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Johnny Ellis papers

Guide to the Johnny Ellis papers

Collection number: HMC-1244.
Creator: Ellis, Johnny.
Title: Johnny Ellis papers.
Dates: 1979-2015.
Volume of collection: 36.25 cubic feet and 352 MB.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers of an Alaska State Senator from Anchorage.

Biographical note:
Johnny Ellis was born in Springfield, Missouri in 1960. Ellis moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1975 and graduated from Bartlett High School in 1978. He attended the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1978-1979 and Claremont McKenna College in California, graduating in 1982. In 1986, Ellis, a Democrat, was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives, where he served until 1992 when he was elected to the Alaska State Senate. During his terms as State Senator, Ellis represented the communities of downtown Anchorage, Fairview, and South Addition. He also served as the Senate Minority Leader from 1998 to 2008, Senate Majority Leader from 2008 to 2012, then again as Minority Leader from 2013 to 2014. In 2016, Ellis decided not to seek reelection.

Collection description:
The collection consists of Johnny Ellis’s bill files regarding legislation, files relating to committees he served, correspondence, and photographs. The bill files, which include House and Senate bills, contain drafts of bills with Ellis’s edits, annotations, and research, notes, and correspondence. The collection also contains two other groupings of correspondence. The first group is reading files, which is mostly constituent correspondence, including incoming and outgoing. The second group is fan mail, which includes thank-you letters from fellow politicians and event organizers, as well as letters from constituents. The collection also contains fliers, newsletters, and pamphlets sent by Ellis and other politicians to their constituents. The photographs depict events Ellis attended, bill signings, legislative sessions, and other legislators.

Arrangement: Materials are mostly arranged in the order in which they arrived at Archives and Special Collections.

Digitized copies: Select images have been digitized and are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives . For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Digital materials: The digital contents of this collection are not available online. Access may only be provided on-site in the Archives research room. For more information about potential distance access to digital records, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: The materials on the 5.25 floppy disks are currently inaccessible due to technical requirements. Items originally saved on 3.5 floppy disks  and zip disks are only accessible in the research room of the Archives. Please contact Archives and Special Collections in advance if requesting these items.

Use restrictions: Elements of this collection contain personally identifiable information. Researchers using the collection may not disseminate this information in any use of the materials.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections holds copyright to materials created by Johnny Ellis. The collection contains material not created by Ellis which may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Johnny Ellis papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
“Johnny Ellis – Ballotpedia.” Johnny Ellis – Ballotpedia. Accessed October 12, 2016. https://ballotpedia.org/Johnny_Ellis.

Staff, KTUU. “Anchorage Democrat Johnny Ellis Announces Retirement from Alaska Senate.” Anchorage Democrat Johnny Ellis Announces Retirement from Alaska Senate. Accessed October 12, 2016. http://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Anchorage-Democrat-Johnny-Ellis-announces-retirement-from-Alaska-Senate-381591921.html.

Separated materials: Published material has been separated from the collection and some added to the Consortium Library’s collections. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for further information.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to Archives and Special Collections by Johnny Ellis in 2016. A deed of gift was signed by Ellis at that time. An addition was made to the collection in 2017.

Processing information: This collection was described by Veronica Denison in 2016 and 2017. Material was removed from binders at that time. Original folder and binder titles were retained and used in the box description in the container list below.

Container list:

Box Description Dates
1-2 Bill files: Log jam, matching grants, marijuana, student loan forgiveness, Pacific Rim, HB 217 Board of Education; Health Professionals Incentive; Pre-emancipation aid for minors, Exxon tax, substance abuse, Healthy Baby Project, Fortified Wines 1987-1992
2-3 Mariculture; Eliason letter; Bumper stickers “Pot Got More Votes Than Hickel” and “George Miller Congressman for Most Alaskans”; CAASA (Centers Against Abuse and Sexual Assault) funding: Welfare reform; Healthcare; Police/School-Liaison; Bill files; Uniform rules and proposed uniform rules; Rules Session Limits Study 1981-1992
3-4 1993 marijuana files: Includes research files that were annotated, legislative information, and committee meetings and reports 1981-1993
4 Reading files: Arranged chronologically and alphabetically therein 1996-1997
5 Reading files: Arranged chronologically and alphabetically therein 1997-1999
6-7 Fiscal year 1997 supplemental; Fiscal year 1998 operating budgets: HFC (House Finance Committee); House Floor; Senate Finance; Budget caps; FSC (Financial Services Commission Act) amendments; Operating budget as passed by FSC; LB&A (Joint Legislative Budget and Audit Committee) recommendations;  House-Senate compare (budget); Conference work; Conference adopted; Departments 1997-1998
7 Photographs: House sessions, Conference Committee, Clean-up Day, staff, Youth Jobs Program, Ellis head shots, events, bill signings; 311 C Street Anchorage, meetings, house painting circa 1986-1989
8 Negatives: Meetings and events, Governor Cowper, Johnny Ellis portraits circa 1986-1991
8-9 Fan mail; Anchorage Caucus; Capital Budget Summary 1993; Budget cuts 1992; Operation Budget Request; Governor’s Capital Budget 1993; Re-Appropriations 1993; District 12 Capital Budget; Muni Cap (Capital) Projects; 1993 UAA Capital Budget; School Capital Projects; District 12 Fiscal Year 92 CIP (Capital Improvement Project); Budget ‘92; Veto Impact; HB 75; Reapportions District 12; Budget 91; 1990 Budget Highlighted; CIP list; Anchorage Capital Projects 1990 1986-1992
9 Bills to watch; Potential legislation: 40% election, Alaska Native in teaching profession, child support enforcement, professional licensing agencies, community services, election ballot costs, living will/5 wishes, minimum wage, prescription drugs, right to die, tax incentive programs, vote by mail; Bill files: oil taxes and exports, life band on ANS (Alaskan North Slope) export 1985-1996
10 Bill files: Cubs bill, statutory foreign power of attorney, extended foster care review panel ‘95 session, unlawful evasion, child support, correspondence, finger printing, criminal background checks/assisted living, letters of support, community aging; Tobacco tax 1985-1996
10 Reading files: AK Science and Tech Foundation HB 390 & 391; Ellis press releases and newspaper ads; Press list, newspapers; Mountain View Community Council agendas and fliers; Northeast Anchorage, State-Muni Satellite Offices; Community Council newsletter, Home-porting; Anchorage Housing Market Council Meeting; Permanent Fund S.A. Hearing 1988-1989
11 Campaign account January ‘87-February ‘88; Mariculture files: Notes on Norway trip, bottom fisheries, database list, mail; HB 108: Alaska Mariculture Association (AMA), Etolin Island, overviews and general files, environmental issues, SB 514, photographs and slides; Memoranda and statements, correspondence, opposition statements, minutes from meetings, legal opinions, AMA statements of support; VHS: Legislature interviews, House Resolution 2 and HB 107 on restructuring UA and community colleges; Audiocassette: New Mariculture Bill 2/17; Alaska Health Data Conference 1992 1986-1988, 1992
12 Planning: Drugs and alcohol; Alaska Mental Health Trust; Impaired physicians; Notes for unidentified speech circa 1987
12 Legislation, Accounting: Travel, lounge charges, phone bills, office account expense; Health Care Reform Group; Tort Reform; Info. Health; Small Business Insurance; Hickel; “Building a Child Care System that works for Alaska; KIDPAC; Children’s Caucus; EC (Early Childhood) Education; HB 191: Support letters, terms/funding sources; 1992 Law: “Disabled Bidder Procurement Pref.,” HB 324 Backup, HB 324 Support letters 1990-1995
13 1992 Education Goals Passed/Vetoes: HB 512; STEP (State Training Employment Program) SB 37, JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act); SB 5 Brianna Hurley: Oats Funding, Katie Beckett, support letters, Medicaid for certain children 1990-1995
13 Judiciary Committee HB 315; SB 98 Lyda’s welfare; HB 372 Judiciary Committee; Health Safety Education; SB 314 Sex/Health Education; Senate Joint Resolution 13 (ban on export of Alaska North Slope Crude Oil); Alaska Public Health Commission SB 259, Companion Bill to SS HB 332, Joe Sitton and hearing request; Potential Legislation: Locked Juvenile Treatment Facility, Telemedicine, Healthy Start Tennessee; SB 4 Children’s Health, Support, Children’s Health Corp., Cremo (budgeting); Earthquake Insurance Programs: SJR 41, HJR 14; Business Incentives for Welfare Recipients: Public Assistance Assets Waiver circa 1985-1995
14 Cremo Plan: SJR (Senate Joint Resolution) 38 Roger Cremo; SB 157/HB 319; Littering/wildflowers; SB 235, student loan forgiveness for healthcare educations, SB 399 forgiveness healthcare; CAT (Methcathinone): SB 220, adding CAT to control of substances lists; SB 197 Car Stereo Noise and letters of support; Reproductive rights, prochoice newsletters, public funding for abortions, HB 409, SB 108 genetic testing, Project Choice Regulations; Older Alaskan Commissions, Home and Community Based Regulations; Children’s Health Corp.; Healthy Start Bill circa 1985-1995
14 HCR (House Concurrent Resolution) 15-Citizen Review Boards for Foster Care; Smoking: Amendments to no smoking law SB 222, HR 13 Smoking ban in house chambers/hearing rooms; HJR 13 permanent endowment for education; HB 466 relating to tobacco and tobacco productions; HB 369 Substance Abuse Grant Fund; Media list and constituent messages; Rec. 35 & 36 of the FSTF (Family Support Task Force) Report; Fin Fish Farming; HB 407 Girdwood Water/Sewer System; Gender inequality; Public Inebriate Legislation and Treatment for Criminal Offenders; Research requests; Sandra Hendricks and State Commission for Human Rights 1987-1990
15 Asian Culture/Languages (in school); Early childhood files; HB 19, foster care, review panels for children in foster care; Negotiations between schoolboards and their employees; HB 22, marijuana; HB 37, insurance for school facilities and state aid for school constructions; HB 47, Catastrophic Illness Insurance; HB 86, adult public assistance; Public assistance during institutionalization; HB 66, established children in Youth Commission; HB 88, increasing excise tax on cigarettes; HB 92, insurance for mental/nervous condition; HB 178, tort liability relating to foster care; HB 208, loans for part time students; HB 175, programs and procedures relating to minors; HB 176, Advisory Council on Foster Care; HB 189, forward funding for education account; HB 190, appropriation forward funding for educations account; HB 225, payment of disability insurance claims 1986-1990
16 Background information regarding SB 32 “Penalty for the possession of marijuana”; State of Alaska Health Resources and Access Task Force: Briefing paper, final report, public input, meeting minutes undated, 1991-1993
16-18 Reading files: Arranged chronologically and alphabetically therein [Note: Some spans in alphabet are missing); Commonwealth North 1993 Budget Conference 1988-1989, 1992-1993
18 1993 Department of Health and Services Budget; Division of Medical Assistance, Medical Assistance Briefing; Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Ed; KeyNotes Budget Information; FY ’93 District 12 CAP Budget 1993-1995
18 Yearly planners; FY ’98 CIP Budget SB 107/SB 48 1993-1998
19 Reading files for 1999-2000, outgoing and incoming; Legislator license plates undated, 1999-2000
19-20 Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE); WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho and the University of Washington School of Medicine) Program; Ellis awards and certificates 1988-1995; Ellis Oath of Office; Gasoline and North Slope Gas files; SB 287, education savings accounts for foster children; Constituent correspondence and Dowling Road expansion, Anchorage Police Department violating victim’s rights; 2006 speeches; 1st Lady Awards 1988-2007
20 Desk files: Department of Corrections FY ’12 overview; Mental health and suicide prevention; Rate review files; Adult dental; Legal services; Progressive States Network file; SB 32, medical assistance payments for home and community-based services; Notes; Fairview files; Capital projects; OPT vs OPTHS; Juvenile Justice Reform; Bill: Mental health, consumer rights, notifications, and grievance procedures; Alaska Department of Corrections and HB 15; Medicaid expansion; Senate Bill 74, insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders; Senate Bill 64, Establishing Alaska Sentencing Commission; Joint Judiciary Committee Hearing, SB 64; Senate Finance Subcommittee on the Department of Corrections 2012-2015
21, Scribe 1 5.25 floppy disks, zip drives; 3.5 floppy disks [Note: Files on the 3.5 floppy disks and zip disks have been copies and saved on the Archives’ server] circa 1985-2003
Scribe 1 3.5 floppy disk files: Letters to the editor, 1998 Jim Duncan vs Don Young debate schedule, SB 94 amendments, International Trade Assistance, Finance Subcommittee files, birthday lists, Ellis and Les Gara newsletters 1998-2004
Scribe 1 Zip disk files: Caricatures of Ellis, Gretchen, and Eric; Ellis’s letter to Alaska Senior Citizens; Photographs from constituent meetings and Ellis; Newsletters and mailings; Citizen participation guides; Files regarding SB 188 Tobacco Stamp, Capital Budget, pizza party information and agendas, Gas tax, Murkowski campaign promises, Mt. McKinley Meat and Sausage, Minority Staff Reports, Reappropriation, “You might be a Murkowski Republican if…”, Don Young Patriot Act, Schawna Thoma files, recipes, and camping trip (Thoma was Chief of Staff for Ellis), and various House Bills 2002-2003
22 Bill file on drugs; FY 14 Capital Budget; 2014 Autism Task Force; Alaska Public Safety Improvement Act; FY 15 Capital Budget; 2001 Reading File A-Z; Mailings: Flyers and pamphlets for sessions and campaigns; 1996 Governor’s Task Force on Civil Justice Reforms 1987-2015
22-23 PERS/TERS; PACE (Probationer Accountability with Certain Enforcement); AASB (Association of Alaska School Boards); Oil tax; Rules; Health and substance abuse; Alaska Mobility Coalition; School lunches; Bean’s Café; Alaska Department of Corrections; Smack Down Your Vote!; Taku Elementary Access; Clitheroe Center; Capital Projects; Fairview, Karluk Manor; SB 74, insurance for autism spectrum; Capital Budget FY 13; Existing alcohol tax; SB 42, break times for employees who nurse and child; Breastfeeding 2007-2011
23 Food Bank Board file; National Conference of State Legislators; Bancroft Sound Barrier Subdivision; Airport Heights Community Council; KABATA (Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority) Project files; Governors Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities; Budget 2000; Breastfeeding and women’s health; Rally for Women’s Health; Christmas cards; Postcards and other cards 1990-2010
24 Photographs: Boys and Girls Club, Color Paint the Town, Johnny/Brown/Finkelstein community photos, Johnny photos with senior citizens, Willow Crest, Greg Martin, Kay Brown, Alyeska, Prince Hotel, NEYEP (Neighborhood Enhancement Youth Employment Program), Legislative meetings and various legislators, Johnny Ellis in neighborhood, fish giveaway, Ellis with bear in Juneau, Elaine Hurly, Diana Rhodes, Health Care Task Force, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center undated, 1990-1992
24-25 Reading files (Arranged chronologically and alphabetically therein) 2002-2005
25 Ellis Declaration of Candidacy, questionnaires, 1999 and 2002 voting records, Egan Forum speech “You Might be a Republican if…”, Old Ellis ads (ads in programs), Cheryl Heinze files and audiocassette of House Fisheries meeting 01/29/03 1992-2003
25-26 SLAM (State Library, Archives, and Museum) file; Frank Murkowski files; Youth Station; 2003 Senate and House Caucuses; Disability Summit; Senate Retreat 2003; Nils Andreassen file (2010), Mailers and reading files from 2000-2001 1999-2010
26 Correspondence in support of breast and cervical cancer bills, HB 65 and SB 38; 1999-2000 Privacy Issues, Rights; List of Ellis’s Bills (as of 2001); Speech at AFL-CIO Board Meeting; SB 25, authorizing DOC to provide an automated victim notification and prisoner information system; Biography, introductions for speeches, speech material for fiscal plan, speech packets, speeches; Website flyer/ethics; Photograph of legislators and aids/interns 1991-2004, 2010
26 Fan mail; Property Use Exclusively for Religious Purposes; Death penalty early ‘90s files; Office committee/aids work tips; Correctional facility related correspondence; Game Board file; Bragaw Extension; 2007 Capital Budget requests for transit; Downtown Community Council 1991-2011
26 Mailings; End of Session 2004 Newsletters; Legislative funds for mailings; ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share): HB 2001, SB 2001, production tax on oil and gas; University of Alaska FY 11 undated, 2002-2011
27 Deferred Maintenance bill; UI (Unemployment Insurance) stimulus bill, SB 170; SB 230, Alaska Film Incentive Program; Alaska Human Rights Commission and Asia Garden Restaurant; Chester Park Estates; Correspondence: All For Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic; Incremental Sentencing; Union: PSEA (Public Safety Employees Association); SB 22, Sex Trafficking; SB 5 and SB 14, protection, reasonable accommodation, and notice of conscience objection by health care provider; Eligibility requirements for medical assistance for certain children and pregnant children; FY 11 Capital Budget requests; Sense of the Senate (1990-1999); Ethics; HB 102, “Northstar Bill” funding of educational services for students in residential psychiatric treatment centers; 2004 Special Orders speeches; COR (files include correspondence and research relating to correctional facilities); Report of the Comprehensive Autism Early Diagnosis and Treatment Task Force; Substance Abuse Bill drafts; CCS (Community Councils) 2009; Meeting requests 1990-1999, 2004-2015
27 Constituent contacts N-Z 1997-1998; 2007; Bill Committee Packet; Reading files; Fan mail and press clips 1995-1999, 2006-2009, 2013
27 E News 2001 (emails regarding legislation); Photographs: Paint the Town, career fair, legislative sessions and other legislators, Tony Knowles, Jobs for Families with Dependent Children; trip to Yukon, bill signing, Ship Creek groundbreaking and ribbon cutting for pedestrian bridge; Teachers barbeque; ‘92 Press Conference; Mailers from other politicians, Ellis business card circa 1989-2008
28 Mounted in Alaska autographed photo; Involuntary commitment media, notes, and operating budget requests; STU (Specialized Treatment Unit) files and newsletters; Film files: Tax incentives for film industry, Alaska Film Incentive Program; SB 230, Film Production Incentive; Capital budgets for FY 2012; Corrections; SB 216, Purple Heart Trail; “Office Stuff 09” (Desk files); PPT (Petroleum Profits Tax); ACES–Oil and Gas Taxes 2007-2011
28 Notes and notepads undated, 2013
29 Photographs: Governor Cowper signing cigarette tax bill and Governor Cowper signing School Foundation Formula Bill; Certificates and awards of appreciation from various organizations, Division of Elections certificates 1987-2002
30 Bill Clinton file; Medicaid 1992-1997
30 Don Clocksin files: Hazardous Waste 1983-1984 correspondence, draft hazardous waste regulations for the state of Alaska and status report; Food stamps reports; Lotteries and raffles; Catastrophic illness: Proposed regulations (1984), draft act; General Relief Medical: Department of Health and Social Services change in regulations, SB 817 “state payment of health facilities for medical assistance provided to  need persons,” memoranda,  FY ’83 proposed medical budget, Medical Care Advisory Committee, HB 643 “an act repealing, amending, making, and extending lapse dates on appropriations”; Division of Mental Health and Developmentally Disabled; Funding Alternatives for Handicapped Housing; Commercial fisheries, includes constituent and House of Representatives correspondence, Senate Special Committee on Alaska Fisheries, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute; Food Stamp Program: Proposed amendments and denial of petition of Jay Hammond to changes in the program; Handicapped and disabled files 1978-1985
30 PTA mailings; Session mailings; Youth Forum pizza party; Inebriate letter (letter to constituents for support for an alcohol treatment facility); Greenie letter (letter sent to members of the Green Party regarding the environment); Tobacco Tax bills: HB 84 and HB 2, HB 1, SB 61, SB 210, HB 431, SB 13, includes correspondence, research, support, HESS Committee; HR 13, smoking ban in House chambers; Underage smoking 1990-1998
31 Tobacco tax research, articles, correspondence, events; HB 80 increased tobacco tax correspondence, research, House Roll Call; HB 2 and 3 tobacco tax mailing; SB 61 Tobacco Tax; Press release; Children’s issues: Background checks on people who work with minors, Alaska Adolescent Health Advisory Committee, Heath coverage for children 1989-1997
31 Charitable gaming, gaming files: Articles, legislation, correspondence; CS Senate Bill 76 (Gambling Limitation Act of 1993): Analysis, legislature votes on amendments; Pioneer Business Incentive Programs (BIP) 1990-1993
31 Boys and Girls Club (Mountain View) expansion; Children’s Trust, Children’s Services, Head Start (Mountain View) 1993-1997
31 Aquatic farming and aquaculture: Correspondence, notes, research, HB 269, SB 17, and SB 183—Special appropriations for restoration projects relating to the Exxon Valdez oil spill 1991-1996
31 Environment; Knowles Communication; Transition file 1991-1997
31 Spenard Community Council; Lieutenant Governor ‘97; Developmental Disabilities financing and early intervention; Playground safety, prayer in school; Northstar Oil 1996: Research, correspondence, HB 548 an amendment of Northstar Unit oil and gas leases between the State of Alaska and BP Exploration; Redlining (in Alaska, correspondence) 1994; Welfare cuts, PFD Hold Harmless, Public Assistance; Public inebriates and homeless center, Quiet Rights; Reapportionment correspondence (1992-1993); Landlord/Tenant; Totem (Trailer Park) issue; Alaska senior citizens 1989-1997
32 Pioneer’s Home, elder abuse, and senior houses, information for speeches; HB 81, Longevity Bonus Program; Sr. Citizen’s update: May 1997 Report to Alaska’s Senior Citizens By Senator Johnny Ellis, HB 241 payment assistance for costs of Alaska Pioneer’s Home, The Pioneers’ Dignity Act, New Longevity Bonus Rules 1989-1997
32 Fan mail; Eastside Pulse and Westside Pulse article drafts 1999-2006
32 Senate: Protocol for governor filling vacancies in state senate; Correspondence, news clippings, comics; Memorabilia: “Mark Begich for Mayor” stickers, American Legion patch; Bumper stickers: “Valley Trash Wanna-Be If You See Ben, Tell Him I Send My Best,” “Alaska Democrats Partners in Prosperity,” “Run Tony Run”; Ellis calendar, Murkowski flier, Lyda Green stationary 1994-2009
32 BPG [Build, Energize, Protect] Senate Bipartisan Working Group; Ellis mailers, flyers, and calendars; KABATA: SB 268, reports, correspondence, HB 365 Knik Arm Bridge 2006-2010
32 Flyers, Fairview, session accomplishments, calendars, publication plan; Photographs: Event, fish giveaway 1992, NEYEP, 1994 Drug Free Rec Center, legislative sessions and Senate Minority, ’92 JE, Kay, David at capitol 1989-2013
32 Senior mailing; Ship Creek Appropriations, Phase II, HB 145 Ship Creek Basin Development; Community Councils: Fairview and Fairview Bus Tour, Friends of Neighborhoods, Brighton Park Project, North Star, Russian Jack, South Addition, Downtown, Fairview, Concerned Citizens for Mountain View, Community Patrol 1991-1998
33 Alaska 2000 Education Initiative; Ship Creek Development Project, Alaska Railroad; Senior mailings HB 81 Longevity Bonus; Schools: North Star Elementary, Steller Secondary Alternative School, Inlet View Elementary, Village Crest Elementary, Williwaw, West High, Fairview Elementary, Clark Junior High, East High, Mt. View Elementary, West High Appropriation and SB 18 Romig Junior High Funding; HB 465, HB 217, HB 398/SB 204 relating to teacher tenure; HB 145 Ship Creek Basin Development; Education Update Letter and SB 225 extracurricular school programs by students not attending public schools; High School Dropouts; School Year 1990-1996
33 AIDS; ABC [Alcohol Beverage Control] Board; Anchorage Caucus, SB 36 education funding, Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (1997); Alaska Seafood Center, AIDEA Bond Authorization, SB 16 and SB 171 Alaska Seafood Center; SB 64 and HB 136 Alaska Railroad sale; American Council of Young Political Leaders [ACYPL], includes photographs; AHFC [Alaska Housing Finance Corporation]/Energy Related HMS; Arts Funding; Economic Development Corp.; Pro-Choice Issues; Health Care Legislation; 1993 HCTF Reform Bill, SB 114 and SB 123; Task Force Members [Health Task Force], News releases, general info. 1983-1998
33 KABATA file and research; Online Organizing and Democracy for American Campaign Academy Presents Grassroots Campaign Training 2013
34 Legislative Council, Cook Inlet Salmon Task Force; Sham Jam: Planning and flyers; Abortion: SB 179 and HB 35, Parental Consent; Fan mail 2008-2013
34 Renewable Energy Fund news clippings, correspondence, notes, House and Senate Bills proposals; Other legislative newsletters and mailers; Film Support, SB 23, Whales film vendor listing, SB 230 Film Incentives, Alaska Film Group, letters of support 2007-2013
OS Folder Sham Jam fliers 2014
34-35 (Note: Some of the folders below are Don Clocksin’s files) 4-Dam Pool [Four Dam Pool]/Susitna: HB 589, HB 684, Alaska Power Authority appropriations and the construction of the Watana and Bradley Lake hydroelectric projects, notes, amendments, House Journal for Alaska Thirteenth Legislature – Second Session, correspondence; Hydro-Electric Funding; Chugach Electric Association; Hazardous Waste, Environmental Protection, SB 503; Tesoro Refinery – Emission Control: Alaska Energy Center; Energy Conservation – Adults; Coal; Energy Issues; SEACC (Southeast Alaska Conservation Council); Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation summary issues; Energy Program material; Families and Workers Conference 4/10/83; Local Hire; Unemployment; Little Davis Bacon Act; Domestic Violence, HB 91 and HB 392, notes and correspondence; Exemption from minimum wage, HB 182; Shelter Network/Council (domestic violence shelters) legislation, correspondence; Affirmative Action, HB 294; Employment, cost of living 1979-1986
35-36 Clinton Health Care plan; AK Committee on Post-Secondary Education: Correspondence, Institutional Education, Reclamation requests, meeting minutes, SB 123 student loan programs, interstate compacts, and fees for reviews, HB 257; Health Care Reform and Utilization Review Act of 1996; Healthy Families Alaska Outcome/Evaluation Information; Health Care reform subject files, reports, correspondence; SB 284, HB 451 health insurance to residents of Alaska who are high risk; SB 74 high risk pooling; Foster Care files: Correspondence, SB 296 Extend Foster Care Review Board; Gulf War illness file 1993-1998
36-37 Ellis voting records; Ellis Legislation: 1995 SM 15, SB 67; 1996 SB 109, SB 210, SB 211, SB 295, SB 296, SJR 3; Funding formula, general: Statewide education funding notes, reports, correspondence; NEA-Alaska, SJR 7, creating a permanent endowment for education; Public Schools Foundation Program, HESS Subcommittee; Tobacco files: SB 61, tobacco tax, bill and fiscal notes, correspondence from non-supporters, sectional analysis; SB 94, HB 69, criminalizing Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam): Correspondence, notes, reference, sponsor statements, Hoffman-La Roche files; Homelessness file; Transportation and clean air files; Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education: Meeting packets, memoranda, Institutional Authorization Committee, WICHE files, Alaska Student Loan Corporation 1990-1998
37 Fan mail 1991-2002, 2012
37 Mailings, campaigns, Ellis newsletters, and other legislators’ newsletters; Photographs: Sky Art 1989 card, 1991 NEYEP picnic and oil exploration, Legislators with Juneau bear 1992; UI – Chamber [Alaska Chamber of Commerce], NFIB [National Federation of Independent Business], AGC [Associated General Contractors of Alaska] letters regarding SB 120 unemployment insurance changes; Ellis ethics violation; SB 187 legislative ethics open meetings; Children’s Environmental Health Resolution letter; Contraception and Reproductive Rights; Ellis 1988 Legislative Report and letters regarding HB 56 (2001) minimum wage increase; ASPIRE (Alaska’s Youth Succeed When People Invest Resources in Education) SB 76 Tuition for Certain Children; Speeches: Murkowski’s State of the State and Ellis’ response, speeches from 2005 1989-2009

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