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Archiving AK episode 5: Anna the Intern interviews us

In episode 5 of Archiving AK, Anna, our grad intern over the summer, took some time out of her last week with us to interview us for the podcast. The discussion goes into topics like what we hope for/see for the future of the archives profession, what skills and knowledge we would like new professional archivists to have obtained in their archives classes, the role of professional associations in our work and development, and the types of things we wish people knew about our work.

Thanks to Anna for all her accomplishments over the summer, for putting together a fascinating set of questions for us, and ably handling discussion traffic control with three very verbal archivists!

Here’s links to some of the organizations and items mentioned in the podcast:

1:25 UCLA term positions letter

15:15 Newsbank (we use it a lot for access to obituaries and other news items when writing biographical notes for finding aids)

19:25 SAA: Society of American Archivists

21:50 Northwest Archivists


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