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Oh, we love seeing our name in print

The September ’09 copy of Arctic, the journal of the Arctic Institute of North America landed in our mailbox today.  This is a little unusual since A&SC doesn’t actually subscribe to any journals, so the next possibility is, hey, maybe somebody published something that cited one of our collections!  Which indeed was the case.  We get a fair number of publication requests and since different archivists work reference at different times, and because sometimes there can be a bit of a delay between the publication request and actual publication, we don’t always immediately recognize the end product of our work with a researcher.

H. Jesse Walker, a Professor Emeritus from Louisiana State University did a profile entitled “John C. Cantwell (1859-1940) and the Kobuk (Kowak) River, Alaska.”  [p 345-348]. And used an image from our Thomas Benham photographs collection, more specifically a portrait of Cantwell at age 25.  Unfortunately a typo made it into the printing in the citation–identifying it as the Bentham collection–but the name is close enough to be recognizable for us and that means if anybody reading the article wants to track down a copy of the image, we’ll easily be able to help them.

If you have the chance, go take a read.  It’s online through the Institute’s website.  It’s an interesting look at an historic exploration into the navigability of one of Alaska’s rivers.  And thanks to Dr. Walker and the Arctic Institute for making sure we received a copy of the issue.

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