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Ready for Eating from the Archives 2020 edition?

Our annual Eating from the Archives event, though great fun!, is a really bad idea right now. So in trying to come up with ways we could do an event like this but support social distancing and allow folks to participate from home, we’ve come up with a twist on this event.

Introducing: Drinking from the Archives.

Do you consider yourself an expert mixologist? A wizard in the kitchen? Or do you just like messing about with edible liquid ingredients? Here’s your chance.

This photo was taken after the 1964 earthquake in downtown Anchorage. We don’t know what bar or restaurant, the photographer didn’t label it, but these drink names have had us pondering for some time. What would these taste like?

From the Edith and Edward Lindsay papers.

Here’s the list:

  • All Shook Up
  • Small Tremor
  • Penney From Heaven
  • Good Friday
  • Continued Tremors
  • Clorox on the Rocks
  • 5:36 Goody
  • 4th Ave Splits
  • Turnagain Twist

And here’s the challenge:

Make up a drink that you think matches a name. Or make up as many as you like! Non-alcoholic recipes are welcome and encouraged.

Email us the recipe(s) uaa_archives @ alaska.edu or share it with us via the contact us link on our website. Remember to include an email address and your name. Photos of your creation are welcome.

Feel free to send us a video or snapshots of your mixology, just remember we’ll probably share them on social media. Or if you want to share it yourself, just tag us (Twitter: @CLArchives. Facebook: @ConsortiumLibraryArchives and Instagram: @clarchives)

A few things:

  • All ingredients must be edible. (No actual bleach for that Clorox on the Rocks, okay?)
  • Quantities should be for a single serving
  • Ingredients should be things that can be purchased or made from things that could be purchased, assuming our stores actually have stuff on the shelves
  • Recipes should avoid promoting a specific brand unless they’re the only company who makes the ingredient. So “cranberry juice” and not, well, you know that national name…
  • EDIT: Due date: May 1 (Because if the IRS can extend deadlines, so can we!)

In early May, we’ll share all of the recipes we’ve received on our blog. We might even convince a few folks to try some of these recipes and share their opinions! (If you’re up for that, just let us know.)

Have fun, get mixing, and if you are using alcohol, drink responsibly. Also, wash your hands. And keep your eyes out here for the results starting in early May!

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