Oswalt’s critiques on article circa 1998
11/20 Kakaruk songs: reel-to-reel recording; 7 motion dance songs, 6 from John Kakaruk and one from Anna undated
11/21 7 minute dance songs, Anna: reel-to reel recording undated
11/22 Simon Koenig, Thomas Acohuk, Grace Lucier: reel-to-reel recording undated
11/23 Reel recording: John Kakaruk’s songs 1962
11/24 Recording: John Kakaruk, Reindeer rustlers 1960 August 2
11/25 Reel recording: Chester Sivick songs, recorded with Lorraine Koranda 1950-1952
11/26-27 Reel recording: Feast explanation circa 1950
11/28 Reel recording: various singers undated
11/29 Reel recording: Eskimo game songs circa 1970
11/30 Reel recording: John Kakaruk stories in book manuscript; side 1: reindeer rustlers, sides 1 and 2: Siberian abducting a Qawiaraq woman undated
11/31 Reels: A) Della Keats; B) Kakaruk Raven Song; C) Debbie and Patrick circa 1968-1971
11/32 Reels: songs and stories: A) Love Song, Wonder Song, motion picture dance by Lucy; lassoing reindeer by John; seal hunters; story of woman who committed suicide building a snow house; B) towing boat song, Olive Miller “I thought I saw my cousin dance; ” Sam Kasitug motion dance and drum wave undated
11/33 Audio cassettes: letters, songs, and dances; 1)Gr: letter from Grace Lucier to Bruce; 2) Gr: Wale Juggling song, yo-yo song, hide and seek song, Lucy and Molly at Wales; 3.C: Paul Tiulana, wolf eagle dance, Nome undated, 1982
12/1 Audio cassettes: stories and dances; 1.C: various songs and dances; 2.C: Siberian song, Uplugiag’s dance; 3.C: Patrick Omiak, Simerian Muscle dance undated
12/2 Audio cassettes: songs and dances; 4.C: eagle wolf dance; 5.Gr: Wales songs, Everlyn and Ciscelia; Wales Eskimo dances undated
12/3 Audio cassettes: Kakaruk; 5.C: fishing for Lingcod and biography; 6.C-8.C: biography continued circa 1974-1975
12/4 Audio cassettes: Kakaruk and Lucier: 9.C: biography, reindeer fair; 10.C: biography and shamans; 11.C: letter to Jessie Ralph; 12.C: letter to Bruce, answer to Lucier circa 1976
12/5 Reels: contents unknown undated

Part 3. Materials received in 2018; 1934-1952. 0.75 cubic feet.

This part contains materials Archives and Special Collections received in 2018 from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives (ARPCA). This part contains records pertaining to Karluk, including census records, tribal government records, as well as commercial fishing and hunting and trapping permits. The part also contains ethnohistories and various stories collected by Lucier from Kotzebue, Buckland, Napaaqtugmiut (lower Noatak), Nuataarmiut (upper Noatak), Selawik, and Unalakleet.



Descriptions Dates
12/6 Census records: Karluk 1938
12/7 Economic survey: Karluk 1940 November
12/8 Native arts and crafts: Karluk 1940-1947
12/9 Commercial fishing: Karluk 1946
12/10 Fishing permit records 1945
12/11 Hunting, trapping records 1946-1951
12/12 Native government/Tribal organization of Karluk 1934-1951
12/13 Karluk Acts of Councils 1938-1948
12/14 Minutes of Karluk Village Council meetings 1944-1949
12/15 Karluk tribal relations and affidavits 1946-1949
12/16 Karluk legal proceedings; Law and Order Code 1939-1946
12/17 Native Family Records Cards: Karluk 1939-1940
12/18 Slides and negatives: Della Keats, Leila Mitchell, Gordon Mitchell Sr., conical drift burial, elevated burial, Frank Glover, Ralph Gallahorn, Yaiyuk Harris’ wife berry picking, Jenny Mitchell, Yaiyuk Harris, Aluniq, fish processing, bows and arrows, oogruk, 1952
12/19 “Buckland Eskimo Myths” by Charles Lucier, gathered at Elephant Point 1951
12/20 Buckland Eskimo Myths 1951
12/21 Buckland Eskimo Myths: Conclusions 1951
12/22 Buckland ethnography notes: Informants Andrew Sunno and John Hadley undated, 1951
12/23 Buckland chants undated, 1951
12/24 Drawing of Buckland site undated
12/25 Cape Espenberg ethnography: Tattooing 1951
12/26 Deering ethnography 1950-1951
12/27 Karluk ethnography: Conversation among Karluk school children, conversations about wives, medical conversation 1952-1953
12/28 Kobuk, middle ethnography: Informant Frank Glover, includes Inupiat word lists 1952
12/29 Kobuk, upper ethnography: Informant Alunik 1952
12/30 Kotzebue ethnography 1952
12/31 Kotzebue ethnography circa 1951-1952
12/31 Napaaqtugmiut (lower Noatak): Stories 1952
12/32 Nuataarmiut (upper Noatak): Stories 1951-1952
12/33 Nuataarmiut stories 1952
12/34 Nome ethnography circa 1951-1952
12/35 Selawik ethnography undated, 1951
12/36 Unalakleet ethnography 1952



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