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Jack O’Malley papers

Guide to the Jack O’Malley papers

Collection number: HMC-1185.
Creator: O’Malley, Jack.
Title: Jack O’Malley papers.
Dates: 1935-1996.
Volume of collection: 18 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Professional papers of a surveyor working primarily in the Matanuska Susitna area.

Biographical note:
Jack O’Malley was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on June 1, 1910. He came to Alaska in 1935 and worked as a surveyor for most of his life in Alaska. He died January 17, 2000 at his home in Palmer.

Collection description:
The collection consists of Jack O’Malley’s surveying and engineering papers. These include survey field books, research files, and maps and plans. Surveys included the original Matanuska Valley Colony sites done with Anton Anderson, highways throughout southcentral Alaska, and various utility projects.

Arrangement: Collection materials were retained in the order in which they arrived at the Archives, excepting the field survey books which were grouped by decade.

Digitized copies: Digital copies of collection material are not available online. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Use restrictions: Researchers seeking legal descriptions of property should contact the Alaska State Recorder’s Office. Materials in this collection may not be finalized, legal documents.

Rights note: Copyright to the collection materials authored by Jack O’Malley has been transferred to the Archives.

Preferred citation: Jack O’Malley papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory: “Jack O’Malley obituary.” Anchorage Daily News, January 17, 2000. Accessed via Newsbank, October 29, 2014.

Index: An index has been prepared to the maps and plans in the collection. Please contact the Archives for access.

Custodial history: The papers were left with the owners of the Palmer Hotel, David Kloep and Michelle Kincaid, after Mr. O’Malley’s death.

Acquisition note: The papers were donated to the Archives by David Kloep and Michelle Kincaid in 2014. A deed of gift was signed at that time.

Processing information: This collection was initially described by Arlene Schmuland in 2014. Joe Burch provided extensive description of the materials in the collection as reflected in the container list and index to maps and plans.

Container list:

Description Dates
Box 1 Anton Anderson fieldbooks 1935-1940; John (Jack) O’Malley fieldbooks 1948-1968 1935-1968
Box 2 John (Jack) O’Malley fieldbooks 1961-1997 1961-1997
3/1 Power House Subd., Sec. 33, T18N, R2E, S.M. correspondence 1961-1978
3/2 GLO Lot 5, Sec. 25, T18N, R1W, S.M., MSB Waiver Res. Ser. No. 84-112-PWm 1979-1984
3/3 30’ private esmt. on Parcel #1 to Parcel #2, N. 346.45’ of N1/2NE1/4NW1/4, Sec. 31, T17N, R1W, S.M.; Appl. for MSB platting waiver Tr.’s 1, 2 & 3, Sec. 35, T16N, R3W, S.M. 1966-1981
3/4 Spring Creek Farm survey, Private Cemetery Reserve, Sec. 17, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1935-1987
3/5 MSB Mandatory Waiver Application, GLO Lot 5, Sec. 25, T18N, R1W, S.M. 1914-1984
3/6 Ben Hermon Shop Lot survey info., Hardisty & Stacey area, Sec. 4, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1950-1963
3/7 Fish Processing Plant, Palmer Airport area, Rocky Mtn. Choppers, Sec.4, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1977-1982
3/8 Survey NW1/4SE1/4, Sec. 34, T18N, R1E, S.M. & 50’ esmt. on  L7 B1, Finger Lake South Subd. 1974-1981
3/9 Kepler Subd. No. 2, Sec. 24, T17N, R1E, S.M. soils survey 1982-1982
3/10 Berberich Subd. No. 1 & #2, Sec. 33, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1976-1982
3/11 survey contract Valley Memory Gardens, Sec. 14, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1964-1983
3/12 Ralph & Duane Goodrich prop. located in A.R.R.C. Subd. No. 2, Sec. 4, T17N, R2E, S.M.; MSB Platting Board Agenda July 19, 1984 1941-1984
3/13 MSB Waiver Res. Ser. No. 81-42-PWd, Sec. 5, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1953-1981
3/14 Carroll’s Crystal Dawn Subd. & MSB Waiver Res. Ser. No. 81-38-PWm, Sec. 23, T19N, R3E, S.M. 1971-1981
3/15 Jalmar Kerttula MSB Waiver Res. Ser. No. 83-97-PWm, Sec. 5, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1952-1983
3/16 Egtvet Deeds for Sec. 33, T18N, R2E, S.M.  (letter from Mrs. William Hoskins concerning prop. survey request located in Sec. 18, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1962-1978
3/17 A.R.R.C. Subd. No. 2, Sec. 4 & 9, T17N, R2E, S.M., sewer esmt.’s; asbuilt survey Lots 5 & 6, Blk.2 E. J. LeDuc Subd. Sec. 4, T17N, R2E, S.M.; asbuilt surveys L1 B2 & L4 B2 of Replat of the E. J.  LeDuc Subd., Sec. 4, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1941-1985
3/18 Karl L. Kopperud prop. survey waiver papers Sec. 35, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1949-1980
3/19 Leckwold prop. survey waiver papers Sec. 34, T18N, R1E, S.M. 1920-1987
3/20 Ak. Supreme Court Opinion No. 1827, accreted lands vs. fixed survey bndry.  U.S.S. No. 1536 & U.S.S. No. 2136 1979 April 6
3/21 newspaper stories, landmark court rulings on prop., nationally & locally 1987
3/22 4 aerial photos, Spring Creek Farm, Farm Loop Rd., Fowlers, Glenn Hwy. Palmer,  Matanuska River, Stephans field (ctr. left), Sec.’s 16,17,18,19 & 21, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1977
3/23 State of Alaska, Leg. Affairs Agency letter to The Honorable Jalmar Kerttula, Subj: Licensing of Planners , W.O. #4086, Michigan & New Jersey legislation, sent to Jack O’Malley 1977
3/24 State of Alaska Supplemental Cadastral Survey, Sec.’s 19 & 30, T17N, R3E, S.M. 1913-1972
3/25 Alpine Subd. Addn. No.1, Sec. 27, T19N, R3E, S.M. 1925-1987
3/26 Flying Crown Estates Subd., Sec. 22, T18N, R2W, S.M. 1958-1978
4/1 Alma Blunk prop., Sec.’s 5 & 8, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1959-1982
4/2 Alpine Subd., Sec. 27, T19N, R3E, S.M. 1949-1987
4/3 Matanuska-Susitna Borough subdivision lists 1960-1975
4/4 State of Alaska Recording District Boundaries, Order No. 12 1975 July 1
4/5 Matanuska-Susitna Borough subdivision lists 1960-1986
4/6 A.R.R.-Highway R/W Laws 1898-1987
4/7 Negative of enlarged exhibit map, Sec. 3, T17N,R1W, S.M. undated
4/8 City of Palmer Annexation Ordinances 134, 144, 156, 157, 158, 160, 163, 168 & 170; Asbuilt City of Palmer Water Works Supply & Distribution System, sheets 3, 10 & 1 of 32 (1953); City of Palmer Improvement Districts 1 & 2 Concrete Bituminous Pavement Assessment Roll computed by John L. Joslin 1953-1972
4/9 Alaska Housing Authority project sketches, 25 Units in ARRC Subd. No.1, sec. 33, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1950-1952
4/10 John O’Malley research of U.S.Survey 2257 (Palmer Townsite), incl. letters to BLM & GLO fieldnotes 1915-1961
4/11 City of Palmer Sanitary Sewer Correspondence 1960-1963
4/12 City of Palmer well logs & minimum requirements for individual water-supply and sewage-disposal systems 1952-1967
4/13 Dept. of the Army letter to Jack O’Malley with copy of Detail Plan and Typical Sections showing the Matanuska River Control Project dated November 1969, Sec. 16, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1969 December 5
4/14 Property survey of Union Oil bulk plant (incl. fieldbook), Sec. 33, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1948-1972
4/15 Gransbury survey, Sec. 27, T17N, R1E, S.M.; Hub of Alaska, Sec. 19, T4N, R1W, C.R.M.; “Nick the Greek at Glenallen Sec.’s 8 & 9, T3N, R1W, C.R.M. 1910-1973
4/16 Crest View Subd., Sec. 24, T17N, R1E, S.M. 1964-1974
4/17 L.O. Hayes Subd. papers, Sec. 2, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1938-1973
4/18 Preliminary Hwy. Plans through Palmer, F 042-1, sheets 8-18 of 47 1966
4/19 Covington septic system, Lot 1 Richards’ Subd., Sec. 27, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1986
4/20 Heitmeyer flood hazard eval., L1 B2, Spruce Bough Estates Subd., Sec. 25, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1983-1986
4/21 Trudell deeding vacated Old Glenn Hwy. to prop. owners in Sec. 26, T17N, R2E, S.M. 1974-1980
4/22 ADL R.O.W. Permit No. 62486, ASLS 74-135 (Nelson & Hornung survey, computations & description of prop. on Jack White Project), Sec. 21 & 22, T17N, R1E, S.M. 1974-1978
4/23 MacLaren River Copper Corporation prospectus, sampling & assaying report on K-M Copper Mine, T19S, R6E, F.M. 1957-1958
4/24 Wasilla High School soils investigation & water well analysis; Iditarod Elementary School, Wasilla, AK, engineer’s report of drilling & testing water well; Sec. 3, T17N, R1W, S.M. 1971-1975
4/25 Ak. Dept of Hwys, Proj. RS-0525(5) Wasilla to Fishhook Jct., photo location road, sheets 1-5 of 5; Ak. Dept of Hwys, Proj. S-0572(1) Wasilla to Palmer, photo location road, sheets 1-5 of 5
4/26 Iditaway Park, Sec. 3, T17N, R1W, S.M. 1959-1978
4/27 Bureau of Public Roads, “AS BUILT” Highway Project DS-0510(5), Wasilla-Big Lake Junction 1958
4/28 Golden Glenn Estates Phase 1, Sec. 32, T18N, R2E, S.M. 1984 June
4/29 Letter from William E. Curtis, Palmer City Manager, to Ray Baker, Mat-Su Borough Planning Director, concerning garage encroachment of 1 foot by L4 B2, Roland Snodgrass Subd., Sec. 33, T18N, R2E, SM 1973 October 23
4/30 R. A. Johansen hand written request to Jack O’Malley concerning Lots 1, 2, 3 & 4, Sunshine Point Subd. and Lot 1, O. E. Berg Estate, Sec. 2, T17N, R1W, S.M. undated
4/31 Replat of Lots 5, 6 & 7 Polka Dot Acres Subd. Addn. No. 2, Sec. 18, T17N, R2W, S.M. 1976-1978
4/32 Mat-Su Borough appl. waiver of platting requirements located in the SE1/4, Sec. 7, T17N, R2W, S.M. 1972-1976
4/33 Ak. Dept of Hwys, R.O.W. plat, Proj. F-035-2(7), sheets 43-51 of 58, Sec. 17, T23N, R4W, S.M. to Sec. 29, T24N, R4W, S.M. 1961
4/34 Ak. Dept of Hwys, R.O.W. map, Proj. X-11850, sheets 1-4 of 4, Sec.’s 33 & 34, T19N, R1E, S.M. 1970
4/35 Ak. Dept of Hwys, Proposed Hwy. Project, Proj. RF-035-1(18), Sec.’s 10 & 11, T17N, R1W, S.M. 1971
5/1 Certificates of Survey, Asbuilt Surveys and a few letters 1949-1994
Oversize Maps and plans (contact Archives for index) 1935-1996

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