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Alaska Humanities Forum grant products

Guide to the Alaska Humanities Forum grant products

1973-2006, 2015

 Collection number: HMC-1256.
Creator: Alaska Humanities Forum.
Title: Alaska Humanities Forum grant products.
Dates: 1973-2006, 2015.
Volume of collection: 18 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Materials related to humanities research and work in Alaska.

Organizational history:
The Forum represents and serves Alaska as one of 56 state and territorial councils supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and as a member of the Federation of State Humanities Councils. They support humanities-related projects in education, leadership, and many types of public programming.

Collection description:
This collection consists of the products or materials related to products of many of the Humanities Forum grants. Not all grants are represented. They include text items such as books, pamphlets, and articles, audio-visual products, clippings, scripts, and conference materials.

Arrangement: The contents of the collection are arranged chronologically, primarily by grant project number. Products without a grant number associated with them are grouped, as possible, with the year in which they were produced.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: Some audiovisual materials may require digitization before access can be provided.

Rights note: Rights to the materials in this collection are not held by the Archives.

Preferred citation: Alaska Humanities Forum grant products, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The Alaska Humanities Forum deposited the collection with the Archives in 2017.

Processing information: This collection was described by Arlene Schmuland in 2017. The item level listing of collection contents was completed by several Consortium Library student employees. Additional material was added to the collection by Gwen Higgins in 2022.

Container list:

Box/Folder Grant number Description
1/1 03-1973 Project title: Influx
Grantee: Media and Education Development Institute of Alaska, Inc.
1/2 05-1973 Project title: Preservation and Progress, a historic and architectural look  at land
Grantee: Tongass Historical Society, Inc.
1/3 07-1973 Project title: The Effects of Land in its People
Grantee: Talkeetna Historical Society
1/4 08-1973 Project title: Local Land Usage: Past, Present, Future
Grantee: Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education
1/5 13-1973 Project title: Agvik: Alaskan Eskimo Survival and the Great Whale
Grantee: Walther and Associates
1/6 16-1973 Project title: Alaskan Dialogue: Human Values and the Land
Grantee: Tasseraluk Institute, Inc.
1/7 18-1973 Project title: Operation Dialogue
Grantee: The Alaska Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, Inc.
1/8 20-1973 Project title: Environmental Priorities: A VCP Village
Grantee: Nunam Kitlutsisti and A VCP Villages
21-1973 Project title: Land: Bridge to Community-the first statewide meeting sponsored by the Alaska Humanities Forum
Grantee: Alaska Humanities Forum
1/10 01-1974 Project title: Copper River Area Land Concept Study
Grantee: AHTNA Corporation
1/12 03-1974 Project title: Land Planning and City and Regional Government in Rural Alaska
Grantee: The Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission
1/13 07-1974 Project title: Reflection: Our Community Looks at Itself
Grantee: League Of Women Voters of Fairbanks North Star Borough
1/14 12-1974 Project title: Festival of Native Arts – Humanities Lectures
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks- College of Arts and Letters
1/15 13-1974 Project title: The Law of Public Lands in Alaska
Grantee: Alaska Methodist University
1/16 02-1975 Project title: The Bristol Bay Fisheries Dialogue Project
Grantee: The Bristol Bay Area Development Corporation
1/17 03-1975 Project title: Pottery at Toksook Bay
Grantee: Nelson Island School of Design
1/18 07-1975 Project title: Our Land, Our Life
Grantee: Alaska Humanities Forum
1/19 10-1975 Project title: Tasseraluk Institute Travel Program
Grantee: Tasseraluk Institute
1/20 12-1975  Project title:  Oral History in Search of Community: An Alaskan Seminar
Grantee: Alaska Historical Commission
1/21 15-1975 Project title: Urban Housing Conference
Grantee: The State Department of Community and Regional Affairs
1/22 26-1975 Project title: Alaska Rural Media Conference
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
1/23 28-1975 Project title: Alaska Growth Policy Symposium
Grantee: The Institute of Social, Economic and Government Research
1/24 Project title: View from the Top of the World
Grantee: Tasseraluk Institute
1/25 03-1976 Project title: Conservation of the Yup’ik Lifestyle
Grantee: Nunam Kitlutsisti
1/26 07-1976 Project title: Conference on Legal Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect
Grantee: Anchorage Child Abuse Board
1/27 10-1976 Project title: Land Use and Cultural Change – Yakutat Case Study
Grantee: Alaska Native Foundation
1/28 16-1976 Project title: Land Use Workshops
Grantee: The League of Women Voters
1/29 22-1976 Project title: Saturday Seminars
Grantee: The American Society for Public Administration (Southcentral Alaska Chapter)
1/30 24-1976 Project title: Constitutional Convention
Grantee: UAA/ISEGR
1/31 31-1976 Project title: Village Justice Mini-Conference
Grantee: Alaska Federation of Natives
1/32 Project title: Uutuqtwa: student stories and oral histories
Grantee: Bristol Bay High School
1/33 03-1977 Project title: Third Bush Justice Conference
Grantee: The Alaska Federation of Natives
1/34 09-1977 Project title: Growth Policies in Homer, Kachemak Bay, Lower Cook Inlet
Grantee: University of Alaska – Institute of Social, Economic and Government Research
1/35 14-1977 Project title: A Town Meeting on Energy
Grantee: Institute of Water Resources – University of Alaska
1/36 17-1977 Project title: Wheat in Alaska Task Force
Grantee: Anchorage Fellowship of Churches
1/37 21-1977 Project title: script for a film on “Exploring Value Judgments Involved in our Use of Forests”
Grantee: Alaska Planning Institute
1/38 26-1977 Project title: Dissemination of Information from the Status of Women Study
Grantee: Institute of Social and Economic Research – University of Alaska
1/39 28-1977 Project title: “…to keep us aware…”
Grantee: Kawerak, Inc.
1/40 01-1978 Project title Symposium North American Forestland Presents
Grantee: Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station
2/1 09-1978 Project title: Alternative for Cordova
Grantee: City of Cordova
2/2 20-1978 Project title: Governor’s Conference on Alternatives to Incarceration and Re-Entry
Grantee: National Alliance of Businessmen
2/3 23-1978 Project title: Developing Rural Alaska: A Role for China and Japan?
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
2/4 36-1978 Project title: Upper Tanana Regional Forum
Grantee: Fairbanks Town and Village Association
18/2 44-1978 Project title: Images of Continuity – Images of Change
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
2/5 48-1978 Project title: Lois Morey Search and Documentation of Early Education of Alaskans
Grantee: Tanana Yukon Historical Society
2/6 01-1979 Project title: “Voice of Alaska Fishermen”
Grantee: Alaska State Library
2/7 03-1979 Project title: Young Alaska Business ‘80
Grantee: Alaska State Chamber of Commerce
2/8 14-1979 Project title: Lecture Series Publication “Exploration of Alaska”
Grantee: Cook Inlet Historical Society
2/9 15-1979 Project title: Publication “Pioneer Priest; Father Bellarmine Laforture, S.J. and the Eskimos of Bering Strait”
Grantee: Alaska Historical Society
2/10 18-1979 Project title: Book titled: “Sevukakment: Ways of Life on St. Lawrence Island”
Grantee: Alaska Pacific University Press
2/11 20-1979 Project title: Juneau 2000
Grantee: Juneau Arts Council
2/12 37-1979 Project title: A Conference on Alaska’s Future Frontiers
Grantee: The Legislative Council
2/13 55-1980 Project title: Bell Herbert Interviews
Grantee: Dinjii Zhuu Enjit Museum
2/14 69-1980 Project title: Alaska Road Commission Historical Narrative
Grantee: Alaska Environmental Information and Data
2/15 01-1981 Project title: Toward the 21st Century: Alaska in Global Context
Grantee: Alaska Pacific University
2/16 02-1981 Project title: Alaska Native Artists Confabulation
Grantee: The Institute of Alaska Native Arts, Inc.
2/17 03-1981 Project title: Seeing With the Native Eye: A Conference on Native Arts and Cultural Heritage programs in Alaska
Grantee: Alaska State Council on the Arts
2/18 06-1981 Project title: “You Don’t Forget Hunger: In Support of Subsistence Harvest of Herring on Nelson Island, Western Alaska
2/19 08-1981 Project title: Unalik Folktales of Emily Ivanoff Brown
Grantee: Alaska Pacific University
2/20 09-1981 Project title: No Word For Rape
Grantee: KAKM
2/21 10-1981 Project title: Oral History of Pioneer Women of Alaska
Grantee: Anchorage community College
2/22 11-1981 Project title: Alaska and Nevada: Colonies in Revolt
Grantee: KAKM
2/23 12-1981 Project title: Boom on the Range
Grantee: Western Media Concepts
2/24 13-1981 Project title: Changing Energy Patterns and Their Effect Upon Alaska’s Land & People
Grantee: Kodiak Community College
2/25 14-1981 Project title: Inuit Circumpolar Conference, interview transcripts
2/26 15-1981 Project title: Alaska Humanities Forum Series of Workshops and Panels
Grantee: Totem Heritage Center
2/27 16-1981 Project title: Folkdance/Folklore Festival Cultural Potpourri
Grantee: Southeast Alaska Regional Arts Council
2/28 18-1981 Project title: The Potential Effects of CO2-Induced Climatic Changes in Alaska
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Agriculture
2/29 21-1981 Project title: Violence in Alaskan Communities
Grantee: Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis, Inc.
2/30 22-1981 Project title: The Nelson Island Eskimo
Grantee: Alaska Pacific University Press
2/31 23-1981 Project title: Cultural ID: Key to Crime Prevention
Grantee: University of Alaska Anchorage Community Education
2/32 24-1981 Project title: Critical Assessment of Contemporary Cultural Community
Grantee: The Visual Arts Center of Alaska
2/33 27-1981 Project title: Alaska Defense, Values, and Nuclear Safety (ADVANS)
Grantee: Alaska Institute for Research and Public Service
2/34 28-1981 Project title:  Fourth Avenue
Grantee: Affinity Films
2/35 29-1981 Project title: Notes Regarding the Islands of the Unalashka District
Grantee: Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks
3/1 30-1982 Project title: The Alaskan Male: Men in transition
Grantee: Men’s Support Network
3/2 31-1982 Project title: Kahtnuht’ana Qenaga
Grantee: Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks
3/3 32-1982 Project title: Ahtna Ethnogeographic Study (product: James Kari’s Ahtna Place Names Lists.)
Grantee: Copper River Native Association
3/4 33-1982 Project title: Peace Detectives
Grantee: Western Media Concepts
3/5 35-1982 Project title: Sharing Alaska’s Oral History
Grantee: Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
3/6 36-1982 Project title: Alaskan programming
Grantee: Independent Public Television
3/7 37-1982 Project title: Final Report for Word from the Village documentary
Grantee: III Pence Production
3/8 39-1982 Project title: Perseverance Theatre Showstoppers
Grantee: Perseverance Theatre
3/9 40-1982 Project title: Valdez, Town That Survived
Grantee: Phil Cook Films
3/10 41-1982 Project title: Photo Documentation of Coastal Village Reliance on Subsistence
Grantee: Nunam Kitlutsisti
3/11 44-1982 Project title: Ethnobotany of the Chugach
Grantee: The North Pacific Rim
3/12 46-1982 Project title: Super Station KKDS
Grantee: Alaska Television for Young People
3/13 47-1982 Project title: Faces in Time, A World View of Mask Performance
Grantee: Theatre mask Ensemble
3/14 48-1982 Project title: Forest Without Leaves
Grantee: Fairbanks Symphony Association
3/15 49-1982 Project title: Basketry Seminar
Grantee: Totem Heritage Center
3/16 52-1982 Project title: Aleut Art, Unangam Aguaqaadangin, Unangan of the Aleutian Archipelago
Grantee: Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
53-1982 Project title: Earthtalk: “Mind the Earth”
Grantee: The Strong Center
3/17 unk-1982 Project title: Alaska’s Rural Development
Grantee: Westview Press/Boulder, CO
3/18 unk-1982 Project title: The Oral History Project
Grantee: Prince William Sound Community College: Center of Alaskan Studies
3/19 unk-1982 Project title: “We are Alaskans”
Grantee: Media Wrights, Inc.
3/4 1-1983 Project title: Peace Detectives
Grantee: Western Media Concepts
3/20 2-1983 Project title: The Future of Alaska: Protecting Human Resources as Industry Grows
Grantee: The Alaska Health Project
3/21 3-1983 Project title: Kantishna Oral History Project
Grantee: The Cook Inlet Historical Society
3/22 4-1983 Project title: Cordova Fisherman and the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline
Grantee: Cordova District Fisheries United
4/9 16-1983 Project Title: The Skin Boats of Saint Lawrence Island
Grantee: Stephan R. Braund
17-1983 Project title: Earthtalk: “Mind the Earth”
Grantee: The Strong Center
3/24 18-1983 Project title: Tsimshian Culture in Contemporary Alaska
Grantee: Metlakatla Indian Community
3/25 22-1983 Project title: Historic Land Use Patterns and Cultural Relationships in the Upper Noatak Valley
Grantee: NANA Museum of the Arctic
3/26 25-1983 Project title: Women in Alaska History- Opportunities and Problems of Research
Grantee: Alaska Historical Society
3/27 unk-1983 Project title: The Effects of Renewable Resource Disruption on the Socioeconomic and Sociocultural Systems of the Yukon Delta
Grantee: Alaska Council on Science and Technology
3/28 unk-1983 Project title: Theata Vol. 10
Grantee: Cross Cultural Communications Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks
3/29 unk-1983 Project title: Theata Vol. 11: Tlingit, Haida, Eskimo, Athabaskan, Tsimshian, Aleut.
Grantee: Cross Cultural Communications Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks
4/1 01-1984 Project title: “Masks of the World”
Grantee: Theatre Mask Ensemble
4/2 03-1984 Project title: A Home-School Ethnography: Language Socialization of Eskimo Children
Grantee: McQueen School
4/3-5 05-1984 Project title: Radio Series on U.S. Constitution “Dateline 1787”
Grantee: Alaska Institute of Research and Public Service
4/6 06-1984 Project title: Alaska Native Review Commission Overview Hearings
Grantee: Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Alaska Region
4/7 18-1984 Project Title: Image and Likeness
Grantee: Capital Community Broadcasting, Inc.
4/8 19-1984 Project Title: Biographical Studies- Photographic Exhibit
Grantee: Tanana- Yukon Historical Society
4/9 23-1984 Project Title: Skin Boats of Saint Lawrence Island, Alaska
Grantee: Stephen R. Braund
4/10 01-1985 Project Title: ANRC Issue Specific Roundtable Discussions
Grantee: Thomas R. Berger
4/11 03-1985 Project Title: Inupiat Families, Native Land Claims and Autonomy
Grantee: North Slope Borough Commission on History and Culture
4/12 05-1985 Project Title: The Nelson Island Oral History Project: Yup’ik Spirituality Past, Present and Future
Grantee: Toksook Bay City Council
4/13 09-1985 Project Title: Lieut. Allen Nen’ K’e Tezyaade, When Lieut. Allen came into the Country
Grantee: Mentasta Village Council
4/14 11-1985 Project Title: Homer Survey: Community Population Characteristics, Assessment of Local Services, and Attitudes toward Growth and Development
Grantee: Robert Heasley
4/15 13-1985 Project Title: Research in the ethics of euthanasia as it applies to the institutional care of the elderly
Grantee: University of Alaska- Anchorage History and Philosophy Departments
5/1 14-1985 Project Title: Holding Our Ground: A Radio Documentary Featuring Alaska Natives
Grantee: Western Media Concepts, Inc.
5/2 15-1985 Project Title: Bering Expedition Landing Sites in Alaska
Grantee: Alaska Pacific University
5/3 17-1985 Project Title: Dena’ina and English Texts of Peter Kalifornsky
Grantee: Fireweed Press
5/4 19-1985 Project Title: Historical Symposium and Report titled, “Proceedings: Historical Symposium Eagle Historical Society July 2-4, 1986”
Grantee: Eagle Historical Society
5/5 20-1985 Project Title: Haa Shuka, Our Ancestors: Tlingit Oral Literature
Grantee: University of Washington Press
5/6 22-1985 Project Title: The Life I’ve Been Living by Moses Cruikshank
Grantee: University of Alaska-Fairbanks
5/7 unk-1985 Project Title: Something that Swirls Quicker: Interview with Jim Barker
Grantee: Mary Kancewick
5/8 02-1986 Project Title: Cook Inlet Region Native Elders’ Oral History Project
Grantee: CIRI Foundation
5/9 03-1986 Project Title: Culture Bearer of St. George: Orthodox Church of St. George
Grantee: St. George Traditional Council
5/10 12-1986 Project Title: “Bering’s Voyages: The Eighteenth Century Reports from Russia”
Grantee: Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
5/11 18-1986 Project Title: Publishing a book on legends of the Eyak Athabaskans of the Copper Delta, Alaska
Grantee: Chugach Heritage Foundation
5/12 21-1986 Project Title: From Humboldt To Kodiak, Builders of Alaska The Russian Governors
Grantee: Limestone Press
5/13 21-1986 Project Title: Captain Simon Metcalfe: Pioneer Fur Trader in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and China
Sponsor Limestone Press
5/14 21-1986 Project Title: The Lovtsov Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean
Grantee: Limestone Press
5/15 01-1987  Project Title: Constitutional Convention for Kuskokwim Tribal Groups
Grantee: Kuskokwim Native Association
5/16 09-1987 Project Title: Where Bering First Landed in America
Grantee: Alaska Pacific University
5/17 10-1987 Project Title: Completing the Union: The Alaska and Hawaii Statehood Movements
Grantee: University of Alaska, Fairbanks
5/18 12-1987 Project Title: Upper Cook Inlet Dena’ina Oral Traditions: An Introduction to the Narrative Art of an Alaskan Athabaskan People
Grantee:  Division of Subsistence, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
5/19 13-1987 Project Title: Community Literacy Radio Programs and Teacher’s Guide
Grantee: Western Media Concepts, Inc.
5/20 24-1987 Project Title: Sheldon Jackson Museum Centennial Celebration
Grantee: Division of Alaska State Museum
6/1 25-1987 Project Title: Tyonek Film Completion (“Tubughna”)
Grantee: The CIRI Foundation
6/2 27-1987
Project Title: Journal of an Aleutian Year by Ethel Ross Oliver
Sponsor University of Washington Press
6/3 Project Title: Resilience of Freedom: an Ethnography of McCarthy, Alaska
Grantee: Jennifer S. Carroll
6/4 Project Title: Traditional Knowledge & Renewable Resource Management in Northern Regions conference papers
Grantee: IUCN Commission on Ecology & Boreal Institute of Northern Studies
6/5 Project Title: Alaska Quarterly Review teacher’s guide
Grantee: Alaska Quarterly Review
6/6 06-1988 Project Title: The Project Chariot Story: A 60-Minute Public Television Documentary
Grantee: University of Alaska, Fairbanks
6/7 06-1988 Project Title: Humanities curriculum
Grantee: Blatchley Middle School
6/8 09-1988 Project Title: Life on Diomede
Grantee: Kathy Turco
6/9 09-1988 Project Title: Investigating Settlement Patterns of Protohistoric Polities on Unalaska
Grantee: University of Alaska, Fairbanks
6/10-6/11 11-1988 Project Title: Local Government Curriculum
Grantee: Cooperative Extension Service, U of A, Community Development
6/12 13-1988 Project Title: Alaska Repertory Theatre Student Matinee and Discussion Program as a Vehicle to Illuminate
Grantee: Alaska Repertory Theatre
6/13 Project Title: Broadway Bound by Neil Simon
Grantee: Alaska Repertory Theatre
6/14 – 6/15 14-1988 Project Title: The Battle of Sitka, 1804: A Kind of Victory
Grantee: Glynn Barratt
6/16 17-1988 Project Title: Writings to be published from Roundtable talks from council conducted project
6/17 18-1988 Project Title: A Place for Winter
Grantee: CIRI Foundation
6/18 24-1988 Project Title: Publication of book The Kutchin Beadwork Tradition, already completed and camera ready
Grantee: University of Washington Press
6/19-6/20 29-1988 Project Title: Documenting of Jahnny and Sarah Frank of Venetie
Grantee: Craig Mishler
7/1 37-1988 Project Title: Alaska Native Deaf Statewide Conference
Grantee: Alaska Native Foundation
7/2 06-1989 Project Title: Aleut Hunting Hat
Grantee: Alaska State Museum
7/3 06-1989 Project Title: AAA Sixteenth Annual Meeting
Grantee: Alaska Anthropological Association
7/4 11-1989 Project Title: Traditional Yup’ik Law and Governance
Grantee: Yupiit Nation
7/5 12-1989 Project Title: Tlingit Artefacts Held in Leningrad: a Pre-1928 Check List
Grantee: Glynn R. deV. Barratt
7/6 17-1989 Project Title: Form, Patterns and Changes in the Northern World
Grantee: University of Alaska Museum
7/7 18-1989 Project Title: Steller’s Journal of a Voyage with Bering
Grantee: Stanford University Press
7/8 23-1989 Project Title: Healing Practices of the Chugach Eskimo of English Bay and Port Graham and the Dena’ina Athabaskan
Grantee: Pratt Museum
7/9-7/10 25-1989 Project Title: A Social History of Point Hope, Alaska
Grantee: North Slope Borough Planning Department
7/11-7/12 27-1989 Project Title:
Preliminary Title: Jesuit Photographs of Middle Yukon People. 1887-1933; Annotated with Jesuit Writings and Koyukon Oral History
Finished Product: Middle Yukon People, 1887-1933
Grantee: Tanana Chiefs Conference
7/13 31-1989 Project Title: Nuchek Paintings
Grantee: Chugach Heritage Foundation
7/14 35-1989 Project Title: Cultural Contact and Change in Arctic and Subarctic Areas of Asia and north America: s Symposium
Grantee: The Alaska Anthropological Association
7/15 37-1989 Project Title: Skin Boats of Antiquity
Grantee: Kodiak Area Native Association
7/16 40-1989 Project Title: The History of Yup’ik Eskimo Warfare an Interpersonal Violence
Grantee: Alaska Historical Society
7/17 41/1989 Project Title: The 1990 Northern Justice Conference
Grantee: Alaska Bar Association
7/18 Project Title: The AFN Report of the Status of Alaska Natives: A Call for Action
Grantee: Alaska Federation of Natives
7/19 Project Title: Yu’ya’raq: The Way of the Human Being
Grantee: Harold Napoleon Yupiq
7/20-7/21 Project Title:  “Spill: The Wreck of the Exxon Valdez”
Grantee: Alaska Oil Spill Commission Final Report/State of Alaska
7/22 Project Title: The Day the Water Died
Grantee: National Wildlife Federation
7/23 Project Title: Lessons of the Exxon Valdez
Grantee: Alaska Sea Grant College Program
7/24 03-1990 Project Title: Sea of Oil
Grantee: Affinity Films
7/25 05-1990 Project Title: Poetry Reading and Workshops
Grantee: Northwest Campus, Univ. of Alaska, Nome
7/26 05-1990 Project Title: Calendar of the Records of the Russian-American Company, Phase I
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
8/1-2 07-1990 Project Title: Sixth International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
8/3 08-1990 Project Title: Television In Rural Alaska
Grantee: John R. Howe
8/4-5 12-1990 Project Title: “Spirit and Nature: Religion, Ethics, and Environmental Crisis”
8/6 13-1990 Project Title: “Looking to the Future”
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
8/7 21-1990 Project Title: Eskimo Essays: Yu’pik Ways of Seeing and Being Seen
Grantee: Rutgers University Press
8/8 22-1990 Project Title: “Darkened Waters, profile of an oil spill” A traveling exhibition- Phase I and II
Grantee: Homer Society of Natural History/Pratt Museum
8/9 23-1990 Project Title: The Collegiate Transition: Challenges to Community Identity
Grantee: The Alaska Humanities Forum
8/10-9/4 30-1990 Project Title: Alaska History Series
A Voyage Around the World 1803-1807
A Voyage Around the World 1826-1829
The Odyssey of a Russian Scientist: I. G. Voznesenskii in Alaska, California and Siberia, 1839-1849
The Round the World Voyage of Hieromonk Gideon, 1803-1809
The Destiny of Russian America, 1741-1867
Russian America: A Biographical Dictionary
Russia in North America: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Russian America
A Japanese Glimpse at the Outside World, 1839-1843
Fort Ross: California Outpost of Russian Alaska, 1812-1841
Notes on Russian America Part 1
Notes on Russian America Parts II-V
A Voyage Around the World Between the Years 1816-1819
The Lovtsov Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean
9/5 Russian America: The Forgotten Frontier symposium
Grantee: Anchorage Museum of History and Art
9/6 46-1990 Project Title: Research for second volume of “Faces of Alaska”
Grantee: Tanana Yukon Historical Society
9/7 51-1990 Project Title: Oral history Research in Alaska (grant was terminated due to unsatisfactory performance by Project Director)
9/8 53-1990 Project Title: Research into the life of Federica deLaguna
Grantee: Homer Society of Natural History/Pratt Museum
9/9 01-1991 Project Title: Publication of “The Aleut Hunting Hat”
Grantee: “Friends of the Alaska State Museum
9/10 01-1991 Project Title: Caption Catalog: Companion to Jesuit Photographs  of People from the Middle Yukon River Area in the Early 1900s
Grantee: Yvonne Yurber, Curt Madison
9/11 05-1991 Project Title: international Conference, Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Bering-Chirikov Voyages to Alaska, 1741
Grantee: Alaska Historical Society
9/12 11-1991 Project Title: Russian America: The Forgotten Frontier
Grantee: Anchorage Museum of History and Art- Anchorage Museum Association
9/13 20-1991 Project Title: Community Forum Series
Grantee: The Island Institute
9/14 21-1991 Project Title: Songs In Minto Life
Grantee: Curt Madison, Minto Village Council
9/15 23-1991 Project Title: Transcription and Translation of Taped Interviews
Grantee: Yupiit Nation
9/16 28-1991 Project Title: The Satey Net
Grantee: Interior Alaska Economic Development Council
9/17 31-1991 Project Title: Museum Exhibition Honoring Black Troops who Built the Alaska Highway
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
9/18 34-1991 Project Title: Assessment of oral documentation of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and clean-up
Grantee: Prince William Sound Community College
9/19 36-1991 Project Title: Dan Kemmis seminar
Grantee: Joe Hollywood Productions
9/20 47-1991 Project Title: “The Cordova Tell” and “Re-Membering Cordova”
Grantee: Native Village of Eyak
9/21 54-1991 Project Title: A Cultural and Historical Resource Summary for the Kanuti Refuge Area
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
9/22 55-1991 Project Title: Environmental Education Proposal
Grantee: The Alaska Native Foundation
9/23 60-1991 Project Title: Transfigurations: Finns in Russian America
9/24 Project Title: 4-Regions as One conference
9/25 Project Title: Favorite Eskimo Tales Retold by Ethel Ross Oliver
9/26 Project Title: Alaska Postcards : Coming for the Mail 1897-1940
Grantee: John H. Grainger
9/27 16-1992 Project Title: “The Komandorskii Camp of the Bering Expedition”
Grantee: Alaska Historical Society
9/28 19-1992 Project Title: Alaska History Day/National History Day
Grantee: Alaska Historical Society
9/29 38-1992 Project Title: The Cornerstone on College Hill: A Pictorial History of the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Grantee: University of Alaska Press
9/30 40-1992 Project Title: Tlingit Materials in the Archives and Museums of Estonia, Tallinn, and Tartu
9/31 42-1992 Project Title: Wheelwatch Companion III
Grantee: University of Alaska Anchorage
9/32 43-1992 Project Title: The Role of Television in Rural Alaska
Grantee: Center for Information Technology, University of Alaska Anchorage
10/1 53-1992 Project Title: The Crooked Stovepipe: Athabaskan Fiddle Music and Square Dancing in Northeast Alaska
Grantee: University of Illinois Press
10/2 58-1992 Project Title: Profile of a Champion: Horace Smoke, Sr.
Grantee: Doyon Foundation
10/3-10/4 61-1992 Project Title: Catalog Raisonne of the Alaska Commercial Company Collection at the Lowie Museum of Anthropology
Grantee: University of California Press
10/5 71-1992 Project Title: History, Healing, and Hope: A Statewide Conference Dealing with Issues Faced by Alaska Native Children of Alcoholics
Grantee: Norton Sound Health Corporation
10/6 75-1992 Project Title: Encounter: The Tlingits Discover George Vancouver
Grantee: Alaska State Museum
10/7 02-1993 Project Title: A History of Freedom on the Kenai Peninsula
Grantee: Homer Society of Natural History/Pratt Museum
10/8 03-1993 Project Title: An Oral History of Filipino-American Interaction at Home and Abroad
10/9 06-1993 Project Title: 1993 Sitka Symposium on Human Values and the Written Word
10/10 08-1993 Project Title: Port Graham Alutiiq Preservation
Grantee: Port Graham Village Council
10/11 09-1993 Project Title: Always Getting Ready, Upingarrlainarluta: Yu’pik Eskimo Subsistence in Southeastern Alaska
Grantee: University of Washington Press
10/12 16-1993 Project Title: Planning of Gathering at Nuchek
Grantee: Chugach Heritage Foundation
10/13 17-1993 Project Title: Exploration in Alaska, 1741-1805
Grantee: Cook Inlet Historical Society
10/14 18-1993 Project Title: Planning for a Tatitlek Elders-Youth Conference
Grantee: Tatitlek Village IRA Council
10/15 38-1993 Project Title: Spring Fish Traditions of the Lime Village area Dena’ina
10/16 44-1993 Project Title: Remarks and Observations on a Voyage Around the World from 1803 to 1807
Grantee: Limestone Press
10/17 48-1993 Project Title: Crossroads Alaska: Education Project
Grantee: University of Alaska Museum
10/18 49-1982 Project Title: The Basketry of the Tlingit and the Chilkat Blanket by George T. Emmons
Grantee: Friends of the Sheldon Jackson Museum
10/19 52-1993 Project Title: A Conference on World War II in Alaska and the Pacific Rim, with emphasis on the North Pacific Rim
Grantee: Alaska at War
10/20 56-1993 Project Title: Fellow Travelers Exhibit Catalog
Grantee: Anchorage Museum of History and Art
10/21 58-1993 Project Title: Uncle Sam’s Men: The Eskimos of Alaska’s Territorial Guard
Grantee: KYUK-TV
10/22 Project Title: Heaven on Earth: Orthodox Treasures of Siberia and North America
Grantee: Anchorage Museum of History and Art
10/23 Project Title: Voyage to Alaska -1791- with Tomas De Suria and Malaspina
Grantee:Arsenio Rey
10/24-10/25 10-1994
Project Title: Ayuqucillrat Narrative Project
Grantee: Lower Kuskokwim School District
10-26 12-1994 Project Title: Voices of the Raven’s Children
Grantee: Kenaitze Indian Tribe IRA
10/27 Project Title: Haines Good Neighbors: Working It Out
Grantee: Dan Henry
10/28 04-1995 Project Title: Freeze Frame: Alaskan Eskimos in the Movies
Grantee: University of Washington Press
11/1-11/3 29-1995 Project Title: Nunivak Island Cup’ig Language Dictionary Phase II
Grantee: Native Village of Mekoryuk
11/4 34-1995 Project Title: Evaluation by Peter Corey
Grantee: City of St. Mary’s
11/5 40-1995 Project Title: More than Words, The Life and Language of the Last Eyak
Grantee: Chugach Heritage Foundation
11/6 Project Title: Code of Conduct meeting
Sponsor: Alaska Humanities Forum
11/7 22-1996 Project Title: Bishop John Shelby Spong at Large
Grantee: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship-Anchorage
11/8 29-1996 Project Title: The Pearl Incident in Sitka Sound, 1822: Hidden Realities and Politic Distortions
Grantee: Glynn Barratt
11/9 36-1996 Project Title: The Ship Island Site: Tree-ring Dating the Last Battle Between the Stikine Tlingit and the Tsimshian
Grantee: Charles Mobley
11/10-11/11 02-1997 Project Title: Traditional Medicinal Plant Use
Grantee: The Alaska Natural Heritage Program
11/12 06-1997 Project Title: Looking north: Art from the University of Alaska Museum
Grantee: University of Alaska Museum
11/13 13-1997 Project Title: Story of The Alaska Gold Rush
Grantee: Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association
11/14-11/15 20-1997 Project Title: Yup’ik Elders in Museums: Central Yup’ik Indigenous Knowledge
Grantee: Association of Village Council Presidents, Inc.
11/16 28-1998 Project Title: Not Just A Pretty Face: Dolls and Human in Alaska Native Cultures
Grantee:  University of Alaska Museum
11/17 37-1998 Project Title: The Suzanne R. Bernardi Album, Photographs, and Northwest Alaskan Native Ethnographic Arts
Grantee: Susan Fair
11/18 38-1998 Project Title: Hope Historic District Survey
Grantee: Hope and Sunrise Historical Survey
11/19 40-1998 Project Title: International Symposium on Mining Proceedings Publication
Grantee: Festival Fairbanks, Inc.
11/20 46-1998 Project Title: Planning grant for National Oral History Association
Grantee: National Oral History Association (Alaska chapter?)
11/21 52-1998 Project Title: Hawaiian Salt for Sitka: Early Trade Between Oahu and the Northwest Coast
Grantee: Glynn Barratt
12/1 03-1999 Project Title: Icebreakers: Alaska’s Most Innovative Artists
Grantee: International Gallery of Contemporary Art
12/2 15-1999 Project Title: Computer-Assisted Translation of Alaska Native Languages (CATANAL)
Grantee: Transnational Arctic and Antarctic Institute
12/3 18-1999 Project Title: Looking Both Ways: Heritage and Identity of the Alutiiq People
Grantee: Smithsonian Institution
12/4 19-1999 Project Title: Hunting Tradition: Yup’ik Eskimo Community in the Late Twentieth Century
Grantee: Rutgers University Press
12/5 24-1999 Project Title: The Alaska Constitution, A Television Documentation (no content in file)
Grantee: KTOO TV
12/6 05-2000 Project Title: Fairbanks – First Avenue Heritage Video
Grantee: Tanana-Yukon Historical Society
12/7 15-2000 Project Title: 2000 History Day in Alaska
Grantee: National History Day in Alaska
12/8 24-2000 Project Title: Healy Lake Oral Histories
Grantee: Healy Lake Tribal Council
12/9 26-2000 Project Title: Newhalen Heritage Project – A Culture on the Move
Grantee: Newhalen Tribal Council
12/10 30-2000 Project Title: Their Eyes Have Seen the Old Dances
Grantee:  KALA Art Institute
12/11 33-2000 Project Title: International Symposium: Science Under Sail: Russia’s Great Voyages to America, 1728-1867
Grantee: Cook Inlet Historical Society
12/12 35-2000 Project Title: Unalaska Oral History Project
Grantee: Unalaska School District
17/2 Project Title: Alaska 20/20: Conference on the Future of Alaska
12/13 01-2001 Project Title: From The Old People: The Cape Alitak Petroglyphs
Grantee: Sherwood “Woody” Knebel
12/14 06-2001 Project Title: The Ninth Annual PWSCC Last Frontier Theatre Conference and Play Lab
Grantee: Prince William Sound Community College
12/15 08-2001 Project Title: The Fairbanks Clemente Course
Grantee: Alaska Foundation for Community Self Reliance
13/1 11-2001 Project Title: Sharing Ground Alaskans Listening to Alaskans about Subsistence
Grantee: Cynthia Moore
13/2 13-2001 Project Title: Cook Inlet Historical Society Symposium, October 13-14th 2000
Grantee: Cook Inlet Historical Society Symposium
13/3 14-2001 Project Title: Publication of From the Baltic to Russian America, By Alix O’Grady
Grantee: The Limestone Press
13/4 25-2001 Project Title: 2001 History Day in Alaska
Grantee: National History Day in Alaska
13/5 29-2001 Project Title: The Alaska Democracy Project: Citizens for a new Millennium
Grantee: AK Department of Education & Early Development
13/6, 17/1 30-2001 Project Title: Communities of Memory: Visual Representation
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
Includes audiocassettes and video (HI8 and DAT tapes) recordings for Bethel, Fairbanks, Homer, Juneau, Kenai, Kotzebue, Nome, Wasilla. Most recordings are digitized and available through the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program.
13/7 06-2002 Project Title: Alvin Amason: Art & Life
Grantee: International Gallery of Contemporary Art
13/8 20-2002 Project Title: Our Ocean Home: An Oral History of Coastal Alaskans
Grantee: Alaska Marine Conservation Council
13/9 21-2002 Project Title: Tlingit Lats’een:  Strength of Body, Mind and Spirit
Grantee:  Rosita Worl
13/10 30-2002 Project Title: Fort William H. Seward Centennial Booklet
Grantee: Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center
13/11 01-2003 Project Title: Protecting and promoting the Alaska Native Oral Literature and Alaska Native Interviews –
Grantee: Alaska Library Association
13/12 03-2003 Project Title: Publication of the book Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies: An Ethnography of Old Harbor and Ouzinkie, Alaska
Grantee: Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository
13/13 04-2003 Project Title:  “The Great Land”
Grantee:  Laurence Goldin
13/14 07-2003 Project Title: “Hjalmar Furuhjelm’s Alaskan Ethnographical Collections (1855-62)”
Grantee: Self
13/15 08-2003 Project Title:  The Sami: Reindeer People of Alaska, A Commemorative Exhibit
Grantee:  Yupiit Piciryarait Museum
13/16 10-2003 Project Title: Ninilchik Native Descendant’s Historical Documentation
Grantee:  Ninilchik Native Descendants
13/17 11-2003 Project Title: A Documentary Video of eleven years of the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, including interviews with Edward Albee and other theatre luminaries
Grantee:  Prince William Sound Community College (PWSCC)
13/18 12-2003 Project Title: 415 Years of America’s Filipino History:  Know and Share our History and Culture
Grantee: Alaska Chapter, Filipino American National Historical Society
13/19 18-2003 Project Title: Researching the Life of Victor Holm and His Contribution to the Settlement of the Kasilof Area
Grantee: Kachemak Heritage Land Trust
13/20 22-2003 Project Title: Territory of Alaska
Grantee: Kathy Doogan
13/21 26-2003
Project Title: Media Planning: Alaskans listening to Alaskan about Subsistence
Grantee: Alaskans Listening to Alaskans/American Friends Service Committee
13/22 27-2003 Project Title: E.W. Merrill Lecture and Exhibit
Grantee: Sheldon Jackson College
13/23 28-2003 Project Title: Alaska Natvie Music Archival Research
Grantee: P. Craig Coray
13/24 29-2003 Project Title: Exhibition: Looking Both Ways: Heritage and Identity of the Alutiiq
Grantee: Friends Of The Alaska State Museum
13/25 34-2003 Project Title: Eyes on the Wall: Sitka Youth Photograph Native Artists
Grantee: Sitka School District
13/26 36-2003 Project Title: Perspectives: Inside/Outside—A Monthly Humanities Program Series
Grantee: Haines Borough Public Library
13/27 39-2003 Project Title: Recovering Huna History (a pilot project)
Grantee: Huna Heritage Foundation
13/28 41-2003 Project Title: Setting the Record Straight: The True Story of Etta Jones
Grantee: Mary Breu
13/29 01-2004 Project Title: Sewing Traditions: Alutiiq Fish Skin Bags
Grantee: Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository
13/30 02-2004 Project Title: Attu: 60 Years Later
Grantee: International Documentary Association
13/31 04-2004 Project Title: Wise Words of the Yup’ik People and Yupiit Qaruyutait
Grantee: University of Nebraska Regents—University of Nebraska Press
13/32 07-2004 Project Title: Yupiit Yuraryarait/Yu’pik Dance Festival: Dancing for the Millennium
Grantee: Calista Elders Council
13/33 08-2004 Project Title: Post-Performance discussions with humanists and audiences following four performances of “HAVING OUR SAY, the Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years”
Grantee: Healing Racism in Anchorage
13/34 11-2004 Project Title: 5th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences
Grantee: International Arctic Social Sciences Association
14/01 13-2004 Project Title: Sharing a Sense of Place: The Bristol Bay Historical Society and Museum
Grantee: Bristol Bay Historical Society and Museum
14/02 14-2004 Project Title: Technology Enhanced Culture Camp for Rural Native Alaskan Middle and High School Students
Grantee: University of Alaska Anchorage
14/03 17-2004 Project Title: Sights and Sounds of Service
Grantee: Rebecca Morse
14/04 19-2004 Project Title: Last Frontier Theatre Conference Play Law & Short Play Development
Grantee: Prince William Sound Community College (PWSCC)
14/05 20-1994 Project Title: 2004 Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric: “Laws Without Outlaws: Territory/ Utopia/Transgression”
Grantee: University of Alaska Anchorage
14/06 21-2004 Project Title: UAS Humanities Conference: A Community or Speakers, Writers, and Thinkers Focus on Tolerance & Diversity
Grantee: University of Alaska Southeast
14/07 22-2004 Project Title: “Holding Our Ground—Revisited” Voices from Village Alaska
Grantee: James Sykes
14/08 23-2004 Project Title: The Henrik Holmberg Ethnographical Collection from Alaska (1851-52): Finnish Materials
Grantee: Glynn R. de V. Barratt
14/09 24-2004 Project Title: Kaagwaantaan Heritage Recovery
Grantee: Huna Heritage Foundation
14/10 27-2004 Project Title: Authors to Alaska Library Association Conference 2004
Grantee: Alaska Library Association
14/11 29-2004 Project Title: Exhibition planning for Yuungnaqpiallerput: Yup’ik Masterworks of Science and Survival
Grantee: Anchorage Museum Association
14/12 30-2004 Project Title: Photographic Documentation of Kotlik Dance Festival 2004
Grantee: James Barker
14/13 31-2004 Project Title: Rangimarie-Alaska Cultural Exchange-Facilitating Peace
Grantee: Nome Arts Council
14/14 33/2004 Project Title: Moving the Village: Climate Change and the Relocation of Alaska Native Communities
Grantee: Gabriel Spitzer
14/15 34-2004
Project Title: We Alaskans—Southeast
Grantee: Sharon Bushell
14/16 35-2004 Project Title: Tlingit Language and Culture Class at the Sheldon Museum
Grantee: Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center
14/17 36-2004 Project Title: Noatak (? No content in file)
14/18 40-2004 Project Title: Celebration 2004 Native Dance Regalia Photo Documentation
Grantee: Artstream Cultural Resources
14/19 42-2004 Project Title: Readings from Southwest Alaska
Grantee: Nushagak-Mulchatna/ Wood Tikchik Land Trust
14/20 44-2004 Project Title: Today in Alaska Native History
Grantee: Koahnic Broadcast Corporation
14/21 45-2004 Project Title: Perspectives: The Art of Literature and Film Making
Grantee: Haines Borough Public Library
14/22 46-2004 Project Title: Tibet: Mountain and Valleys, Castles and Tents and The Mystical Arts of Tibet
Grantee: Anchorage Museum Association
14/23 50-2004 Project Title: The Hidden Peoples of Alaska: Mountain Men, Wilderness Women and Spiritual Communities on the Alaskan Frontier
Grantee: Judith Kleinfeld
14/24 M01-2005
Project Title: Macbeth Tour InReach Guide
Grantee: Perseverance Theatre
14/25 F01-2005 Project Title: The Uno Cygnaeus Alaskan Ethnographical Collection (1841-45)
Grantee: Glynn R. de V. Barratt
14/26 W01-2005 Democracy on the Tundra:  Guarding and Growing
Grantee: Laurence Goldin
14/27 F03-2005 Project Title: The Lord Will Provide: The History and Development of Nets’aii Gwich’in Episcopalianism in Words and Pictures
Grantee: Steven Dinero
14/28 F04-2005 Project Title: The King Island Village, 1881-2004
Grantee: Deanna Kingston
14/29 S04-2005 Project Title: Billy Collins, Former U.S. Poet Laureate, at the 2005 Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference
Grantee: Kenai Peninsula College
14/30 F05-2005 Project Title: Traveling Eyes: An Exhibit of Portraits of Sitka Native Elders and Artisans
Grantee: Sitka School District
14/31 S05-2005 Project Title:  The Prehistoric Colonization of South-Central Alaska
Grantee: Matanuska-Susitna Borough
14/32 F06-2005 Project Title: Pinerrluirturluki Kesianek: Always Preparing Our Men for Success
Grantee: Calista Elders Council
14/33 M06-2005 Project Title: Beyond Heritage
Grantee: Alaska Native Sisterhood Association
14/34 M07-2005 Project Title: Compiling a dictionary of Segestuun Sugpiat with an emphasis on Chenega’s dialect
Grantee: Chenega Futures
14/35 M08-2005 Project Title: Bridge Builders Capacity Building Grant
Grantee: Bridge Builders of Anchorage
14/36 M09-2005 Project Title:  Publication of 16 color beadwork photos in the book, Tanana and Chandalar
Grantee: Craig Mishler
14/37 F12-2005 Project Title: Documenting the Connection: People and Place
Grantee: Kachemak Heritage Land Trust
14/38 S14-2005 Project Title: Wickersham House at 100:  Planning for a New Century
Grantee: Tanana Yukon Historical Society
14/39 S15-2005 Project Title:  Values and Traditions of Subsistence Fishing in Port Graham: A photographic essay with text
Grantee: Fotovision
14/40 S19-2005 Project Title:  The Fair as a reflection of the Colony
Grantee: Alaska State Fair
14/41 S20-2005 Project Title:  The Life History of Tradition Bearer Effie Kokrine
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
14/42 S22-2005 Project Title:  Tlingit time:  Radio Language Program
Grantee:  Lynn Canal Broadcasting KHNS
14/43 M01-2006 Project Title: “From Garrett to Marketplace,” a workshop by Australian Playwright Timothy Daly
14/44 F01-2006 Project Title: Construction of the Montana Creek fish trap replica
Grantee: The City and Borough of Juneau
14/45 S01-2006 Project Title: Finding Their Own Dance: Reawakening the Alutiiq Arts
Grantee: Calvin College
14/46 S02-2006 Project Title: Keys to Our Past and Cultural Continuity
Grantee: Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI)
14/47 W02-2006 Project Title: Alaska’s Constitutional Contribution to Local Governance: A Web Dissemination
Grantee: University of Alaska Southeast
14/48 F03-2006 Project Title: Peggy Dyson: The Voice of the North Pacific
Grantee: Kodiak Maritime Museum
14/49 M03-2006 Project Title: Arts & Economic Prosperity Survey II
Grantee: Anchorage Cultural Council
15/01 S03-2006 Project Title: Games of the North – Point Hope Shoot
Grantee: Alaska Native Heritage Center
15/02 W03-2006 Project Title: Katie Hurley: Witness to Alaska Statehood
Grantee: Kimberly Metcalfe-Helmar
15/03 S04-2006 Project Title: Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference
Grantee: Kenai Peninsula College
15/04 F05-2006 Project Title: Russo-Tlingit Armed Collisions (1792-1804): Textual Sources and Reporters
Grantee: Glynn R. deV. Barratt
15/05 M05-2006 Project Title: Building Alaskan Attendance at AMIA Workshops
Grantee: Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association
15/06 S05-2006 Project Title: Research for Documentary Film Project: “We Wear Our History: Northwest Coast Regalia Stories”
Grantee: Artstream Cultural Resources
15/07 F06-2006 Project Title: “Jorgy – The Life of Native Alaskan Bush Pilot and Airline Captain Holger “Jorgy” Jorgenson”
Grantee: jean lester
15/08 S06-2006 Project Title: Children’s Interactive Learning Center at the Sheldon Museum
Grantee: Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center
15/09 S07-2006 Project Title: Computer-Cataloging the HSHS Artifact Collection
Grantee: Hope and Sunrise Historical Society
15/10 S08-2006 Project Title: The Kennecott Cadre Project
Grantee: Kenny Lake School
15/11 F09-2006 Project Title: Adventures in the Alaska Economy
Grantee: Alaska Council on Economic Education
15/12 S09-2006 Project Title: A Cultural and Historical Geography of Campbell Creek, Anchorage, Alaska
Grantee: Cherie Northon
15/13 F12-2006 Project Title: Pre-publication work on southeast Alaska timber history manuscript. Involves editing, image preparation, layout, design and final manuscript preparation
Grantee: James Mackovjak
15/14 S12-2006 Project Title: “Asiin…” (translation from Inupiatun to English: “And then…”)
Grantee: Inuit Circumpolar Council
15/15 F13-2006 Project Title: “Pioneering the Past in Cordova: A program to preserve and record oral, written and photographic history of Pioneer Igloo #19 in Cordova, Alaska
Grantee: Cordova Historical Society
15/16 S13-2006 Project Title: Tamamta Katurlluta – A Gathering of Native Tradition Media Project
Grantee: Pratt Museum
15/17 F14-2006 Project Title: Cuuyaraq, “Way of Life”
Grantee: Kashunamiut School District
15/18 F15-2006 Project Title: Planning for the Chief Peter John Cultural Preservation Initiative (CPJCPI)
Grantee: Cultural Heritage and Education Institute
15/19 S15-2006 Project Title: Baranov’s Castle
Grantee: Joe Rizzo
15/20 F16-2006 Project Title: 2006 Alaska High School Mock Trial Championship Competition
Grantee: Anchorage Bar Association
15/21 S16-2006 Project Title: Contemporary Art & Architecture of Alaska
Grantee: International Gallery of Contemporary Art
15/22 S17-2006 Project Title: Pioneering Alaska’s Conservation Movement: The Life Story of Ginny Wood
Grantee: University of Alaska Fairbanks
15/23 M14-0003 Project Title: Jujiro Wada: Samurai Musher Who Chased the Aurora
Grantee:Asian Alaska Cultural Center
15/24 17-0003 Project Title: Northern Narratives-Digital Hub
Grantee: Anchorage Museum Association

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