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Alaska World Affairs Council records

 Guide to the Alaska World Affairs Council records

Collection number: HMC-1253.
Creator: Alaska World Affairs Council.
Title: Alaska World Affairs Council records.
Dates: 1965-2017.
Volume of collection: 14.6 cubic feet and 2.53 mb.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Records of an Alaska non-profit organization focused on education to improve the public’s understanding of world affairs and U.S. foreign policy.

Organizational history:
The Alaska World Affairs Council (AWAC) is a non-partisan educational organization working to stimulate interest in world affairs by hosting lectures, forums, and other events for the public at large and for students from elementary through university levels. The Council was founded in 1958 by Evangeline Atwood to provide a forum for discussion of foreign policy topics.  AWAC’s work expanded to include additional programs such as the Great Decisions Series, a discussion group in cooperation with the Foreign Policy Association, a distinguished lecturer series, a summer ambassador program, regularly hosting speaker events with guests who have international backgrounds or expertise in international issues, student programs and scholarships and providing community networking for individuals and organizations interested in global affairs.

Collection description:
This collection contains Alaska World Affairs Council organizational records.  Materials include administrative records such as board meeting minutes, bylaws, correspondence and financial reports.  Program records are comprised of material related to speakers on international topics, discussion groups, networking events, conferences planned by the organization and held in Alaska and conferences attended by members or staff.  Additionally, there are records on the annual fundraising gala, a formal event with a different international theme each year.  Materials include paper records, photographs and CDs/DVDs with audio or video recordings of speaker events.

Arrangement: The collection is in the order in which it arrived at the Archives. Some similar types of records are grouped, but researchers should either review or search through the box and folder list below for a comprehensive listing of collection contents.

Digitized copies: Some magnetic photograph albums were digitized and dismantled for preservation purposes. For information about obtaining digital copies of any collection materials, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Copyright to materials created by the Alaska World Affairs Council is retained by the organization. Materials in the collection authored by other individuals or organizations may be subject to copyright not held by the Alaska World Affairs Council or the Archives.

Preferred citation: Alaska World Affairs Council, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was deposited in the Archives by the Alaska World Affairs Council in 2017-2018.

Processing information: This collection was arranged and described by Keith Thompson in 2017 and Lauren Caraghar in 2018. Arlene Schmuland rehoused some of the collection and edited the finding aid to meet current standard in 2019.

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Date
1/1 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions, 1970-1973 (Great Decisions is a discussion and speaker program on world affairs coordinated in cooperation with the Foreign Policy Association), Foreign Policy Association annual report 1968-1969 1968-1973
1/2 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions, Executive Director’s report as delegate to Foreign Policy Association conference (partner in Great Decisions) 1976
1/3-6 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions 1977-1980
1/7 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions, Brooks Emory Memorial Resolution, Notice RE: election of William Schauffell as president of Foreign Policy Association 1980-1981
1/8 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions 1983
1/9 Program and speaker records-orders for Great Decisions books 1983
1/10 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions 1984
1/11 Event records-The Pagoda Ball 1963
1/12 Event records-British Ball 1983
1/13 Event Records-Silver Jubilee Ball 1984
1/14 Event records-Carnival in Rio Ball 1985
1/15 Event records-250 Years of Tradition Ball 1990
1/16 Event records-Rubber Boot Blast Ball 1999
1/17 Event records-Flight of Fancy Ball 2000
1/18 Business records-certificate awards Undated
1/19 Event records-ball materials Undated
1/20 Event records-Golden Grecian Ball 1968
1/21 Event records-World Affairs Ball 1978
1/22 Event records-Beyond the Stars Ball 1989
1/23 Event records-Viva la Fiesta Ball 1991
1/24 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions 1994
2/1 Program, speaker and event records-CD and DVD recordings of AWAC programs, photographs of fiftieth anniversary event 2000-2014
2/2 Board records-board meeting minutes 2006
2/3 Board records-board meeting minutes 2007
2/4 Board records-board meeting minutes 2005
2/5 Board records-board meeting minutes 2006
2/6 Board records-board meeting minutes 2004
2/7 Board records-board meeting minutes 2003
2/8 Board records-board meeting minutes 2002
2/9 Board records-board meeting minutes 2001
2/10 Board records-board meeting minutes 2000
2/11 Board records-board meeting minutes 1999
2/12 Board records-board meeting minutes and strategic planning document 1998
2/13 Board records-board meeting minutes 1997-1995
2/14 Board records-board meeting minutes 1994-1990
2/15 Board records-board meeting minutes 1989-1985
2/16 Board records-board meeting minutes 1973
2/17 Board records-board meeting minutes 1975-1979
2/18 Membership records-membership procedures, correspondence and lists 1980-1981
2/19 Membership records-membership correspondence, literature, reports and lists 1982-1983
2/20 Board records-executive committee retreat agenda & board list 1985
2/21 Board records-board meeting minutes 1982-1984
2/22 Membership records-membership lists 1973, 1974, 1981
3/1 Program and speaker records-International Monetary Crisis Conference 1972
3/2 Program and speaker records-East West Conference 1977
3/3 Program and speaker records-World Energy Conference 1976-1977
3/4 Program and speaker records-World Energy Conference 1976-1977
3/5 Program and speaker records-Energy Seminar 1977
3/6 Program and speaker records-China Conference 1978
3/7 Program and speaker records-China Conference 1979
3/8 Program and speaker records-Islam Conference correspondence 1980
3/9 Program and speaker records-Islam Conference Guest Speakers 1980
3/10 Program and speaker records-mailing list for Islam Conference 1980
3/11 Program and speaker records-Latin American Conference 1980
3/12 Program and speaker records-Africa Conference 1982
3/13 Program and speaker records-Africa Conference 1982
3/14 Program and speaker records-Africa Conference 1982
3/15 Program and speaker records-Africa Conference 1982
3/16 Program and speaker records-Byer Artic Conference 1975
3/17 Event records-Film Festival 1978
3/18 Program and speaker records-Energy Conference 1978
3/19 Program and speaker records-Belgrade Conference 1978
3/20 Program and speaker records-Belgrade Conference 1977
3/21 Forum 49 (a networking and speaker group for professionals under forty within the AWAC umbrella)-newspaper clippings, event flyers, correspondence, photographs 1979
3/22 Forum 49-newspaper clippings, event flyers, brochures and photographs 1979-1981
3/23 Forum 49-correspondence and handwritten check ledger 1991
3/24 Forum 49-board meeting minutes, event flyers, newspaper clippings, correspondence and handwritten notes 1982
3/25 Forum 49-board meeting minutes, treasurers reports, event flyers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, handwritten  notes and copy of the Antioch Advocate Curriculum for the 80’s edited by Forum 49 board member Greg Wolf 1980-1982
2/26 Board records-Conference Committee 1982
3/27 Program and speaker records-mail out on conference registration forms 1982
3/28 Program and speaker records-Latin America Conference 1981 February 27
3/29 Forum 49-charter, event flyers, correspondence and handwritten notes 2006
4/1 Program and speaker records-Suzanne Wilson Barnett, China historian & Robert Biller, Professor of Public Administration 1978
4/2 Program and speaker records-Akio Wada, Vice Consul of Japan, Knud Gatting, Royal Danish Trade Commission and Charles Meacham, Director, International Fisheries and External Affairs, Office of the Governor (Alaska) 1979
4/3 Program and speaker records-Jacob Adams: Alaska Whaling Commission 1978
4/4 Program and speaker records-James Bill, Associate Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies 1979-1980
4/5 Program and speaker records-Robert Birch, Deputy Ambassador of Australia 1978
4/6 Program and speaker records-John Boasting, World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh 1979
4/7 Program and speaker records-Major Howard Chambers, U.S. Army stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska-specialist in Middle East, Mediterranean, military strategy and urban and regional planning 1978
4/8 Program and speaker records-Professor Anai Dzidzienjo; African American Institution: Brown University 1978
4/9 Program and speaker records-Professor M. Kamil Dziewaowski, Russian & East European history, Boston University 1978
4/10 Program and speaker records-David Fisher, Office of Disarmament & Arms Control Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs 1978
4/11 Program and speaker records-Collin Hart, Head of Media, Commission of the European Communities 1977
4/12 Program and speaker records-Article on Senator Mike Gravel AWAC Presentation 1980 January 1
4/13 Program and speaker records-Victor Levine, Professor of Political Science (Africa & Near East) Washington University 1978
4/14 Program and speaker records-Milton Lipton, Adjunct Professor of Economics (petroleum economics), New York University 1979
4/15 Program and speaker records-Martha Mautner; Soviet Division Chief, US State Department Bureau of Intelligence & Research 1979
4/16 Program and speaker records-Lieutenant Governor Terry Miller bio & photo Undated
4/17 Program and speaker records-Ambassador Peter Jay, Great Britain’s Ambassador to U.S. 1978
4/18 Program and speaker records-Dr. Hal Post, Director of UAA Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies (World Conference on Health & Smoking) 1980
4/19 Program and speaker records-Carl Price, Fisheries Officer, State Department Bureau of Oceans, International Environment & Scientific Affairs 1978
4/20 Program and speaker records-Ambassador William Maillard UAA and Alaska Pacific University (APU) visiting fellow 1980
4/21 Program and speaker records-Graeme Pirie; Consul General of New Zealand 1979
4/22 Program and speaker records-J.H. Pierarr; South Africa Foundation 1980
4/23 Program and speaker records-Pat Rodey & Don Young, congressional candidates 1978
4/24 Program and speaker records-Steven Winship, Acting Director, State Department Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs 1978
4/25 Program and speaker records-Malek M. Sahami, attorney, Iranian & Islamic law 1979
4/26 Program and speaker records-Dr. Leticia Salazar; The Pilipino Alaska Connection (program brochure only) 1979
4/27 Program and speaker records-Cesar Augusto Rendon Cruz, Professor, National School of Fine Arts, Honduras 1978
4/28 Program and speaker records-Kirstian Gestrin, member of parliament, Sweden, Director, Helsinki Savings Bank, Vice Chair, Finnish Fisherman’s Union 1978
4/29 Program and speaker records-Peter Kirch, Economic Editor, North German Radio & Television 1977
4/30 Program and speaker records-Hosni Mubarak (spelled H.E. Hosny Mobarak in newspaper clipping in file), Vice President, Egypt international visitor-file contains newspaper clipping regarding Mubarak’s brief stop in Anchorage for a refueling stop and handwritten notes/lists of names and contact numbers which may be related to people invited to attend a private reception 1980
4/31 Program and speaker records-Arnljot Norwich & Arne Skauge,  Members of Norwegian Parliament 1978
4/32 Program and speaker records-Mordechai Tzipori (spelled Mordechi Zippori in file) international visitor who was escorted by AWAC board members during part of his stay in late July and early August, 1979 when he toured Deadhorse Camp, participated in private meetings with the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce board and gave both television and newspaper interviews-information in file is itinerary and handwritten notes 1979
4/33 Program and speaker records- correspondence with individuals AWAC invited to come to Alaska as distinguished lecturers 1978-1979
4/34 Program and speaker records-Dr. James Bill, Associate Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin 1980
4/35 Program and speaker records-Brewster Denny, Dean of Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Washington 1976
4/36 Program and speaker records-Leila Doss; United Nations Department of Public Information 1979
4/37 Program and speaker records-William “Willie” Hensley, founding member of Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) “Arctic Russia” 1979
4/38 Program and speaker records-Luis Martin, Professor of History, Southern Methodist University (Visiting Professor at APU teaching History of Mexico & The Spanish Civil War) 1979
4/39 Program and speaker records-Ed Merdes, J.D., Senior Partner, Merdes, Schaible, Staley and DeLisio 1980
4/40 Program and speaker records-Dr. Walter Held, Brooking Institution 1977
4/41 Program and speaker records-Thomas Reed, Secretary of the Air Force 1976 October 16
4/42 Program and speaker records-Fernand Spaak, head of delegation of the Commission of the European Communities 1980
4/43 Program and speaker records-Sir Ivor Richard, Ambassador to United Nations: Britain 1976
4/44 Program and speaker records-Kai Westergaard, Director General of Labor Directorate, Ministry of Labor, Denmark 1983
4/45 Program and speaker records-distinguished lecturer; Correspondence about Alaska Black Caucus 1982
4/46 Program and speaker records-Dr. Leopoldo Gonzales; Coordinator of Programs, Center for International Studies, National University of Mexico 1980
4/47 Program and speaker records-Casimero Mendonca, Art Critic, Veja and Jornal da Tarde, San Paulo, Brazil-international visitor interested in Alaska Native art-AWAC executive director Betty Arnett acted as local sponsor for Anchorage leg of his trip-file contains newspaper clipping about visit, biography, itinerary and handwritten notes 1980
4/48 Program and speaker records-Alexander Ginzburg, Russian exile and author who visited Anchorage as Bartlett lecturer for the University of Alaska Anchorage-file contains biography, event program and handwritten notes 1981
4/49 Program and speaker records-Joelle Bourgois (spelling according to CV in file), Head of International Relations Office, Department of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Industry, France-international visitor with AWAC President Terry Johnson acting as local sponsor-file contains itinerary, biography, correspondence indicating her time with AWAC would be extremely limited and handwritten notes May, 1981
4/50 Program and speaker records-Howard K. Smith, broadcast journalist who visited Alaska as AWAC distinguished lecturer 1982-1983
4/51 Program and speaker records-prospective speakers 1981
4/52 Program and speaker records-Captain Cook Historical Lecturer Series 1978
4/53 Program and speaker records-Nani Palkhivala Ambassador from India to the U.S. 1978
4/54 Program and speaker records-William F. Buckley Jr., conservative political commentator 1979
4/55 Program and speaker records-Geoffrey Godsell, foreign correspondent for Christian Science Monitor 1979 December 10
4/56 Program and speaker records-Gunter Grass, German novelist 1979 April 3
4/57 Program and speaker records-Distinguished Lecturer potential speakers 1980-1981
4/58 Program and speaker records-international visitors-information and correspondence related to a variety of international visitors to Alaska 1985-1986
4/59 Program and speaker records-receipts related to travel expenses for speakers 1994-1995
4/60 Program and speaker records-newspaper clippings and photographs of speakers 1982 September-1983 June
4/61 Program and speaker records-Dzidzienyo, Anani; Prof. African-American Studies, Brown University 1981 December 23
4/62 Program and speaker records-Lina Fruzzetti, Professor of Anthropology, Brown University 1982
4/63 Program and speaker records-Colin Legum, Associate Editor, The Observer (London) 1981-1982
4/64 Program and speaker records-J.A. Vissa, Deputy Director, South Africa Foundation 1982
4/65 Program and speaker records-Lannon Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, U.S. State Department 1981
4/66 Program and speaker records-Maurice Strong, Secretary General, U.N. Conference on Environment and Development 1993
4/67 Program and speaker records-Theodore Kassier, Department of Languages, University of Alaska Anchorage, Spain Discovers the Rest of the World 1993 November 5
4/68 Program and speaker records-Professor Sergei Khrushchev, Brown University (Former Soviet Scientist and son of Nikita Khrushchev) 1993 October 8, October 15
4/69 Program and speaker records-Richard Parker, Former Ambassador to Algeria, Morroco and Lebanon 1987
4/70 Program and speaker records-Sir Gordon Jewkes, HM Consul-General and Director General of British Trade and Investment 1991 June and July
4/71 Program and speaker records-Egil Sundar, Norwegian journalist and author 1977
4/72 Program and speaker records-Kazu Sumi, Assistant Professor, Yokohama City University 1977
4/73 Program and speaker records-Tapio Siikala, Editor-in-Chief, Pojholan Sanomat (Finland) 1976
4/74 Program and speaker records-Toshio Okizaki, Director, Diet Upper House Secretariat of Japan Socialist Party 1977
4/75 Program and speaker records-Mitsuyoshi Murakami, Deputy Director, Trawl Section, Distant-Water Fishery Department, Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 1977
4/76 Program and speaker records-Ndikibeulngar Bassounda, Director, Radio Chad 1977
4/77 Program and speaker records-Alan Paton, South African author: Cry, The Beloved Country, Knocking on the Door, South Africa in Transition & Apartheid and the Archbishop 1977
5/1 Board records-meeting agendas and minutes, committee reports, board lists, correspondence and handwritten notes, incomplete 1987-2000
5/2 Financial and fundraising records: Budgets, Treasurers Reports, Fundraising Reports, Invoices, Sponsorships, Member Payments, Email Correspondence Between Treasurer Gary Dixon and Executive Director Barbara Propes, Outline of Employee Compensation and Benefits 1986, 1989-2003
5/3 Membership records-membership lists 1987-1989
5/4 Program and speaker records-Great Decisions 1991-1993
5/5 Outside organizations and events-Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN) strategic planning retreat (Dave Hammock) 1992
5/6 Outside organizations and events-flyers, newsletters and other material from organizations such as the National Council of World Affairs Organizations and Philadelphia World Affairs Council 1990-1992
5/7 Financial and fundraising records-charitable gaming and correspondence related to suspension of gaming license 1991-1995
5/8 Program and speaker records-programs 1987-1989
5/9 Event records-China tour 1978-1979
5/10 Program and speaker records-includes flyers, correspondence, itineraries, biographies and photographs 1989-1994
5/11 Financial and fundraising records-AWAC Raffle 1996
5/12 Business records-AWAC Constitution and Bylaws 1982-1984
5/13 Business records-AWAC Sublease with Alaska Pacific Bank 1987 September 12
5/14-5/18 Financial and fundraising records-Luncheon Cash Reports-Lists of attendees and payments for AWAC lunches on specific dates within the time range indicated. 1993-1999
5/19 Business records-pull-tab distribution slips, RSVP cards for 1995 annual ball, banquet checks and registration listing for Associations of Alaska 1990, 1995-1997
6/1 Event records-briefing packet on the People’s Republic of China for Alaska World Affairs Council prepared by National Committee on U.S. China Relations-may have been related to China trip/tour taken by group of AWAC members 1978
6/2 School and education records-Information on current events and international studies provided to Anchorage social studies teachers 1978-1979
6/3 Outside organizations and events-Information about international trips AWAC members were invited to go on. Includes Peru, Cuba and Russia.  Includes African safari trip with Anchorage departure. 1977-1978
6/4 Outside organizations and events-Alaska Women’s Conference-Includes workshop schedules, brochure, registration form, newspaper clipping, letter to workshop leaders and description of AWAC workshop: Changing Roles of Women in the World. 1977
6/5 Program and speaker records-program and activities interest surveys 1965-1966
6/6 Outside organizations and events-materials from other AWAC Groups-includes Buffalo, Minnesota, Detroit, Northern, CA, St. Louis, San Francisco; has by-laws from National Council of Community World Affairs Organizations and list of council members by state. 1977-1978
6/7 Outside organizations and events-National Council of World Affairs Organizations Meetings-includes fall, 1977, spring, 1978 and fall, 1978 1977-1978
6/8 Program and speaker records-photographs and negatives proposed for use in 1978-1979 brochure and sample brochure.  Some photographs appear in sample brochure and some do not.  General categories of photographs include: AWAC luncheons (group shots and speakers such as AK Senators Ted Stevens and Mike Gravel and Professor Anani Dzidzienjo of Brown University), conferences (China Conference), distinguished lecturers (Moshe Dayan, William F. Buckley, Gunter Grass and Berndt von Staden) and travel shots (scenery and AWAC groups during travel). 1978-1979
6/9 School and education records-UAA Library Donation-Correspondence RE: AWAC donation to UAA for addition of library materials on China, list of existing UAA Consortium Library materials and AWAC suggestions for acquisitions. 1978
6/10 Business records-serving alcohol at Anchorage Museum-includes correspondence, memorandum and copy of regulations concerning serving alcohol at venues owned by the Municipality of Anchorage. 1978
6/11 Board records-includes recommendations of 1980 AWAC Promotions and Development Committee, publications and fundraising brochures from foreign relations councils in other cities, newsletters outlining grant opportunities, information on grant writing, sample grant application, 1973-1980
6/12 Financial and fundraising records-information used in grant applications to transition executive director position from part-time volunteer with honorarium to full-time paid position.  Includes: board list, board committees, treasurers reports, copies of press clippings from Moshe Dayan (former Israeli Defense Minister) visit, job description, grant preparation worksheet, proposal to Mott Foundation, draft grant narratives and correspondence from grant writer. 1977, 1979-1981
6/13 Program and speaker records-Panama Canal Treaty Program-Contains copies of photograph of President Jimmy Carter and letter from President Carter to Jinx and Peter Ring thanking them for participating as part of a delegation of Alaskans who visited Washington D.C. to participate in public discussion of treaty.  Contains copies of newspaper clippings describing visit of Alaskans to D.C.  These materials were provided by Jinx Ring to Professor Paul Dunscomb in 2018 accompanied by handwritten note.  Folder also contains information on AWAC proposed educational programs on Panama Canal Treaties.  Includes: correspondence (original signed letter from Senator Ted Stevens), handwritten notes and magazine article on subject. 1977-1978, 2018
6/14 School and education records-University of Alaska Anchorage and AWAC Collaboration-correspondence and proposal regarding increased association between UAA and AWAC including formation of a committee with UAA faculty and AWAC and proposed activities (administrative, educational and scholarly). 1973
6/15 Correspondence-incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding speakers, potential speakers, other WACs, other organizations focused on international topics, vendors, educational institutions (i.e. University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Methodist University), international students receiving or seeking funds from AWAC, membership, finances, invoices and expenses, in-kind donations, cash donations and sponsorship, AWAC ball, volunteers, Great Decisions, programs and events and board related correspondence. 1971-1977
6/16 Correspondence-programs, speakers, membership, sponsors, grants to fund executive director salary, donation from Bob and Evangeline Atwood to help fund executive director salary, UAA reclaiming office space used by AWAC in Justice Center and new space in library, board, annual ball, AWAC public television promotional spots, conferences, events, luncheons and receptions, workers compensation insurance, office equipment, letter and newspaper clipping RE: Pacific Forum. 1980-1982
6/17 Board records-publicity committee-press clippings and Press Releases: Great Decisions, China Conference, Speakers, SALT Debate, Film Festival, Annual Ball Preparations, 1973, 1979
6/18 Board records-board elections (1980), board lists (1978-1982), board and committees organizational chart, committee descriptions and member list (1980-1981). 1978-1982
6/19 Financial and fundraising records-includes treasurers reports (balance sheets), budgets, unaudited financials (1978), handwritten checkbook ledger, bank statements 1972-1973, 1975-1983
6/20 Financial and fundraising records-receipts and invoices A-L (by vendor) including: Xerox, postage, utilities, production/video cassettes, advertising, food, beverage and event venue, printing and board lunch attendee payments. 1980-1981
6/21 Financial and fundraising records-receipts and invoices M-Z (by vendor) including: banquet, printing, advertising, photo processing, donations made by AWAC, travel, Xerox and office supplies. 1978-1981
6/22 Board records-Hospitality Committee: includes committee list, press releases and clippings, invitations, handwritten notes, itinerary and hospitality committee responsibilities for Mordechai Artfield, Consul General of Israel, Andre Bae Yens, Director of French Press and Information Service and David Dumford. 1980-1981
6/23 Board records-Media Committee includes correspondence regarding video cassettes, Great Decisions television programs, Foreign Policy Association media report, notice of AWAC Islam in the ‘80s programs being aired on KSKA public radio, handwritten notes RE: airing weekly AWAC luncheons on local public radio. 1980-1981
6/24 Board records-Program Committee-includes committee list, minutes, speaker correspondence (invitations/responses), information on potential speakers, information from Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Great Decisions, contact information for State Department Office of Public Programs, handwritten notes, reports on event attendance and newspaper clipping on board member Diddy Hitchins travel to West Germany. 1980-1981
6/25 Board records-Early Evening Event Committee-includes newspaper clippings and press release, handwritten notes and correspondence. 1981-1982
6/26 Membership records-AWAC surveys of members regarding programing, reasons for joining and location for luncheons. 1980-1985?
6/27 Other organizations and events-Alaska Pacific University Host Family Program application, Sunday Afternoon Getaway program, Unipub publications letter and brochure, brochure on Anchorage Youth Hostel, invitation list for Ambassador Richard Ivor (UK Representative to UN) dinner, handwritten notes and resume for Marcia Rieber. 1973, 1975-1979, 1981
6/28 Financial and fundraising records-grant proposals and funding projects, summer, 2007: BP Foundation (sole sponsorship of AWAC student programs), Alaska Airlines (denial), Conoco Phillips, Dennis Maloney, GCI, Hawaiian Travel, Rasmuson Foundation (Technology to Bring the World to Alaska), Wells Fargo 2007
6/29 Other organizations and events-annual reports from 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, American Global Forum Handbook on Program Planning About World Affairs (1992), Great Decisions Program Guide and Great Decisions Handbook 1992, 2011-2013
6/30 Board records-certificate of appreciation for Professor Diddy Hitchins (former board member) 2007 May
7/1 Membership records-blank cards announcing AWAC gift membership, reserved Table Signs, certificates for one year membership Undated
7/2 Forum 49-Board and Member Lists, 1991 Handwritten Budget and Check Register, Bank Statements, Speaker Bios and Newspaper Clippings 1989-1992
7/3 Board records-board orientation guide: 2006-2007 board list, responsibilities and committees, 2006 strategic plan, 2006 bylaws, executive director job description, personnel, administrative and financial policies 2006-2007
7/4 Board records-Dale Cope, board member: 2012-2013 board list,  committee responsibilities, World Affairs Councils of America Materials, bylaws, president job description (formerly executive director), policies and procedures 2012-2013
7/5 School and education records-World Quest Organizational Notebook (2008): event planning checklists and information such as venue, catering and invoices, event explanation and rules, 2008 team lists, scores and winners photos, Certificates of completion, sponsors, 2008 questions, 2007, 2008
7/6 Board records-Jeff Childs, board member: 2009-2010 strategic plan, 2010-2011 board list, mission and programs, World Affairs Council of America materials, committee lists and descriptions, bylaws, executive director job description, policies and procedures 2010-2011
7/7 Board records-Michael Cook, board member: board/committee lists for 2009-2010, results of board discussions on fundraising, mission and programs, 2007-2008 accomplishments and 50th anniversary celebration, 2008 scholarship award nomination information, World Affairs Councils of America, member benefits, bylaws, executive director job description, policies and procedures 2007-2010
7/8 Board records-sample board binder: 2009-2010 board list, mission and programs, World Affairs Council of America Material, committees, bylaws, membership, executive director job description, policies and procedures 2008-2010
7/9 Board records-Barb Props, board member: organization description, benefits of world affairs councils, World Affairs Council of America Materials, bylaws, committees, individual member and corporate sponsor benefits 2004
7/10 Board records-board binder: organization description, benefits of world affairs councils, World Affairs Council of America Materials, bylaws, committees, individual member and corporate sponsor benefits 2007-2008
7/11 Board records-Nancy King, board member: organization description, benefits of world affairs councils, World Affairs Council of America Materials, bylaws, committees, individual member and corporate sponsor benefits 2006
7/12 Board records-generic board binder: organization description, benefits of world affairs councils, World Affairs Council of America Materials, bylaws, committees, individual member and corporate sponsor benefits undated
7/13 Board records -Board and member lists, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, board nominee bios and board e-mail correspondence 1998-2005
7/14 Board records-Board meeting agendas, meeting minutes, committee reports, executive director reports, election information, strategic action items, Foraker Group information on board development, e-mail correspondence and handwritten notes. 2006 January-June
7/15 Board records-Board meeting agendas, meeting minutes, committee reports, executive director reports, election information, strategic action items, e-mail correspondence and handwritten notes. 2006 July-December
7/16 Board records-Board meeting agendas, board lists, meeting minutes, executive director reports, information on certificates of appreciation and emeritus directors, strategic planning documents and e-mail correspondence 2007
7/17 Board records-Board meeting agendas, board and committee lists, meeting minutes, executive director reports, committee agendas, election forms and board candidate bios. 2008
7/18 Board records-Board meeting agendas, board lists, board skills and industry analysis, meeting minutes, executive director reports, board development workshop with Board Source, handwritten notes, correspondence from Anchorage School Superintendent, community and AWAC members and report of board discussion regarding controversy over presentation by Alison Weir. 2009
7/19 Board records-executive director’s report 2010 January 13
7/20 Board records-board orientation guides-parts of board orientation guides including by-laws (some with handwritten or track changes markups), board lists, breakdown of committees and duties, national World Affairs Council information, member benefits and personnel policies. 2008-2010
7/21 Board records-executive director search-records related to search for a new executive director including search committee correspondence, drafts of job description, advertisements, candidate resumes and cover letters, interview questions, search committee analysis of candidates and e-mail discussions regarding salary. 2006-2007
7/22 Financial and fundraising records-budgets with variance, profit and loss, balance sheets and bank account history. 2005-2009
7/23 School and education records-student, teacher and education programs-records related to student scholarship awards, teacher of the year awards, World Quest and school business partnership with Anchorage School District. 2006, 2008-2009
7/24 Event records-Flights of Fancy-records related to planning of annual fundraising event including invitation, RSVP card, e-mail and fax correspondence, list of potential sponsors, sponsorship solicitation letters and handwritten notes. 2000
7/25 Event records-Jail House Caper-records related to planning of annual fundraising event including save the date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, solicitations for silent auction items, descriptions of items donated, fax and e-mail correspondence and handwritten notes. 2002
7/26 Event records-Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and International Bazaar includes correspondence, flyer, table tent, invitation, silent auction list. 1998, 2003, 2007
7/27 Outside organizations and events-brochures and flyers advertising local and national events with international themes; funeral program for James C. Parsons. 2004, 2006, 2008
7/28 Program and speaker records-flyers, brochures, itineraries, drafts of welcome and speaker introduction remarks, speaker lists, speaker biographies, cards with audience questions and fax/e-mail correspondence. 2002-2009
8/1 Forum 49-Committee report, flyers, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1998-1999, 2006
8/2 Program and speaker records-Newspaper items on AWAC and programs international topics. 2002 -2007
8/3 AWAC newsletters, brochures, complimentary luncheon cards, member forms, logos, correspondence, member list, brochures, newsletters and materials from other international organizations, meeting minutes and executive director reports from World Affairs Councils of America, publication on leadership mission to Oman, Saudi Arabia Briefing, report: Initiatives and Actions Taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Combat Terrorism, testimony of Paulo Sotero from public hearing on U.S.- Brazil relations, preliminary findings on Stranded Gas Development Act, Winston Churchill quotations, business cards and handwritten notes. 2002-2003, 2006-2009
8/4 Board records-lists of AWAC board members, membership list (1969-1970) 1965-1983
8/5 Board records-board meeting minutes and agendas 1982-1984
8/6 Business records-employment agreement, job description, executive director’s reports, mileage and petty cash reports. 1981-1983
8/7 Financial and fundraising records-newspaper article regarding need for outside support, correspondence to and from corporate and individual donors, sponsorship forms, list of goals and programs, development committee minutes, list of donors and amounts, Mott Foundation proposal, partial proposals for funding executive director and program director salaries and Municipality of Anchorage Grant Agreement. 1980-1983
8/8 Financial and fundraising records-development committee minutes and recommendations, list of development committee members, program schedule, budget, fundraising tips and materials from other organizations, draft fundraising letters, correspondence, handwritten notes, document proposing luncheon programs be broadcast on KAKM, information on applying for humanities grants, 1982-1983
8/9 Financial and fundraising records-individual fundraising solicitations, donor and sponsor forms, correspondence to and from individual and corporate donors/potential donors, list of responses to direct mail solicitations and amounts, list of business contacts, lists of individuals, press release regarding fundraising drive and Anchorage Chamber of Commerce membership directory and handwritten notes. 1982-1983
8/10 Financial and fundraising records-correspondence to and from individual and corporate donors/potential donors, budget, program schedule, development committee minutes, 1982-1984
8/11 Financial and fundraising records-financial statements, budgets, treasurer’s reports, and correspondence regarding financial issues. 1973, 1979-1981, 1983
8/12 Financial and fundraising records-Invoices and receipts including UAA postage account, UAA Xerox account and subscriptions. 1982-1984
8/13 Outside organizations and events-correspondence regarding Municipality of Anchorage taskforce on 25th anniversary statehood celebration, worksite agreement and correspondence related to summer youth employment program, grant application for MOA to sponsor distinguished lecturer to speak in Anchorage on the topic of Black Africa, also correspondence, biography of potential speakers and receipts; handwritten notes. 1982
8/14 Program and speaker records-correspondence to and from confirmed and potential speakers and their representatives, correspondence related to two-part event on whaling, list of speakers, speaker committee members and handwritten notes. 1982
8/15 Board records-Media and Publicity Committee-ad proofs, list of committee members, information from Anchorage Daily News on how to get community news into the paper, template for introducing AWAC luncheon speakers recorded for later broadcast and handwritten notes. 1982
8/16 Board records-Hospitality Committee-list of committee duties (handwritten), signup list for reception, directory of Anchorage Consular Corps, Twenty-First Tactical Fighter Wing Personnel Roster, Twenty-First Combat Support Group roster, rosters for Elmendorf Airforce Base Operations, Maintenance and Resource Management, list of Anchorage mayor and assembly members, name and address list (purpose not indicated) 1982-1983
8/17 Board records-Early Evening Event Committee-flyer on slide presentation by board member who visited India, newspaper clipping about India event, letter to Dr. Olaf Solli thanking him for speaking and handwritten notes. 1982-1983
8/18 Outside organizations and events-Bartlett Series Program-newspaper article on presentation by Betty Williams, 1977 Nobel Peace Prize winner given at , photograph, event program, speaker schedule, speaker biography and handwritten notes. 1981
8/19 Outside organizations and events-United Nations Week-lists of events and activities, newspaper clippings, guidelines for State United Nations Day Chairman, copy of executive proclamation by Governor Jay Hammond proclaiming October 24, 1982 United Nations Day, correspondence, invitations to events, advertisement for tourism in Manilla, Philippines, biographies for African educators for African Educators Program and handwritten notes. 1973, 1980 -1982
8/20 Correspondence-outgoing correspondence on topics related to speakers, AWAC conferences and conference planning, distinguished lecture series, radio and television programming (public radio and television), membership, youth employment program, Great Decisions Series, donations and sponsorship, venues, budget, staffing/use of Executive Director’s time, annual ball and gala fundraising event. 1981-1982
8/21 Correspondence-outgoing correspondence on sponsorship and donations, topics related to speakers, conferences, events, membership, venues, board elections, office accommodations, printing, outreach to Anchorage School District, attempts to find funding for Executive Director salary, Forum 49 and annual ball and gala fundraising event. 1980-1981
8/22 Outside organizations and events-foreign students-list of foreign students at Alaska Methodist University Spring, 1973 and correspondence with sponsors and donors. 1973
8/23 Program and speaker records-correspondence regarding 1981 Great Decisions book order, information about 1981 Great Decisions television series and handwritten notes. 1980-1981
8/24 Business records-partial list and description of Alaska World Affairs Council speakers/programs broadcast on KSKA throughout 1982, correspondence regarding technical issues with broadcasts, handwritten notes & newspaper clippings regarding allegations against National Bank of Alaska for ERISA violations. 1981-1982
8/25 Outside organizations and events-correspondence regarding establishing a Fairbanks World Affairs Council and copy of by-laws from the National Council of World Affairs Organizations and World Affairs Council of Norther CA, AWAC board list 1981-1982, handwritten notes. 1980-1983
8/26 Program and speaker records-correspondence regarding sharing AWAC speakers with Kuskokwim Community College. 1982
8/27 Outside organizations and events-Partners of the Americas (private organization linking U.S. states with Latin American and Caribbean nations)-directory, by-laws, correspondence discussing partnership between group of Alaskans and Brazilian state of Maranhao, Partners newsletters/brochures and handwritten notes. 1980-1981
8/28 Outside organizations and events-correspondence regarding appointment of the Alaska World Affairs Council to serve as state chair for 1982 United Nations Day, list of mayors in cities throughout Alaska, newspaper clipping regarding recognition given to companies and organizations for their work with disabled individuals, handwritten notes. 1980, 1982
8/29 Outside organizations and events-Anchorage Consular Corp directory, correspondence with various consuls, honorary consuls and consular offices and handwritten notes. 1980-1982
8/30 Business records-overview of AWAC including mention of first dinner meeting with newspaper Robert C. Rurark as guest speaker, list of committee heads for annual ball, correspondence to inactive board members requesting participation or resignation, prospective budget for annual ball, handwritten notes. 1972-1973
8/31 Business records-Ulu Factory-correspondence and invoices for ulus monogramed with names of guest speakers. 1982-1983
8/32 Board records-board agendas with committee heads and board lists for board luncheon payment. 1985-1988
8/33 School and education records-University of Alaska Anchorage-handwritten notes on university liaison committee, flyer for international film festival and UAA newspapers. 1982
8/34 Program and speaker records-State Department-correspondence with State Department regarding possible co-sponsorship of a spring conference, breakdown of international and national regions, copy of invitation to Future of U.S.-Soviet Relations conference. 1982
8/35 Program and speaker records-flyers for AWAC programs and conferences, Forum 49 and UAA Bartlett lecture series and Latin America: The U.S.’s Forgotten Continent by Francis X. Gannon. 1981
8/36 Business records-copies of Alaska World Affairs Council constitution including documents with hand-written notes and Forum 49 Charter 1980-1982
8/37 Business records-copies of Alaska World Affairs Council constitution and by-laws including copies with hand-written notes. 1982-1983
9/1 Board records-board meeting minutes 1978-1981
9/2 Financial and fundraising records -copies of grant from Municipality of Anchorage to help fund 1982 educational conference (Africa), copy of grant application to Municipality of Anchorage to pay for twenty people to attend the Africa conference, development committee reports, correspondence, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, memorandum regarding changes in executive director status and compensation, 990 tax form (1980), information on National Endowment for the Humanities funding to the Alaska Humanities Forum, information on USICA’s funding to private organizations, information on how to apply for funding from Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, rough draft of grant narrative to fund full-time executive director salary prepared by Michelle Wellman, funding proposal for Distinguished Lecturer Series, 1980-1982
9/3 Board records-election ballot, application letters and handwritten notes. 1979
9/4 Outside organizations and events-Anchorage Consular Corps Directory, consular bios, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1983-1984
9/5 Programs and speaker records-list of Friday speakers and attendance numbers, list of topics, list of ambassadors, journalists, subject-matter-experts, potential local speakers and potential out-of-state speakers, treasurer’s reports, correspondence, list of confirmed speakers and handwritten notes. 1985-1987
9/6 Board records-Publicity Committee-requests to committee for newspaper articles and public service announcements for events, news releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1980-1981
9/7 Outside organizations and events-Emperor’s Birthday Celebration-Japanese Society of Alaska membership roster, mailing list for federal government officials in Alaska, state government, municipal government, military services, educational institutions, media, business organizations, social organizations and consular corps. 1988
9/8 Board records-election ballots, lists of candidates and unaudited financial statement. 1978-1979
9/9 Business records-catering event orders, correspondence and menus from Sheraton Hotel 1987-1988
9/10 Outside organizations and events-brochures, flyers and correspondence related to Peace Corp 25th anniversary. 1985-1986
9/11 Outside organizations and events-draft committee report on relations with other world affairs councils in Alaska and with other groups, list of Alaska ambassadors from various nations, information on Alaskan ambassadors to 1992 Olympics, Alaska Association Administrators newsletter and letter regarding reception for UAA community affiliates. 1982, 1986-1987
9/12 Outside organizations and events-Foreign Policy Association and Foreign Policy Magazine, Great Decisions order forms, correspondence, invoices and research paper on communist aid activities in non-communist countries. 1978-1979, 1984-1985
9/13 Financial and fundraising records-donation forms for unrestricted use and statewide radio broadcasts, correspondence regarding donations, thanking donors and corporations declining donation requests, proposal submitted by Western Media Corporation to fund broadcast of World Affairs Council programs and list of World Affairs Council radio broadcasts. 1987
9/14 Outside organizations and events-Newsletter from Consulate General of Japan, Japan-U.S. News and Communications newsletter, press releases, correspondence, newspaper clippings, outline of Prime Minister Takeshita’s speech to Lord Mayor’s Luncheon, copy of address by former Prime Minister Yahuhiro Nakasone to Johns Hopkins University, main points of Economic Management Within a Global Context, copies of articles on tax reform and main points of white paper on telecommunications. 1987-1988
9/15 Program and speaker records-Latin America Conference-correspondence with potential speakers and sponsors, speaker biographies, program outline, request for funding to Sohio to support the Latin America Conference, handwritten drafts of letters and invoice for airline tickets. 1984-1985
9/16 Program and speaker records-biographic information on Zhang Guangrui of People’s Republic of China, biography of John William Kachamila of Mozambique, biography of Akihiro Mae of Japan, reservation confirmation from Hotel Captain Cook and handwritten notes. 1988
9/17 Outside organizations and events-tentative plan for World Affairs Council booth at University of Alaska Arts Fair, Arts Fair Digest (newsletter), correspondence and handwritten notes. 1976
9/18 Program and speaker records-event and speaker flyers, schedules, brochures and bulletins about speakers including biographical details and letter from University of Alaska Fairbanks Office of Special Events regarding speakers. 1971, 1976-1980, 1988, 1992-1995
9/19 Business records-Hilton Hotel 1976-1978
9/20 Correspondence-subjects include speakers, contributions, conferences and events, invoices and reimbursements, by-laws. 1976 -1980
9/21 Outside organizations and events-Global Papers Series (public television series on food policies and priorities)-brochures, flyers, explanatory papers on episodes, press releases and correspondence. 1978
9/22 Financial and fundraising records-guidelines for grant submissions to Alaska Humanities Forum, proposal submitted by World Affairs Council on Distinguished Lecture Series for a public lecture by Alan Paton (author of Cry, the Beloved Country), staff and board resumes, Food, Land and Alaska proposal submitted to Humanities Forum by Anchorage Fellowship of Churches and Humanities Forum brochures. 1976-1977
9/23 Program and speaker records-Moshe Dayan-newspaper clippings, tickets to event including names of attendees, event budget, list of sponsors and guests, agreement with University of Alaska Anchorage Performing Arts Center, UAA Performing  Arts Center policies and procedures and handwritten notes. 1976-1977
9/24 Business records-blank executive director contract 1975
9/25 Business records-list and description of Council standing committees, requests to serve on committees including lists of first and second choice members, instructions for volunteers on how to complete various tasks, volunteer survey sheet with lists of tasks such as answering phones, driving speakers, assisting with mail outs and writing articles and handwritten notes. 1981-1982
9/26 Program and speaker records-guidelines for announcements and head table introductions at Council luncheons and handwritten notes for specific luncheon events. 1982
9/27 Business records-versions of  Alaska World Affairs Council Constitution and By-Laws including copies with handwritten notes. 1978- 1982
9/28 Board and business records-board meeting agendas and minutes, treasurer’s reports, executive director’s reports, correspondence regarding request by University of Alaska Anchorage to vacate office space, program brochures, event attendance records, speaker bios, procedures for nominations and elections, lists of luncheon volunteers and head table (many names listed in other documents as board members). 1979, 1981-1985, 1989
9/29 Financial and fundraising records-instructional materials and worksheets from University of Alaska Anchorage grant preparation seminar, grant application to Atwood Foundation, correspondence regarding grant application to Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, copies of brochures and press clippings from 1980 program year and handwritten notes. 1980-1981
9/30 Board records-election ballots, sample ballot, tally sheets and handwritten notes. 1980-1981
9/31 Programs and speaker records-program brochures, newsletters, printing invoices and handwritten notes related to the Council and Forum 49. 1980-1984
9/32 Board  records-board list, board meeting agendas and minutes, action plan recommendations, Dr. Diddy Hitchins board resignation letter, board applications, committee lists and meeting minutes, treasurer’s reports and handwritten notes. 1993-1995
9/33 Programs and speaker records-program survey questions and results, speaker, program and event flyers, student luncheon schedules, Great Decisions topic lists, organizational information and promotional materials, Bev Power event status update and checklist, policy for AWAC event underwriting, request submitted to American Embassy by Walashek Shipyard, Inc. for visas for visitors from Vietnam, catering menus, speaker bios, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1993-1995
10/1 Financial and fundraising records-fundraising solicitation letters, Alaska Community Shares application guidelines, brochures on fundraising best practices, corporate membership prospect list, treasurer’s reports and budgets, invoices and handwritten notes. 1993-1995
10/2 Outside organizations and events-literature, correspondence and newsletters from other local, national and international organizations such as the Foreign Policy Association and National Council of World Affairs Organizations.
10/3 Business records-handwritten notes and notebooks 1992-1995
10/4 Program and speaker records-speaker bios, cvs and photographs, event flyers, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1989-1992
10/5-7 Program and speaker records-speaker  bios, cvs and photographs, event flyers and correspondence. 1993-1995
10/8 Program and speaker records-speaker  bios, cvs and photographs, event flyers, correspondence, travel itineraries and newspaper clippings. 1993-1995
10/9 Program and Speaker records-speaker  bios, cvs and photographs, event flyers, correspondence and travel itineraries. 1992-1993
10/10 Program and Speaker records-speaker  bios, cvs and photographs, event flyers, correspondence, travel itineraries, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes. 1993-1995
10/11 Newspaper Clippings-primarily copies of event advertisements. 1992-1994
10/12 Newspaper Clippings-primarily copies of event advertisements 1992-1995
10/13 Board records-board lists, meeting agendas, minutes, contributor lists, treasurer’s reports, election results, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1981-1986
10/14 Board records-memorandum requesting Council committees submit time requirements and priorities for executive director, executive director’s reports to board meetings, executive director’s time log, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1980-1982
10/15 Financial and fundraising records-copies of grants received from Municipality of Anchorage to support speaker for Africa conference, provide twenty registrations for students and adults and to provide lunches for high school students and memorandum from Development Committee regarding potential funders. 1981-1982
10/16 Financial and fundraising records-distribution list of potential donors, correspondence to and from donors/potential donors, newspaper clippings, invitation, map and receipts for tickets to “Food Among the Flowers” fundraising event and handwritten notes. 1981-1982
10/17 Program and speaker records-Africa Conference brochure, Africa Conference bulletin, original photograph used in bulletin, brochure for Museum of African Art Smithsonian Institution, different versions of Africa Conference schedule, speaker and sponsor correspondence, Professor Gwendolyn Carter bio, itinerary copy of talk for Africa Conference, resume and photograph for Nancy Ely from U.S. State Department and correspondence, invoices, weekly luncheon head table lists and handwritten notes. 1981-1984
11/1 Program and speaker records-Africa Conference Scholarships-applications, notification letters and evaluation of conference by scholarship attendees. 1982
11/2 Board records-news releases, newspaper clippings, Publicity Committee reports, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1981-1982
11/3 Business records-agreement between UAA and Council for UAA to provide office space to Council, memorandums from UAA regarding reclamation of office space allocated to Council, correspondence regarding office space issue, invoices for postage and photocopies and handwritten notes. 1976-1978, 1980-1986
11/4 Business records-telephone bills, receipts for payment to UAA, long distance call record slips containing date, party called, number and location and handwritten notes. 1980-1982
11/5 Outside organizations and events-APU international student host-family application, international cross-cultural potluck announcement, Council Executive Director Betty Arnet’s description of a dinner event with visitors from communist China on economic fact-finding mission in Alaska, newspaper clippings, brochure for trip to India led by APU and handwritten notes. 1981-1982
11/6 Business records-bulk mail regulations, bulk mail instructions, errors and irregularities in preparation notices from U.S. postal service, postage rates, correspondence from postal service and handwritten notes. 1981-1984
11/7 Business records-display advertising contract, advertising invoices, photocopies of ads, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1979-1982
11/8 Business records-Anchorage Daily News-photocopies and newspaper copies of ads, ad proofs, Daily News advertising brochures, advertising rates, invoices, correspondence 1981-1984
11/9 Business records-banquet tickets, invoices, menus, brochures, comparison of venues, correspondence and handwritten notes. 1981-1983
11/10 Event records-application for China visa, brochures on China, potential itineraries and correspondence related to AWAC group trip to China. 1979
11/11 Outside organizations and events-Asian American Policy Institute-Alaska Gateway to Asia Conference proceedings book, conference schedule and correspondence. 1978-1979
11/12 Program and speaker records-correspondence requesting donations of airline tickets for speakers at Africa Conference and responses, internal memos related to donation requests and handwritten notes. 1981-1982
11/13 Outside organizations and events-KUUMBA-poster and brochure for Freedom Theater presenting The Island. 1982
11/14 Business records-address labels for individuals and businesses. Undated
11/15 Business records-drafts, proofs and bulletins/brochures, invoices and handwritten notes. 1981-1982
11/16 Business records-draft employment agreements with and without handwritten markups, employment agreements signed by Carolyn Rader (board) and Maureen Mezei (employee), descriptions of each board committee’s requirements of the executive director, correspondence dealing with property tax exemption, gaming and employee scheduling, draft policy for AWAC event underwriting, registrations for Latin America Conference and a Great Decisions flyer. 1982-2001
11/17 Event records-signs for silent auction items. 2008
11/18 Outside organizations and events-World Affairs Councils of America Work/Operations Papers-topics include websites, direct mail methods, membership fees, categories and benefits, attracting young professionals, World Quest, individual giving, demographics and salary-benefit surveys. 1998-1999, 2002
11/19-20 Outside organizations and events World Affairs Councils of America Recommended Speakers-booklets of recommended speakers including brief bios and contact information. 2004-2009
11/21 Outside organizations and events-World Affairs Councils of America Leadership Missions-booklets covering Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and China. 2007-2009
11/22 Outside organizations and events-Foreign Policy 500-World Affairs Councils of America booklets listing 500 most influential people in foreign policy and their contact information. 2003-2006
11/23 Outside organizations and events-Marshall Fellowship Reflections on a Transatlantic Legacy publication, Trade Expo Indonesia information packet, Turkey culture brochure, Denali Commission Annual Report, A Foreign Affairs Budget for the Future publication by the American Academy of Diplomacy. 2007-2008
12 Speaker files from 2007-2010 consisting of attendance reports, payment records and invoices for banquet, audio-visual and travel. Also contains board planning documents from 1998 & 2003, board election files from 2007, 2009-2010, Turkey Study Tour (2009), information on 2 Million Minutes global education series & United Way 90% by 2020 programs, grant guidelines for Alaska Humanities Forum, 2014 WACA and Carlson Family Foundation Not My Life Grant on human trafficking, Alaska World Music Festival, Alaska Dispatch Partnership, World Quest applications 2011 & 2015, blank office forms such as luncheon cash reports and speaker income form, speaker planning file, phone messages, blank I-9s, W-9s & W-4s & Alyssa employment offer letter, KLEF & APRN media information (2014-2016), cruise fundraiser, EU in the US 2015, policy and procedures 2006 and Northrim Bank account details from 2007 and 2008. 1998-2016
13 Speaker and event files from 2008-2015 containing attendee reports, revenue reports, banquet, audio-visual invoices and travel invoices.  Limited information on speakers or presentation content. 2008-2015
14 World Affairs Council of Americas membership renewals, manual and logos, individual and organizational membership renewals (2012-2013), board candidate bios (1997, 1999-2000, 2006-2015), workers compensation and employers liability policies 2010-2011, Waterfall Resort trip (2012), Institute of the North Norway Policy Tour (2011), name tags, charitable organization registration information, funding requests and related correspondence (2008-2010, 2014), Visions US / arctic conference and tour planning (2011-2012), board applications/elections (2011-2012 and 2012-2013), board minutes and balance sheet 2012, Alaska Humanities Forum-Anchorage Centennial Community grant to support Alaska’s Place in the World (2014-2015), Rational Middle Energy Series (2015), Alaska non-profit documents, biennial reports, copies of business licenses, W-9 information, catering and menus, application for Alaska PFD/Pick, Click, Give charitable organization (2009-2010), President/Executive Director’s employment evaluations (2009, 2011-2012), position descriptions, Handwritten notes from Brook Marston interview (2017), newspaper clippings and correspondence regarding the passing of board member Jim Parsons, board lists 1999-2006, board applications (2011, 2013-2014), file on 1997 annual ball, Celebrating the Stars of NATO, file on 2003 annual ball, file on 2004 annual ball Orient Express, James Power estate file, fiftieth anniversary celebration folder including disc of photographs, copies of by-laws (1995, 2003, 2006-2008 & undated), copy of personnel policies (undated), membership lists, speaker flyers from 2007-2009, web design and maintenance (2007, 2009) and World Affairs Councils of Americas dues payments. 1997-2015
15 Event records-two boxes of index cards labeled as invitations for the annual Alaska World Affairs Council ball split into A-H and I-Z. 1988


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