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A day in the life of…

Or a day in the work life of, anyhow.

Here’s a sample of the things the archivists in A&SC worked on today:

Nicole: Nicole continued proofing the transcript of the Glenn diary in preparation for bringing it online.

Mariecris: Mariecris had reference desk duty from 10-4 today so she handled a couple of email reference queries and one mailed payment for images.  She also accessioned some university records that came in this afternoon.  And countless other projects.

Kathy: Kathy is our long-distance Atwood Papers archivist.  Kathy moved to Stuttgart in October and has been getting herself settled there of late but started back on the project this week and spent some time familiarizing herself with her notes on the project and querying Arlene about what she’d done with all the images of the collection she needed.  (Note: Arlene had deleted the images a few months back in a drive cleaning fit but no worries, we’ve got more.)

Arlene: Arlene finished posting the remaining photos from the Glenn collection on the Alaska’s Digital Archives so everybody can see all of Nicole’s hard work from the past several months, converted three small finding aids from the old version to the new standardized format, boxed a recent accession, and took a couple of cartloads of material from one storage area to another preparatory to a very large accession scheduled to come in next week.

And lastly, Frank.  Frank is a student worker here in the Consortium Library and he occasionally gets to work with us, which we all love!  Frank polished off a university photos scanning project he’d been working on, and started on proofreading some item-level photographs lists for the finding aids Arlene had been converting.

And so you don’t think we’re all work and no play, here’s a sample of what we’re all doing this weekend.  One of us is off to Denali National Park for a hiking/biking/camping trip (hope she doesn’t get eaten by a bear!), one of us is off to Provence to celebrate her wedding anniversary (no points for guessing who), and at least one of us fully intends to be a total slug and hang out on the balcony reading in the beautiful Anchorage sunshine all weekend (and no points for guessing who on that one, either.)

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  1. Mariecris went to see the movie, “Star Trek,” and hopes to see the U.S.S. Enterprise’s archives in the next movie!

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