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ACC Records

Anchorage Community College records

Portraits of ACC and UAA Administrators are located on the third floor of the Consortium Library next to the Pendulum Staircase. A list of those administrators is also available here.

Arranged alphabetically by office of record(where known) or by title (if office of record is unknown).  Please follow the links to more information regarding each series. More extensive inventories of the series are linked where available.  Some of the links below do not include series numbers.  The description of ACC records in Archives holdings is an ongoing process and these records series and groups will be converted to our current description standards. Please contact the Archives for information about other ACC records that are not listed below.

For all UAA/ACC student transcripts, please contact the Office of the Registrar. You can also find most of the university Catalogs online on their website.

Academic Policy and Curriculum Board records. 1988. UAA-0070
Accent student newspaper. 1982-1988. UAA.0053
Accent photographs. 1982-1988. UAA.0044
Accreditation publications. 1972, 1979. UAA-0115
Adjunct faculty handbook. 1984-1985. UAA-0113
Administrative subject files. 1953-1978. UAA.0047
Adult Education Associate Degree program records. 1982-1983. UAA.0075
Adult Literacy Laboratory Alaska Native student handbook. 1980. UAA.0027
Adult Literacy Laboratory Project (ALL Project) records. 1970-1982. UAA-0071
Arts Affiliates awards dinner programs. 1972-1973. UAA-0181
Associated Students of Anchorage Community College records. 1970-1971. UAA-0134.
Campus Courier student newspaper. 1958. UAA.0068
Citizens Advisory Group minutes. 1965. UAA-0177
Class schedules. 1959-1987. UAA.0004
Commencement programs. 1957-1987. UAA-0112
Community College Reporter (aka Arctic Reporter) student newspaper. 1980-1981. UAA.0067
Computing service program records. 1985-1986. UAA-0116
Division of Community Services P.R.E.P handbook. Undated. UAA.0026
Institutional Planning Committee records. 1984-1986. UAA-0073.
Learning Resource Center records. 1983-1990. UAA-0097.
Memorabilia; undated. UAA-0018.
New Horizons MDTA: Student Voice of the Anchorage Community College Manpower Training Center; 1966 February 18. UAA-0119
Office of Institutional Research former student survey reports. 1984. UAA.0065
Office of Institutional Research reports. 1983-1984. UAA-0219
Performing arts events programs. 1967-1975. UAA-0180
Photographs. 1977-1982. UAA-0209
Planning and Budget Team records. 1983-1984. UAA-0220
Planning publications. 1977-1986. UAA-0111.
Public Information Office newsletters. 1969-1987. UAA.0128
Public Information Office press releases. 1968-1983. UAA.0051.
School of Education Early Childhood Program records. 1989-1991. UAA-0098.
Spectrum student newspaper. 1969-1976. UAA-0066
Student handbooks. 1980-1988. UAA-0025
Telephone directories. Undated. UAA-0006
Theatre Workshop programs. 1957-1959. UAA-0121.
University of Alaska 6 year plan correspondence. 1985-1986. UAA-0072.
University Reporter student newspaper. 1977-1979. UAA.0024


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