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Wind blown and in print

We’re used to seeing items from our collections show up in footnotes in scholarly articles, that sort of thing. But this weekend we had the pleasant experience of seeing a thank you to us (Nicole, Mariecris, & Arlene) show up in a program from a play!  A local theatre, Cyrano’s, has been running Peter Porco’s Wind Blown and Dripping, an original play about Dashiell Hammett’s service in the Aleutians during WW2.  Peter spent a lot of time with us over the summer going through scrapbooks and letters and such to get a feel for what life was like for the servicemen who were stationed out on Adak.  In fact, he did so much research that he couldn’t fit it all into the play so he put some of it on that website linked above.  Thanks, Peter, for the shout-out.  MC & I have saved copies of the programs for our tenure/promotion files–it’s always fun to have something a little unusual in those.

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