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Max Gruenberg papers

Guide to the Max Gruenberg papers

Collection number: HMC-1270.
Creator: Gruenberg, Max.
Title: Max Gruenberg papers.
Dates: 1955-2016, bulk 2003-2016.
Volume of collection: 14.0 cubic feet and 1.15 GB.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Legislative papers of a Democratic member of the Alaska House of Representatives.

Biographical note:
Max Foorman Gruenberg Jr. was born in San Francisco in 1943. He graduated from Stanford University in 1965 with a B.A. in Political Science. He received a Juris Doctor from UCLA Law School in 1970, where he was also the Editor-in Chief of the UCLA-Alaska Law Review. Gruenberg moved to Anchorage in 1970. Representing East Anchorage House District 16, Gruenberg was elected four times, from 1985-1993, to the Alaska House of Representatives. After taking a ten-year break, he was elected to the House of Representatives again in 2002, and served through 2016 when he died. In his first legislative terms, Gruenberg served as House Majority Leader. He was also a member of the House Judiciary Committee every year he was in the legislature.

Collection description:

he collection mostly contains bills files, which include correspondence, drafts, Gruenberg’s annotations, bill histories, fiscal notes, and amendments to various bills. The collection also includes photographs and constituent and legislative correspondence.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in original order.

Digitized copies: Select photographs have been digitized and are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives by searching “Max Gruenberg”. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Digital materials: The digital contents of this collection are not available online. Access may only be provided on-site in the Archives research room. For more information about potential distance access to digital records, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections holds copyright to materials created by Max Gruenberg. The collection contains materials not created by Gruenberg, which may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Max Gruenberg papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
“Longtime Alaska lawmaker Max Gruenberg dead at 72.” Anchorage Daily News. Accessed January 18, 2018.

“Max Foorman Gruenberg Jr.’s Obituary on Juneau Empire.” Juneau Empire. Accessed January 18, 2018. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/juneauempire/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=177767642.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some added to the Consortium Library’s collections. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for further information.

Related materials: The Alaska State Archives holds some of Max Gruenberg files.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to Archives and Special Collections in 2017 by Kayla Epstein, Max’s wife. Epstein signed a deed of gift at that time. Additional materials were donated to the Archives by Nicoli Bailey, one of Gruenberg’s aides, and Kayla Epstein. An additional set of materials was donated to the Archives in 2021 by Ted Madsen.

Processing information: This collection was described by Veronica Denison in 2018. When possible, original folder titles were retained. The 2021 addition was described by Arlene Schmuland in 2021.

Container list:

Box Description Dates
1 Correspondence, research, and notes regarding various bills; Judiciary Subcommittee; Uniform Probate Code Article V; House Finance Subcommittee on the Judiciary Budget; 2015 constituent messages; Bills and Acts files: HB 61 Joint Tenancy; Uniform Voidable Transactions Act as Amended 2014; Uniform Power of Attorney Act; HJR33 and SJR21 Constitutional amendments for membership to Judicial Council; Amendment to SB9, issuance of state general obligation bonds; HB35 and HB22, cell phone ban while driving; HB15 ban cell phone use by minors when driving 2006, 2009-2016
2 Bill files: HCR8 uniform rules measure sponsors/readings; HJR14, HJR37, and HJR7 Secretary of State references Constitutional amendments; HB36 exempt discharges from use of munitions; HJR1 constitutional amendments gender-neutral references; HJR 19 and HJR22 Law of the Sea; HR128 and HB128 introduction of measures/fiscal notes; CSHB2001 production tax on oil and gas; HB409 and HB95 judgements for state or political subdivision; HB410 and HB11 interpretations of oil and gas lease; HB88 video monitors in motor vehicles; HJR12 home port new coast guard cutter in-state 2004-2013
2 Alaska National Guard Overarching Key Messages, National Guard Bureau Office of Complex Investigations Report of Assessment of the Alaska National Guard; Gruenberg’s schedule and notes; Constituent and legislative correspondence regarding the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), Medicaid expansion, health care, economy, Alaska State Commission for Human Rights; Alaska Public Office Commission (APOC) Biennial Report; APOC’s opinion on Les Gara; Drug research file; PFD restructuring and Alaska fiscal plans; Alaska Dental Society, Vitamin D; Gruenberg’s 2016 candidacy and campaign coordination paperwork 2014-2016
3 HJR39 Law of the Sea treaty; Ethics file; HB60, HB61, and CSHB60 Joint Tenancy, Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act (URPTODA); HB135 public employee roth contributions; HB158 refined fuel surcharge motor tax; HB160 repeal state’s 1% for art program and art in public spaces, includes emails opposing HB160; HB164 insurance, risk management, and holding company system; HB123 establishing marijuana control board; HB132 Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) support of natural gas; HB117 sexual assault examination kits; HB115 Alaska sovereignty, federal transfer of land for Alaska 2007-2015
4 HB107 Board of Regents Regional Residency Qualifications; HB93 duties of probation officers and conditions of parole; HB75 Municipal Regulations of Marijuana, Boards; HB221 protective orders from other jurisdictions; HB243 criminal convictions overturned receive past PFD; HB2001, HB2002 appropriations for operating and loan program expenses of state government; HB3001 appropriations to capitalize funds; Drug and alcohol research; SB23 providing overdose drugs (Max’s last legislative act; Department of Corrections, segregation units in Alaska; Senior Voice article 2015; Marijuana legislation; Correspondence, research, notes, and legal services regarding various bills; CSHB126 administrating military justice; Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act; Votes by bill number file 2013-2016
4 HB77, HB13, CSHB17, nonpartisan blanket primary election sponsor statement, work draft versions and legal questions, fiscal votes, research; HB327 general and primary elections, run-off general elections, declarations of affiliation with a political party: Amendments, research, drafts, 1992-2003, 2007-2015
5 HB126 administrating military justice; HB99 voluntary termination of life by terminally ill individuals; State Legislation Committee file; HB359 sex crimes, human trafficking, testimony by video conference; HB14 executive ethics, legal fees/family travel; SB87 school bus safety; HB10 tax exemptions; HB14 Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act violations; SB3 funding for school meals; HB178 election procedures; HB166 religious freedom amendments; HB9 secured transactions and fund transfers; Alligators as pets; HB147 animal welfare; HB11 no internet access to some criminal cases; Judicial Council file; Solitary confinement; Constitutionality of a statutory requirement that members or state boards and commissions be registered to vote; Ted Stevens file; HJR35 constitutional amendments to Article IX, Section 8 “State Debt”; Write in voting; HB295 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act; HJR19 and HJR22 Law of the Sea 2005-2015
6 HB171 90 Day Session; Phone messages; SB97 licensing of crane operators; Proposed anti-trust legislation; HB275 federal income taxes; Gas prices; House Rules Minutes 2008 June 8, includes anti-trust; Point Thompson Drilling Program; Penalties for monopolistic practices and restraints of trade; SB107 insurance, risk management, and holding companies; SB76 real estate brokers, liability; SB9 election pamphlets; SJR18 support shell port of Seattle lease; HB8 Powers of Attorney; SJF3 Alaska Judicial Council; HB132 bicycle program, transportation, bike helmet law; SB200 wrongful death of an unborn child; SB171 multidisciplinary child protection teams; Presidential Line Item Veto Resolution; Uniform Power of Attorney Act; Political parties, definitions/elections, SB5; HB158 Private Investigators/Agencies; HB486 disqualifying judges/jurors from cases; HB288 bilingual voting, political party definition; Building design licenses; HB330 transportation funding 1998-2015
7 HB76 and HB73 legislative council and LB&A membership; Political legislation file; HB207 and HB14 antitrust actions and penalties; Pedestrian upgrades; Gruenberg’s Legal Research Services requests; Special motor vehicle registration plates for Bronze Star, Silver Star, or other meritorious service awards; Constituent correspondence regarding Women’s Health Program, private education vouchers, and retirement; HB126 military justice; HB271 money service business licenses; HB60 Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act; Law of the Sea; Capital Projects Draft Lists Submitted by Gruenberg; Legal Research Service file includes estate procedures, education for deaf and hearing impaired students, and legislative services staffing; Legislative freshman orientation file; HB106 failure of effective date vote in house of origin; HB215 right to try drug for terminally ill; Meeting to Confirm Appointment to Fill Vacant House Seat; Funding for Judicial Council; HB106 Uniform Interstate Child Support, Parentage; SB30 Marijuana Legislation; Legislative Subpoenas; Potential Legislation file; Correspondence, research, and notes regarding various bills 2005-2016


BD/Comm [Board of Dental Examiners and Withdrawal of Commissioner] Appointments, Voter Registration; Muni taxicab ordinance; Daylight Savings Time; HJR9 Germaneness; SB174 replacement transportation warranty; Powerball Legislation; Max’s citations; HB3 Voter ID; Research on “Faithless Election”; HB347 use of municipal funds for initiatives; HB402 political parties definition/elections (includes multilingual ballots); HJR18 proposed constitutional amendment to elect attorney general; HB200 Judicial Council recommendations; HB11 and HB172 Info matters in election pamphlet; HB12 absentee voting; HB313 mitigating factor, combat related PTSD; HB54 ID, Location, Notification of Child in State Custody; HB250 medical malpractice actions; HB9 Powers of Attorney; HB125 restrictions on sale of Dextromethorphan; HB12 mortgage lending and loan originators; HB7 homicide operating vehicle, plan, boat; HB4 customized external defibrillators; HB1 state arctic policy; HJR15 Honor Ted Stevens (reverse suspensions of the federal prosecutors who intentionally withheld evidence of innocence from the defense of Ted Stevens), includes digital files relating to court case; HJR22 Stewart and Hyder boarder hours; HCR2 AK School Choice Week; HB14 antitrust 2000-2016


Antitrust Division Manual; Legislative interns; Gruenberg’s voting record; Gruenberg’s newsletters, includes photographs (some digital); Business cards (not Gruenberg’s); Uniform Power of Attorney Act; Thank you letters, cards, and other correspondence regarding legislation; Drive around Mountain View 2014; HB147 animal welfare; Citation information for Karen Ferguson; Citation information for Sue Foley; Bankers/Trusts support for HB60 and bill signing information; CSHB10 mandatory exemptions from municipal property taxes; Assisted living and elderly care, LIO Office Space Report, recognition of Bob Lynn 2004-2015


Photographs of Gruenberg and other legislators; Piece of wood from Clark Middle School demolition; Cartoons of Gruenberg; Ode to a Rodent; Certificates: Crossing the Atlantic, American Legion School Award winner, Eagle Scout, high school speech activities, certified attorney, completion of Legislative Leaders Advanced Management Program, outstanding community service, participation in Alaska Legislators Back to School; Children’s drawing and writing stating “Max Gruenberg is a friend of Alaska’s Children”; Photo plaques: Two signed by Ted Stevens, and one of unidentified judges undated, 1955- 2003
OS Folders 1-2 Photographs: 26th Alaska Legislature, Juneau; Cartoon portraying Gruenberg; Military Appeals certificate 1971, 1991, 2003, 2009
9 Riviera Terrace Mobile Home Park file; HB11: An act relating to required notice of eviction to the dwellers; Medicaid Expansion; HB5: An act relating to the persons who may be appointed guardians 2014, 2015
10 HB147: Protecting pets; HB76: Animal cruelty and restraining orders; ANDVSA (Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault), pet protection orders; HJR14, HCR4: Calling for a Constitutional Convention 2011, 2015-2016
10 HB205: Vehicle registration 2016
10-11 Notes (Gruenberg aid Nicoli’s notes), including from Judiciary Committee and HB79 as well as other Senate and House Bills 2014-2016
11 SB218, 72: Child seat belt law; HB60: Uniform real property transfer on death deed act 2009
11 TOD (Transfer on Death) Vehicle Act: Transfer of title on death bill files 2014-2015
11 HB171: Amending deadlines for fiscal notes; Uniform unsworn foreign declaration act; HB212: Driver’s licensing exemptions, military –with amendments to include same-sex partners; HJR25: Vietnam vets, service related diseases; HB282: Landlord tenant; SB187: Confidential information misconduct, Alaska child in need of aid rules; HJR2, 7: Amendments to Alaska State Constitution – neutral references; SJR23, SB195: Constitutional amendment student load debt; Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act 2006-2014
12 Child support—pilot’s license; Voting rights; From Ted regarding Mark Higgins; James Breland, issues with the State of Alaska Dept. of Revenue Child Support Services; 2006 constituent correspondence; Creekside Elementary thank you letter; 2007 correspondence;2006 school contacts; 2011 Legislative Budget and Audio Committee; HB57: Bicycle Program; HB254: Uniform Law, Power of Attorney; Invocation research; SJR11: National women’s history museum; HB33: Payment on interest of reserve account; SLA96, HB42, HB266: Legislative history absentee voting; SB5: Reporting certain crimes; Cyberbullying; Extension of filing deadlines for candidates; Municipal fiscal notes; HB13, HB77, HB17: Open primary/top two, nonpartisan blanket primary election; HJR19: Base F-35 at Eielson AFB research; HB126: Code of military ethics, proposed changes; SJR301: Oil and gas leases in Chukchi and Beaufort Seas; HJR16: National ocean policy; Consideration of mediation in state budget impasse situations; 911 good samaritan laws; Supreme Court Justices qualifications and mandatory retirement; Thank you letter regarding support of the National Guard and Reserves, and photograph of Gruenberg at signing of Statement of Support; Bank of North Dakota research; HB240: Board of Chiropractic examines, hairdresser exams; Mason’s Manual; Allocation of legislative resources; Thank you letters and drawings from school children; Syrian refugees articles, notes; Wayne Anthony Ross, NRA support; Legislative legal opinions; Treatment of animals; Legislative legal services, amendments to Alaska Constitution, intent language HCS CSSB 18; 2014 correspondence; Ethics correspondence; Rights of prisoners research; Notes 1993-1994, 2001-2015
13 HB273 TOD vehicle bill, including notes and correspondence; Hollis French for Anchorage Superior Court; SB174, HJR 10: Vehicle legislation; Newsletter outline, sale of vehicle legislation; Gruenberg’s certificates for completion of ethics trainings; Report of Hearing Finance Committee for Department of Military and Veteran Affairs; EVOS budgetary implications; HB147: Animal cruelty; Judiciary meeting notes (2016); 2014 notes; Alaska Commission in Aging Roster 2016; Sympathy cards sent to Gruenberg’s aids Ted Madsen and Nicoli Bailey after Gruenberg’s death; Primary election winner certificate, general election winner certificate; Photographs of Gruenberg and other legislators; Mailings, Anchorage FD Safe Boat, thank you card from constituent; Buttons: Key Coalition of Alaska and “Head Start Works” 1990-1991, 1994, 2000-2016
13, Server Christmas cards sent by Gruenberg to others undated, 2006
13 Gruenberg’s daily calendars 1993-1995, 1997-2003
13 Department of Natural Resources; procedures for Fisher replacement; legislation sponsored; Alaska Public Offices Commission correspondence; volunteer policies; standing committees policies; Department of Transportation memorial signs; Department of Corrections overview (including Israel Keyes suicide investigation reports); Permanent Fund Dividend veterans hold harmless clause; HB 214 Mental Health Patients rights and grievances; Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act; House and Senate employees merit pay; Alaska National Guard briefing; HB 253 Private Investigator; signed legislation; legislative process continuing education workshops; HB 127 Stalking and Child Exploitation; HB 11 Amendment to AS 12.25.150(a); Photographs; Thank yous and public relations; visitor register; Flyers; READ poster; Municipal traffic study; Alaska Legislative grant to Mountain View Elementary School Library; News coverage; Photographs; 2006 Interim session records; Session photographs; Knik Arm Crossing press packet; Alask 1986-2015
Server Flyers; READ poster; Municipal traffic study; Alaska Legislative grant to Mountain View Elementary School Library; News coverage; Photographs; 2006 Interim session records; Session photographs; Knik Arm Crossing press packet 2005-2014
14 AS 13.26.165 and burden of proof; veto override process; legislative notes; HB 5 Guardian and conservator statues; citations/in memoriam notes; HB 176 Repeal state employee raises; HB6 Veteran hiring preference; HR5 Establishing House Special Committee on federal overreach; HD 20 road problems; certificates and awards; CHSB 109 Disclosures and ethics; HB104 Election procedures; HB7 120 Day Session; Union and PAC lists; Alaska Public Offices Commission; Arson bill draft; sponsored bills list; legislative child care; photographs; Safe Harbor Inn; No legislators in the Dog Park policy memo; Polynesian Flag Day; biographies; holiday cards; Voices of Polynesian Islanders in Alaska grant project; Session correspondence; speeches; Department of Corrections 2003-2016





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