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Does the work ever end?

Today was a day we all spent on long-lived, and in some cases long-overdue, projects.

Mariecris spent the day working on the Commonwealth North records.  Commonwealth North deposited some 80 cubic feet worth of records with us about a year and a half ago.  MC recently finished a draft of the finding aid and as a part of rewrites, she’s been going through some of the boxes.  We hope to have that finding aid available on the website within the next two months: MC will be doing another draft–and hopefully final draft–of it soon.

Nicole spent the day proofreading the Glenn diary transcript.  She’s almost done with that and as soon as she is, the pdf of the diary and the finalized transcript will go online into the Alaska’s Digital Archives. This is a grant-funded project due to be completed by the end of June, so the product of this should be showing up very soon.

Arlene spent the day working with the Andrew Hope and Ellen Hope Hays collection.  She recently finished the conversion of the old finding aid (still showing on the site) into the new standards (up soon) and working on a 20 cubic foot addition that Ellen Hope Hays provided to A&SC in 2002.  The new finding aid with the additional collection materials included, should be up on the site in June: we’ll update the link on this entry at that time.

Marty spent the day getting re-situated with the Atwood family papers.  Marty is a student worker who is working under the direction of Kathy Bouska, our project archivist for the collection.  A lot of the intellectual control (overarching description and order) was completed by Kathy before she left for Germany last October, so the next stages are to do a lot of the rehousing, weeding of duplicates or non-archival material, and labeling.  So Marty did some of all of that today.

Frank came in to do some scanning for us and spent several hours working on that.  Recently we received a collection of photograph albums related to a Coast Guard serviceman’s time aboard a buoy tender in the Aleutians between 1949 and 1951, and part of our agreement with the donor was that we would provide scans of the images in the albums to the Coast Guard museum in Seattle.

A busy and work-filled day.  The projects aren’t done, but they’re closer than before.  Every bit helps.

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